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                   ISSUE 60

 A Breton Childhood
 Men of the Fianna
 Quimper Art Gallery
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

2 Crêperie Review

        Crêperie Review:                                                                               Pont l'Abbé

          La Chaumine,
                   Pont l'Abbé Pont-'n-Abad
        Pont-l'Abbé is a smart little town, south of Quimper. This
        crêperie is close to the town centre. The crêpes and galettes are
                                           typical of the region: thin,
                                           and very delicious. There is
                                           also a selection of salads, and
                                           for dessert, a wide choice of
                                           elaborate ice creams.
                                           The crêperie is open from
                                           12am till 2pm, and reopens at 6.30pm every day except
                                           Monday evening.

         Tel: 02 98 82 30 69
         8 quartier Vallou 29120 Pont l'Abbé

                                                                              e b       t h deli in b          any

                                                                         tues - sat                          british food
                                                                        9am - 6pm                            café, books
        Pierre &                             Paulette                 open thru lunch                         gifts, dvds
                                                                            sun                             wi-fi internet
          Fish & Chips Every Friday Lunchtime                           9am - 1pm                           & much more
           (& Friday Evenings by Reservation)
                                                                       18, rue Yves Le Calvé 56160 SEGLIEN
        1, Rue de la Tour 22190 PLERIN Tel: 02 96 33 28 69         www.magasin plaisir.com

                                PERCHERON GARAGE SERVICES
                            ● Servicing ● Repairs ● 24 hr. breakdown service
             ● C.T. preparation & advice ● All makes ● Also vans, bikes, tractors & mowers
            ● Friendly, helpful advise ● Parts sourced from UK where possible ● Excellent rates
                    GIVE STEVE A CALL TODAY! Tel: 02 97 38 83 03 Mob: 06 45 74 12 60
                                            E-mail: steve@percheron-tractors.com

Musée des Beaux-Arts Quimper                                                                         page 21

   Teashop review                              page 8

        A Breton Childhood                                                page 25

  The Men of the Fianna page 29
Megalith Diary page 33 Children's Pages page 36
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 Editorial                 5         News                       17       Tim the Gardener            35
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                                    Paul Boussard
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           26 ave Général de Gaulle               Carhaix                           02 98 93 20 48

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Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

4 Places to Visit: Pont-l'Abbé

 Pont-l'AbbéCCCapital of the Pays Bigoudène
                                                                                   Pont l'Abbé

                                              he town owes its name

                                       T      (Abbotsbridge) to a bridge which
                                              is believed to have been built by
                                       an abbott from the nearby monastery
                                       of Loctudy. (Loctudy, in turn, is named
                                       after a fifth-century saint who was a
                                       disciple of St Brioc, and who in his
                                       later life travelled to Cornwall, where
                                       he is still remembered in the village of
                                       St Tudy).
                                         Pont l’Abbé has played an important
                                       role in Breton history; it is at the
                                       centre of the fertile ‘Bigouden’ region,
                                       geographically removed from political
                                       upheavals in Rennes and Paris, but
                                       wealthy enough to be represented in
                                       the seats of power. The lords of Pont
                                       l’Abbé converted to the Protestant
                                       religion, and one of them died
                                       defending Admiral de Coligny on St
                                       Bartholemew’s Eve in 1572 in Paris.
                                         Later, in 1675, local people played
                                       a significant role in the Farmers'
                                       Uprising and helped to formulate the
                                       'Code Breton' – a revolutionary set of
                                       rules which resulted in the temporary
                                       abolition of taxation. Relief was only
                                       short-lived and the Bigouden region
                                       suffered severely in the reprisals
                                       exacted by the government.
                                         After the 1789 Revolution the town
                                       was briefly renamed Pont Libre, but life
                                       for ordinary people does not appear to
                                       have improved. There are reports of
                                       riots breaking out in 1847 when the
                                       early crop of potatoes was seen being
                                       loaded into a ship for export while local
                                       people were starving.
                                         Fortunately, things have quieted
                                       down a little over recent years, and
                                       tourism is now the main source of
                                         See Crêperie Review, p. 2
       June was a very busy month for me, I spent the first week in the UK, (which in itself
       was quite an eye-opener – the pace of life is much faster there now than I remember
       it being ten to fifteen years ago); when I got back, I had to help put the finishing
       touches to Samuel's new book, ‘A Guide to the Menhirs and Other Megaliths of
       Central Brittany’ (this project set me thinking about how much we are manipulated
       by our education – if Brittany was home to a civilisation far older than that of
       Ancient Egypt, then why wasn't I told about when I was in school?); next, we have
       had the busiest month ever with the Journal (it may be true that there is a global
       economic slow down, but people are still moving from towns and cities to places
       like Central Brittany, and who can blame them); and, last but not least, the good
       weather has sent the garden into overdrive; for the first time in my life I can imagine
       actually being able to survive on the food that it produces. However, success comes
       with a price, and June has been a month in which sunny afternoons have been spent
       in the garden picking blackcurrants and raspberries, and digging up new potatoes.
          I hope that none of this has detracted from the quality of this month's journal
       which features, amongst other things, Brittany's premier art gallery (Quimper), new
       children's pages, lots of recipes, more stories about Finn MacCool, and reminiscences
       about life in the country in days gone by.                                GL

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                         Simplicity is the
                     ultimate sophistication.
                                                         -Leonardo da Vinci-
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

6 Recipe

                    Pea Curry                           Matar Sabzi
   A popular Indian recipe. Broad beans, or other green beans could be substituted
   for the peas.

  2 tablespoons oil                                 ½ teaspoon paprika powder
  1 onion                                           ½ teaspoon chilli powder (optional)
  1 tablespoon fresh coriander, chopped             2 cups fresh or frozen peas
  1 inch (2.5 cm) piece ginger                      2 large tomatoes
  1 teaspoon ground turmeric                        salt
  ½ teaspoon ground cumin                           1 teaspoon garam masala
  1 teaspoon ground coriander                       1 tablespoon lemon juice

   1. Cut up the onion, and finely chop the garlic and fresh coriander.
   2. Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed pan, or frying pan, and fry the onion,
   chopped coriander, and ginger over a medium heat till golden.
   3. Add the spices and fry over a low heat for 2-3 mins. Add the peas and
   tomatoes. Stir well to cover with the spice mixture, and season to taste. Cover
   with a lid, and cook gently until the peas are tender. Sprinkle with garam masala
   and lemon juice, and serve with rice.

                            Fest-Jazz 2009
                        7th - 9th August
                        The fifth international Jazz festival on
                        the banks of the Aulne in Châteauneuf du
                        Faou this year takes place on Fri 7th to
                        Sun 9th of August.
                        Acts include Pink Turtle, Bruce Adams
 and the Tony Marshall Trio, Daniel Huck, New Watergate, Dick
 Banovich, the Ragamuffins and Good Time Jazz.
 Tickets can be bought online from the fnac website,
  www.fnacspectacles.com; by phone 0892 68 36 22 (0.34€/min);
 by e-mail goodtimejazz@wanadoo.fr; and from the tourist office
 in Châteauneuf du Faou.
                  more info: www.fest-jazz.com

                                                      Bruce Adams, with Good Time Jazz ©Anna Jardine 2009
                                                                        Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                       Guide to the Menhirs & Other Megaliths of Central Brittany 7

Special Offer:
Guide to the Menhirs and other
Megaliths of Central Brittany
                                                                        Guide      to the

Samuel Lewis                                                            MENHIRS  and other
   5.00€ free postage & packing
72 pages 10cm x 21cm paperback
A new guide from the Central Brittany Journal, providing                   of Central
detailed information on 50 remarkable megaliths.
  'Brittany is home to the majority of the world’s most significant
megalithic sites - including the world’s tallest menhirs, the world’s
largest dolmen, the world’s largest collection of standing stones,
   and the world’s largest cairn. This full-colour guide includes
  detailed information on over 50 megalithic sites, easy-to-use
     maps and directions, history and folklore associated with
    the megaliths, and a summary of what is known about the
                       megalithic civilisation.'

                                                                              NEZERT BOOKS
                                                               Order form p. 23
                  We make your dreams
                       come true
-period and contemporary seats restored,
 reupholstered and made to order,
-bespoke and restored curtains, cushions and
-furniture varnished, painted, restored.

 Competitive prices
 All areas covered
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Contact us
by email: nathalie@duwel.fr
or by phone
Nathalie: 06 26 19 45 07
Duwel sarl
14, rue des deportes 35720 St-Pierre-de-Plesguen
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

8 Teashop Review


  Tea Shop Review                                                                           (Kemper)

  Chocolat et Dépendances, Quimper
  There are many teashops in Quimper, and this is one of our favourites.
  The patisserie/chocolaterie is on a corner of the Cathedral Square, and
  has tables inside and out. The tearoom is newly-furbished, and very at-
                                    In Summer, home-made ice creams are
                                    sold outside, and jams, toffees, and sweets can be bought indoors,
                                    along with a range of different cakes, tartlets etc.
                                    Many speciality teas are also available.

                                       32 PLACE
                                       SAINT CORENTIN
                                       29000 Quimper
                                       Telephone :
                                       02 98 95 56 06

                    Places to Eat                                             Auberge de la
                                                                               Vieille Tour
                                                                             22330 Langourla
                                                                            Sunday lunches every week
                                                                            Hot food all day, every day
Recipe: Matar Sabzi Pea Curry p.6
                                                                            4-course traditional
Children's Recipe: Baked Potato Halves p. 36                                   Sunday roast
                                                                              Bookings please
                                       This month:

 Hetty’s Kitchen p 38
                                       Pickled Nasturtium Seed “Capers”     Tel: 02 96 30 41 15
                                       Chantilly Mangetout
                                       Bottled Blackcurrants
                                                                                 rendezvous cafÉ & bar
Places to Eat                                                                     The Hidden Oasis in Callac Village
                                                                                    Gary & Nicole look forward to welcoming
                                                                                    all past,present and future clients into our
                                                                                    warm,friendly and ambient surroundings.
                                                                                          please call in and see us,merci.
                    BARNACLES                                                    www.rendezvousbarcallac.com
             FISH & CHIPS
   Bar Restaurant & Take Away
             OPENING HOURS
    MONDAY                            CLOSED
    TUESDAY                           CLOSED
    WEDNESDAY                         18:00 - 21:00
    THURSDAY                          18:00 - 21:00
    FRIDAY                            18:00 - 23:00
    SATURDAY                          18:00 - 23:00     Take Away
    SUNDAY                            18:00 - 23:00        6.90€
            LANN VOUILLEN 56310 GUERN
           Tel. 02 97 27 76 69                                                   New lunch/evening menu now available, booking not
                                                                                 required, come along and give us a try, you won't be
                                                                                       disappointed, thank you. Gary & Nicole
                                                                                   English food inc. full english real breakfasts, baguettes,
                                                                                  snacks etc, 10-2. / Evening meals, i.e. fish & chips,curries,
  LE FER A CHEVAL                                                                  / Free internet/Wifi access/darts/Live music events/Quiz
  Bar & Restaurant - PAULE (22)                                                  nights / Karaoke / draught guinness, cider, Kilkenny bitter
                                                Plat du jour                     & Bitburger lager / Two large screens showing all live major
                                               weekday lunch:                       football / rugby games via sky / setanta / canal foot etc.
                                                                                           Mon 4.30 - 9to11pm; Tues 10-2 & 5 - 11
                                                       11€.                              Wed 9.30-2 & 5-11; Fri 10-2 & 5 - 12.30am;
                                              Tapas, sandwiches                      Sat, 10.30 - 12.30am; Sun. 1 - 11pm Closed Thurs.
                                                  and meals
                                             available at all other                   See page 13 for opening hours 4th-10th July
                                                    times.                        10 rue de Tréguier, Callac 02 96 45 92 74
        Beers and wines from 10 countries.
         Wide range of greeting cards available
           New Steaks and Sauces menu
    Function room available.                       Closed on Tuesdays.
                                                                                 Les Jardins de l'Abbaye
  (opp. church, village centre, 2 min from N164 - Carhaix /Rostrenen ringroad)
    For further info/reservations contact David on 02 96 29 89 66
             Email: david@magicdavid.fr                                          Weekdays lunch -14.50 Menu
                                                                                    Menu Terroir - 18.50
                                                                                    Menu Carte - 26.50
                     Au Rendez-Vous                                              1st Sunday Month - Theme Brunch
                                                                                          Bar service
                       Des Celtes                                                5 hotel rooms. We speak English!
                       Village Pub & Restaurant                                  Email: jardinsabbaye@yahoo.fr Tel: 02 96 24 95 77
 Now Open Lunchtimes & Evenings Plat du Jour                                      Adjacent to the Abbaye of Bon Repos, on the Nantes-Brest Canal
Takeaways also Available Fish & Chips, Fri & Sat eves
PLUSSULIEN (village centre) 02 96 24 04 26
                                                                                 OPENING TIMES:
                                                                                 tue to sat        La Crème du Pélem
                                                                                     10:00 - 17:00 31 RUE DU PELEM, ST NICOLAS-DU PELEM
                                                                                 closed mon & sun             02 96 29 53 66
 Fish and chips / BBQ ribs                                                                              New Menu, Eat in or Take Away
Les Pecheries restaurant                                                                                  Full English Breakfast 6.50€
 2 rue de la Mairie 56480 ST AIGNAN                                                                      Various Breakfast Sandwiches
Every Friday night 6pm-10pm                                                                           Burgers, Hot Dogs, Paninis and More
      Reservation only
                                                                                                               Home-Made Chips
02 97 27 50 12 (French)                                                                                     Children's Menus 3.50€
02 97 27 50 58 (English)
                                                                                                    English & French Groceries, Gifts, Jewellery,
  Take away on Friday night
      available (order)                                                                                           Internet @CCESS.
                                                                                               Personalised Greetings Cards, hand-made to order 3.00€
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

10 What's On

      19 Lannilis
                                          MORLAIX                1    Moedec           GUINGAMP
                                                 Plourac'h                                ST-BRIEUC             LAMBALLE
   BREST                                                              20 Plougonver
                                                        13                                                                             DINAN
                                      Scrignac   4         CALLAC   Bulat-
                                                     Carnoet      3 Pestivien
                                     Plouguernevel 10             2 Trebrivan
                                                  CARHAIX                             Caurel
                                                                                                                       17 St-Vran
                    CHATEAULIN                                                          14
                                                     Gourin                              Pontivy
                       QUIMPER                                    Guemene-
                                                   11             s.-Scorff 6                12        5 Rohan
              l'Abbé                                                                                       JOSSELIN

