glossary by wuzhengqin


									Exercise 1
1. _________ woke me up was a loud cry from someone in the next room.
    A.How           B.That        C. What             D.Which
2. I think you have talked too much; what you need now is more action and _______
    A.few                                  B.less
    C.fewer                                 D.little
3. ________ is known to all, China is a developing country.
    A.Which                                 B.What
    C.As                                    D.That
4. You _________ your work ahead of time without their help.
    A.haven’t completed                     B.wouldn’t have completed
    C.weren’t completing                    D.shouldn’t have completed
5. _________ got in the wheat than it began to rain heavily.
   A.No sooner have they                    B.No sooner had they
   C.No sooner they have                    D.No sooner they had
6. Mary has got a full mark in the test. She ______ very hard all these days.
   A.will work                             B.may work
   C.must have worked                      D.could have worked
7.Our department has a large collection of books, _______ are in English.
    A. many of which                       B. many of them
    C. many ones                          D. their many
8.That is the very man ______ house was burned down last week.
    A. which                               B. of whom
    C. his                                 D. whose
9. Not until quite recently _________ any idea of what a guided rocket is like.
    A. did I have                          B. do I have
    C. should I have                      D. would I have
10. Strangely, the more we are _______ to advertising the less we notice it.
    A. exposing              B. to expose
    C. exposed               D. be exposed
11. Are you going to fix the car yourself, or are you going to have it ________?
   A. fixing                B. to fix          C. fix                   D. fixed
12. Most of the people who are visiting Britain _________ about the food and
weather there.
    A. are always to complain                         B. have always complained
    C. always complain                                D. will always complain
13.The professor, ________ as a splendid speaker, was warmly received by the
    A. known            B. to be known       C. knowing           D. having known
14. ________ he was seriously ill, I wouldn’t have told him the truth.
    A. If I knew          B. If I know        C. Had I known           D. Did I know
15. I think it’s high time we _______ strict measures to stop pollution.
    A. will take             B. take                 C. took               D. have taken
16. We could not have fulfilled the task in time if it _______ for their help.
    A. was not              B. is not           C. had not been         D. has not been
17. The hotel ______ during the vacation was rather poorly managed.
    A. as I stayed       B. where I stayed          C. which I stayed       D. what I stayed
18. By the time you get to Shanghai tomorrow, I _______ for Chongqing.
   A. am leaving             B. will leave              C. shall have left     D. had left
19. ______ how to deal with the trouble of the computer, Martin had to ask his
brother for help.
   A. Not know           B. Not known               C. Not to know         D. Not knowing
20. _________ is known to all, China is a developing country.
  A. Which       B.What           C. As              D. That
21.China will be the largest market for automobiles in 20 to 25 years if the country’s
economy ________ to grow at the current rate.
  A. continues     B. has continued        C. continued D. has been continuing
22.________ the report, I handed it to John, but he said that George was the person to
send it to.
  A. Having finished      B. Finishing        C. Being finished D. To have finished
23.I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep, so when I say forever, forever is
_______ I mean.
  A. where               B. what               C. how            D. why
24. _______ from life pressure, many people have to go all out to work until they are
tired out.
  A. Suffering          B. To suffer           C. Being suffered         D. Having suffered
25.It was in the lab taken charge of by Prof. Havvis________ they did the experiment.
  A. that                B. whom               C. when                   D. so
26. If I have to choose ______ Jane and Rose, I would say Jane is the better to be my
  A. among              B. with                C. for                    D. between
27. ______ still a boy of ten, he started working to support himself.
  A For                 B. As                  C. When                   D. Since
28. “Susan, what would you say if we go to see the film tonight?”
    “Thank you, Tony, but I don’t think it is worth ______ twice.”
    A. seeing           B. to see               C. see                  D. seen
29. You ______ your work ahead of time without their help.
    A. haven’t completed                    B. wouldn’t have completed
    C. weren’t completing                   D. shouldn’t have completed
30. _______ woke me up was a loud cry from someone in the next room.
   A. How            B. That            C. What              D. Which
31. ______with his report, the boss told John to write it all over again.
   A. Not being satisfied               B. Not having satisfied
   C. Not to satisfy                    D. Not satisfying
32. I think you have talked too much; what you need now is more action and ______
  A. few      B. less       C. fewer          D. little
33. ______ more time, the scientists will be able to work out a good solution to the
 A. To given        B. Giving         C. Given           D. Be giving
34._______ got in the wheat than it began to rain heavily.
 A. No sooner have they                   B. No sooner had they
 C. No sooner they have                   D. No sooner they had
35. That was the first time I _______ English with a foreigner.
 A. spoke          B. speak          C. have spoken          D. had spoken
36. Millions of dollars in the city bank is said ____ during the black-out yesterday.
  A. to steal B. to have stolen C. having been stolen               D. to have been stolen
37. Mr. Smith would prefer the matter ___ at the next meeting.
    A. to be discussed       B. being discussed         C. discussing       D. discussed
38. They did nothing but ___ trick on me.
    A. playing       B. to play      C. to playing      D. play
39. He could not but ____ mistakes because he didn’t learn to assemble a computer.
    A. to make       B. making          C. made        D. make
40. Is there any hope of ____ the first prize?
     A. John to win       B. John win        C. winning John       D. John’s winning
41. The law-breakers deserve _____ most severely.
    A. to be punished        B. punishing       C. being punished       D. punished
42. She felt like _____ a good sleep after a long journey.
    A. having        B. to have        C. have        D. to be having
43.___adequate preparations, the scientists failed to clone Human Beings.
    A.Having not made B.Having made not C. Not having made D.Not making
44. _______, we started looking for work.
  A. All the money being spent           B. All the money having been spent
  C. All the money spent                 D. Spending all the money
45. _______ money, I decided to apply for the work.
    A. Short of B. Having been short of             C. To be short of D. Being short of
46. Had she listened to the lecture carefully last night, she ___ in the exam.
    A. wouldn’t fail                       B. wouldn’t have failed
    C. wouldn’t have been failing          D. wouldn’t have been failed
47. ____ she not blind, she would be of great help.
    A. If      B. Were     C. Was         D. Is
48. ______ for your help, we would never have been able to get over the difficulties.
  A. Had it not B. If it were not          C. Had it not been       D. If we had not been
49. We dare not play jokes on Mr. Kane lest he ___ angry.
  A. will become         B. should become         C. becomes       D. became
50. It was suggested that the naughty boy ____.
  A. will be punished B. could be punished             C. was punished D. be punished
51. I think it advisable that he ____ his car mended.
  A. have        B, has      C. will have       D. must have
52. ____ he saw me, he ran away.
    A. The instant       B. For an instant       C. On the instance       D. In an instant
53. Liquids are like solids _____ they have a definite volume.
   A. in that      B. for that       C. with that        D. at that
54. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is
especially true_____ it comes to classroom tests.
   A. when        B. since       C. before      D. after
55. We’re not going to operate on him ____ it is absolutely necessary.
   A. if      B. unless      C. as long as      D. so far as
56. _______nobody was very enthusiastic about it, they decided to cancel the trip.
   A. See that      B. Seeing that C. Seen that             D. To see that
57. A man escaped from the prison last night. It was a long time _____ the guards
discovered what had happened.
   A. before       B. until      C. since      D. when
58. ______ there were no buses, we had to walk home.
   A. While         B. For        C. Unless        D. As
59. ____ he knows the result of the entrance examination, he will telephone you.
   A. The minutes when            B. The time when        C. The minute       D. The time
60. ______ that your mother is well again, you no longer have anything to worry
   A. Since B. Now            C. When       D. For
61. ______ been spoken than he realized that he should have remained silent.
   A. As soon as possible       B. Once the words had
   C. Hardly had the words D. No sooner had the words
62. Evidence came up ____ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young
as six months old.
    A. which B. what           C. that D. when
63. The question is ____ can be put into practice.
    A. how you have learned            B. how what you have learned
    C. that why you have learned D. how that you have learned
64. One reason why Hamlet is such a successful play is that ____.
   A. it appeals differently to people       B. different people are appealed
 C. it appeals to many different people D. people find it appealing to them very much
65. _______ one can succeed depends on _____ hard he works.
   A.That…how B. That…however C. Whether…how D.Whether…however
66. _____ some mammals came to live in the sea is not known.
