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									                     Do you see that? $236.25 in just one day from one ad.

   How I made $235/day using
  Blackhat Affiliate Marketing
 with Neverblueads or Any other
    CPA Network You Want.
                                By Sss3d
How I made $235/day using Blackhat Affiliate Marketing with
Neverblueads or Any other CPA Network you want

                          By sss3d

Thank you for buying this eBook.

This method is blackhat You will get banned if you over do it.
You will not if you do it for little amounts. Little amounts, I'm
talking about $80/day max. Maybe less if you want to stay under the
radar. I got greedy, decided to take $1000 in one day, and the next
day my affiliate manager gave me a nasty call and had to ban me
from that specific offer. Not that harsh, but the harsh part was they
reversed half the leads and decided to pay me only 1/3 of what I
I've done it myself due to greed and I lost contract with very good ad
networks. The current best ones are debt ads that pay $15/lead and
the education one that pays $25/lead. Both are free. The easier to
complete the better.

I made over $3,000 in just under a month which I've been able to
successfully cash out. I would have done more but after getting
barred from one offer, it taught me an important lesson in money
maknig never try to take the shortcut and get rich quick.

Unfortunately, this is not a get rich quick sorta thing. You have to
put effort to see results. I am going to show you an exact method
that I used, step by step, that made me money automatically

a) Use a good affiliate program. I recommend NeverBlue
Ads (they will call you to verify) however you can also
use any affiliate program of your choosing.

Never Blue Ads:

b) Pick a good offer that pays well per signup. In my
case, I used Bidz that pays $15/lead.
c) Create an email address at gmail and use a first and last name to
make it appear more legitimate. Users will trust you more and that's
what you are going to need.

d) Purchase a domain name that's related to your offer that you
chose. Create an email
address for it - and add it
to your Gmail account. Click on settings and Account. Set this
new email as your main email in Gmail.

If you use GoDaddy, the domain will cost $7.15 (slightly
more than one conversion) with the coupon code OYH3.

Also, redirect the domain to your offer affiliate link by using the
domain forwarding tool.

e) Go to job sites, for example see below.

Post something like:


We are looking for writers for our jewelry auction
website. You will need to create short (20 - 25 word)
write ups of daily auctions. We will pay $0.01/word to
startup, then increase if it goes well. You MUST be
interested in jewelry to take up the job.

Due to payment issues, we can only take writers that are
based in the USA for now. Please send an email to to apply if you fit the

Thank You,

Your (Fake) Name

List of job websites:

I recommend the first one as it doesn't require anything
to post, just a free account. Posts will go pending first,
and then live after 1-2 days.

e) Go to the Gmail account you setup. Under settings,
there will be a thing called Vacation autoresponder.

Write something like:


Thank you for your interest. At the moment, we have
received lots of interested parties, so are going through
the applications. Please signup at our website below and
take a look around, as that will make things quicker
should we hire you. (for example - I believe this
domain is still available).

Thank you,

Your (Fake) Name
Nearly every single person you reply to will signup.

You will get a crazy amount of emails. Just take a look at
my screenshot.

All of those emails came within a week. USA, job

I only replied to around twenty five, and had almost all
of them signup, netting me $235 in one day with the debt related ads
and a short while of work to setup the above steps.
If you use Online Writing Jobs, your only spend is the

I strongly suggest you find a different offer, or not use
Bidz on Online Writing Jobs as I have already done
so. I did not promote at any other job website though,
so there is a lot open for you to target.

Rewrite the email and your job ads (but make them
similar to the ones above) to gain maximum success.

You can try this with any kind of pay per signup offer -
USA ones tend to pay well. The good thing is that you
are sending targeted visitors (only people that like
jewelry, for example) to the signup so there is a high
chance a few of them will stay on giving you a good
conversion rate.

Good luck! This is the beauty of the automated income. What
happens here is that when people email you, google will
automatically respond with your autoresponder message! You are
Here's another method of getting traffic with the help of craigslist.