                                                                     21                Auray
                                                                                         7        VANNES                           REDON

             The Clay Barn
              Pottery painting studio
  A fantastic activity for rainy days, sunny
    days, birthdays, or in fact, any days!
   Suitable for all ages        Prices start from €5.00
  Studio in Kernascléden (56)     Tues-Sat 9.15am - 6.00pm
  02 97 28 27 99           www.theclay-barn.com

         Open Days
    Ecological Log Houses
         See page 56 for more details
                                                                                    Les Forges des Salles
                                                                                               UNIQUE TO BRITTANY!!
                                                                                          Visit this 18th to 19th century iron-making
            Saint-Dégan Eco-museum                                                    village situated close to the Abbaye de Bon Repos.
                    Brec’h, nr Auray                                                      Open daily from 2 - 6.30p.m.
           July : Open daily 10 am until 7 pm.                                          Free guided visits in English every
Discover how simple rural folk lived and worked centuries ago. Guided                            Sunday at 3pm.
 visit of the thatched cottages and exhibitions at 2 30pm and 5.30pm.                 Reduced tariff group visits (20+) in English available
              Adults 5€            Children (4 -14) 2.50€                                 throughout the week by prior reservation.
   Tel: 02 97 57 66 00                  www.ecomusee-st-degan.fr
                                                                                                   02 96 24 95 67
                                                                                         Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

      Tel. 02 98 78 21 96
Colin and Avril welcome you to LE MADISON BAR   and B&B
                                                          What’s On
            Bar Meals Served Daily                        Art Exhibition, Plougonver
        Fresh Cod & Chips - Friday night                  Exhibition of Kim Cody’s paintings in the atelier at Plougonver.
   3-course Sunday lunch (please book for Sun.lunch)      All work is inspired by the Brittany countryside and its climate.
                                                          Le Bruil, 22810 - Plougonver, Côtes d'Armor . Between Belle-
                                                          Isle-en-Terre and Callac. Signed from the church square in
         TY MAD
Friendly, English-run Bar-Restaurant
                                                          Plougonver. Studio open all the time. Artist in attendance most
                                                          of the time. Tel : 02 96 21 69 42 codylebruil@wanadoo.fr
           opposite church in St.Tugdual.
                                                          Open all Summer.
      Midday & Evening menus 10.50€
     Sun. lunch - 4 courses with wine 15€                                                                                   1
    French & English cuisine à la carte                   Music at the Coin d'Or,
          Tel. 02 97 39 48 38                             Plounevez Moedec
    (Open every day. Closed Wednesday evening)
                                                          Most Sundays from 5pm-7pm…ish
                                                          Music at a new venue “Au Coin d’Or” in Plounevez Moedec
 Central Brittany                                         (Area 22 near Belle-Isle-en-Terre). Eclectic music at an Irish bar/
  Cricket Club                                            restaurant with a warm friendly atmosphere. If any musicians,
                                                          singers or small groups of 2-3 people would like to come and
 PLAYERS WANTED                                           perform at “Open Mike” sessions or would like further information
 GSOH required, standard irrelevant                       regarding this, get in touch with James on 0296388764.
 contact: Vic 02 96 24 02 80
   persecco@aol.com                                       Franglais Group
                                                          Carnoët & Trébrivan
   Carolann's, Carnoët                                    2nd Friday in month now at Les-Fous Pub, Pen-ar-Vern,
     Book & Video Exchange                                Carnoët. Starts 8pm.
                                                          1st and 3rd Monday each month, library at the Mairie's Marriage
        Mon-Thurs & Sat. 10 am - 2.30 pm                  Room, Trébrivan. 2pm – 4pm.
             Summer Madness!
    Hundreds of Books for Sale 50¢ each
                                                          Château de Tronjoly, Gourin.
     For more info.: 02 96 21 50 67                       Wednesday 1st July to 30th August
                                                          Exhibition at the Château de Tronjoly, Gourin. Painters Dominique
                                                          Winter, Josette Nicolle. Photographer Jean-Pierre Schwartz. Old
  Le Nil’s Bar Bourbriac                                  photographs of Gourin and its environs. Open every day, 11am-
         Under new Management                             12pm, and 2pm-6pm. Admission free. .
  Now open every day 12.00 to 21.00 hrs                   Vide-Grenier & English Cake
    Live Sport Music Internet
          TV     Pool Table                               Stall, Bulat Pestivian
                                                          Sunday 5th July
 02 96 43 60 69 www.lenilsbar.com
                                                          Bulat Pestivien vide-grenier and English cake stall (approx.
                                                          8.30am - 16.30pm.) Stall in usual place opposite the church,
          Soul Motown Disco                               outside welcoming bar/tabac (as mentioned in June edition of
                                                          CBJ). Come and get your favourite cakes. All proceeds this year
            with 6-course dinner                          are going towards instruments and teaching the local children
         Saturday 29th August 2009                        how to play traditional Breton music. For information regarding a
                                                          pitch on the day, contact the Mairie in Bulat Pestivien. For offers
 Hotel de la Vallée, St-Gilles-Vieux-Marche
                                                          of help or information regarding cake stall call either Brenda
Call Malcolm on 02 96 24 09 88 for info.                  02 96 45 73 96 or Ruth 02 96 45 70 22.

    Seishin Martial Arts                                  Book Launch, Huelgoat
                                                                  Table-Top Sale                                         4
                                                          Sunday 5th July
    Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu,                               12th July Scrignac                     10am-6pm
                                                          Interested in Brittany's Megaliths? Come and meet the author of
         Self Defence, etc.                                    Including a table to at the launch for the charities
                                                          the Journal's Megalith Diaryraise moneyof his new guide to the
  Classes starting. nr Pontivy. Adults & Children           supported by James Mannell's sponsored bike ride
                                                          Menhirs and other Megaliths of Central Brittany - see page 6.to
      Telephone 0963 269 242 for details                      Jerusalem (where he arrived safely in early June).

     Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

     12 What's On - continued
                                                                                       La Girelle
                                                                               Guémené sur Scorff
5    Royal British Legion, Rohan                                             Large Free Book Library
     Tuesday 7th July
                                                                            Tea shop and Internet cafe
                                                                           Bacon sandwiches, cakes, snacks
     Royal British Legion monthly social meeting 1pm, at the 'Manoir         Open Tues-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-2
     du Quengo', Rohan.                                                                 02 97 51 27 41
     Come and enjoy an English lunch (optional), take part in a free
     fun quiz, or maybe win a raffle prize.
     You could even help plan future events. Non British Legion                                           5 ave Gl de Gaulle,
     members are welcome to come along and meet us.                                                             Carhaix
     Further details contact Barbara on 02 97 38 74 13
                                                                               New shop & café opening:
6    Brittany Walks                                                                  15th August
     Tuesday July 7th                                                             Kerbiquet, Plouyé
     Gueméné-sur-Scorff 2.30pm 7kms Level 2. Meet in small
     parking area 350m along D3 (direction Rostrenen), just outside     02 98 93 19 17           www.paprika-breizh.com
     Gueméné. Members 2€50 Non-members 4€.
     Tues 21st July
     Outing and walk Pays Bigouden 11am - 4pm Level 1.
     Meet in Pont l'Abbé on riverside near church and Bigouden
                                                                       Bozzie’s                      Epicerie Fine
     monument. Walk by estuary, picnic (bring food to share);              Les Kaolins 56560 Guiscriff
     afternoon, move on to coast with sights along the way.            Shop / kitchen on the C12/C8 Lanvénégen to Guiscriff road.
     Members 5€ Non-members 6€50                                        English favourite foods at competitive
     Fri 31st July
                                                                       prices, homemade cakes, meals and curries.
     Midday. Members' Summer lunch party at Plouguernével.
     www.brittanywalks.com Tel: 02 98 24 15 19                            Come and see us or telephone your
                                                                           order through. 02 97 341 628
                                                                        At the following markets (mornings only)
7    Eco-museum, nr Auray                                                 Rostrenen every Tuesday
     Wednesday 8thJuly
     Regional food produce, traditional bread-making and tasting.         Callac: every Wednesday
     Pancakes and snacks . 10am until 7pm. Children free.                 Guémené sur Scorff: every Thursday
     Wednesday, 22nd July
                                                                         new! Fine Bone China Mugs PUKKA pies
     Traditional Breton sports and games at Treuroux Mill, Brec’h
     (4 kilometers from the ecomuseum). 11 am until 7 pm. Food
     available. Children free.
     Saint-Dégan Eco-museum, Brec’h, near Auray                         PATISSERIE CHOCOLATERIE
8    Fête des Brodeuses                                                Cakes Chocolates Breton Toffees
     Pont – l’Abbé                                                         Regional products Gifts
     9th to 12th July
     Every year thousands gather to watch dancers and musicians
                                                                                           Tea Room
                                                                          38 pl 9 Avril 1944 –Callac        02 96 45 51 30
     parade through the streets in tradititional costumes. www.
                                                                       SARL BREIZH BUCHES
9    Music Session, Carnoët                                              A new form of heating
     Sunday 12th July                                                            Compressed logs
     Bar-Micro Brewery Les Fous at Carnoët.Oh come all ye Fous….                   Economical
     session at 2:30pm. Bring your instruments & your voices, and                  Always dry
     join in.                                                                         Clean
                                                                       Delivered direct to your home, anywhere in Brittany.
                                                                         Simply call: 02 97 39 41 92
10   Indigo Blues, Plounévézel
     Friday 10th July around 9pm
     Dance the night away. Cabaret: Indigo Blues. Blues, sixties             Traditional Upholstery and
     rock and roll, popular. Le Diane Relais, Plounévézel, 29270               Soft Furnishings Class
     Free Entry.                                                                      Every Monday
                                                                        20€ for the day. Lots of fun. For information
                                                                               contact Jude 02 98 78 59 09
                                                                                                    Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

  Chez Winnie
   70 Rue Roch’ell, 22530 Caurel
                                                                                                  What's On - continued 13
     French/English                                                      Attic Sale, Guiscriff
                                                                         Sun 12th July
       food shop                                                         Attic sale. Starts 10am. Refreshements available, including
   We will be having FRESH weekly deliveries in the shop every           Cornish Pasties. Indoors if wet. Meet our friendly donkeys.
  Thurday, Inc Pork Pies, Bread, Baps, Clotted Cream plus much
                more. Please ask for more details.                       Signposted off Le Faouet to Scaer road (D782).
       OPENING HOURS: 9 - 1 & 2.15 - 6                                   02 97 34 08 43
  9 - 1 & 2.15 - 5 Sundays CLOSED WEDNESDAYS
  Tel/Fax 02 96 26 34 93 www.chezwinnie.com                                                                                           12
                                                                         Probus Club, Pontivy
                                                                         Tuesday 14th July
                                                                         Probus Club de Pontivy Meeting L’Aiglon Restaurant, Pontivy.
                                                                         Members and Guests arrive at 11h00, then at 11h30 there
   la salle des bonbons                                                  will be a presentation by Suzanne Rayfield - "Tyntesfield
       English products, Drinks,                                         House Discovered". This is followed by a 3-course lunch. For
                                                                         reservations please contact the Secretary on ProbusPontivy@
            Gifts & Sweets                                               orange.fr - website: www.probuspontivyfr.org
  32 grand rue 22800 QUINTIN
                                06 13 27 71 34                                                                                        13
     New Lines                        Tues. 10-12 & 2-7; Thu. 2-6.30;    Guided Walk, Plourac'h
      now in stock                         Fri. 10.30-12 & 2.30-7.30;    Wednesday 15th July
                            Sat. 10.30-12.15 & 2.30-7.30; Sun. 2.30-7.
                                                                         Guided night walk through woods to ruined chapel followed
                                                                         by onion soup and musical entertainment 3€. From Plourac'h
                                                                         follow blue signs 'Espèces naturels sensibles de St Maudez'
                                                                         to the car park. Stout shoes advisable. 02 96 45 06 63
  rendezvous cafÉ & bar
      10 rue de Treguier, Callac 02 96 45 92 74                                                                                       14
                  What’s On in July                                      Barn Dance, Caurel
Sat 4th & Sat 11th @ 15.00h Live on big screen brit-                     Saturday 18th July
  ish lions 2nd and 3rd test matches v south africa                      AIKB Barn Dance (Free Event). A mixture of music, barn
                                                                         dancing, line dancing and Breton dancing. Auction throughout
Wed 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th 10h - 14h Big
                                                                         the evening, by popular request.
 book sale. majority of books only 1€, hundreds to
                                                                         Venue; Keriven Ranch, near Caurel. Time 7pm. Please
 choose from.
                                                                         reserve 02 96 24 87 90. (Members and guests only)
Wed 1st & 22nd @ 19.30h General quiz night. fun
 and wit for all. everyone welcome, teams from 2 -                                                                                    15
 6. to reserve your table contact Gary/Nicole or just                    Festival de Cornouaille,
 come along on the night.
Sun 12th,19th & 26th @ 1930+ Live open mike                              18th to the 26th July
  music sessions. all musicians welcome,drums                            Extremely popular music and dance festival. Parades of
  and guitars available,but please bring your                            dancers and musicians in traditional costumes. www.festival-
  own,guitars,flutes harps etc.
                                                                         cornouaille.com. Tel: 02 98 55 53 53
Sat 18th Karaoke with nikki & vikki come along
  and sing a song, we have over 100,000 songs to                                                                                      16
  choose from.                                                           Vieilles Charrues Rock Festival
Friday 31st @ 08.00h Rendezvous Golf Society                             Carhaix
  monthly day out. Members/non-members/holi-                             16th-19th July
  daymakers all welcome. Venue t.b.a. For details                        France's biggest rock festival. This year, performers include
  reservations contact gary.                                             Bruce Springsteen, Frères Morvan and the Bronx Drummers,
Friday 31st @ 18h - 22h Nicole's homemade fish,                           Priscilla Ahn, and The Killers. Tickets available online from:
  chips & mushy peas night. Contact nicole for                           www.vieillescharrues.ass.fr
  details/bookings etc.
Opening hours 4th - 10th: Sat 4th 14h-19h;                               Open Day, Quilting In Peace,
  Closed Sun 5th & Mon 6th; Tues 7th & Fri 10th
    16.30h-19h; Wed 8th 10h-14h &16.30h-19h
                                                                         Le Bodeuc
                                                                         Friday 24th July 2009
For further info/details on any of above events or on                    Show and Tell / Open day at Quilting In Peace, Le Bodeuc,
   any live sporting occasions on the big sceen etc                      22230 St Vran. 10am - 4pm. Lunch available (please book
       Contact Gary or Nicole on 02 96 45 92 74                          before 17th July); tea, coffee and soft drinks available
          garymullin@hotmail.co.uk thankyou                              throughout the day. Bring along your projects that you have
       www.rendezvousbarcallac.com                                       either made at home or at workshops. All welcome.
                                                                         For more information please contact Lucy Allen on
                                                                         02 96 56 15 49 or email lucyquilting@gmail.com
  Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