   A.When he is leaving B.When he leaves C.When does he leave D.He leaves
67. The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware __she
had gone.
   A. of where        B. of the place      C. the place       D. the place where
68. We consider ____ the instrument should be adjusted each time it is used.
   A. that it necessary B. necessary that C. it necessary that D.necessary of it that
69. ___ breaks the law deserves a fine.
   A. Who B. However he C. Whoever D. No matter who
70. Take ___ much you want ____ you want to.
   A. however, whenever B. whatever, whenever
   C. however, whichever         D. whichever, whatever
71. You can’t imagine ____.
    A. what did we have awful weather           B. what weather awful did we have
    C. what awful weather we did have           D. what awful weather had we
72. The reason ___ I can’t come is that I have to prepare for the coming exam.
    A. for     B. as       C. because       D. why
73. I’ve got a bottle of beer, but I haven’t got anything ___ I can open it with.
    A. that       B. what       C. where      D. which
74. It wasn’t such a good present ____ he had promised me.
    A. that B. while         C. as      D. what
75. The only thing___ I knew is ____ my brother said to me the other day.
    A. which…what          B. that…what        C. what…that D. that…which
76. Until recently, land in large areas of Stockholm belonged either to the Crown or
the city: there was ___ thing as private ownership of land.
   A. no such a        B. no such      C. not such D. not only
77. The only thing ____ matters is to find our way home.
    A. that B. which          C. it   D. which
78. In spite of all ____ has been said, the tourists have been picking leaves and cutting
their names in the tree trunks.
   A. which B. what           C. that D. as
79. Mary was much kinder to her youngest child than she was to the others, ___, of
course, made all the others jealous.
   A. that B. who           C. what D. which
80. Most of the electronic devices of this kind,____ manufactured for this purposes,
are tightly packed.
   A. which is B. which are           C. that       D. where
81. It is hard to believe the girl ____ now is a famous actress.
   A. I sat next at school B. I sat next to it at school
   C. I sat next to at school D. I sat next to school
82. It was in 1943 ___ that harmful smog made its appearance in Los Angeles.
    A. that B. then          C. when       D. which
83. ___ she realized it was too late to go home.
    A. No sooner it grew dark than          B. Hardly did it grew dark than
    C. Scarcely had it grew dark than         D. It was not until dark that
84. It was Einstein ____ wrote and published his famous theory of relativity in 1905.
    A. what B. which           C. who D. whom
85. It was in this very place ___ I got to know my wife.
    A. where B. when             C. that     D. which
86. Was it by plane ____ you traveled last summer?
   A. which B. what            C. and D. that
87. All things ___ , the planned trip will have to be called off.
   A. considered       B. be considered      C. considering       D. having considered
88. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, cooper ___ it closely.
    A. followed B. following C. to follow D. being followed
89. It ____ heavily, the outing had to be put off.
  A. being rained       B. raining C. being raining D. rains
90. I could not persuade him to accept it ___ make him see the importance of it.
  A. if only I could not      B. no more than I could
  C. and nor could I         D. or I could not
91. By no means_____ ready to retire.
  A. will be       B. he will C. he is         D. is he
92. Not only I but also Jane and Mary ___ accepted into the company.
    A. has       B. have      C. have been      D. has been
93. All but one ___ here just now.
  A. is       B. was        C. has been D. were
94. More than one answer ___ to the question.
  A. had given       B. were given       C. has been given       D. have been given
95. A professor and writer ___ present at the meeting last Friday.
  A. have been       B. was       C. were       D. is
96. He is the only one of us who ___ passed the exam.
  A. had       B. have      C. has       D. would have
97. Let’s go swimming, ___ ?
  A. will we        B. don’t we        C. are we        D. shall we
98. Nobody said a word about the incident, ___?
    A. did he       B. did they      C. does he        D. do they
99. Let me prefer some whisky, ___ ?
  A. shall we         B. shall I     C. will you      D. won’t you
100. You’d better enjoy the music, ____?
  A. isn’t it     B. is it     C. wouldn’t you        D. didn’t you

Exercise 2
1. The police knew nothing about the case _______ you phoned him.
     A. while                                B. since
     C.after                                 D.until
2. Suppose that a person invests _____ a company, and the company makes money.
     A. on                 B. in
     C. at                  D. with
3. It is selling shares of stock _____ it can get money to expand.
     A. in order that        B. in order to
     C. in order             D. ordered
4. Matthews made one of his _______ runs down the right wing.
     A. inimitable           B. imitate
     C. inimtate              D. imitating
5. One of their main subjects is how to ____ people’s attention ____ commodities.
     A. attack ….to         B. attract….to
     C. attack….on          D. attract…on
6. People are impressed unconsciously _______all they see and hear.
     A. with                B. on
    C. about              D. in
7. Advertisement most commonly known ___ “commercial” among the Americans.
    A. to                 B. as
    C. for                D. with
8. We’ve just got to wait for a minute or so while the computer checks itself______.
    A. over               B. in
    C. out                D. off
9. Windows 95 is an ________ system.
    A. operating         B. operate
    C. operation         D. operational
10. Likewise, “labor-saving” ________ may lighten the house-work.
    A. appliance         B. apply
    C. applicant         D. application
11. Very ____ people can produce everything that they need
. A. little              B. few
    C. a little          D. a few
12. Cars are more prone to ________ than they were.
    A. break down           B. break off
    C. break away          D. break from
13. Americans are ________ their leisure time by overloading themselves with all
kinds of gadgets.
    A. eating up            B. eating of
    C. eating at           D. eating with
14. ______ that question, I don’t understand it at all.
    A. As follows           B. As ever
    C. As for              D. As from
15. Our president will hold a special party at May Flower Hotel tonight ______ your
    A. with                      C. in                  D. on
16. The police knew nothing about the case _____ you phoned them.
 A. while         B. since          C. after          D .until
17. The students _____their papers by the end of this month.
A. have finished B.will be finishing C.will have finished D.have been finishing
18. The manager of the company insisted that all the staff members _____the new
safety rules.
A. would observe B. observe C. observed D. will observe
19.______more time, the scientists will be able to work out a good solution to the
A. To give B. Giving            C. Given     D. Be given
20.________got in the wheat than it began to rain heavily
A. No sooner have they          B. No sooner had they
C. No sooner they have          D. No sooner they had
21. That was the first time I _____ English with a foreigner.
A. spoke B.speak C. have spoken D. had spoken
22. They shut _____their town house and moved to the country for the summer.
A. down C. in D. up
23.It will be a great advantage to be able to speak a foreign language ,especially if you
are ____business.      B. on C. to           D.with
24.We hoped that by the end of the year we ______the job.
A. had finished      B. finished C.would have finished D.will finish
25.Jame is unhappy because everyone went to the dance _____her .
A. against B for C. besides D. but
26.The manager, as well as his advisers, ______to attend the world fair.
A. are agreed B. were agreed C. have agreed D. has agreed
27._________people in our village grow tobacco.
A. Not many B.Only some of C.Not much D. Just a few of
28.John has never been on time, ____?
A. has John B. hasn’t John C. has he D. hasn’t he
29.Mary has got a full mark in the tset .She ______very hard all these days.
A. will work B. may work C. must have worked D.could have worked
30.Our department has a large collection of books, _____are in English.
A. many of which B. many of them C. many ones D. their many
31.I haven’t met him ______the last committee meeting.
A.for     B. since       C. at       D. before
32.Not until quite recently _______ any idea of what a guided rocket is like.
A. did I have      B. do I have C. should I have         D. would I have
33.________breaks the law will be punished sooner or later.
A. Who B. Someone              C. Anyone D. Whoever
34.Are you going to fix the car yourself ,or are you going to have it_____?
A. fixing fix         C. fix    D. fixed
35.We moved to London _______we could visit our friends more often.
A.even if that     C. in case D as if
36.I think it’s high time we______ strict measures to stop pollution.
A. will take B. take C. took D. have taken
37. If ___in the fridge, the fridge, the fruit can remain fresh for more than a week.
A. keeping B. be kept C. kept D. to keep
38.Mary is the kind of person who always seems to be ______a hurry.
   A. on      C.with D. for
39.This time next week I’ll be on vacation. Probably I ____on beautiful beach.
A. am lying B have lain C. will be lying D. will have lain
40. She didn’t go to the cinema last night, _____she had to finish her term paper.
A. as      B. if C. till       D. though
41.I have found some articles______ the harmful effects of drinking.
