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									                     GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.
                     Block 11 Lot 17 Springville East I Molino III, Bacoor, Cavite 4102
                      Philippines Tel. No. (046) 517-9942

                                            PROJECT PROPOSAL


              1. Project Title                          : CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY CENTER

              2. Project Site                           : NAZARETH NEIGHBORHOOD, Molino III,
                                                             Bacoor, Cavite

              3. Project Beneficiaries                  : Direct - 500 children (0-18 years old) and
                                                          Indirect – 500 families

              4. Contact Person                         : Ms. CORAZON E. BUENASFLORES
                                                          President and Chairman of the Board
                                                          GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.

              5. Proponent Organization : GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.

              6. Total Project Cost                     : P343,797.00 (Including counterpart)

                                                             ( $7,640 US )

              7. Project Duration                       : October 2007 – January 2008


         Through the generosity and love of Outreach Asia President, Mr. Mike Peck,
         brother in-law, Mr. Chris Peck, and The Ralph & Eileen Swett Foundation, GEMS
         HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC. realized it goal to reach out to 500 children
         and families at Nazareth Neighborhood with the purpose of providing a venue for
         the children and families to develop and be empowered through regular sessions
         on leadership formation, family life seminars, training on health and nutrition,
         early childhood care and values/culture re-orientation.

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                                       1
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007
         The Children’s Activity Center was completed in May 2007 and has since then,
         become the “second home” of children, youth, mothers and fathers of the

         Soon after, with the support from the Catholic Education Association of the
         Philippines (CEAP) a community library was set-up for the basic Rs (reading
         writing and arithmetic). A set of Encyclopedia and children’s books on science,
         math, Pilipino and English Reading were donated by the group. The center also
         received four (4) new computers donated by Outreach Asia. One unit is being
         used for mothers’ & children’s training on Mother’s Class and Story Telling and
         another one for office use. About 10 children and youth were given Basic
         Computer literacy and they now use the computers for composing letters,
         drawing, educational games and listening to stories on CDs.

         The center has been the main activity place for small children coming together to
         enjoy and have fun browsing and reading books, playing with toys and doing art
         works, drawing, coloring and staying there until its time for them to go to school
         and home. Children visit the center before going to their classes for a bowl of
         soup and light snacks. For some children who just arrived from school the
         center served as their relaxation area, while others do research work and
         assignments using the reference books and materials. The center has served as
         an extension of their home as children love to stay there the whole day because
         of the warm ambience of the home and the caring attitude of the staff.

         Presently, Child’s Growth Class is conducted among reproductive women
         thereby learning basic knowledge and practical skills on child rearing, caring and
         proper nutrition. The children enjoy each others company as well as the
         sessions provided by volunteers and staff of GEMS Heart. Children are also
         taught proper hygiene and sanitation integrated with cultural and values
         orientation. Volunteers and staff teach new songs, the latest dance steps and
         games. About 4 regular volunteer mothers help in preparing nutritious snacks
         that are served during the children sessions and parents training.

         With the increasing number of children and parents utilizing the center for
         sessions, training and research work, often times the space is not enough to
         accommodate them. When Child Growth Class with the mothers is on going,
         children who would like to do research work could not anymore be
         accommodated while other children who do the artwork are also crowded in the
         tiny library.

         We are then proposing to build an extension of the Children’s Activity Center to
         accommodate the increasing number children and parents who come and make
         the center their “second home”.

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                          2
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007

         The CHILDREN’S DREAM CENTER is constructed in a 166 sq. meter lot. The
         Center is about 63 square meters with about 22 sq. meters utilized as session
         area/space. The tiny library is about 5 sq. meters.

         The center has a vacant space in front that is presently being used to grow
         vegetables. This is approximately 42 sq. meters and is the area being proposed
         to be the extension/expansion.

         The extension will be an open type building so that the air circulation would be
         free flowing from the extension area to the main door entrance of the Center.
         Additional roofing, flooring, trusses and steel posts will be needed to construct
         the extension. The fence on the right wing of the center will be renovated to
         complete the height needed to strengthen and support the extension roof. The
         front fence will also be renovated and additional hollow blocks will be laid to give
         protection to children from falling. A concrete partition, about ½ meter, will be
         set-up to separate a study nook of about 7-8 meters. The study corner will serve
         as assignment and research area. The remaining portion of the proposed
         extension will be an all-purpose – multi-purpose space for gathering, training,
         meeting and group activities. The entrance will be wide open to give everyone a
         warm welcome.