  14 News / Announcements

                                                         House Clearance Sale
               AGF Guémené sur Scorff                    Saturday 25th July & Sunday 26th July
                     Henri Brisset                       House Clearance Sale (due to a move back to the UK). Furniture,
                                                         household items, workshop & garden tools etc. 11am to 5pm
                 All Insurance                           at Fontaine Gouarec (Just before St Trephine on the D5 from
      Home       Vehicle       Health      Life          Gouarec to St Nicolas du Pelem).
                 English spoken
 5 rue Emile Mazé, Guémené 02 97 39 30 15
 henri.brisset@agents.agf.fr www.agf.fr/brisseth         Fête de la Crêpe,                                              18

                                                         Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July
   GITEM                           Callac                Fête de la Crêpe 2009, Gourin. In the grounds of the Château
                                                         de Tronjoly. Saturday: Starts 4.30pm. Breton dance workshop
                                     Ets. Derrien
                                                         with the Cercle Celtique of Gourin. Opening of the Krampouz
 TV      Hi Fi       Domestic Appliances                 (pancake)party. 9pm Grand Fest Noz with Startijenn and Arvest.
  Complete after-sales service        Free Delivery      Sunday: Starts 10.30am. Competition of the world’s largest
                  English spoken                         crêpe. 3pm Grand Fest Deiz with Sonerien Du, the Frères
 Zone commerciale de Kerguiniou Callac 02 96 45 52 82    Morvan, Pen Gollo.

                                                         Live Music, Callac
                                                         sunday 26th from 8.30pm
              ptique bouvet                              Blues & rock band, "Enfin". This band needs to be seen.
                                                         Rendezvous Café & Bar. 10 rue de Treguier, Callac
             Opticians                    pair
                                                         02 96 45 92 74
 ROSTRENEN 19 place de                    seco d get a
                                                nd p
                                             free! ir
 la République 02 96 29 02 50
                                                         Celtic-Trip: Lannilis                                           19
                                                         July 26 Sunday 2pm – 6pm
                                                         Celtic-Trip : A guided walk, in English (about three hours / 10km)
                                                         on the trails of the Leon’s coast on the Aber-Ac’h. A pleasant

 Teri Penswick
                                                         way to discover 3000 years of Breizh’s history. Meeting Point:
                                                         Tourism Office in Lannilis. keltikasso@yahoo.com (Bookings

                                                         also taken for groups 9-18 persons).

  Tel. 02 96 21 65 28                                    Pottery Open Days, Plougonver
 16 bis Lan Goaz May 22810 Plougonver                    Friday 31st July and Saturday 1st August.
        (signposted from church)                         10am to 5.30pm, open day at Teri Penswick's Pottery,
                                                         Plougonver. Promotional sales prices to celebrate studio
                                                         relocation. Signposted from Plougonver church, on the D54
                                                         towards Gurunhuel. Refreshments offered.
           Books, Stationery,                            39th Festival Interceltique,
  Photocopying service, Craft Materials
              On 2 floors
                                                         31st July to 9th August
      8 ave des Combattants, Loudéac                     This annual festival once again unites dance groups, musicians
  02 96 28 01 01  doury.maj@wanadoo.fr                   and singers from Brittany, the UK, Ireland and Spain. Below is a
                                                         selection of some of the events.
                                                         Friday 31st July
                                                         11pm Performance by, Skeeal, a band from the Isle of Man. The
         Cinemas Central                                 musicians use flutes, song and guitar to create original, gentle
             Brittany                                    melodies. Espace Bretagne. Admission free.
                                                         Saturday 1st August
Rostrenen: www.cine-breiz.fr                             10am Master Class of Uilleann Pipes. Palais de Congrès.
Callac: http://cineargoat.free.fr                        Admission free. Two hour workshop, where the musicians offer
                                                         advice and information to those interested in the Uilleann Pipes,
Guémené-sur-Scorff: www.cineroch.fr
                                                         an Irish instrument, generally regarded as the most sophisticated
                                                         member of the bagpipes family.

                                                                              Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                      Antiques & Second Hand 15

                                                                  Second Hand English and French Furniture

   Antique                                                       DEUXIEME DEBUT
                                                                               Modern + Antique furniture
                                                                               Books, Videos, DVDs, CDs
                                                                               Electrical Goods
   & Second-Hand                                                               Glass, China and Cutlery
                                                                               Clothes, Linen, Curtains, Rugs

                   Shops                                          • REGULAR LINES OF BANKRUPT STOCK
                                                                  • Fabrics and Sewing Machines
                                                                   • Fishing Tackle
                                                                   • Royal Doulton

Brocante                                                          • NEW LINES – LARGE RANGE
                                                                    OF SECOND - HAND FURNITURE,
                                                                    OFFICE FURNITURE,
DEJA VU                                                             DESKS/CHAIRS/TABLES/SOFAS
                                                                        Mostly ‘as new’ – massive savings!
   French Vintage &                                                        Full range on our website
  Retro Furniture, Vintage Curtains & Linens, Rugs,                      16 rue de Verdun Rostrenen
                                                                  www.brocante-brittany.com       02 96 29 16 19
          Lights, Collectables & Bric a Brac
New items every week House clearance & selected items bought
 NOW OPEN Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 10-12 & 2-6 & Wed 10-12
See you soon at DEJA VU! opp. station Callac                     Depot Vente et Brocante
Tel 02 96 21 50 31 / 06 04 01 15 57 revival4u@wanadoo.fr
                                                                  5 route de Plounevez Quintin
 39th Festival Interceltique contd:                                         22570 Gouarec
                                                                   Mon. to Fri. 10-12 & 2-7pm
9.30pm Soirée de Gala galicienne, Grand Théâtre. A concert
showcasing traditional Galician music. Admission 26€.
                                                                 Tel: 02 96 24 86 65 / 06 21 35 89 01
Sunday 2nd August

                                                                  Tilly’s Brocante
10am Grand Parade of the Celtic nations. One of the highlights
of the Festival. Over 3500 pipers and dancers march through
the streets of Lorient. Admission 10€.
2.30pm Breton Dance. The Cercles Celtique from Guérande,
Quimper, Pont L’Abbé and St Malo perform traditional dances.     Now open Tues, Thurs, Fri and Saturday
Espace Marine. Admission 12€.                                     -furniture/items bought and house clearances
7pm Parade starts Place Alsace-Lorraine. Pipers march               Tel: 02 98 86 91 03
through the streets. Admission free.                                 10 rue Noel L'Herrant, Plonevez-du-Faou
Monday 3rd August                                                (take Le Cloître Pleyben exit off main roundabout)
9.30pm Evening of folk music from Spain, Ireland and Scotland.
Palais des Congrès. Admission 14€.
Tuesday 4th August
9.30pm Sacred music from Asturias and Galicia. Eglise St
Louis. Admission 13€
Wednesday 5th August
10am Fiddle Master Class. Palaisi des Congrès. Admission         6 rue de Verdun 22110 ROSTRENEN
free.                                                             02 96 24 80 51 / 06 59 33 11 16
10.30pm Nuit magique 4. A son et lumiere extravaganza with       Always wanted: Good-quality furniture,
musicians, choirs and singers performing alongside a giant                Linen, Lamps, etc.
screen and fireworks. Stade du Moustoir. Ticket prices vary
according to seating. Maximum 21€, minimum 15€.
Thursday 6th August
9.30pm Concert of Folk music from Scotland and Ireland.          What's On
Palais des Congrès. Tickets 14€                                  For a free entry in the What's On column,
Friday 7th August                                                please send details to:
2.30pm Music and Dance from Galicia, Cornouaille, and            info@thecbj.com CBJ, BP4, 22160 Callac
Scotland. Espace Marine. Tickets 7€
                                               contd overleaf
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

16 Whats On
                                                                               39th Festival Interceltique contd:

       Help Le Moulecct!
                                                                    u   ncle      Saturday 8th August
                                                                                  9.30pm Harp concert. Palais des Congrès. Ticket 14€.
         Anita                                                                    Performers from Brittany and Wales perform upon this popular
  General help in daily life                                                      instrument.
                                                                                  Sunday 9th August
 www.helpdirect.fr Help for English speakers
 16 rue gl du gaulle 22150 Plouguenast   anita.lemoulec@free.fr                   9.30amThe Interceltiques Ten Miles. This race for amateur
                                                                                  runners starts in the town centre, and covers a distance of ten
 Tel: 02 96 28 74 11 / 06 70 72 71 58                                             miles. Registration 8€. Prize given to each competitor, and a
                                                                                  special prize for the best Celtic fancy dress.
                                                                                  2.30pm Celtic music and dance. Espace Marine. Tickets 7€
 Reduce Taxes                                                                     Tickets can be bought online at www.festival-interceltique.com,
Self Employed                                                                     (site in English) and from Fnac, Carrefour, Géant and at the
                                                                                  ticket office at the Festival in the Palais des Congrès.Ticket
  Businesses                                                                      office open 1st to 30th July 10am-1pm/3pm-7pm (Monday to
   We can assist you with French-English                                          Friday). 31st July to 9th August. Open every day 10am to 7pm.
   set up procedures and ensure that all                                          Tel: 02 97 64 03 20.
  European and French laws are respected.
  Tax returns, accountancy for companies or self-
  employed (Euro Compta Ltd), URSSAF returns,
                                                                                  Garage Sale, nr Callac
                                                                                  Saturday 1st August
   VAT returns. Registration of French or British                                 Large garage sale with a difference. Starts 10am at Les Mais on
         companies.     Free appointment.                                         D787 near Callac. Sign on entrance. Very unusual stone garden
                                                                                  statues, fire places with accessories, furniture, collectables.
                 SETTI Ltd                                                        Well worth a view. Barter, bargain, buy. Under cover. Off road
           ZI Bellevue 22200 Saint-Agathon                                        parking. Tel: 02 96 45 52 92.
   Tel: 02 96 44 03 62            Fax: 02 96 43 79 47
                                                                                    What's On?
                                                                                    Please send details to: info@thecbj.com
                                                                                    CBJ, BP4, 22160 Callac

    Join a friendly class near you.                                                       T.E.F.L. TRAINING
                                                                                         Want to qualify to teach English as a
 From beginners to advanced we have                                                      Foreign Language?
            a group to suit.                                                             British Council-accredited Courses every
                                                                                         month in Plelauff.
                                                                                         0296 249309/0629414343

                    Subscribe: Central Brittany Journal
            12 issues 18€ (France) / 30€ (UK & other EU countries)
  For subscribers in France: Please complete the form below and return it with a cheque for 18€ (30€ if you would like the
  Journal delivered to an address outside France) made payable to Central Brittany Journal.
  For subscribers without a French bank account: Please complete the form below and return it with a cheque for £25 (for
  addresses in the UK and other EU countries) made payable to' Nezert Ltd'.
  Name:            ..........................................................................................................................
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  Tel: ................................................................................................................................
  Please return this form to: Central Brittany Journal, B. P. 4, 22160 Callac.
                                                                                           Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                                                              News 17

News                                                                                 ● Accurate information and advice
                                                                                     ● To make phone calls for you to EDF,
                                                                                       CPAM etc.
                                                                                     ● To help you find out about schooling
                                                                                     ● An English library
NPCB, Plouray                                                                       plus the opportunity to attend:
                                                                                     ● Talks on current topics
NPCB – the group coordinating the campaign against the pro-                          ● Cultural outings
posed dump in Plouray is holding its next meeting in the Salle                       ● Social events

Polyvalente in Plouray, Friday 3rd July 8.30pm. An update will                               *Initial, one-off joining fee of 10 euros
be provided of how the campaign is proceeding. New members                         02 96 24 87 90         aikb@wanadoo.fr           www.aikb.fr
                                                                         ÉCRITURE CONSEIL TRADUCTION
The Chicken Exchange
                                                                               Specialist Language Service
A new website has been launched to serve the needs of chicken
owners in Brittany and Normandy. The site has a forum, informa-                GUÉMENÉ SUR SCORFF
tion pages, breeder listings and a Classified Ads section. It has        ● Help with administrative affairs
been set up by local farmer and internet developer, Joe Denham:           (schooling, health care, cars etc.)
it is free to join and to contribute. Joe also says that he welcomes    ● Translations & Letter Writing
all constructive feedback: http://www.thechickenexchange.com            ● Tuition & French Courses
                                                                                    TRANSLATIONS INTO FRENCH OR BRETON
                                                                       (from French, Breton, English, German, Italian, Spanish or occitan language)
                                                                                  Negotiable prices,         Free estimate estimates
Free WiFi                                                                 Tel: Jean-Alain 02 97 51 27 31
The article about 'Free WiFi' in the June issue failed to contain
contact details for the business:
                                                                                 For an appointment, at my office or elsewhere.
http://wifiplus.mine.nu/free-hotspot/Bienvenue.html                      2 rue Jean Martin     56160 GUÉMENÉ SUR SCORFF
Legal Proceedings                                                      & CUTHBERT                                         Solicitors
                                                                       Living in France but still have family com-
A legal procedure (redressement judiciaire) has been opened            mitments and responsibilities in England?
against James O'Connell of Tremellec, Plouyé 29. Anyone who            We are a firm of London-based solicitors
has debts owed to them by him, is asked to send details to the         with a base in Central Brittany. Specialities
Mandatory (mandataire judiciaire): Maitre Paul LAURENT, 9 rue          in property, inheritance, probate, general
Amiral-Linois, CS 31853,29218 BREST cedex.                             commercial work, litigation and family.
                                                                                English & French spoken.
Brezhoneg ur Yezh en Europa                                            France: 0033                (0) 961007100
A new leaflet produced by the Breton Language Office, in English         UK:     0044                (0) 2077000265
and Breton, explains the significance of Breton as a European           Email : Stephen@percyshort.co.uk
Language. It is available free from Chez Winnie, Plaisir, Crème               Gnoury1058@aol.com
de Pelem, Thematique, La Girelle, Thematique & Pin Francais.