A. being concerned        B. concerned C. to concern           D. concerning
42.So loudly ______that people could hear it out in the street.
A. did the students play the music         B. the students playing the music
C. the students played the music          D. have the students plays the music
43. I think that Anna is ______far the most active member in our group.
A. with B. at C. as          D. by
44.There are so many dresses that I really don't know _____to choose.
A. whether      B.when      C. which       D. why
45.Our president will hold a special party at May Flower Hotel tonight_____ your
A. with B. at            D. on
46.Thousands of products_____ from crude oil are now in daily use. make B. be made           C. making D. made
47.Jane always enjoys ____to popular music at home on Friday evenings.
A. listening      B. being listening be listen     D. to listen
48.She wanted to know _____ child it was on the grass.
A.that B. whose C.what               D. whom
49.This is the microscope ______which we have had so much trouble. B. from C. of           D. with
50.He got a message from Miss Zhang __Professor Wang couldn’t see him the
following day.
A.which B.whom C. that                 D. what
51.Not for a moment _____the truth of you explanation about the event.
A. we have doubted       B.did we doubt C. we had doubted D. doubted we
52.Linda feels exhausted because she ____so many visitors today.
A. has been having B.had been having C. was having D.had had
53.This ATM has been out of service of a few days. It should ____last week.
A.fix fixed      C.have fixed D. have been fixed
54.We could not have fulfilled the task in time if it ______for their help.
A.was not not         C.have not been D.has not been
55.The hotel ______during the vacation was rather poorly managed. I stayed     B. where I stayed C. which I stayed D.what I stayed
56.I stayed up all night ____to find a new solution to the problem.
A.trying B.have tried          C.try      D.tried
57.By the time you get to Shanghai tomorrow, I ____for Chongqing. leaving B.will leave C.shall have left D.had left
58. ______ he is still working on the project, I don’t mind when he will finish it.
A. In case       B. As long as      C. Even if      D. As far as
59.If you are worried ___the problem, you should do something about it.
A.with B.for          C.on D.about
60. ______ with the developed countries, some African countries are left far behind in
terms of people’s living standard.
A.Compare        B.To compare C.Compared                D. Comparing
61.Li Lei didn't meet the famous American professor ___he was on holiday in
America last year.
A.unless       B.until C.if        D.whether
62.When you come to Beijing, I can put you ___ for the night.
A. up           B. down             C. in           D. out
63. Hydrogen is the fundamental element of the universe ___ it provides the building
blocks from which the other elements are produced.
A. so that          B.but that   that           D. provided that
64. You ___ yesterday if you were really serious about your work.
A. ought to have come                B. ought have come
C. would come                        D. ought to be coming
65. Mrs. Smith went on a diet and in two months ___ her weight to 110 pounds.
A. brought out          .B. brought off         C. brought down           D. brought up
66. A man escaped from the prison last night. It is a long time ___ the guards
  discovered what had happened.
  A. before                B. until              C. since                  D. when
67. The book is ___ boring; it is, in fact, rather exciting and fascinating.
  A. anything but          B. nothing but           C. no more         D. all but
68. The Declaration of Independence, ___ the constitution of the United States, was
  drawn up with the help of Benjamin Franklin.
  A. as well as       B. also        C. and        D. so too
69. On the beach she could hardly ___ him from the other swimmers.
  A. figure          B. tell        C. recognized        D. know
70. The plan was __ when it was discovered just how much the scheme would cost.
  A. resigned        B. abandoned          C. released D. displaced
71. She was so ____ in her job that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door.
  A. attracted       B. absorbed            C. drawn         D. concentrated
72. You say you have read the novel, can you tell me the _____ of it?
  A. abstract       B. outline              C. summary        D. essentials
73. Mosquitoes are extremely ___ in these dark wet areas.
  A. abundant        B. enough              C. plentiful      D. excessive
74. We tried to arrange a peace mediation but ____ nothing.
  A. achieved       B. finished            C. completed D. accomplished
75. The judge dismissed the case because there was not _____ evidence.
  A. insufficient      B. plenty       C. adequate         D. abundant
76. We all ____ her for the way she saved the children from the fire.
  A. admired          B. approved        C. appealed       D. amazed
77. European dress has been ____ by people in many parts of the world.
  A. adapted          B. adept           C. adopted         D. adored
78. The motive for scientific work is sometimes curiosity, sometimes _____, and
  sometimes the love for money.
  A. allowance         B. agitation        C. assignment          D. ambition
79. Jack London was a(n) ____ man, who wrote many books, not all of them good.
  A. critical         B. anxious          C. conceited            D. ambitious
80. The Chinese people worship their ______.
  A. fossils           B. elder            C. ancestors           D. heirs
81. I must offer her a(n) _____ for not going to her party.
  A. mortify           B. regret            C. shame               D. apology
82. The book does not _____ to children.
  A. submit             B. confess           C. appeal            D. consent
83. The President made his last public _____ before his term of office ended.
  A. engagement          B. meeting          C. appearance        D. gathering
84. It surprised us that there was so many ____ for the job.
  A. appliances           B. appraisals       C. applicants        D. appointment
85. The president _____ a committee to look into the matter.
  A. named              B. chose              C. selected        D. appointed
86. She rang to make an early _____ at the hairdresser’s.
  A. order              B. date           C. assignment        D. appointment
87. He has taken his medicine, ____?
    A. has he      B. hasn’t it     C. had he          D. hadn’t he
88.Which do you think is _______important, wealth or health?
A. more B. most C. the more D. the most
89. The car slowed down as it _____ the corner.
  A. went into          B. came into       C. approached to D. approached
90.Methods used in teaching English to young children are not always ____ for
  A. appropriate        B. appreciable        C. approachable     D. approximate
91. On the first day, his behavior ____ no surprise.
  A. rose               B. aroused            C. arose              D. initiate
92. Ann put some ___ flowers into the vase on table to make the room beautiful.
  A. untrue             B. phony             C. artificial          D. unnatural
93. He ____ that half an hour would be enough for him to drive to the airport, but he
  simply forgot that it was the rush hour.
  A. assumed           B. admitted            C. acknowledged         D. realized
94. In education there should be a good ____ among the branches of knowledge that
  contribute to effective thinking and wise judgment.
  A. balance          B. distribution          C. connection         D. bandage
95. We live ten miles from the Welsh _____.
  A. frontier         B. boundary               C. border             D. edge
96. The lion is called the king of _____.
  A. creatures         B. beasts          C. animals         D. monsters
97. Tennis championship is ____ live to all the countries in the world.
  A. broadcast         B. transmitted      C. shown          D. screened
98. When they finally arrived at the hilltop, they were already _____.
  A. grasping          B. breathless       C. puffing         D. blowing
99. The dog ____ the boy on the leg.
  A. bit            B. bet            C. bat          D. hit
100. This trade agreement helped to strengthen the ____ between the two countries.
    A. connection         B. knots          C. bonds           D. joints

Exercise 3
1. I’m ____ with the job doing the same thing all day long.
     A. boring          B. bore         C. bored            D. born
2. Great as he is, he is _____ make mistakes.
    A. bound for            B. bound to        C. bound up with D. bound in
3. He succeeded in taking a large number of ___ photos of active volcanoes.
    A. radiant             B. sparkling        C. brilliant         D. talented
4. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected to announce tax cuts in this year’s
   A. budget           B. plan          C. program          D. project
5. Oil prices are ___ in dollars, not in Japanese Yen, in international market.
   A. counted          B. guessed         C. considered         D. calculated
6. Government troops have succeeded in ____ the rebel leader who had led three riots
   across the nation.
   A. capturing        B. securing        C. capsizing          D. attracting
7. The candle ____ a faint light on the walls of the cell, in which o bole was kept.
   A. hung            B. cast             C. covered             D. kept
8. The company ____ trading at 5:00 p.m. today, which was quite unusual as it was
   always open until midnight.
   A. cut              B. closed         C. ceased              D. launched
9. This plant is ____ as a moss, according to its features and appearance.
   A. clarified        B. divided        C. classified          D. thought
10. Howard ____ a series of brutal murders and eventually was found guilty and
   sentenced to death.