         The steps approaching the entrance to the Center will be cemented to make it
         sturdy and withstand the increased number of people who will come and visit the

    D. BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS: Please see Annex A for details

                 Concrete Posting & Flooring                                 P78,120.00
                 Roofing                                                      66,542.00
                 Walling
                     o Walling (Right Side – upgrading of fence)                32,880.00
                     o Partition Wall (1 meter height) & Concrete Steps           5,281.00
                 Upgrading of front Fence ( ½ meter length )                     2,650.00
                 Equipment Rentals                                               7,250.00
                 Hallow blocks - 700 pcs. x P11.00/pc.                           7,700.00
                 Others :                                                        8,000.00
                 Electrical                                                    10,000.00
                 Painting                                                      10,000.00
                 Labor                                                          67,874.00

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                             3
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007
                  Operating Expenses:                                                 10,500.00
                  Monitoring & Supervision                                            37,000.00

                                               GRAND TOTAL                           P343,797.00

                  Particulars                     Sources of Funds            Total Project
                                     GEMS Heart Beneficiaries      Outreach       Cost
                                      Outreach,                      Asia &
                                      Dev’t. Inc.                    Other
               Preparation                              5,000.00                  5,000.00
               Construction            17,950.00                   283,847.00  301,797.00
               Supervision             12,000.00                    25,000.00   37,000.00

               TOTALS                    29,950.00          5,000.00   308,847.00   343,797.00
               Percentage                     8.71              1.46        89.83         100


         The construction of extension/expansion of the Children’s Activity Center will be
         completed in 60 days (or 2 months). It is expected that the construction will not
         take more than 2 months.       The past experiences in the construction of the
         Children’s Activity Center and lessons learned during the previous construction
         were noted and hopefully the problems would not be repeated but will be


         The overall administration of the extension building will be the President of
         GEMS Heart. A Consultant engineer will be hired to supervise the construction
         of the extension of the center. The engineer will conduct regular checking of the
         project’s progress of implementation per approved building extension design and

         The staff of GEMS Heart will monitor the progress of the construction as well as
         deliverables of the project engineer. Regular meeting with the engineer will be
         conducted by the GEMS Heart Personnel and President to monitor and evaluate
         the progress of the construction.

         The phases of development will be properly documented as well. Status of
         progress and major accomplishments will be reported to Outreach Asia Office

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                                 4
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007
         every month or as needed. To ensure that the funds are properly utilized, a
         financial statement will be submitted upon completion of the center. Documents
         to support the finances will be kept for audit and evaluation of Outreach Asia.

         Organizing activities for the parents and community residents will be conducted
         simultaneously while construction is on going. These organizing activities will
         include the community activities for land preparation, and formulation of policies,
         systems and procedures in the use of the Children’s Activity Center. Other
         capacity enhancing sessions for children and parents in managing the center will
         be included in the modules for sustainability.


         A. Detailed Budget/Bill of Materials
         B. Extension Plan of Center/Design
         C. Photos of children and mothers in the center

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                           5
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007

     Concrete Posting & Flooring

              -       Steel GI pipes 4x 4 - 6 posts 3 each side @ P3,800    P 22,800.00
              -       GI wire ( 10 kilos) P80/kg                                 800.00
              -       Cement (52) bags @P200/bag                              10,400.00
              -       Sand ( 6 elf) @P2,000/elf                               12,000.00
              -       Gravel (4 elf) @P2,200/elf                               9,600.00
              -       Round bars (10 mm x 60 pcs.) @ P150/ba                   9,000.00
              -       Tiles for flooring – ( 42 sq. meters)
                      (Outdoor type) 378 pcs. @P26/pc                          9,820.00
              -       Accessories (nails, plywood, etc.)                       3,700.00
                                                  Sub-total                 P78,120.00