The first thing to do is set up an email box called: contributors @ (or whatever the actual domain is)

The second thing to do is find an affiliate product that has something to
do with the niche of my new site. It can be a Clickbank product or an
affiliate program of any kind just as long as it is good and relevant to
my niche. Or, just use an affiliate program neverblueads like I showed
you earlier.

Once I have found a relevant product I set my affiliate link as the
signature for all emails coming from my new domain. The signature
says something like: Have you seen the latest breakthrough in "Niche
Name Here"?
(Note: I usually cloak the signature link with a simple redirect page)

The third thing to do is a quick search on ebay or google for some info
or something about my niche with master resale rights. Most of the
time I can find it on ebay for less than a dollar. (Just search your niche
along with the word "resale")

The fourth thing to do is set up the resale product or products with
paypal. I set the price at $7 or under. (I like to use ejunkie to host my
files for sell but it isn't absolutely necessary)

The fifth thing to do is set up an auto-responder for the email address
that I created in step one. The text reads something like this:
"Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor to (or whatever). We will review your submission and
contact you if we feel that a working relationship can be established.
Our current contributors find the resource below very useful. As a
potential contributor you may get your copy of this $89 resource for
only $7.
Title of Product Goes Here (link to the reseller products I set up
through paypal).
We hope to be in touch soon.
- SCB Staff "

The Sixth thing to do is to go to and choose the largest
city that will have an interest in your niche. Post an ad under "creative
gigs" that looks something like this:
Title: Can you write articles about skin care? (<- make sure that is an active link. Very
important!) is looking for aspiring writers with an interest in skin care
and beauty. Everyone is welcome to apply. Please submit a short
sample of your writing on any related subject (200-400 words) to
contributors @

Now here's what happens:
1. That live link on will get you indexed on Google
within 24 hours every time.
2. Lot's of targeted people will click on the link to see what your site is
and some always end up clicking on adsense ads.
3. Your auto-responder will fire off immediately to anyone who
responds to the ad and offer them the "discounted" info as well as show
your affiliate loaded signature. (again to highly targeted people)
4. If anyone actually sends you good content (most will suck) you just
scored a great writer for your site. Work out a deal accordingly.

Don't try to keep bumping the ad to the top. Leave the ad live until it
naturally expires. If it made you any money, (always does), then run it

You were going to try to get indexed anyhow and this way is is a hell
of alot more productive.

Happy Hustling!
Another method I used with success involves Yahoo qusetions and

First you need to create a brand new account, so that you don't get
banned if someone reports you.

With your cloaked domain name, think of topics related to your domain

For example, I found an offer on neverblueads that gives out free
diabetes testing kit. You get paid $10.50 for each person who submits
the first page of the form.

So it costs nothing for the user, no credit cards, and you get paid a nice

Now go on yahoo answers and click on advance search.
You will want to filter out all the bad questions (questions that are
closed and can't be answered) meanwhile targeting your niche.
Now search for "Diabetes" (in this case) or whatever your niche topic

And select the appropiate categories so you can find related questions.
Make sure to select OPEN questions for Question Status.
You will see a bunch of questions from people about diabetes.

As you can see here.
All these people circled in red think they have diabetes!

So just go through each of them and basically push our product on
them. Basically you want them to go ahead and fill out the form.

So click on Answer this Question.
Answer the question and stick the URL of your site in the reference
box. Your URL will be a live link. And will be crawlable by google.

So see. A live URL.
Hit submit and your post will be live.
Now continue this for the rest of the questions.

Not only will the original poster look at your affiliate site, everyone
else who searches for the same info will come across your site too.

After several days, these links will STILL bring you traffic.

You need several accounts or you will be banned.

I learned my lesson the hard way when one day I was up at $180, and
the next day I made nearly $0!

It will be annoying at first but when you lose all that hard earned
money you will learn the meaning of diversifying.

Now the benefits of using yahoo questions and answers are because of
the targeted results you will receive. Targeted! Your advertisers will
love you because these people are SPECIFICALLY interested in this

I'm making at least a hundred per day from all three of these methods.

Some other good campaigns are:
Car Insurance
Cash Advance

People are always asking question on where they can get expert help on
debt, or insurance. And neverblueads pay you really well ($10-$15).

Hope this helps.
Sss3d -

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