   A. committed           B. performed         C. tried         D. attempted
11. The house ____ two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.
   A. consists            B. comprises        C. constitutes D. forms
12. After 7 hours of questioning, the suspect broke down and _____.
   A. apologized         B. confessed         C. explained       D. confined
13. The management and the worker have conflicts _____ wage settlements and they
   can’t reach an agreement on this.
   A. between            B. over           C. with        D. of
14. A student must ____ to the school rules or leave the school.
   A. reply            B. comply          C. conform        D. obey
15. We must ______ our forests for future generations.
   A. reserve         B. preserve         C. conserve       D. remain
16. In the novel, the peaceful life of a farmer is _____ with the violent existence of a
   A. interrupted        B. confronted       C. contrasted       D. described
17. During the anti-SARS campaign, most people _____ something to the government
   and those patients needing help.
   A. paid           B. brought          C. contributed         D. distributed
18. I can’t see how this plastic sheet ____ into a life boat which is such a big one.
 A. loosens           B. converts           C. becomes          D. comes
19. The ship was ___ against the rocks.
 A. hurried           B. rushed           C. sped           D. dashed
20. There is urgent need to ______ the issue openly whether the war in Iraq can be
  abolished or not.
 A. debate           B. dispute         C. argue           D. dashed
21. What caused the Rome Empire to ______?
 A. fail             B. decay          C. decade        D. destroy
22. Lisa is _____ about her weight.
 A. depressing         B. depressed        C. depression D. depressive
23. Jill _____ first prize.
 A. awarded             B. deserved         C. served         D. deserted
24. Apple pie is my favorite _____.
 A. desert         B. dessert          C. dissert           D. desire
25. The war caused wide spread death and ______.
 A. damage          B. destroy        C. wreck         D. destruction
26. His ______ to carry out the plan was not weakened by the difficulties he met with.
 A. destination       B. description      C. decision       D. determination
27. The Reader’s ______ is a popular magazine in the United States.
 A. Summary           B. Abstract         C. Outline        D. Digest
28. Girls are sometimes ____ from studying subjects like engineering and physics.
 A. encouraged         B. discouraged       C. persuaded         D. disgusted
29. It was the most ____ meal I’ve ever eaten!
 A. discouraged        B. disgusted         C. disappointed D. disgusting
30. The writer had a long legal _____ with his publisher.
 A. quarrel            B. argument         C. squabble           D. dispute
31. There was a ____ drop in support for the Union in the 1974 election.
 A. distant            B. delicate         C. distinct           D. downward
32. She used to be a wife, but she’s been ____ since last year.
 A. married            B. divorced          C. separated         D. engaged
33. He completely ____ his wife.
 A. dominated            B. ruled       C. governed          D. inspected
34. Join the ____ up to the drawing.
 A. points               B. spots        C. dots       D. drops
35. The movie stars with a _____ car chase across the desert.
 A. democratic           B. demonstrate         C. demanding        D. dramatic
36. The delay of the flight was _____ engine failure.
 A. owing to             B. due to        C. cause         D. because
37. They departed in the _____ of the evening.
 A. dust            B. dusk         C. drug            D. duck
38. The police have ____ two suspects from their inquiry.
 A. abolished         B. canceled       C. eliminated        D. abandoned
39. I was _____ by his comments about my clothes.
 A. embarrassed          B. embarrassing        C. embraced      D. embodied
40. The moon emerged from _____ the clouds.
 A. up         B. above         C. behind         D. /
41. The school has always laid great _____ on the teaching of basic subjects.
 A. emphasis B. emphasize              C. attention D. importance
42. There is a limit to what the oppressed people can _____.
 A. bear        B. stand         C. endure          D. tolerate
43. I did ring him, but his line was ____.
 A. engaged         B. engaging         C. being engaged         D. having engaged
44. Passing CET exam will _____ one’s chances of getting a good job.
 A. enlarge          B. strengthen         C. magnify        D. enhance
45. He was fined for _____ the speed limit.
 A. excelling        B. exceeding          C. excessing        D. passing
46. The _____ losses over profits will ruin the company.
 A. access           B. assess          C. excess         D. surplus
47. He ____ himself all his life in the service of the people.
 A. exerted          B. executed         C. devoted        D. inserted
48. We has _____ our supply of oxygen.
 A. abandoned          B. exhausted         C. injured      D. deserted
49. Their talents might be _____ to the full.
 A. exploited          B. expected         C. explored       D. expanded
50. They made _____ friendly contact with the Chinese people.
 A. intensive          B. expansive          C. extensive       D. expensive
51. The color of these silk clothes will not ____.
 A. retreat        B. return         C. fail       D. fade
52. John was knocked down from his bike by a lorry and received ____ injuries.
 A. dead           B. death         C. fatal       D. fat
53. During the long-time journey across the desert, some people fell ill with ___.
 A. fatigue        B. fate        C. heat          D. harm
54. The author says first, there must be creative, _____ idea.
 A. able         B. positive        C. feasible       D. capable
55. Father built a ____ to keep the dog in the yard.
 A. fence        B. defense       C. nest         D. net
56. When she saw the black clouds in the sky, she went back to the house to ___ her
 A. bring        B. carry        C. gain         D. fetch
57. Smoking is _____ in the concert hall.
 A. refused       B. derived         C. demanded         D. forbidden
58. It is ____ for me to have criticism from my father and encouragement from my
    mother for help in my writing career.
 A. remarkable          B. reliable        C. unfortunate        D. fortunate
59. John had some difficulty in rounding up so much ____, but he managed to collect
    some 180 liters.
 A. goal         B. bowl          C. fuel          D. coal
60. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is a ____ piece of music.
 A. glorious          B. pretty        C. beautiful         D. good
61. A ____ train carries all kinds of things, but no passengers.
 A. good           B. goods           C. goodness         D. passenger
62. There is a ____ of truth in his statement.
 A. little       B. piece       C. grain         D. sand
63. With the lights on, Tian’an men Square looks ____ than ever.
 A. grander         B. bigger        C. grandeur       C. beautiful
64. The ____ weight of anything is the total weight, including wrapping.
 A. net        B. gross        C. grass       D. growth
65. The teacher _____ the lesson with pictures.
 A. outlined       B. illustrated      C. drew        D. pictured
66. The attack was the latest in a serious of border ____ in the area.
 A. incidents       B. accidents       C. events      D. occurrences
67. There was a 0.3 percent rise in the cost of living ____.
 A. mark           B. grade        C. indication       D. index
68. The signpost _____ the direction of London from here.
 A. indicates       B. shows         C. reveals      D. points out
69. The leader of the expedition _____ everyone to follow his example.
 A. promoted        B. reinforced      C. sparked       D. inspired
70. His words were an ____ to the audience.
 A. inflation       B. ingredient        C. insult      D. invasion
71. A(n) _____ person is one who has good powers of thinking.
 A. humorous        B. moral            C. intellectual D. theoretical
72. This machine works very well so long as no one ____ with it.
 A. disturbs       B. upsets      C. interrupts      D. interferes
73. They are ____ the causes of the car accident.
 A. exploring       B. searching       C. investigating D inspecting
74. For the sake of the children he is _____ friendly relations with his ex-wife.
 A. making         B. keeping on         C. maintaining D. keeping at
75. The ____ are considering closing the factory.
 A. management         B. managements          C. manager       D. managing
76. The perfume won't _____the unpleasant smell.
A.mask B.mark c.mask up D.mark up
77. He is not ____enough to be given too much responsibility.
A.grow     C.mature D.matter
78. Sound travels through ______of air.
A. the medium B. a medium C. a media D. the media
79.Have ______on him, and he is only a child.
A. mercy       B. kindness C. sympathy             D. pity
80. He was awarded a certificate of ______for his piano-playing.
  A. benefit     B. merit     C. advantage       D. virtue
81.Without a car she is not very ______, she lives in such an awkward place .
  A. movable        B. modest      C. model D. mobile
82.He is always in ____on Mondays.
  A.a bad mood       B. bad mood C. bad moods D. the bad mood
83.Do not speak to the diver when the bus is ______.
A. in motion B. in move C. in movement D. in moving
84.The police could not find a _____for the murder.
A. motion       B. motivation C. motivate          D. motive
85.The government says it will not ____with the terrorists.
A. talk      B. negotiate    C. agree D. handle
86.A student should not _____small errors, which might lead to serious mistakes in
A. overcome       B. overhead C. overtake D. overlook
87.The highway is _____to the canal.
