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									                                         Gradwell Number Porting Form

         Please complete all of the following fields and provide a copy of a bill from your current service provider.
                Then fax to 01225 800 801, or email to For queries please phone
     01225 800 870. Help with completing the form can also be found in the online wiki at
Sections marked with an * are mandatory fields.

                                              SECTION ONE: CUSTOMER INFORMATION
                          *Contact Name:
                 Company Name (if applicable):
                     *Contact Email Address:
                    *Contact Phone Number:
             *Gradwell Account Email Address
                  (if different from above):
   NB: Please note that you must have a Gradwell account in place prior to submitting your port request. If you do not have an
 account set up with Gradwell, please contact our Sales Team on 01225 800 800, or We are able to set up a
                                                temporary number and service
                         before your number moves to Gradwell to ensure a seamless transfer of service.
                                              SECTION TWO: INSTALLATION ADDRESS
Is the service forwarded from an exchange in another area
  (Remote Call Forwarding)? If so, please provide the full
                    exchange address.

 *Otherwise, what is the current location of the number(s)
     to be ported? Please provide the full address and
  postcode. This may be different from the address on the

 NB: If you are unsure of the installation address, please contact your current provider. The address submitted must match what
              they have on record or your port request will be rejected and you may be charged a resubmission fee.


       *Please provide name of your service provider:

         Current provider account number/reference:

                  *Main account holder name:

*What type of service do you currently have? (Single Line,
    PBX system, Feature Line, DDI, ISDN line etc.)

   NB: Cessation of ISDN. Where numbers are ported from an ISDN installation there may be a need for the customer to request
                                   cessation of service with their current service provider.

           *Is your current line a single or multi line?

NB: A single line is one standard analogue line and number that terminates on a single wall socket . Multi lines are lines which are
                    delivered to provide two or more lines (PBXs, ISDN, Home Highway, Feature Line, DDIs etc.)

   *How many lines in total are currently being provided?

                       NB: If there are more than 10 lines you will need to complete the Capacity Planning Form
                                                     (found on page two of this file)

  *Are there any products associated with this line? (i.e.
  Redcare, Call Sign, Payphones, PDQ, Broadband etc.)

  NB: Any products (excluding broadband) associated with the line will need to be ceased or moved to a line that is not porting
                  before the request can be submitted; any broadband on the line will be ceased on porting.

                                                  SECTION FOUR: MAIN BILLING NUMBER

               *What is the main billing number?

                           NB: Please specify if this is to port, cease or remain live with the current provider.

                                    SECTION FIVE: ASSOCIATED NUMBERS TO BE PORTED
 *Are there other numbers associated with the installation
    that you wish to port? If so, please list them here.
               You may include DDI ranges.

                                 SECTION SIX: ASSOCIATED NUMBERS TO BE CEASED

 *Are there other numbers associated with the installation
 that you wish to cease? If so, please list them here. You
                 may include DDI ranges.

NB: Please note that you can arrange for these numbers to be ceased by the current provider but this would have to be done prior
                                               to the port request being submitted.

 *Are there other numbers associated with the installation
 that you wish to remain live with the current provider? If
                 so, please list them here.
               You may include DDI ranges.
               NB: All associated numbers must be listed or the request will be rejected by the current provider.

                                             SECTION EIGHT: PORTING DETAILS

                     Requested Port Date:

NB: If no date is listed we will request the earliest possible port date.Please refer to website for timescales. The port will normally
             take place between 10am and 1pm, Monday-Friday, except Bank Holidays when no porting takes place.

       *Package(s) you require for ported number(s):

  NB: If you are unsure of the package that you require, please contact our Sales Team who will be able to determine the correct
package for your needs. The requested package will be set up in advance of the port taking place to ensure a seamless transfer of
                                                           your number.

                                       SECTION NINE: CUSTOMER AUTHORISATION

    IMPORTANT: Please read the following carefully before the forms are signed by the current account holder.

I recognise that it is my responsibility to ensure:

* I am the customer being billed for the number(s) to be ported
* I recognise that I will be charged £20.00 + VAT per number, up to a maximum charge of £200.00 + VAT
* Failure to provide the correct information will result in a resubmission fee of £20.00 + VAT, date changes and
cancellations incur a fee of £10.00 + VAT
* All security lines associated with the number must be ceased/transferred
* Services associated with number (broadband and fax services) must be ceased/transferred or they will stop when the
number has been ported
* The number must be in service with the current provider for a port to take place
* Forms are required to be signed and accompanied by a recent bill or will not be submitted


                    *Name (please print):
                   *Position (please print):
                                           OPTIONAL: BT DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES
At present we are only able to maintain a Directory Enquiries listing if your current provider is BT. Please contact
    us prior to submitting your port forms, if you wish to maintain your entry.                           If your
                        numbers are not listed, or you require to change your entry details,
                    please fill in a separate BT Directory Enquiries form found on our website:
                                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/REQUIREMENTS

                  Please provide a copy of the latest bill from your current service provider,
quoting account number and main billing number. If you do not receive paper billing, please send a screen shot of
                                            your latest online bill.

        | 01225 800 870 |
Last updated 03 June 2011
                                            Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning Questionnaire

These questions are designed to ensure that sufficient capacity is engineered into the Donor network
to ensure that the ported call is provided with the same level of service as currently experienced.


Capacity Planning Questionnaire

Criteria                                     Example                      Response
Type of Business                             Newspaper, Catering etc
Number of lines being provided after port    12 Lines

Expected future growth?                      Yes/No…additional 10 lines
% of incoming lines?                         50%, 100%
Number of Call Centre Groups or
Communications Providers positions for
incoming calls.                              1,2,3 etc
                                             Yes or No and quote time
Is the incoming call profiles bursty?        of day

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