             Man and 7½ton Box Lorry
           For cost-effective removals and transport.
           France-UK - local; Long-distance - Reliable service.
            Call Raymond 066 222 00 43

Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

18 Church & Community

                          Church & Community
  St. Bartholemew's                                            Christ Church Brittany
  Anglican Church                                              (Church of England - Diocese in Europe)
  Rue Faber, Dinard (35)
  Every Sunday 11 a.m. Holy Communion followed by
                                                               Each Sunday in the Chapel at 14 rue Général Dubreton,
  coffee, All denominations welcome. Open daily for private    56800 PLOËRMEL at 11:00 - for further details contact
  prayer. Well stocked English language library. Weekday       one of the Churchwardens: Chris Wilson, Tel: 02 97 72
  services and various associations.                           19 29 or Barbara Dunford, Tel: 02 97 27 19 37
  Friday 10th July: Festival of Flowers and Music, opening
  ceremony 3 p.m. Continuing on Saturday and Sunday
  from 10 'till 5.. Refreshments available
                                                               CHAPEL COLLEGE DE CAMPOSTAL
  Saturday 1st August: Garden Party, 2pm 'till 5pm. La         Sunday July 12th & Sunday July 26th Holy Communion
  Malouinière, 35430 St Jouan des Guérêts. Head for Cora       with hymns followed by light refreshments.
  Supermarket south of St Malo, then St Méloir des Ondes,      All welcome including children. For further information
  and follow signs. Traditional stalls and afternoon teas in   contact the Priest-in-Charge, Revd Hazel Door,
  delightful setting.                                          02 97 22 31 38
  Priest in Charge, the Reverend Gareth Randall,
  02 99 46 77 00. www.cira.tees.ac.uk/stbarts                  Huelgoat
                                                               Second Sunday of Each Month in the Parish Church,
  Evangelical Church                                           29690 HUELGOAT at 16:30 (winter months). Service
                                                               of Holy Communion in English with hymns & music at
  of Callac                                                    6:30pm, followed by refreshments, ALL welcome.For
  Meetings, with Children’s Sunday school, held every          further details contact Keith Beswetherick, Tel: 02 98 78
  Sunday morning at 10.30am. Bible Study meeting               21 28
  Monday afternoons at 2pm. Friday, Prayer and Fellowship      Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church Brittany: The Revd
  meeting. at 10.30am, in Mael Pestivien. Sunday July          Hazel Door, 79 rue Glatinier, 56120 Josselin,
  12th, Baptismal service followed by Family Picnic. If any    Tel:02 97 22 31 38 or e-mail: rev.hazel@wanadoo.fr
  further information required,please ring: 029645 83 87 or
  029899 8037
                                                               Jehova's Witnesses
                                                               Every Sunday morning at 9.45 am Kingdom Hall, 16, rue
  St Andrew's Church                                           du syndicat, Carhaix.
  The Foyer Communal, in the centre of Guenin.                 Public meeting, a Bible-based discourse on a topic of
  Sunday 12th JULY Family Worship starts at 10.30am            interest and the Watchtower study, a question-and-
  led by Rev Jenkins                                           answer discussion of Bible subjects. Everyone welcome.
  Sunday 26th JULY Family Worship starts at 10.30am            No collections.
  led by R Needles
  All denominations welcome and the service follows
  broadly the Non-conformist pattern of hymns, prayers,        Quaker Meetings
  readings and a short address. Refreshments are served        Le Minihic-sur-Rance (Dept 35) every third Sunday of the
  after each service. For more details contact the Secretary   month at 11 a.m. followed by a shared lunch. Newcomers
  Valerie 0297271415 or email standrewschurch@ymail.           welcome. Tel: 02 99 88 50 77
  Social Events for July
  12th July Church Picnic - held after the service
                                                               Alcoholics Anonymous.
                                                               For information about Alcoholics Anonymous in Brittany,
  31st July Garden Party - Chez ALan & Doreen at               please phone John on 02 97 73 94 99.
  Laniscat 12 noon. Buffet style 3 course lunch.
  For bookings and more information on these events            Send Church & Community information to
  please contact Jenny Sullivan Telephone 0297080421.          Info@thecbj.com, CBJ, BP4, 22160 Callac

                    CELTIC TRIP
 A walking tour of three hours (c10km) around the Leon                  Good Time Jazz
coast on the aber-Ac’h. Discover 3000 years of Breton                      Tal Ar Pont
history. Meeting Point : Tourism Office in Lannilis.
Sun. July 12th, 2-6pm (French); Sun. July 26th, 2-6pm                  Châteauneuf du Faou
(English); Sun. sept 20th, 2-6pm (French)                          FRIDAY 17th July 9pm (6€/3€)
Group bookings taken (9-18 persons): keltikasso@yahoo.com
                                                                            Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                          For What it's Worth: Gold Part II 19

For What it's Worth
For What it's Worth: Malcolm Rogers shares a knowledge of the jewellery trade gleaned over 34 years
of working in the profession.

                                                      The Gold Rush
            Gold                                      of 1849
   In 1344 gold was worth about 23 shillings an
                                                         In 1849, the Swiss adventurer, John Augus-
                                                      tus Sutter, sent out a party of men to harness a
                                                      stream on the lower slopes of the Sierra Nevada
ounce; over the course of the next six centuries      near his ranch in California, with a view to us-
it gradually rose in value so that in 1931 it was     ing it to power a sawmill. The foreman, James
worth 84-86 shillings an ounce.                       Marshall, found yellow specks in the bed of the
   Britain left the gold standard in 1932 and ef-     mill race he was building and from that little in-
fectively deregulated the price of gold. This         cident, word spread like wild fire that gold had
triggered a rapid price rise, and by the 1940s        been found. The price of shovels went up from
gold cost 130 shillings per ounce, this period is     one dollar to ten dollars and 60,000 men arrived
known to Jewellers as the first ‘gold rush’. The       on foot, after travelling across America. Within a
then Chancellor of the Exchequer appealed to          few months over 40,000 more prospectors ar-
the patriotic spirit of the Nation and urged peo-     rived, fully armed with shovels and pans after
ple to sell their sovereigns to the banks for the     booking their passage on various steam ships
face value of 20 shillings, but, yes, you guessed     from all over the world. These men became
it, avarice prevailed and thousands of people         known as the “forty-niners” and all they wanted
took their sovereigns to jewellery companies          to do was to strike it rich in the Sacramento val-
who were prepared to pay 25 to 27 shillings for       ley. They succeeded in reducing this once fertile
a sovereign.                                          valley into a waste land, and the man who was
   By 1949 the price of gold had risen to over        responsible for it all, John Sutter, lost everything
£12 per ounce and in 1999 was £174.00 per             and died in poverty some years later.
ounce. Today it is worth over £550 an ounce, a           Over the next 10 years these prospectors
reflection on the weakness of the world’s paper        worked long hours watching the gold dust set-
currencies.                                           tling in the bottom of their pans. However there
   The price is always referred to as the ‘Fine       were some who were looking for the bigger
Gold Price’: fine gold is also known as ‘24 carat      prize “The Mother Lode” from where this alluvial
gold’; this is 999 parts per 1000 gold, which is as   gold had originally come. It was two Irishmen,
fine as it can be, i.e. there are no alloys present.   Pat McLaughlin and Peter O’Riley, who eventu-
1000 divided by 24 equals 41⅔, so 1 carat is          ally found it, way up in the Sierras. It was spot-
equal to 41⅔ part gold per thousand; 18ct. gold       ted in an outcrop of quartz, and even though it
is 750 parts per thousand, 9ct only contains 375      was only small in actual size, it produced £135
(more alloy than gold) and is half the price of       million worth of gold and £170 million worth of
18ct. It is as simple as that.                        silver over the next ten years.
   The word carat owes its origin to the Italian
word carato from the Greek word karation which
means “fruit of the carob tree”. This little bean                                      Malcolm Rogers
was used in ancient times as a counterweight
for weighing gems and gold; needless to say
the traders usually had 2 sets, a small size for
buying and a larger set for selling, or vice versa,
to take advantage of the ill-informed.

Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

20 Freshwater Swimming
                                                           reminiscent of a West Country estuary, like the Dart
Freshwater                                                 or the Fal at high water, with tree-clad slopes drop-
                                                           ping down to the water's edge. Here and there are

Swimming                                                   rocky bluffs with patches of gorse and heather. It,
                                                           also, has two beaches. On the quieter southern side
                                                           is the Anse de Sordan, a shady inlet with a children's
  There has been something of a revival recently in        play area and a bar/restaurant with a nice view over
freshwater swimming – i.e. in lakes, ponds and riv-        the lake. On the other side is a much busier scene
ers. For a start, the scenery is more varied than the      with a large car park, café, restaurant, boats for hire
view from the average beach, and the feel of soft,         and a longer beach with a roped-off bathing area.
fresh water is a revelation after the harshness of salt    With people – mostly children – splashing about,
water. It can be very peaceful and there is a marked       the water gets cloudy, but one only has to swim out
absence of those chill sea breezes.                        a short distance to be in clear water. There is a path
  Central Brittany, with its abundant rainfall, offers     all along the southern side, but it is not always easy-
plenty of possibilities, and it may be that, on one of     going. You can take a quiet dip almost anywhere if
those hot summer afternoons when one longs for a           you can tolerate the sharp angular stones along the
dip but hesitates to drive all the way to the coast,       shoreline – and are not unnerved by the thought that
there is a place to swim only ten minutes away.            a few strokes out you are in 50ft of water and that it
                                                           is three times deeper than that in the middle.
Lac Drennec & Lac de Guerledan
   The two aquatic jewels in the crown lie at opposite     Smaller Lakes
ends of our area, namely Lac Drennec in the west,             There are also smaller, shallower lakes such as that
and Lac de Guerlédan in the east. Both are, in fact,       at Glomel, or Priziac where there is also a campsite
reservoirs with dams holding back a large body of          and a nautical centre. In warm weather these lakes
clean fresh water. They both look like natural lakes       can be positively tepid, and algae blooms may form,
and, of the two, Lac Drennec is perhaps the more           in which case bathing is forbidden. The large pond
appealing. It is roughly circular with reedy inlets; it    at Langoëlan has a beach and children's play area at
is about a mile across, and is surrounded by a won-        one end, but bathing now appears to be prohibited.
derful variety of woodland, rising to the moor land           One of my favourite places is the long, pretty mill-
ridges of the Monts d'Arrée. It has a gently-shelving      pond at Pont Samouel, near Silfiac. Though swim-
beach of imported sand on opposite sides, and is           ming at the deeper end by the crêperie might be
very child-friendly. In fact, children seem to enjoy       frowned upon, nobody seems to mind if one walks
themselves just as much here as by the seaside. You        some distance along the left-hand bank where the
can walk all the way round the lake along a pleasant       bottom is gravelly and the swimming very agree-
shady path in about an hour and a half. The beach at       able.
the eastern end has a large grassy area for sunbath-          Perhaps you, the reader, have a favourite spot for
ing, and there is an open air café-crêperie nearby in      an inland dip on a summer's day.
a delightful setting. On summer weekends it can be                                                    Bob Thorpe
crowded. Dogs are not allowed in the water.
                                                                          Next month: The Swimmable Rivers of
   Lac de Guerlédan may seem a little forbidding
                                                                                               Central Brittany
at first. It was formed by drowning the river Blavet
                                                                   Know a good place to swim? info@thecbj.com
where it ran through a deep ravine. About five miles
long but barely a quarter of a mile across, it is rather

      Moulin de Pont Samoel, Silfiac

                                                                              Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                               Quimper 21


        40, place Saint-Corentin
             29000 Quimper
    E-Mail : musee@mairie-quimper.fr
     open every day except Tuesday,
          10-12AM & 2-6PM
        ENTRANCE FEE: 4.50€
           Free for children under 12

  The museum of Fine Art in Quimper is one of the most
famous in Brittany, and contains several very well-known
and much loved paintings.
  Built by an Italian architect between 1868 and 1872, the
museum runs along one side of the cathedral square.
  Most of the paintings depicting Brittany are downstairs,
although visitors should be warned that they are not all
always on display.
  The famous painting of King Gradlon fleeing the

Above: Olivier Perrin (b. Rostrenen 1761, d. Quimper 1832), The Marketplace
   in Quimper towards 1810.
Right: Eugene-Antoine, Psyche.
 submerged city of Ys forms part of the collection, and visitors may be surprised to find that the
 original of this frequently-reproduced picture covers almost an entire wall.
   Some of the most charming paintings show scenes from rural life, and provide an insight into a
 world which, to residents of Brittany, will often be familiar.
   Upstairs are paintings by the Pont-Aven school, including two by Paul Gauguin , classical
 French paintings and sculptures and some European works.
   A large room at the top of the stairs is furnished with tables and chairs where visitors can rest,
 and admire the large decoration panels that cover all four walls.These were originally painted by
 Jean-Julien Lemordant between 1906 and 1909 for the Hôtel de l'Epée in Quimper, and are very
   For visitors wishing to take home some souvenirs, the museum shop sells postcards, book-
 marks, posters and gifts.
Above: Alfred Guillou, The 'Sardinières' at Concarneau. Bottom left: Paul Gauguin, Haymaking in Brittany. Bottom right:
Eugene-Louis Boudin, View of Quimper Port, from downstream. See also, Back Cover - The Boules Players, Théophile Deyrolle;
Contents, p.3 - The Flight of King Gradlon, E. V. Luminais, 1884.
                                                                                             Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

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24 Grax: FAQ 55

                          F. A. Q. 55
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                                                                         Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                          A Breton Childhood 25

   A Breton Childhood
   My house was once the home of a large Breton family, many of whom still live nearby. One
   of the children, Annick, is now our neighbour, and she and her older sister are students in an
   English evening class I teach in Châteauneuf-du-Faou. Marie-Thérèse wrote this memoir of
   her childhood to read to the class. I thought it enchanting....
                                                                                       Tom Keen

        he title of my story could be “try to re-   I have not many definite memories, but rather
        member when life was so tender” be-         a feeling of permanent delight. Why is that? I
        cause I’m going to tell you about my        don’t know exactly, but perhaps it was a sen-
childhood on my parents’ farm at Koskerou           sation of total freedom in a familiar and reas-
Izelan, near Laz in the Montagnes Noires            suring environment. The adults around me
of Finistère. Although I was six years old          were friendly and never too strict, prescrip-
in 1954, I only have memories of the sum-           tive or authoritarian. My brothers and cous-
mer holiday at home, because I had been at          ins and I wandered around them like a pack
boarding school since I was five during the          of small dogs. My sisters and other brothers
rest of the year.                                   were too young or not born yet, but eventu-
                                                    ally there would be ten of us living with my
                                                    parents in the farmhouse. The atmosphere
                                                    was merry; a hubbub of Breton language. If
                                                    we heard the adults speak French, we pricked
                                                               up our ears like puppies because
                                                                  then we knew that they must be
                                                                      speaking to us.