A. parallel      B. similar    C. suitable D. equal
88.It was said that an immediate review of what you have learned will help make it
_____in your mind.
A. unchangeable       B. changeable C. eternal        D. permanent
89. Helen wanted to have a bicycle trip across the country by herself, but her parents
wouldn't give her their _____.
A. permission B. expression C. attention D. introduction
90.Circumstances do not ____me to help you.
A. admit B. let C. permit D. deliver
91.She ____in wearing that old-fashioned hat.
A. insists    B. resists    C. persists D. pursues
92. A _____ of the contract dealt with tax.
A. portion      B. section C. part D. share
93. Solar energy is regarded as prospective ______ energy.
A. inevitable B. potential C. overwhelming D. constant
94.She owned some _____stamps.
A. noble B. scarce         C. wealthy D. precious
95.It didn't happen at this period, to be more __, during the several postwar years.
A. concise     B. precise     C. brief D. detailed
96.He has a ____against pop music.
A. prejudice     B. preference C. preservation D. presentation
97.Complete the ____form first.
A. appointed B. prescribed C. defined D. confined
98.His quick thinking _____his friend's life.
A. reserved     B. preserved C. served D. conserved
99.The system of barter _____in primitive society.
A. inclined B. prevailed C. counted D. survived
100. Abnormal behavior by animals has been noted in some countries ____to the
   beginning of an earthquake.
A. necessary B. alert C. superior D. prior

Exercise 4
1.Developing economy is China's highest_____.
A .priority B. productivity C. profit        D. prosperity
2.After studying law, I entered the legal______.
A. occupation B. job C. profession D. career
3.They ____the rock group's new record by playing it often on the radio.
A. promoted B. submitted C. stimulated D. exposed
4. Nice houses and cars are thought to be signs of______.
A. respect B. prosperity C. promotion D. prospect
5.He ___ against being called a little fool.
A. proptected       B. protested C. prevented D. pretended
6.The students showed great enthusiasm in _____the new learning.
A. presenting B. installing C. rescuing D. pursuing
7.The price of beer ___from 50 cents to $4 per liter during the summer season.
A. altered       B. ranged       C. separated    D. differed
8. Remember to ask the shop for a _____when you pay the bill.
A. reception B. receipt C. receive D. deception
9.Every man in country has the right to live where he wants to, _____the color of his
A. with the exception of B. in the light of C. by virtue of D. regardless of
10.The same factors push wages and prices up together, the one ___the other.
A. emphasizing B. reinforcing C. multiplying                 D. increasing
11.Don't ______this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead.
A. release      B. relieve    C. relate D. retain
12.I guess the whole paper has to be rewritten; only the first few paragraphs may be
A. sustained B. contained C. retained D. maintained
13.I hate people who ____the end of film that you haven't seen before.
A. reveal B. rewrite C. revise D. reverse
14. This traffic control _____was first suggested in 1995, and it look eight years to
carry it out.
A. motive B. legislation C. scheme D. theme
15.I'll feel more _____with a burglar alarm.
A. safe      B. secure C. comfortable D. easy
16.We are very _____about what we let the children watch on TV.
A. selective B. optional        C. free     D. elective
17.John is ten years ______to his wife.
A. elder       B. older     C. superior D. senior
18.It's ______of you to taken an umbrella with you.
A.sense       B.sensible C.sensitive D.sensed
19.We took _____under the tree when it rained.
A.shelter       B.roof     C.screen D.refuge
20.The news of his death was a terrible ______to all of us.
A.surprise      B.horror     C.blow      D.shock
21.The contract requires the _____of yourself and your employer.
A.signature       B.authorities C.significance        D.witnesses
22.The boy has _____the milk over the table.
A.spilt B.spill C.splashed D.spat
23.My trousers were so light that they ____when I sat down.
A.spun B.spit C.split             D.splashed
24.The automobile company _____several television programs.
A.advocated B.sponsored C.promoted D.maintained
25.She is on the editorial _____of the newspaper.
A.stuff B.stiff C.staff D.staffs
26.Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you ___the new carpet.
A.crash C.pollute D.stain
27.It can be embarrassing to judge a person's _____only by appearance.
A.statue B.stature         C.status D.state
28.The newly-built Science Building seems ____enough to last a hundred years.
A.spacious      B.sophisticated       C.substantial    D.steady
29.A friendship may be _____, casual, situational or deep and lasting.
A.identical       B.original C.superficial        D.critical
30.Beethoven is my favorite musician .I regard him ______other musicians.
A.more superior to         B.more superior to
C.superior to            D.superior than
31.We ____ the dog is lost; it always returns home on time.
A.consent        B.wonder C.doubt D.suspect
32.The naughty boy sat on the branch of a tree with his leg ______.
A. vibrating       B. swaying C. waving D. swinging
33.I used to cook with electricity, but I've _____to gas now.
A.changed         B.exchanged C.switched D.transformed
34.We have failed to meet this year's production _____of 25,000 cars.       B.purpose      C.intention     D.arrangement
35.After the accident, the truck driver was ____for cuts and bruises.
A. treated     B. cured      C. corrected D. relieved
36.His face ____with pain when badly hurt by the shopkeeper.
A.contracted B. was twisted C.was twinkled D.twisted
37.Her ____concern was her own comfort.
A. special B. common C. unique D. usual
38.It is believed that food is a(n) ____need.
A.indicidual B.universal C.usual D.unique
39.This term is drawing to a close and they are going to spend their ____abroad.
A. festival B. vacation          C. vocation D. vacationist
40.As soon as he succeeded in stealing, the thief ran into the crowd and _____from
A.appeared       B.diminished C.departed D.vanished
41.In order to make his students understand that air is the ____of sound, the teacher
made an experiment.
A. way B. vehicle           C. communication D. method
42.The soldiers did not dare to ___into the forest.
A.venture      B.ventilate      C.adventure D.revenge
43.All the figures having been _____.we left the office.
A.verdict      B. verified     C.vetoed D.vibrate
44.The flood ___were given emergency funds.
A.vicinity B. version C.veteran               D.victim
45.Parents shouldn't let their children watch ______ movies.
A.violence        B.vigorous C. violent        D.virtually
46.This dictionary is in two large _____.
A.volumes B.voyages C.cote D.volcano
47.The major advantage of ___is that it can be listened to as you are walking.
A.walkman B.walkway D.walkout
48.The US government threatened that it would ______all its investment from that
country if the country didn't reduce the custom duties.
A.withdraw B.take C.abandon D.quit
49.We have to make the walls strong enough to____ high winds.
A.adapt       B.withdraw       C. withstand D.retain
50.After the accident, the police did a lot of work to find out some clues from the
A. lookers-on      B. witnesses C. audience         D. people
51.A visit to London will always be ____.
A. worth B. worthy C. worthwhile D. profitable
52.The ____are distinguished by differences of climate.
A. areas B regions          C. zones D. lands
53.Do you have _____to a good library?
A. access B. excuess C. assess D. essence
54.Atomic clocks are so ____in going that they will probably lose no more than one
second in 3000 years.
A. correct     B. observant C. scientific D. accurate
55.The new tourists hotel will have ____for more than 1000 people.
A. convenience       B. capacities C. capability D. accommodations
56.It's getting dark, will you ____me to go home?
A. accompany B. accumulate C. accurate                D. accuracy
57.Don't you think we should learn and earn more so as to _____knowledge and
fortunes when young?
A. accumulate B. assemble C. pile D. joined
58.The soldier was _____of running away when the enemy attacked.
A. scolded B. charged C. accused D. punlished
59.Did anyone ____the responsibility for the outbreak of the fire?
A. accept B. account         C. acknowledge D. acquaint
60.The accused man refused to make _____of his guilt.
A. admit B. admission C. regret D. advice
61.A flight in an airplane used to be quite a(n)_____.
A. adventure        B. venture C. advantage D. advocate
62.The question of salary increases is high on the _____.
A. agent      B. agency C. agenda D. aged
63. Most people who travel in the course of their work are given traveling______.
A. income        B. allowances C. wages D. pay
64.If your new coat is too large, a tailor can ______it to fit you.
A. alter    B. exchange       C. alternate     D. change
65.Mike _____the student and drew cheers from the audience.
A. amused B. amazed             C. awkward D. curious
66.I am ____every day by the slow bus service in this town.