     Roofing

            Rib type 0.14” @ P385 x 62
              -                                                              23,870.00
            Insulation 110/meter x 62 meters
              -                                                               6,820.00
            Ceiling (plywood) 25 pcs. x P360
              -                                                               9,000.00
            C- Purlins 2x 41.23 x 26 pcs. x P415/
              -                                                              10,790.00
            Gutter - P170 x 10 pcs.
              -                                                               1,700.00
            Angular bar ¼ x 1.5 x 18 pcs. x P410/
              -                                                               7,380.00
            Accessories x- screw nails,
              -                                                                  75.00
            S. end flushing -2 pcs. x P546/pc
              -                                                               1,092.00
            End wall flushing 4 pcs. x P614.28
              -                                                               1,228.00
            Ridge roll 8 pcs. x P410.00
              -                                                               3,280.00
            Delivery charge
              -                                                               2,000.00
                                        Sub-total                           P66,542.00
     Walling
      Walling (Right Side – upgrading of fence)

                  -   Cement              - 20 bags @P200                     4,000.00
                  -   Gravel             - 6 elf (P2,200/elf)                13,200.00
                  -   Sand                - 4 elf (P2,000)                    8,000.00
                  -   Round bars      – 60 pcs. 10 mm x P128.00               7,680.00
                                                    Sub-total               P32,880.00

          Partition Wall (1 meter height) & Concrete Steps

                  -   Cement              - 5 bags @P200                      1,000.00
                  -   Gravel             - 1/2 elf (P2,200/elf) 1 cu.mts.      1,100.00
                  -   Sand                - 1 elf (P2,000) 2 c. mts.           2,000.00
                  -   Round bars      – 10 pcs. 10 mm x P128.00                1,280.00
                                                     Sub-total                P5,281.00

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                      6
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007
     Upgrading of front Fence ( ½ meter length )

              Steel Matting P550.00 x 3
              -                                                        1,650.00
              Cement 5 bags x P200.00
              -                                                        1,000.00
                                        Sub-total                     P2,650.00
        Equipment Rentals

              -   Welding machine 15 days x 250                        3,750.00
              -   Tiles Grinder P150/day x 10                          1,500.00
              -   Electric drill P50 x 100                               500.00
              -   Scaffolding P100/day x 15                            1,500.00
                                            Sub-total                 P7,250.00

     Hallow blocks - 700 pcs. x P11.00/pc.                           P7,700.00

     Others :

              -   Land Preparation                                     5,000.00
              -   Window Grills – 15 pcs. square bars (12”) x P200     3,000.00
                                            Sub-total                 P8,000.00

     Electrical                                                     P10,000.00

     Painting                                                       P10,000.00

     Labor

           Labor for the Hauling of materials
                Sand & Gravel P600                                    7,200.00
                Cement 82 bags x P7.00                                  574.00
                Hollow-blocks 700 pcs. x P3.00                        2,100.00
                Steel bars, trusses, plywood, etc.                    4,000.00
        - Labor -unskilled construction workers
                P250 x 2 x 30 days                                   15,000.00
        - Skilled workers (mason, tiles, painting, welder)
                 2 x P300 x 30 days                                   18,000.00
        - Foreman 1 x P350 x 60 days                                  21,000.00
                                      Sub-total                      P67,874.00
     Operating Expenses:

              -   Electric (Light) P2,000/month x 3 mos.               6,000.00
              -   Water – P500 x 3 mos.                                1,500.00
              -   Transportation                                       3,000.00
                                             Sub-total               P10,500.00

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                              7
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007
     Monitoring & Supervision

              -   Documentation (photos, film, scanning, etc. mails)                    2,000.00
              -   Supervisor/Technical Person                                          25,000.00
              -   Consultation (engineer)                                              10,000.00
                                            Sub-total                                 P37,000.00

              GRAND TOTAL                                   P 343,797.00 (100.00%)   **($8,447)

              Less: Counterpart                                   34,950.00 (10.17%) **($847)

              Total needed                                   P 308,847.00 (89.83%) **($7,600)

Note: The blue ink represents the counterpart of GEMS and beneficiaries.
      **Exchange rate used: Philippine Peso 40.70 = 1 US Dollar

GEMS HEART OUTREACH DEV’T., INC.                                                                  8
Project Proposal: Extension of Children’s Activity Center
September 2007

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