                                                                        Once a week, my grand-
                                                                        mother made bread for
                                                                        the family. She kneaded
                                                                        the dough in a dough-
                                                                        trough, which looked
                                                                        like a big wooden box;
                                                                        then she cooked it in a
                                                                        stone oven which was
                                                                        heated with wood. For
                                                                        each child, she cooked a
                                                                        small ball of bread in an
                                                                        individual basket. When
                                                                        the bread was ready, we
                                                                        stood ourselves in front
                                                                        of her in the courtyard,
                                                                        and she threw to each of
                                                                        us a bread roll like a bal-
                                                                        loon. It was warm, and
                                                                        smelt good.

Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

26 Memories of Brittany

    We lived on the farm with familiar animals,         came swimming along. Then we stood up,
    such as little pigs, and hens with their chicks.    screaming, and my grandfather caught the
    One of our jobs was to look for eggs every          eels with his one arm, grinning into his mous-
    day. There were also goats which climbed in         tache! Then my grandmother cooked them,
    the tall yew trees, below where we were play-       but we children didn’t eat them! Since then, I
    ing on a swing.                                     have realised that our grandfather made us act
                                                        like the birds of the seaside that trample the
    The world seemed vast and without limits            wet sand to make the worms rise!
    (although in reality, it was the limits of Ko-
    skérou) with woods, moors and meadows to            Suddenly it seems, my childhood ended. I’ve
    roam and play in; but the cultivated fields          told you about the last years before the mech-
    were not our playground. Days in the mead-          anisation of many Breton farms. In 1957, my
    owlands are among my best memories. In              father bought a tractor, and a washing machine
    summer, once a week, we went to the meadow          for the linen, and installed a milking parlour,
    with my mother, my aunt and Lisa, our maid,         with a machine to milk the cows four at a
    to wash clothes and linen in the stream. While      time! The atmosphere on the farm changed.
    the washing dried on the grass, we ate bread        There was no need for so many workers, so it
    with chocolate; or we played with the grass-        was the end of the laughter and of the songs.
    hoppers and dragonflies.                             The music of the Breton language faded away.
    Generally by the end of the summer we had no        There had been magic everywhere; “it was a
    water flowing to the house, because the spring       wonderful, wonderful life...” but the magic
    dried up. So, after the agricultural chores (col-   has run away...
    lecting potatoes for example) we went to wash
    ourselves in the stream which ran all through                               -Marie-Thérèse Le Du-
    the year in the meadow. I remember my
    grandfather telling us, with a mischievous ex-
    pression, to sit on the bank and stamp our feet
    strongly on the bottom of the stream. While
    laughing, we did as he asked, so that big eels

                                                                                    Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                             St John's Fire 27

  BUILDING St Jean's Fire
Last month the Journal featured an article about 'St John's Fire', an ancient festival held across Europe on the day of the
Summer Solstice. As a result, we were invited to make a photographic record of the traditional methods used to build the fire
in Landujan (Saint John), a hamlet in the commune of Duault.
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

28 St John's Fire

St-John's Fire - a team of men build the fire using pitchforks and ladders. The fire is decorated with flowers on
the morning of the 21st, and set alight with the help of a little paper soaked in diesel fuel. Once alight, it takes less
than half an hour to burn down to nothing.

                                                                    Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                 The Men of the Fianna 29

 The Men of the
Finn MacCool was the chief of the Irish warrior band, the Fianna, and some stories say that
he became their leader when he was only ten years old. He continued to lead them until his
death, and the best of his warriors came to resemble Finn himself in courage and generosity.

  O     ne of Finn MacCool’s warriors was named Keelta macRonan. He was a strong
        warrior, and a famous poet and teller of tales. It is said that he lived to a great age,
  and when St Patrick came to Ireland, he became his friend, and recounted many stories
  of the doings of Finn and the Fianna.
    Once, Patrick asked how it was that the Fianna became so glorious and mighty.
  Keelta replied that “Truth was in our hearts, and strength in our arms, and what we
  said, we fulfilled.”
    Another story tells that some time later, Keelta passed close to Leyney in Connacht,
  where the fairies of the Mound of Duma were often troubled by pirates and marauders.
    “O Keeta,” they said, “you are a famous warrior, will you advise us and help us to
  drive away these invaders?”
    Keeta agreed, and with his aid, the pirates were defeated. However, the old warrior
  was wounded in the battle, and he asked Owen, the seer of the Fairy Folk, how long he
  had left to live.
    “You shall live for 17 years longer,” said the seer. “And you will meet with death in
  battle, by the pool of Tara, and the King and his household will be sorely grieved.”
    “Even so did my chief and lord, my guardian and loving protector, Finn, tell me,”
  said Keeta. “Now, how will you repay me for freeing you from your affliction?”
    “We will give you a great reward,” said the Fairy Folk. “We will restore you to
  youth, and you shall be as handsome as ever.”
    “Nay,” said Keelta, “God forbid that I take on an enchanted form, or any other than
  that which my Maker has bestowed upon me.”
    The Fairy Folk smiled and said: “Thus speaks a true warrior and hero, and your
  words are wise.”
    With this, they healed his wounds, and all other bodily ills, and Keelta wished them
  well, and went on his way.

Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

30 The Men of the Fianna

                    Cru Deireoil or
                     the Little Nut
      here were many singers and musicians amongst the Fianna and their attendants, but the
  T   player who Finn valued most was called the ‘Little Nut’ (Cru Deireoil). He was one
  of the fairy folk, and he first met with Finn at Slieve-na-mBan, a mountain in the south of
    The Fianna were out hunting, and Finn had sat down on a turf-made grave to take rest,
  when he saw a little man, about four foot high standing before him. He had pale golden hair
  down to his waist, and he was playing upon a harp. The music that he made was so sweet
  that the Fianna thought that they had never heard better, and it was so soothing that it was all
  they could do not to fall asleep.
    The little man came up to Finn, and set his hand in his.
    “Where do you come from, little one?” asked Finn.
    “I am come from the home of the fairies in Slieve-na-mBan,” said the little man. “And I
  wish to enter your service for a time.”
    “I will give you good rewards, and riches and gold,” said Finn, “for I like you well.”
    The men of the Fianna were pleased, and told Finn that this was one of the luckiest things
  that had ever befallen him. They gave their new companion the name of ‘Little Nut’, and he
  was liked by all, and had so good a memory that he never forgot a thing that he had heard.
  He taught the five musicians of the Fianna how to play the music of the fairies, and men said
  that the three best things Finn ever obtained were his hounds, Bran and Sceolan, and the
  Little Nut, from the house of the fairies in Slieve-na-mBan.

                               Fin MacCool
        Then rose the royal chief of the Fiana of Ireland and Scotland and of the Saxons and
         Britons, of Lewis and Norway and of the hither islands, and put on his battle-dress
        of combat and contest, even a thin, silken shirt of wonderful, choice satin of the fair-
      cultivated Land of Promise over the face of his white skin; and outside over that he put
      his twenty-four waxed, stout shirts of cotton, firm as a board, about him, and on the top
      of those he put his beautiful, plaited, three-meshed coat of mail of cold refined iron, and
     around his neck his graven gold-bordered breastplate, and about his waist he put a stout
       corset with a decorated, firm belt with gruesome images of dragons, so that it reached
    from the thick of his thighs to his arm-pit, whence spears and blades would rebound. And
    his stout-shafted martial five-edged spears were placed over against the king, and he put
    his gold-hafted sword in readiness on his left, and he grasped his broad-blue, well-ground
    Norse lance, and upon the arched expanse of his back he place his emerald-tinted shield
    with flowery designs and with variegated, beautiful bosses of pale gold, and with delightful
    studs of bronze, and with twisted stout chains of old silver; and to protect the hero's head
      in battle he seized his crested, plated, four-edged helmet of beautiful, refined gold with
      bright, magnificent, crystal gems and with flashing, full beautiful, precious stones which
                  had been set in it by the hands of master-smiths and great artists.
                                                      from the Fianaigecht translated by Kuno Meyer.

                                                                          Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                             On and Off the Beaten Track 31

 On & Off the Beaten Track
  Of Peoples & Nature—La Gacilly

                                                                                                      La Gacilly

                                                                “The rights of humanity end the
                                                                moment they endanger another
                                                                species…” Claude Levi-Strauss
                                                                 La Gacilly, a pretty town just north of
                                                               Redon, may seem an unlikely place to
                                                               find Levi-Strauss quoted publicly, but then
                                                               again it turns out to be an unlikely place.
                                                               Until the 30th September it will be home to
the most spectacular open air photographic exhibition I’ve ever seen.
  Lured by a report in Ouest France, we were unprepared either for the impact of the exhibition, or for the
town itself. The power of the photography comes partly from the size of the images and partly from the fact
that ten leading professional photographers are exhibiting, including Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who published
The Earth Viewed from the Sky.
  The town has long been associated with Yves
Rocher, himself a Gacilien, and the exhibition
was conceived by his son Jacques, now head of
the company and president of the Yves Rocher
Foundation, which aims to create a greener world.
It no doubt helps that like his father before him
Jacques is also mayor and has clearly brought with
him a broader vision which has transformed the
grey stone walls of the town into a unique gallery.
  I would defy anyone, even environmental sceptics,
not to be moved by the pictures. Arthus-Bertrand is
exhibited opposite the bridge over the river Aff at the
entry of the town. Here you have a shocking photo
of oil pollution juxtaposed with haunting views of
                                 continued overleaf
 Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

 32 Music and Dance

 The Breton music group Ampouailh recently launched their first
 CD. Ampouailh play Breton dance music on traditional Breton in- Above: Ampouailh play at the 30th anniversary of the Coat
 struments, but with a modern, jazzy beat that has made their music Favan Fest Noz. Below: Simon and Thibault Loutout.
 popular with young people. The group was started by the Lotout
 brothers, who began playing at a young age. Now the band has five
 members: Simon Lotout - bombarde; Thibault Lotout - accordion.
 Mickael Derrien - saxophone. Marius Le Pourhiet - drums; Erwan
 Moal - guitar and Vincent Le Meur, who does the PA.
 The lads have just returned from a tour of Poland, but are back in
 Central Brittany for the Summer months. In July, Ampouailh will
 be playing at: Saint-Mayeux 11 July FEST NOZ 21:30. St-Gilles-
 Vieux-Marché 18 July FEST NOZ 20:00. Quimper 22 July FES-
 TIVAL DU CORNOUAILLE 20:00. Canihuel 25 July FEST NOZ
 20:00. St-Nicolas-du-Pelem 31 July FEST NOZ 22:00

                                  Ar Vreudeur Morvan
                                   Half a century of 'Kan ha Dikan' is celebrated in this new double CD whci con-
                                   tains 32 of the Frères Morvan's best-loved songs. The CDs come complete with a
                                   56 page booklet of the words to each song. An ideal gift for anyone interested in
                                   Breton culture.
                                   Available from the Coop Breizh website & music shops. www.coop-breizh.fr

On & Off the Beaten Track                                                 Of Peoples & Nature—La Gacilly
           continued from page 31

 dwindling icebergs, the melting glaciers of Iceland and the near-naked summit of Kilimanjaro, from which
 Hemingway’s snows have largely disappeared.
   Laurent Weyl’s intimate pictures of how the monsoon transforms the paddy fields of Bangladesh into
 an inland sea, rub shoulders with a series of unsettling photos from across continents reproduced from
 Geo magazine. Meanwhile, Michael Nichols’ intimate study of elephants beckons from the walls of
 the tourist office across the river and just up the road are pictures by Eric Tourneret, who has devoted
 the last five years to photographing bees and apiarists with remarkable results. All this contrasts
 dramatically with the detached reality of Alex McLean’s American way of life, where the seemingly
 solid and permanent are shown clinging to the earth of that vast continent with the same fragility as
 threatened tribes and endangered species. Beyond the exhibition, La Gacilly and the surrounding area
                                                                   have much to offer, with a thriving artistic
                                                                   community, day boats from the port, a
                                                                   museum, the celebrated Circuit Yves
                                                                   Rocher and much more.
                                                                                           Richard Griffiths.
                                                                           Can you recommend a place on or off the
                                                                           beaten track? richardgriffiths@gmail.com

                                                                       How to get there
                                                                       From Josselin, take the N24 to Ploërmel, then follow
                                                                       the D8 which is signposted for Ruffiac and La Gacilly.
                                                                       For detailed information, call the tourist office on 02
                                                                       99 08 21 75 (English is spoken), or visit http://www.
                                                                       paysdelagacilly.com, which is among the best local
                                                                       sites I have come across.
                                                                                                     Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                                              Megalith Diary 33

                                                                  The Lost Stone of
                                                                  Menhir of Cosquer-Jehan
                                                                 Brittany is home to some world-famous megalithic sites, in-
                                                                 cluding the tallest standing stones on record. It is also home to
                                                                 the widest-girthed menhir; but surprisingly, this unique stone is
                                                                 now almost completely lost in obscurity.
                                                                 The great stone at Kerien features in no books, remains un-
                                                                 photographed, and is not marked with a single sign. A visitor,
                                                                 therefore, needs to be equipped with a map, stout shoes, and a
                                                                 stick. The menhir is north of Kerien. Head out of the village
                                                                 on the D8, direction Bourbriac and turn left for Cosquer-Jehan.
                                                                 Just on the other side of the hamlet is a farmers’ track. This is
                                                                 the only ‘parking’ for the stone, and the rest of the search needs
                                                                 to be made on foot.
                                                                 Although the menhir is nearly 6 metres tall, and an incredible
                                                                 11.40 metres in circumference, it is invisible from far away, and
                                                                 has been completely overgrown by trees. The stone stands on
                                                                 a bank, between the two fields closest to the road, and is sur-
                                                                 rounded by shrubs, ivy and thick undergrowth.
                                                                 Once close, it is easy to discern the menhir's shape and size.
                                                                 An oak tree growing close by gave me a unique opportunity to
                                                                 climb to the top of the stone, which, unlike many other menhirs,
                                                                 was spacious and flat – large enough for a person to lie down
                                                                 with ease. The menhir has not always been so neglected; it was
                                                                 once much-visited, but seems to have been forgotten along, no
                                                                 doubt, with this remote and sparsely-populated part of Brittany

                                                                  Crec'h           Kergoarin

                                                                                                             Bourbriac /
                                                                             MENHIR                          Guingamp      The Bar / Restaurant
                                                                                          Cosquer-                          / newsagent / post
                                                                                                                           office / grocer's and
                                                                                                                            petrol station in the
above: the menhir is half-hidden behind elder, oak and holly.                                                                centre of Kerien,
          below: the top of the menhir is quite flat.                                                                        serves most of the

                                                                                                                              village's needs.