A. annoyed B. confused C. horrified D. irritated
67.The whole business of____ buying and selling shares depends on a person's ability.
A. appreciating B. anticipating C. understanding               D. improving
68.In spite of her ______indifference, a woman is usually deeply concerned with
other's remarks on her figure.
A. apparent       B. appearance        C. permanent     D. apparatus
69.If you eat a lot of chocolate before supper, it will spoil your____.
A. appraisal     B. appetite C. appearance D. appendix
70.Electrical______ such as toasters or hair dryers are designed to take advantage of
the ability of an electric current to heat a wire.
A. instruments      B. devices C. appliances         D. apparatus
71.Does what I have done meet your _____?
A. approval      B. suggestion C. plan D. advice
72.Follow the red _____to the X-ray department.
A. code      B. arrow     C. mark        D. symbol
73.The student was very excited when he _____his teacher in his first operation.
A. insisted B. assisted         C. resisted D. persisted
74.People _____the old days with good times, and seem to forget the hardship they
A. associate     B. tie     C. combine D. contact
75.I have _____him to act for me while I am abroad.
A. authorized B. warranted C. deputy D. audited
76.After the long vacation, busy days ____us.
A. awaited      B. waited C. awaked D. awkward
77.He remained a _____ all his life.
A. widower       B. bachelor C spinster D. single
78.After the wedding ____, there will be a formal ball.
A. feast      B. dinner C. festival D. banquet
79. Children, ______yourselves.
A. behave      B. act C. show D. conduct
80.I'll ____one hundred dollars on the black horse.
A. bat B. bet C. bid D. cast
81.Those cottages ____perfectly with the landscape.
A. blink B. blend C. bleed D. blind
82.Maria tried to sound _____, but her excitement was obvious.
A. harsh B. casual C. humble D. formal
83.The flint walls are _____of the local architecture.
A. special B. unique         C. characteristic D. strange
84.The committee members gathered together and make a(n) _____decision.
A. individual B. selective C. collective             D. private
85.It is ____of you to turn off the TV while others are reviewing their lessons.
A. careful    B. concerning C. considerable            D. considerate
86.The nurses refused ______ patients any more.
A. deceit B. deception C. deceive D. deceptive
87.China's ____ to Pyongyang received a warm welcome there.
A. delegates     B. agents    C. deputies D. assistants
88.Everyone in a _____can vote to choose the government.
A. democracy        B. democratic C. democrat D. democratism
89.He ____the case in the left-luggage office.
A. deposited B. departed C. deserted              D. devoted
90.In some northern English _____, people say "nowt" instead of "nothing".
A. accent B. slang C. dialect D. language
91.I've washed that shirt twice, but I can't get the ______out.
A. dust B. soil C. mud D. dirt
92.The accused man was found not guilty and was ______.
A. disposed B. dismissed C. discharged D. disappointed
93.People in different cultures ______their dead bodies in different ways.
A. dispose of B. get rid of C. throw away D. dispose off
94.The old man is able to ______the original painting and the copy of Qi Baishi.
A. distinct B. differ C. distinguish D. distinguish between
95.Many adults seem to know little about some of the most ____mathematics.
A. fundamental      B. elementary C. basis          D. primary
96.The fire extinguisher is to be used only in a(n)_______.
A. crisis    B. emergency C. emerge D. emergence
97.When the first all-purpose computer was completed in1946, no one could have
foreseen the ____impact it would have in the years.
A. immense B. huge          C. gigantic D. enormous
98.The Theory of Relativity brought in a new _____in science.
A. generation B. epoch C. era D. age
99.When he did not drive the car home, it was ____that he had an accident.
A. evident B. distinct       C. apparent D. obvious
100.They ____immigrants from their country.
A. exclude B. prevent C. excuse D. include

Exercise 5
1Those who drop out of school must lower their_____.
A. hope B. expectation C. anticipation D. outlook
2. _____ to TV violence will harm children's mental health.
A. Exhibition B. Exposure C. Expansion D. Extension
3.Many girls have the _____to learn languages easily.
A. faculty B. factor C. capacity D. possibility
4.By the power of _____ the author created many vivid characters in his novels.
A. fame     B. fancy C. influence D. inference
5. ______ out all the dirty before using the water.
A. Filler     B. Filter   C. Wash     D. Watch
6.Those who work in banks know about ____.
A. economic B. management C. finance               D. computer
7.Alfred Nobel had better luck in business and showed more _____ sense.
A. financial     B. physical C. personal D. critical
8.In ____time, he will be home.
A. fourteen B. fortnight's C. forth D. fourth
9.These qualities gave me a good _____for career in industrial engineering.
A. fountain B. foundation C. chance D. opportunity
10.All these buildings are built with steel_____.
A. frames      B. flames     C. substances D. substitutes
11.All problems concerning Iraq should be dealt with within the _____of the United
A. structure     B. range     C. framework      D. framehouse
12.Einstein knew there were answers beyond his intellectual reach, but this did not
A interfere     B. interest C. frighten     D. frustrate
13.While the oil to provide the fire for the Viking _____was being collected, Hitler
was having his last meal.
A. anniversary B. celebration         C. final D. funeral
14.Our electricity comes from a new _____station.
A. occurring B. raising C. producing D. generating
15.It was ___of you to share food with us.
A. generous B. helpful C. stingy D. lavish
16.Einstein was a mathematical _____.
A. genie B. genesis        C. genius    D. genuine
17.Really I hardly know how to express my_____.
A. attitude B. graduate C. gratitude D. grateful
18.Buying a train ticket doesn't ____you a seat.
A. guarantee B. suppose C. give            D. guard
19.Recorded______ of today's football game will be shown after the news.
A. guidelines      B. implications C. impressions D. highlights
20.The prime minister has ____at the possibility of an early election.
A. hinted B. suggested C. clued D. approved
21.Althought he had the ____of birth, he was honored for his _____.
A. humbleness...humility B. humility... humbleness
C. humble...humbleness         D. humility...humble
22.When people become unemployed, it is____ that is often worse than lack of
A. laziness B. poverty C. idleness D. inability
23.He has been working on the ___of a book about animals.
A. painting B. drawing C. sketching D. illustration
24.To understand the ____of a situation, we have to know something about that kind
of situation.
A. implications B. references C. relations D. findings
25.Don't ____your own ideas on your child.
A. force B. set C. impose D. charge
26.After a day's work, people may feel ____to relax themselves by reading or
watching TV.
A. inclined B. intended C. declined D. subjected
27.We see smoke and _____fire.
A. conclude B. suppose        C. assume D. infer
28.The speed of light is indeed enormous, but it is not_____.
A. infinite B. indefinite C. endless D. utmost
29.He took the _____in organizing a football team after his wedding.
A. initiative B. initiate C. initial D. initiation
30.He ___a key noiselessly in a lock.
A. introduced     B. inserted C. injected D. entered
31.This travel will give you an even deeper ___into our language and culture.
A. inquiry B. investigation C. input D. insight
32.The first thing they did when they moved into the new house was to have a
A. founded B. established C. mounted D. installed
33.Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, whereas the behavior of an
animal depends mainly on_____.
A. consciousness B. nature C. instinct D. response
34.One of the attractive features of the course was the way the practical work had
been ___with the theoretical principle of the subject.
A. involved B. integrated C. invested D. instructed
35.The history of life on earth has been a history of ____between living things and
their surroundings.
A. introduction B. interview C. interference          D. interaction
36.They have invented a new device, which will enable us to hear most short wave
stations sharply and clearly without_____.
A. tension B. distinction C. variation D. interference
37.This reading material is neither very difficult nor too easy, so it's just suitable for
students at a(n) ____level.
A. internal B. intermediate C. central D. mild
38.Student or teacher can participate in hikes to lovely beaches around the island at
A. gaps B. rate C. length D. intervals
39.Philp needed this sum of money urgently because he had made some bad
_____and had to pay his debts.
A. profits B. investments C. business         D. commerce
40.Leave a good safety _____between your car and the next.
A. margin B. side C. line D. border
41.You can borrow a great variety of book from the library, but 6 is ___.
A. a maximum B. maxima C. the maxima D. the maximum
42.Ever since they started borrowing money, their problems have ____.
A. raised     B. multiplied C. added to D. expanded
43.He was determined ____. He neither stood on his wife’s side nor on his mother's
A. natural     B. neutral C. nervous D. native
44.Cancellation of the flight ___many passengers to spend the night at the airport.
A. resulted B. obliged C. demanded D. recommended
45.Is a large _____of candy cheaper than two small ones?
A. parcel B. bundle         C. packet D. package
46.When he was about eleven, he suddenly developed a great ____for painting.
A. emotion B. mood C. feeling D. passion
47.On entering his house, we ______him to be a man of taste.
A. realized B. understood C. perceived D. noticed
48.Recent ___in Britain shows that 72 percent of British subjects favor euthanasia(安
乐死) in some circumstances.
A. poll B. vote C. agreement D. election
49.What is the ____of an air-letter to Germany?
A. post B. poster C. postage            D. postal
50.The dictionary is as big as a ______typewriter.
A. proper     B. plain C. practical D. portable
51.He invited the Prime Minister to open the ceremony and make a few
______remarks to mark the occasion.
A. polite B. preliminary C. necessary D. proper
52.When he got my message, he gave me a _____reply.
A. fast B. swift C. rapid D. prompt
53.According to the _____of this agreement, you must continue to work for them
another 2 years.
A. provisions B. supplies C. precaution D. preparation
54.It is good manners to be ____for appointments.
A. qualified B. suitable C. punctual D. prepared
55.New York ____second in the production of apples, producing 850,000,000 pounds
this year.
A. ranked      B. occupied     C. arranged D. classified
56.There are strict rules _____the use of the chemicals in food.
A. reforming       B. relating C. regulating       D. registering
57.No effective _____has been found for this fatal disease which claims thousands of
lives each year.
A. settlement B. method C. remedy D. prescription
58.When the young man was informed of this father's death he _____his tears with
A. held B. reserved        C. restricted D. restrained
59.Water being _____on the mountains, we have built many reservoirs.
A. scarce      B. difficult    C. hard D. rare
60.The teacher had scarcely entered the classroom ____the students became quiet.
A. than B. as soon as C. when D. after
61.Their threats _____him out of calling the police.
A. scared B. shocked           C. amazed D persuaded
62.The frightened people _____in all directions.
A. scattered B. spread C. extended              D. separated
63.Hearing the bad news, the cup _____from his hand and fell into pieces.
A. slid B. slipped C. glided D. slide
64.She had been sitting in the same position for several hours, and her neck and legs
A. staff    B. stuff C. stiff D. stuffy
65.TV, properly used, can _____a child's imagination.
A. cause B. arise C. encourage           D. stimulate
66.Having finished their morning work, clerks stood up behind their desks, ______
A. stretching B. extending C. prolonging D. stressing
67.Many shoes nowadays are made of plastics and similar______.
A. stiff B. staff C. stuff D. stock
68.What's the best way to _____the problem of unemployment?
A. tackle     B. create     C. present D. rescue
69.I shall ____this gift because it was given by someone I love.
A. appreciate       B. admire C. treasure D. enjoy
70.The new product is on _____before it is put on the market.
A. test    B. trial C. experiment D. inspection
71.The ____ responsibility lies with the president.
A. ultimate B. last        C. first D. finally
72.The reform spreads on a(n) _____scale.
A. big B. rare          C. unprecedented D. peculiar
73.Railways and roads are public_____.
A. appliance      B. equipment C. facilities          D. utilities
74.The term of ____is to January 4th, 2004.
A. validity B. date        C. legality D. accuracy
75.I've read the Chinese ____of the novel.
A. editor B. version C. vision D. verity
76.Only 76% of the class of 1983 had some kind of diploma, ____87% of the class of
A. versus       B. opposite C. compare          D. obverse
77.The retired principal was a(n)_______ of the city's public school system.
A. veteran     B. exsoldier C. expert D. verdict
78.The president _______ a tax increase on gasoline last week.
A. denied     B. refused      C. vetoed D. disallowed
79.We flew to Athens ______ Paris and Rome.
A. vial B. via C. vice D. vibrant
80.In spite of the police, there's usually a certain amount of ____in all big cities.
A. vicious     B. vine C. villa D. vice
81.The king was so much under the influence of his wife that she was the ______ruler
of the country.
A. virtue B. virile        C. virtual D. virulent
82.The ____from America to France used to take two months.
A. voyage       B. vulgar     C. vow D. vowel
83.Peter came in and _____something in Alice's ear.
A. talked B. said C. spoke D. whispered
84.He hadn't ____enough to realize what to do in the emergency.
A. cleverness B. quickness C. wit D. mind
85.Before his leaving, he made a large ______from the bank.
A. deposition        B. deposit    C. withdraw D. withdrawal
86.Many young people, including young university students, ____movie stars and
sports stars.
A. worship       B. appreciate C. approve          D. warship
87.The manufacturers ____food in plastic.
A. cover      B. contain C. wrap D. place
88.He spoke at the meeting ____ of his school.
A. instead       B. in place      C. on behalf         D. on account
89. I cut my finger on a rusty tin and it became badly _____.
A. infected       B. affected         C. effected       D. diseased
90. In only 20 years, the country has been ____ into an advanced industrial power.
A. translated       B. degraded        C. declined        D. transformed
91.The tourist is prevented from entering a country if he does not have a ____
A. valid           B. invalid          C. truth         D. useful
92. Fresh air is _____ to our health.
 A. fundamental            B. functional        C. probable      C. possible
93. Though the horses got off to a good start ,it was not long _____most of them out
of the race .
A . after B. until C. when D. before
94. He knew that was William _______in at the gate.
A. come B. coming C. to be coming D. to come
95.A trouble of the eye drove me mad ____fear of blindness.
A. with B. in C. by D. to
96.Tom had an argument with Bill, _____was known to all.
A. with B. that C. this D. which
97.Mr.Brown’s monthly income has increased ______100 dollars.
A. in B. at C. by D. on
98. _______ in a poor family, she is used to a simple life.
A. Born and breading B. Having born and bred
C. Born and bred           D. Being born and bred
99. It’s better to avoid ______downtown during the rush hour.
A. to drive B. driving C. having driven D. to be driving
100. _____afraid of losing himself in the forest, he took a compass with him.
A. To have been   B. Having been     C. Being     D. To be

Exercise 6
1. Had he worked harder, he (get through) _______ the exam.
2. The picture exhibition bored me to death. I wish I (not go) _________ to it.
3. I’d rather you (not make) __________any comment on the issue for the time
4. It is of the utmost importance that you (be) _____ here on time.
5. It is known to everyone that no smoking (permit) _______ in the library.
6. (frighten) ______ by the explosion, we all rushed out of the hall.
7. I got to the station, only (find) _____ that the train was pulling out.
8. I’ve lived in Chongqing for several years and I’m now accustomed to (eat)___hot
9. The medical team did more than (complain) _____ about the poor working
  conditions and started working immediately.
10. The cost of meals in big cities varies greatly, (depend) ______ on choices.
11. After careful (consider) ______, the committee decided to recommend Mr. Smith
      for the post.
12.None of us will have any trouble (solve) ______ such a problem.
13. Please describe exactly what (happen) ____ on the campus last night.
14. The girl happily look forward to (meet) ______ the movie star at the party.
15. If only she (know) _____ that her behavior was not welcome, she would have
      been more careful with her manners.
16. The football team hoped that they (win) _____ another glorious victory soon.
17. Since there is so little time (leave) ____. Nobody can fulfill the task.
18. Neither the clerks nor the manager (know) ____ anything about the accident now.
19. The police promised that they (try) ______ their best to look into the matter.
20. The teacher didn’t mind (help) _____ the students in her spare time.
21. We appreciate (work) _____ with him, because he has a good sense of humor.
22. Jack must (go) _____ away we can’t find him anywhere in the factory.
23. I prefer (live) _____ in the country rather than in a city.
24.The doctor required that every member in his department (refer) ____ to his report.
25. Most students (take) ____ sixty credits by the time they graduate.
26. The cause of the accident may never (discover) _____ in spite of the effort of the
27. (Judge) ______ from last year’s experience, the coach knows he should not expect
      too much of his team.
28. The local government is trying to raise money to (modern) _____ the city’s public
      transport systems.