                                                                Maël-Pestivien /


                                                                               Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                  Tim the Gardener 35

               Tim the Gardener
                              The Garden in July
A couple of weeks ago, I had to go down to the super-        popularity. Seeds can be found in the shops, but
market, and found that it was blockaded by tractors:         planting information is often incorrect. The best
it seems that the farmers were annoyed about the dif-        germination, and the best crops, come from early
ference in the price that they receive for their milk and    plantings - in February. Carrots are doing well this
the price for which it is sold in the supermarkets.          year, and it is probably time to cover these, to pro-
I couldn't help wondering why they were causing so           tect them from the carrot fly.
much disruption without taking the opportunity to sell
                                                             Potatoes: This has been an exceptionally good
some of their produce direct to the customers arriving
                                                             year for potatoes - no late frost, ideal weather,
at the shop - after all, they were already illegally oc-
                                                             and, so far, no sign of potato blight - and the ex-
cupying the car park, and disrupting people's access
                                                             pectation is for a bumper crop.
to the store, so why not set up a few tables in the car
                                                             The potatoes in this picture are being grown in a
park and start an impromtu farmer's market? Appa-
                                                             field recently purchased from a farmer, and per-
rantly, the problem is that they do not actually have
                                                             haps highlight why farmers do not have the same
anything to sell that anyone wants - they have gone
                                                             level of public sympathy that they had a few years
just too far down the road of industrial production.
                                                             ago. This field was particularly badly managed,
This seems all the more ironic in light of the fact that
                                                             used in a two-yearly rotation of wheat and maize.
this has been the best early Summer that we have
                                                             It was not treated with manure or any organic fer-
had in Brittany for many years. I couldn't resist the
                                                             tiliser for over ten years, and crops were forced
opportunity to take a few photos to show what can be
                                                             with the aid of chemical fertilisers, herbicides,
achieved with just a few hours work per week in the
                                                             pesticides, and fungicides, and deep ploughing.
vegetable garden.
                                                             As a result, the soil is seriously compacted, and
Clockwise from the top left of the opposite page:            has no texture. Three years after it has been left
Peas: this has been a particularly good year for             to go fallow, parts of it still only support moss,
peas; the row at the back of the picture is over 8ft tall,   dock plants and thistle plants.
even though the seed packet said that they would not         My ambition has been to try to rebuild a good soil
grow to over 5ft. Peas thrive when there is moist soil       structure with the help of nature. So far, I have not
and plenty of sun.                                           employed any machinery but have used a hoe,
                                                             mulch, and crop rotation to break up the soil, and
Tomatoes: The first tomatoes are now ripening in              encourage living things to return to the surface
polytunnels and under glass. Tomatoes love rich soil,        layer. Potatoes can play an important role in this
and do particularly well if grown in vegetable-based         process as they are particularly good at breaking
compost.                                                     up compacted soil, and yielding a useful crop at
Peach: Brittany does not have a climate particularly         the same time. If they are harvested in July, there
well-suited to peaches, but there are small-fruited va-      is still time to plant a green manure crop, such as
rieties (Pêche du Vigne) available that bear fruit here      mustard or physalia, which provides ground cover
most years. They can often be found at local plant-          for the rest of the Summer. It is my guess that it
swaps.                                                       will take at least ten years of careful work, before
                                                             this soil becomes really healthy and productive - a
Onions: Onions are a staple crop of every Breton             sad reflection on the work done by the previous
vegetable garden. So far, this has been an excellent         owner, who is a registered farmer, and ought, one
year for onions, which do not like protracted dry spells     would have thought, to have had the health of the
in the Spring.                                               soil as his main concern.
Carrots & Parsnips: In times gone by, parsnips               Apple: Most of my apples are from recognised
were a favourite crop in Brittany (as they are in North-     varieties, but this is one from my mother's garden
erly countries, such as the UK), but they are not part       in the North of England. It seems to particularly
of the French gardening tradition, and Bretons were          enjoy the Breton climate and is growing into a fine
mocked for using them in the kitchen. Thanks partly to       tree. Last year it failed to set any fruit, but this
the organic movement, and partly to the influx of new-        year it is covered in rosy-red apples.
comers to the region, they are slowly regaining their

                                     Gardening Ads            page 39 & 55
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

36 Children's Pages

Children's Pages

How to Make Your Own Kazoo
This is a very easy and satisfactory instrument to make.
You will need:
                                                                    Note: If using elder, select a vigorous
A 14 cm (5½˝) piece of elder or bamboo                             young branch, and cut off a 14 cm piece.
      (cut between nodes)                                           Push out the inner pith using a knitting
A wood rasp                                                        needle or crochet hook, then the hole can
A piece of plastic bag                                                 be broadened and cleaned with a
String, or an elastic band                                                         round file.

1. Take your piece of wood and check that it is hollow all the way
   through and that the hole is no smaller than 5mm (¼˝). (See note)
2. Using the rasp, make a hole in the piece of wood about 2 cm (¾˝)
   away from one of the ends. (right)
3. Cut a 7 cm (3˝) square out of the plastic bag and fasten it to the
   other end of the piece of wood with the string or elastic band.
   The plastic should be held taught, but not so taught that it can not
4. To play your kazoo put your lips to the hole that you made with the rasp and sing down it without
   articulating any words. The sound should be loud and quite harsh. Adjust the taughtness of the
   plastic to make the correct sound.

  Baked Potato Halves:
  An easy recipe, which all the family will enjoy.
  1. Select a number of medium-sized potatoes. Scrub them and cut them in half,
  2. Oil a baking tray with olive oil or sunflower oil. Put the potatoes face down on
     the tray.
  3. Pierce each potato half two or three times with a sharp fork. Brush the top of the
     potatoes with oil.
  4. Cook the potatoes in a hot oven, Gas Mark 7 (220°C, 425°F) for 40 minutes.
  5. Check the potatoes. If they are cooked they will be brown on the underside,
  soft to the touch, and will come away from the tray easily. If they are not ready,
  leave for another 10 minutes and check again.

Opposite: Part 1 of 'Spindle, Shuttle & Needle', a traditional story from the Brothers Grimm collection.
Translated and illustrated by Bethan Lewis.
                      Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                           Children's Pages 37


Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

38 Hetty's Kitchen

  Hetty ’s
                                           The garden is starting to produce in quantity this
                                           month which means we can eat some, freeze some
                                           and preserve some. Look out for bargain veg at the


                                                   Bottled Blackcurrants
Pickled Nasturtium Seed                            Soft fruits are ripening fast. If you don't want
                                                   the faff of jam making, give bottling a try. These
“Capers”                                           are lovely spooned over vanilla ice, plain yoghurt
Take advantage of the prolific flowering and         or thicken the juice with arrowroot or cornflour
seed production of these so easy-to-grow plants.   and use as a cheesecake topping.
Great with fish, in salads or home-made tartare
sauce. Make in small quantities and use only        Two 500ml Kilner/Le Parfait jars
the green pods. Avoid those with a pink blush or    1kg firm, ripe blackcurrants
yellowing ones.                                     200g granulated sugar + 600ml water
 20g salt + 300ml water
 100g nasturtium seed pods                           Put the sugar and water in a pan and heat
                                                   gently to dissolve the sugar. Boil for a minute
 A few peppercorns and coriander seeds
                                                   to make syrup.
 200ml cider vinegar                                 Take blackcurrants off the stalks and rinse
  Dissolve salt in water to make brine. Pour       well if they are dusty. Drain on kitchen paper.
over seeds in a small bowl and leave to steep        Pack firmly, but without crushing the berries,
for 24 hours.                                      into warm sterilised jars. Cover fruit with hot
  Drain and rinse seed pods and dry on             syrup, filling jars almost to the brim. Close
kitchen paper. Pack into small jars with           clip top. (If using screw band jars, tighten
vinegar proof lids. Scatter in the peppercorns     then loosen band a quarter turn).
and coriander. Leave about a centimetre              Place a folded tea cloth on the bottom of a
space above the pods and cover with cider          deep pan. Fill with warm water and submerge
vinegar to the top of the jar. Seal and store      jars. The water level should be about 3cm
in a cool, dark place for a couple of months       above the jar tops.
before using. Once opened, store in the              Bring slowly to simmering point (this should
fridge, making sure the “capers” are covered       take about half an hour) then simmer 2 to 3
with vinegar.                                      minutes. Take off the heat, lift out jars and
                                                   leave on a wooden board (not a cold surface)
                                                   to cool. Leave 24 hours then release clips and
Chantilly Mangetout (for 4)                        lift each jar by the lid. The seal should hold.
Peas and beans always come in avalanches.          Re-clip, store in a cool, dark place and use
Hopefully there is space in the freezer to deal    within 12 months.
with the glut. This recipe works well with peas,
French beans or steamed baby broad beans.
 25g butter                                                                      Bon Appetit!
 300g mangetout
 Juice of ½ lemon
 3 tbsp crème fraîche
 1 tbsp chopped fresh mint

 Melt butter in a frying pan and add
mangetout (or beans). Cook quickly (but not
too hot to burn the butter) for a few minutes
to heat through but retain some crunch.
 Whisk lemon juice into crème fraîche and
add to pan. Stir and heat until it starts to
bubble. Add mint, season well and serve.

                                                                                                    Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                                          Tim the Gardener 39

                                                                                    A L G FENCING
           Classified Advertising                                                   Quality Wooden Gates up to 3.65m
                                                                                   & heavy-duty gateposts, supplied and
               3€ 25 words                                                         erected in your gateway or driveway,
                                                                                       suit semi-rural and rural settings.
                                                                                   Competitive prices. Photos on request.
                                                                                     Also, all types of fencing undertaken.
                                         Chez Anbi B&B. Guemene-sur-
Animals                                  Scorff (56). Situated in the centre       02 98 99 83 63 / 06 25 59 76 49
                                         of this pretty, historic town with it’s
Itching, fleas, ticks, mites,             many places of interest. Double
sweet itch? Brand new fly/flea/
tick etc treatment for horses, pure
                                         & Twin rooms with off road parking.                                Les Bocages
                                         Bill & Anne : 02 97 51 26 33 / 06 33
oil, powder, shampoos, soaps,            89 45 23 : anbi.ingleson@yahoo.
                                                                                                                       David Robins
wormers, flea & tick treatment for
small animals. Neem natural health
                                         co.uk                                                                   Tree Surgeon
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                                                                                                                     Tel: 02 97 39 99 82
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                                                                                   GRASS CUTTING SPECIALISTS
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Pedigree Rough Collies seeking           Need help clearing that laundry pile?
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Pedigree Turkish Angora
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0296383114                               for all your requirements: New &
                                         Second Hand, Fiction, Children’s,
Lucie is a six-year-old, black           Reference, Art, Brittany and much
Border Collie, looking for a new         more. Ordering Service. Postcards,
home. She is chipped, vaccinated,        Greetings Cards, Jigsaws. 36 Rue
affectionate & obedient. Telephone       des Trente. englishbookshop@
02 98 93 73 50 for more details.         wanadoo.fr.. 0297 756255
RENT A GOAT Do you have rough            Brittany guide books: walking -
ground that needs cleared but don’t      touring - history: Walks in Côtes
wish a goat all year. Then rent one.     d’Armor / Finistere / Nantes-Brest
www.rentagoatbrittany.com                canal / Brittany coast. Red Dog
                                         Books. From your local bookshop or
                                         Callac, Huelgoat, Morlaix markets.
B & B & Gîtes                            www.reddogbooks.com
La Gare B & B, Pont Melvez (on
                                                                                                   P.Y.O. (4€/Kg)
D 787). En-suite double rooms,                       Books contd. page 40
child bed available. Evening                                                                Ready Picked (2.50€/250gms)
meals on request. Ideal base for                                                     (Availibility dependent on weather conditions.)
househunting. Tel: 02 96 21 87 94                                                  Pete and Jean Coomber
                                         Garden Maintenance                        La Grande Maison                          Tel: 02 98 93 08 37
La Maison Bretonne. B&B near                                                       La Croix Neuve                           coomber@orange.fr
Rostrenen. En-suite rooms. Evening
                                                Central Brittany                   22340 Le Moustoir (nr. Carhaix)
                                               (30km radius Mael Carhaix)
meal / Bar. Set in an acre of prize-
winning gardens. Open all year.           Need to be sure that your garden
                                             is looked after in France?
Sue & Malcolm 02 96 29 15 88
malcolmt99@wanadoo.fr                      • Grass cutting
                                                                                                       Landscape Gardening
                                           • General garden maintenance                                   Professional Garden Service.
In the centre of Plouguernevel,            • Over-winter care.                                         Grass cutting, hedge and tree pruning,
en suite rooms. B&B from 45€ per          For details call John or Cherry on:                             Patio Laying, Stone work and
room breakfast included. For full            Tel: 0033 (0)296 246164                                     Pointing. General Maintenance.
details see www.number9BandB.                                                       20 Years Experience References and photos available on request.
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com or phone 02 96 36 07 55.                 garden.maintenance@free.fr                Chad O’Brien 02 97 23 68 54
                                             We are fully registered in France             moheigan@gmail.com                     Dept: 56

                                         More Gardening Ads                            page 55
              Animal Welfare
      The Cat‛s                              La Saude                                                  In The Dog House
      Whiskers                                Cattery                                                     Kennels & Cattery
                                                                                                     Spacious accommodation
         Cattery                             Purpose-built,                                              Plenty of walks in
 Cosy cabins/Heated beds                     Heated cabins                                                       large field
   Tranquil environment                      Outside runs                                                  Visitors welcome
Callac/Carhaix D787   Visitors welcome       Peaceful location for your cats comfort                Situated in Collorec,west of Carhaix
                                                    Carol McDermott                                          Christine 02 98 73 91 10
 Tel: 02 96 21 56 68                                Saint Gouéno (22)
 linda.bamford@orange.fr                        tel: 02 96 34 47 26
                                                      visit our website

                                                                                       Home from Home
   Heated Dog Kennels also                    www.lasaudecattery.com
          available                                 mcdermott@orange.fr

                                                                                        for your dogs & cats.
 THE PET HOTEL                               Yves Joncour Callac                       ● Heated, spacious accommodation

                                             Kennels Dogs                              ● Regular walks

 Kennels for                                   and Cats                                ● Collection service available
                                                                                       come and visit us 5 mins Gourin.
                                              ● Individually        heated
 dogs & cats                                                                               Kim 02 97 23 79 36
  Indoor, heated & spacious
                                              ● Exercise area
 Exercise area & field walks
         Visitors welcome                     ● Walks                                                       2 for 1
                                              ● Visit before                                              Pet and House
      02 96 45 93 13                           booking                                                    sitting Service
     3 Restguen CALLAC
       terry.drury@orange.fr                 Kervégant 22160 Callac                          Take your trip worry free
    Also Day stays, hourly rates             02 96 45 59 22 / 06 78 01 87 95
                                                                                           Pets & house are safe with me
                                                                                              Call Donna on: 02 98 73 41 66
                                                                                                             06 37 43 31 00
                                                                                          References available sittingyourpets@yahoo.co.uk
           BURNS                                                                            early booking advisable to avoid disappointment

           Real food
    for dogs and cats.                                                                     Les TerresCeltiques
  Holistic and wheat free.                                                                       Boarding Kennels
  For information, to                                                                                        - Individual boxes
  arrange collection                                                                                            - Large exercise area
  or delivery contact;                                                                                           - Food provided
  02 98 93 08 37                                                                                               - Personal Service
  La Grande Maison                                                                                          (special care, diets etc.)
  La Croix Neuve                                                                             Philippe LE DALL 3, Kerbrès 22320
  22340 Le Moustoir
  (near Carhaix) coomber@orange.fr                                                          Le Haut Corlay        02 96 29 91 80

Classified continued from page 39                                                             S&G Maintenance Services:
                                               Building &                                    LANGOELAN BASED, For all your home
 BOOKS. INVALUABLE REFERENCE                                                                 and garden repairs and Maintenance.
 BOOKS Covering: Medical & Health,             Property Services                             Contact Garry on 02 97 39 30 24 or
 Building & Renovation, Gardening,                                                           email sgmaintenance@hotmail.fr
 Motoring, and Conversational French.          Planet maintenance. All types of
 All English-French, French-English.           building work, kitchens, bathrooms,           English stonemason, registered. 40
 Several recently reviewed in Central          decorating, etc. Gardening and key            years experience. Stonework renovation.
 Brittany Journal. Visit our website: www.     holding. Tel: 02 96 45 77 89 /                Work can be viewed. No job too small.
 hadleypager.com or English Book Shop,         06 81 54 98 41 jebtan@wanadoo.fr              Contact Malcolm 02 96 34 41 15 /
 36 rue des Trente, Josselin                                                                 06 78 37 85 58 (Region 22)
 02 97 75 62 55 or                             General builder, 30 years experience.
 e mail: hpinfo@aol.com                        All work guaranteed. No job too small.        Bricolage. No job too small. Most jobs
                                               Telephone Alan 02 96 24 63 72 Mobile          considered. Competitive rates. Dept 22.
                                               06 32 23 25 06                                Registered, Please telephone
                                                                                             02 96 24 87 62
                                                       www.thecbj.com                                                 Building contd. page 42
Equine Welfare                                                                          Bed &
                                                                                     Breakfast                                             41
        ur Le Cheval
 out Po
T (Rocking Horse tack and feed shop)                                                    B&B                   RA
                                                                                                                   N D E MA

                                                                                                       LA G
                                                                                      Open all year                                  D’HÔTE

Everything you and your horse will need
   Large range of natural products                                                     MAGNIFICENT VIEWS, QUIET POSITION,
                                                                                            RELAXED SURROUNDINGS
   STOCK CLEARANCE. Reduction on stable & outdoor                                      La Croix Neuve,                 www.holidayinbrittany.org
   rugs and many more items reduced. Deliveries available, ring for details of       22340 Le Moustoir                    coomber@orange.fr
   when we will be in your area.              Spillers horse feed available           02 98 93 08 37
     On the road from Trebrivan to Locarn D20
                                                                                               Ty Gwennili
                                                                                                                    Chambres d’Hôtes
                                                                                                                Relaxing and tranquil
                     JANE OVERTON
        Chevalhage EQUINE DENTIST                                                                               country setting, ideal
                                                                                                                 for walkers, cyclists
                                            Offering                                 tel: +33 (0)296 457346
                                                                                                                  etc. Open all year.
                                            a calm &
                                            sympathetic                                       e-mail: kerlouet@wanadoo.fr
                                            approach to
                                            your horse /
                                            dental care.
                                            For an informal chat call Jane.                    Webb’s Of Glomel
                                            02 96 21 55 09                                       Bed and Breakfast
                                            Or visit my website:                                 5 en-suite rooms
                                            www.equinedentist.org                              Central Village location
                                             UK Trained, French Registered
                                                                                      5 Pl. du Centre 22110 Glomel 0033 (0)2 96 29 88 44

                                             Cheval D'Artus
  Equitherapy                                  Guided rides in the                 Riding Stables
 A Complementary Therapy                         Mont D’Arrées                      Explore the beautiful
Centre specifically for Equines                     Suitable horses & ponies
Hair Analysis, Reiki and Crystal Healing          Individual or small groups         local countryside
                                              Hats & back protectors available.
    Herbalist and Pet Psychologist.
           Magnetic therapy.                  Rides from 15€. Open every day      All levels and abilities catered for
     Horse Whispering Workshops                  Huelgoat and Plouyé area           Also available: Half day children’s classes
                                                                                    Natural horesemanship classes for Adults
02 96 45 77 78 or 06 48 25 75 72              Phone 02 98998326                      Kergustiou - Le Saint
   www.equitherapy.info                        Email: mjcresswell@orange.fr
                                                                                  On the D769 Le Faouet/Gourin road www.domaine-des-chimeres.com

 Stunning reg. Andalusian/Anglo Arab dark                                                                      Blackwater
 Chestnut Mare. 15.2 h.h. 9 years                                                                              Arabians
 Honest forward going ride, snaffle mouth,                                                          Kerhervé, 29520 Laz 02 98 73 83 98
 lovely paces, bold jump, hacks out on own                                                          lizziegraham128@wanadoo.fr
 or in company, goes first or last, not marish,                                                        ENDURANCE SPECIALISTS
 easy to handle, good box, shoe, traffic. 2nd                                                                20KM – 160KM
 at Malvern County Show. Used to train BHS                                                            BREAKING AND TRAINING :
                                                                                                         STALLIONS AT STUD
 students. Would excel any sphere / experi-
                                                                                                   FULL & GRASS LIVERY TAILORED
 enced teenager/ competing / endurance.
                                                                                                   TO SUIT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS
 Life change forces reluctant sale. €4,500.                                                           HAY FOR SALE: 30 ACRES GRAZING
          lamouline@googlemail.com                                                                 INDOOR BLOCK BUILT STABLES:
                 0297 34 13 83                                                                         EXCELLENT HACKING

Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

42 Classified Advertising
                                                                              Building continued from page 40
  Hairdressers / Beauty
                                                                               BUILDING PLANS. Extensions, garages,

 KAREN MOBILE                           Liana                                  verandahs, kitchens, bathrooms, and renovations.
                                                                               Documents graphiques. Photos. Scale drawings.
  HAIRDRESSER                           Wheaton                                Phone 02 96 36 69 61 / 29 86 58 or 0623 24 18
                                                                               25 or email: rayfoster@wanadoo.fr for details of
 Working in Pédernec/                   Mobile                                 services available.
  Guingamp/                             Hairdresser                            All your plastering, rendering, damp proofing work
  Louargat &                            to advise and take                     carried out by skilled, clean worker. Fully registered
 surrounding areas                      care of your hair.                     via French agency. Tel: Ian for enquiries and free
 Also 2 days                            Huelgoat &                             quote. (22, 29) 02 96 24 79 75 / 06 31 97 85 15
 per week in the                        surrounding areas.
                                        Please call on 02 98 99 90 51          Stonemason and general builder. All aspects of
 Mellionec/Glomel area                                                         stonework and building undertaken. Tel: Frank for
                                                     or 06 66 38 31 11
                                                                               free quote (22) 02 96 24 79 75 / 06 31 97 85 15
 Telephone: 06 11 21 84 74              for all enquiries and appointments.
                                                                               P & A Property Care – house and garden

Top2Toe Pampering
                                                                               maintenance, changeovers, keyholding etc.
                                                                               Friendly, reliable couple for help with all aspects of
                                                                               your home. Excellent references.
 Hairdressing                                                                  e-mail : andrew.peters@wanadoo.fr

 Chez Vous                                                                     Runguen Jardin & Gite Services - for your
   For all your                                                                home & garden. Cleaning, winter checks, grass
 hairdressing needs.                                                           cutting, garden maintenance and more. Competitive
Over 10 years experience, covering                                             prices. Registered, reliable, friendly business. Dept
Pontivy, Josselin, Locmine area.                                               29. 0298 264319 mike.lloyd@aliceadsl.fr
       Call Stephanie
                                                                               BLOOMS AND BROOMS Garden and Home
                     44 07
   02 97 27 available.
    Other treatments
                                                                               Management Services Complete garden makeovers
         To find out more visit                                                 and/or regular maintenance. Changeovers,
www.top2toepampering.com                                                       cleaning and caretaking plus lots more. We are
                                                                               a fully registered company at your service.www.
                                                                               bloomsandbrooms.com Tel 02 98 99 96 09 Mobile

                                          Thai Yoga                            06 42 23 53 78 Email anne.nolan@orange.fr

                                                                               Professional Garden Service, all garden & tree

                  Hairdresser              Massage                             work. Stonework / pointing. Painting / decorating.
                                                                               Property & general maintance. 20 yrs exp. in UK.
                                                                               Ref. available. Chad & Carla O’Brien. 0297 236 854

 Hair & Beauty                             A Traditional Art of
                                                                                                            Building contd. page 45
  by Mandy                                   Call Gilles le Picard on
                                                                                Vehicle Care
                                               02 96 49 10 06
  02 96 31 72 94                               06 16 43 26 42
  La Roterie 22270 Dolo                     www.gilleslepicard.fr.st            Mobile Diagnostics
 Health & Healing
                                                                                  & Servicing
                                                                                     Latest Plug-in Equipment
                                                                                Ex-Hometune operator. 25 years experience.
 Bach Flower Remedies                  REFLEXOLOGY                                    Specialist in older cars.
    Registered Practitioner            so much more than a foot massage         02 98 93 00 71/ 07535 392 064
     Consulting in Brittany.
     Home Visits Possible.
 Bach Flower Remedies treat
all types of fears and phobias.
                                       ► it can help specific ailments
                                          (eg migraines, insomnia)
                                                                                 rodderz services
    Confidentiality assured.            ►it can maintain good health              mobile mechanic and handyman
 Also day courses available.           ►it can promote well-being &
                                                                                            02 96 24 03 79
      Telephone Janis on:                                                       50km St Nicolas du Pelem
                                       PROMO - book 4 treatments, get
      00 33 6 85 81 51 26              5th treatment free!
    Janisfleurs@yahoo.com               Phone 02 97 51 24 05 for details

                                                                                                                Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                                               Classified Advertising 43

 Vehicles                                                    Satellite Televison

                Garage Barrington                            English Television In France
                    Servicing and repairs
                  performance diesel tuning                  www.uksatellitesystems.com
 Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander
 Tél: 02 96 26 60 49 www.gb-lacheze.com
       14 rue de Loudéac 22210, La Chèze

                                                                Digibox Receivers                   Full Systems Fitted        Parts, Acessories & Repairs
  VSP 22                                                        Dish Installation                   Dish Re-alignment          Your Equipment Fitted

                                                             Andrew Barden 02                                       96 31 87 83

 English 'ABI TRISTAR' 2-berth caravan

Excellent condition. Ready to go. Must be seen!
      2750€ ono. Tel/Fax for more details:                           English TV in
           02 98 99 02 92 (area 29)
                                                                     your French                                                • Receive over 100 channels

SATSURE 22                  SATELLITE
                                                                     home                                                         incl. BBC, ITV, Channels
                                                                                                                                  4 & 5, news, music and kids.
                                                                                                                                • 90 Radio channels.
                                                                                      WITHOUT                                   • All new equipment with a
                                                                                                                                  2 year guarantee.
                                                                                    SUBSCRIPTION!                               • Dishes, quad LNBs, Sky
                  See our main ad on page 24                                                    Subscriptions available           Gnomes, FTV cards,
                                                                                                no UK address required            remote controls.
                                                                                                                                • Sky+ and HD boxes.
                                                                                                                                • We can install your own
                    Canine Behaviourist                         Call Trevor on                                                    equipment too!
                  Solving your dog and puppy                                                                                      Installer of Digital
                  problems using calm, assertive                02 96 43 16 04                                                   Satellite equipment
                 & positive reinforcement methods.
                Puppy training classes.                         www.sky-tv.fr                                                         since 1987

                Clicker training classes.
                For more information contact Jackie Gorton
                02 96 36 65 61 / 06 07 43 89 21
                                                             Courses & Leisure

 For Sale: Toyota Hi Lux Surf 4x4
                                                             BRITTANY SAILING
Diesel. Blue. 62,000 miles. Four new tyres, full               Would you like to learn to sail?
CT, English regd, excellent condition. 4,750€.               Or, if you sail already, would you like to take a
     Tel: 02 96 45 98 11 / 06 75 59 14 55                       RYA 5 Day Sailing Course
                                                              Brittany Sailing is a small personally-run RYA Sailing School
                                                             situated at lovely Camaret-sur-mer. Our main aim is for our
                                                                clients to enjoy themselves whilst learning the necessary
                                                              skills to sail a yacht safely and confidently, as we cruise the
                                                                      fantastic Brittany Coast and enchanting Islands.
                                                             WE ALSO RUN FAMILY ADVENTURE SAILING HOLIDAYS
                                                             Visit our Website for further info. and photos:
                                                             www.brittanysail.co.uk Tel. 02 98 17 01 31
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

44 Kitchen & Food
                                                                          Quilting in Peace
                                                                                                           Lucy Allen
         KITCHEN                                   Quilting in Peace                               Le Bodeuc, 22230 St Vran, Brittany

                                                  • New stock of patchwork and quilting. 100% cotton fabrics for you to view
                                                    in our cottage workshop, including a large range of latest Moda fabrics.
                                                  • Day workshops and residential breaks for patchwork and quilting.