29. Jim told me he (join) ____ the army two years before.
30. I’m the (little) _____ experienced of all the doctors here.
31. In some parts of this city, missing a bus means (wait) _____ for another hour.
32. The businessman lost a (gold)_____ chance to make a big fortune.
33. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you (say) ____ nothing about it for the time being.
34. In the middle of the room there was a tree (decorate) _____ with colored lights.
35. Doctor Richard, together with his wife and three children, (be) ____ to arrive in
      Beijing this afternoon.
36. There is a well-known proverb: “The more haste, the (little) ____ speed.”
37. There has not been a favorable (respond) _____ to your plan so far.
38. (Give)___more instructions, the students would have done the exercises much
39. There’s no use (bargain) ____ any more. It’s a fixed price.
40. Buying a house in such a neighborhood can be a (cost)____ business.
41. The villagers told us that a new bridge (build)____ across the river in a year.
42. A series of cultural programs (hold) ____________ in Shanghai to celebrate this
    largest national sports meeting in history.
43. It's much (easy) ____________ to talk about your problems than it is to solve
    them. .
44. When the courses (complete) ____________. the trainers are tested to find out
    what they have learned.
45. The soldier's (brave) ____________ was fully demonstrated when he jumped into
    the icy water to save the drowning child.
46. We find it hard to stand him any longer; he behaves so (change) ____________.
47. (believe) ____________, the little boy can speak three foreign languages.
48. As people are excited about new space technology, they enjoy (see)
    ____________ movies about adventures in space.
49. Unless he (tell) ____________ us who he is, we won't let him in.
50. Could you help me to understand what it is about her (complain) ____________
    that upset you?
51. I'd like to go with you, but with so much work to do today I'm
52. John, along with his two brothers, (be) __________going to the cinema this
53. Because they (spend) _______________ too much time discussing the problem,
    the students lost the opportunity to catch the last bus to go home.
54. (Follow) _______________ your suggestion, I will start making my position
    stronger for future possibilities.
55. What makes the laser, (introduce) _______________ only some 20 years ago, so
    valuable a production tool?
56. George, (see) _______________ that his brother was hurt, ran over to help him.
57. If she (live) _______________ near her office she would be in time for work.
58. Our society offers those who can play basketball well an education that might (not
    obtain) _______________ by the poor.
59. The differing communication styles of a culture can cause serious (understand)
60. Is it necessary that the task (finish) _______________ today?
61. Nowadays when we come home from work we can turn on the television and find
    out what (happen) _______________ in the world.
62. It is you that ___(be) wrong.
63. When I entered the room, I found the cup (break)___ on the table.
64. I was made (wait)___ for several hours.
65. I don’t like to have somebody else (tell)___ that I ought to do this or that.
66. The young (be)___ not always romantic.
67. (hunt)___ everywhere, the wolves had nowhere to hide themselves.
68. He had his bike ___(repair) yesterday.
69. Adams made the experiment with the door (lock)___.
70. I found her (lie)___on her back on the grass.
71. My father has had one of his (tooth)___ taken out.
72. If the policemen (arrive)___ earlier, they would have grasped the thief.
73. He dare not (tell)___ his parent about his failure in the exam.
74. Mr. Pan (say)___ to be a smuggler.
75. I don’t regret (tell)___ her what I thought, even if it upset her.
76. I advised him (give)___ up smoking.
77. I hate arriving (lately)___.
78. Take it (easily) ___.
79. I suggest you (call)___ the police right now.
80. It’s no use ___(cry) over the spilt milk.
81. Their (be) ___ one apple and three pears in the icebox.
82. I doubt the (true)___ of the story but many people believe it.
83. He is always (willing)___ to do his homework, so he has not made much progress.
84. It was important that the forms should (send)___ back before the deadline.
85. Mary has been asked (write)___ a series of reports about children in Africa.
86. The company chiefs have protested (angry)___ that the other’s stealing their
87. He got to know that the earth (move)___ around the sun at the age of four.
88. She’s the only one of these women who (play)___ bridge well.
89. She treats me as if I (be)___ a stranger.
90. I demanded his (accompany)___ me to the hearing.
91. It (say)___ that the workers all regarded him with sympathy.
92. He got the car ___(start) at last by asking everyone to push it.
93. To see is ___ (believe).
94. If you could find some witness, it could greatly (strength)___ his case.
95. The man who had been praised very highly___(turn) out to be a great
96. He is of great (wise)___ and much personal charm.
97. He will never forget (meet)___ Chairman Mao in Beijing.
98. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you (give)___ no advice at the conference yesterday.
99. I has decided to devote (me)___ to helping blind people.
100.The coal provides energy to power the (heat)___ system of hospitals.
101.Study in moderation is agreeable as well as (health)___ to human beings.
Exercise 1
6-10 CA DAC
11-15 DCACB
16-20 CBCAC
21-25 AABAA
26-30 DCABC
31-35 ABCBA
36-40 DADDD
41-45 BACBD
46-50 BBCBD
51-55 AAAAB
56-60 BADCB
61-65 DCBCC
66-70 AACCA
71-75 CDACB
76-80 BACDB
81-85 CADCC
86-90 DBBBC
91-95 DCDCB
96-100 CDBCC

Exercise 2
6-10 ABCAA
11-15 BAACC
16-20 DCBCB
21-25 DDACD
26-30 DACCA
31-35 BADDB
36-40 CCBCA
41-45 DADCC
46-50 DABDC
51-55 BADCB
56-60 ACBDC
61-65 BACAC
66-70 AAABB
71-75 BAADC
76-80 ACDDC
81-85 DCCCD
86-90 DBADA
91-95 BCAAC
96-100 BABAC
Exercise 3
6-10 ABCCA
11-15 BBBCC
16-20 CCBDA
21-25 BBBBD
26-30 DDBDD
31-35 CBACD
36-40 BBCAC
41-45 ACADB
46-50 CABAC
51-55 DCACA
56-60 DDDCA
61-65 BCABB
66-70 ADADC
71-75 CDCCA
76-80 ACAAB
81-85 DAADB
86-90 DADAC
91-95 CABDB
96-100 ABBBD

Exercise 4
6-10 DBBDB
11-15 ACACB
16-20 ADBAD
21-25 AACBC
26-30 DCCCC
31-35 DDCAA
36-40 BCBBD
41-45 BABDC
46-50 AAACB
51-55 CCADD
56-60 AACCB
61-65 ACBAA
66-70 ABABC
71-75 ABBAA
76-80 ABDAB
81-85 BBCCD
86-90 CAAAC
91-95 DCADB
96-100 BDCAA
Exercise 5
6-10 CABBA
11-15 CDDDA
16-20 CCADA
21-25 ACDAC
26-30 ADAAB
31-35 DDCBD
36-40 DBDBA
41-45 DBBBC
46-50 DCACD
51-55 BDACA
56-60 CCDAC
61-65 AAACD
66-70 ACACB
71-75 ACDAB
76-80 AACBD
81-85 CADCD
86-90 ACCAD
91-95 AADBA
96-100 DCCBC

Exercise 6
1. Would have got through
2. Hadn’t gone
3. didn’t make
4. should be
5. is permitted
6. Frightened
7. to find
8. eating
9. complain
10. depending
11. consideration
12. solving
13. happened
14. meeting
15. had known
16. would win
17. left
18. knows
19. would try
20. helping
21. working
22. have gone
23. to live
24. should refer
25. will have taken
26. be discovered
27. Judging
28. modernize
29. had joined
30. least
31. waiting
32. golden
33. said
34. decorated
35. is
36. less
37. response
38. Given
39. bargaining
40. costly
41. would be built
42. have been held
43. easier
44. have been completed
45. bravery
46. changeably
47. Unbelievably
48. seeing
49. tells
50. complaints
51. unable
52. is
53. had spent
54. Following
55. introduced
56. seeing
57. lived
58. not be obtained
59. misunderstandings
60. should be finished
61. has been happening
62. are
63. broken
64. to wait
65. tell
66. are
67. Hunted
68. repaired
69. locked
70. lying
71. teeth
72. had arrived
73. tell
74. is said
75. telling
76. to give
77. late
78. easy
79. call
80. crying
81. is
82. truth
83. unwilling
84. be sent
85. to write
86. angrily
87. moves
88. play
89. were
90. accompanying
91. is said
92. started
93. to believe
94. strengthen
95. turned
96. wisdom
97. meeting
98. had made
99. myself
100.      heating
101.      healthy

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