            AND                                   • Special-priced starter kits available including cutting mat, rotary cutter,
                                                    rule and flower-headed pins.
                                                 Also a wide selection of threads, wadding, buttons and a large range of kits to make up.
                                                                   Open Monday and Tuesday 10am - 4pm

           HOME                                     www.quiltinginpeace.co.uk      lucyquilting@gmail.com
                                                     Tel: (0033) 296 56 15 49 / Mobile: (00 33) 617 11 19 94

                                                                      Food & Produce
Stoves & Cookers                                                             Organic Food Market
                                                                                 Carhaix 02 98 99 44 96
www.woodburningstovesandcookers.eu                                                 Organic dried fruit
                                                                                Organic Wine, Organic Veg
                                                                                Le Marché Bio, 4 rue Charles le Goff
                                                                                         (opp. Intermarché)

Stockists of Stoves         Stockists of Range Cookers
Villager, Hunter                                  Esse
Aarrow, Esse
Huge stocks 4kw – 24kw with or without
 back-boilers. Cash and carry available.                                                       Free Range Pork cuts,
       Trade enquiries welcome.
        Installation if required
                                                                      Pork                    vacuum packed for easy
                                                                                              storage. No antibiotics.
                                                                              Sausages with no sugar, no coloring,
                                                                                   no additives. All natural.
Tel 02 97 74 73 48                                                          Taking orders for September
e-mail homeandgarden@wanadoo.fr                                                  Tel: 02 98 99 98 75


 Pay in                     Brittany Carpets
   £’s            All Qualities Now available!
              Fitted Carpet and Rug Specialists
                 Free Measuring & Estimates
       Wholesale prices through our UK parent company
                     Tel: Gary         02 96 93 31 07
                 visit us at www.brittanycarpets.com
                                                                                                               Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                                                                                                    Classified 45
Building & Property Services continued from page 42                                        Removals
    FOSSE SEPTIQUE INSTALLATON. Fully registered and insured
    areas 29, 56 and 22 native English speaker call on 02 98 78 92 94
    before 6pm or 06 50 47 19 21 anytime.                                                       FIRST CHOICE
    INTERIOR EXCAVATIONS. Fully registered and insured. Areas 29,                                 REMOVALS
    56 and 22. Native English speaker. Call on 02 98 78 92 94 before                                       Storage now available
    6pm or 06 50 47 19 21 anytime.                                                         PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, RELIABLE SERVICE
                                                                                                          FAMILY RUN BUSINESS
    Paul Duckworth time-served carpenter and joiner. 30+ years                                          LOCAL- LONG DISTANCE-
    experience. Fully-registered and insured. French and English
                                                                                                           EUROPEAN MOVES
    spoken. All types of work undertaken / 25km radius Scrignac (29) for
                                                                                                      NO OBLIGATON, FREE QUOTES,
    a free quote tel. 02 98 78 26 09 paul.duckworth@hotmail.com
                                                                                                         VERY COMPETITIVE RATES
    Semi-retired good all-round general builder. 40 years experience.                                 PACKING MATERIALS SUPPLIED
    Requires part-time work. Reasonable prices.                                                             FULLY INSURED!
    Telephone Jeff. 06 08 76 62 32. Rostrenen, Carhaix area.                                 Tel: FR 02 96 43 65 49 / MOBILE FR: 06 77 48 08 40
                                                                                             Tel: UK 0844 2320 359 / MOBILE UK: 07875 578338
    COMPLETE PERFECTION offering a complete maintenance and                                           www.firstchoiceremovals.eu
    building service, fully registered, over 20 yrs exp. Roofing (inc.                               firstchoiceremovals@yahoo.co.uk
    thatch) garden projects, plasterboarding, decorating, repointing.
    0296214259 / 06 69 40 74 17

                                                      Classified contd. page 46

                                                                                            PPH REMOVALS
                                                                                            ●        FAMILY RUN COMPANY
                                                                                            ●        UK & EUROPEAN
                                                                                            ●        FULL HOUSE, PART LOADS AND
                                                                                                     SINGLE ITEMS
                                                                                            ●        INDOOR SECURE STORAGE
                                                                                            ●        CAR TRANSPORTATION SERVICE
                                                                                            ●        FULL INSURANCE HELD
                                                                                            ●        FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES

                                                                                            +44 (0)1205 361231/+44 (0) 7860 747843
                                                                                           MAJOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED
                                                                                                E-mail: info@pphremovals.co.uk
                                                                                                Website: www.pphremovals.co.uk

                                                         Repairs                            Television
                                                                                           HAVING SATELLITE PROBLEMS?
                                                    Commissions                                                        YOU NEED
            Peter is a jeweller living here in        Ring Sizing                          THE SATELLITE DOCTOR!
                Brittany with 30 years
              experience in repairing,                                                                 CALL 06-78-74-98-77
             designing and remodelling            Tel: 02 96 84 94 42                             BREAKDOWNS, REPAIRS, DIAGNOSIS,
                        jewellery          e-mail: peter.weller491@orange.fr                 RE-ALIGNMENTS,INSTALLATIONS, GUARANTEED
                                                                                             RECONDITIONED & REFURBISHED DIGIBOXES,
                                                                                                     VIEWING CARDS FOR CH4 & 5
     Phones / Hot tubs                                                                          FAST RELIABLE SERVICE 7 DAYS A WEEK!

          www.2simmobiles.com                                                      www.brittanyhottubs.com
                                             Prices from 69€
                                         all phone unlocked
                                                                                            tel:+33 (0)296459442
                                                                                       email info@brittanyhottubs.com
                                                 TV phones
                                                PDA phones
                                                watch phones

                                                                               Your very own portable spa, and thanks to new
                                                                               new, ground-breaking technology, it’s affordable.
                                                                               Inflatable 4 Seater Spa / Hot Tub
                                                                               80 Air Jet Massage with Digital Control system
Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

46 Classified
                                                                    Classified continued from page 45
 Secure Storage
                                                                           Caravans for Sale
Secure Vehicle Storage Facility
                                                                           28ft x 10ft Static Caravan. 2-bedroom. Bathroom, toilet & shower
              Cars, Caravans, Campers, etc                                 room, new boiler, good condition. 2500€ ono Tel: 02 96 21 64 39
                         Established for 5 years,
             Ideal location for travel To/From
               St Malo ferry/Dinard Airport                                Courses
                     Contact Rex & Sal Gilman
                 tel 0033 (0) 299 73 92 71                                 Yoga classes. Small groups (max. 4) in comfortable
                     gilman.rex@wanadoo.fr                                 surroundings. Professionally qualified teacher, with over 20 yrs
                                                                           experience. Ann Fletcher 02 96 29 77 03. Laniscat 22.
                                                                           E-mail: ann.yoga@orange.fr
 Plant                                                                     Drawing and painting by professional art teacher. One week
                                                                           “cours” or half day every week in Keranna, Canihuel. Contact
PLANT & MACHINERY SALES                                                    Clementine 02 96 29 74 91. Starting May. www.keranna.nl

 Mini diggers and                                                          Quilting In Peace Day workshops to learn different techniques.
    dumpers                                                                20€ per person, lunch included. Large stock of quality cotton
                                                                           fabrics, threads, buttons and patterns. contact Lucy
Most other plant available                                                 02 96 56 15 49 email lucyquilting@gmail .com
Tel: 0044 771 073 1729
                                                                                                                             Courses contd. page 47
     0044 183 784 0191

                                                                                  Pest Control
 Funeral Services
                to the UK and Ireland
         Cremation aranged in France                                                         Pest Contr ol
      and ashes taken to the UK for burial                                                          Rats, mice, wasps, flies,
     Burial and cremation to all parts of the UK                                                      hornets, fleas, & moths
   Irish and English coffins and caskets available                                                        Depts: 22, 29, 35 56
                  UK-built Volvo hearse                                                                        02 98 61 04 34
For immediate attention phone Jim Flaherty on 02 96 30 49 27                                                         apa-plouvorn@wanadoo.fr

       Classified Advertising 25 words 3€
Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Address:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  Courses / For Sale / Animals / B&B /Gardening / Tractor work / Computers / Health / Services / Building & Property Services /
                                 Translation & Language Courses / Vehicles / Property / Wanted
            Send with cheque payable to ‘Central Brittany Journal’ to: Central Brittany Journal, BP4, 22160 CALLAC
                                  Central Brittany Journal – July 2009

                                                   Classified 47                    TECHNOLOGY                                    47

Courses continued from page 46
      Seishin Martial Arts - kickboxing, karate, kung fu, self defence
      etc. Classes starting near Pontivy for adults and children.
      Telephone 0963 269 242 for details

      French tuition with Smile IT France (based near Dinan) -
      individual and group sessions - free trial lesson, enrolment                                 Anglo CHAPS
      throughout the year – phone Marjorie on 02 96 82 71 53 or see                                   For resolution of all your
      website www.smileit.eu                                                                             PC & Mac problems,
                                                                                                          contact Mr Fixit on
      FRENCH CLASSES, all levels, small groups or private lessons at
                                                                                        02 96 21 87 94 / 06 76 50 24 78 (mobile)
      Kergrist Moelou. Peter Mickelborough. www.chatquilit.com
      0296 36 59 00
                                                                                           for same day or next day service
                                                                                       Networking solutions WiFi and WebSites
                                                 Courses contd. page 48

    Technology Services
           Brittany Internet
          Domain Name Registrations, Hosting.
          Inexpensive Website Design Services
           Tel 0297 239165

            Office Supplies Stationery Printers
               Fax machines Photocopying
                 ZAE du Poher, Carhaix (near McDonald’s)
           Tel: 02 98 93 04 10           Fax: 02 98 99 13 06

                                                                            Based           Mobile Computer Technician Specializing in
                                                                         Nr Carhaix.                      PC Repairs & Upgrades
                                                                         Will travel                 New Systems, Laptops & Peripherals
                                                                         throughout                   French-English Language Change
                                                                          56, 29, 22                         Broadband Setup
                                                                                                            Wireless Networking
                                                                                                       CDs DVDs, Ink Cartridges etc

                                                                                       Tel Richard: 02 98 99 58 92
                                                                               mail@bretonpcs.com           www.bretonpcs.com
    48          Building & Property Services
                                                                    Courses continued from page 47

                     John Sloan                                              STRUGGLING WITH the French Language? Help is
                                                                             at hand! Fluent in French, lots of teaching experience
      Renovations, Extensions and                                            French: English Degree Holder. I can come to you from
       Loft Conversion Specialist                                            Guingamp 30km radius. All levels and ages, grammar,
      FOR YOUR: Velux • Dormers • Windows • Doors                            conversation: TAILOR-MADE lessons to suit. Call for
      Plasterboarding • Floorings • A-Frames • Stairs                        more info: 02 96 43 58 77 or 06 04 05 47 61
               General Carpentry & Building
                   Patios • Decking etc.
          40 years Building / Roofing Experience.                             Food
                         Fully registered.
                 Tel: 02 96 24 29 08                                         Les Fous Microwbrewery can supply its real ales in 33cl
                                                                             bottles or 20l barrels for parties. Phone 02 96 21 52 32 or
                 Port: 06 26 47 33 35                                        email orson@les-fous.com for prices/details.
              e-mail: dawn.sloan@hotmail.com
                                                                             Party? BBQ? Entertaining? Let me help you, freshly
                                                                             prepared salads, quiches, desserts and scrumptious
                                                                             home-baked cakes. www.MulberryFare.com or telephone

  Mini digger +                       DIGGER &                               Cherrie 02 96 36 99 10

Large tipping trailer                  DRIVER                                Having a party? Whether dinner for six, a group supper, or
                                                                             a buffet (maximum 50 people) I can provide a full at home
  Soakaways & problem              Septic tanks                              service, and you can relax and enjoy yourselves. Tel:
drainage works a speciality         drainage,                                Ginger’s Kitchen, 06 23 00 72 04
                                                                             e-mail gingers.kitchen@orange.fr
Gravel/aggregates supplied         landscaping etc.
Small enough for interior work         Rostrenen, Guingamp,                  Proper Cornish pasties, pies, sausage rolls, and more.
Care taken in mature gardens               Carhaix area                      Made to order. Peneochpasties@gmail.com

Call Sean 02 98 93 55 89           Bilingual help and advice.

          06 65 65 25 01
                                    02 96 45 89 20/06 17 85 55 02
                                                                             For Hire
                                                                             Chipper for hire, commercial machine run by 120
                                                                             horsepowered tractor, turn your waste branches and trees
ABYDOS                                             Septic                    into a usable product. Within 40 km Plouray
                                                                             02 97 23 84 39

Plumbing, Heating                                  Tanks                     Bouncy Castle Hire. Great for children’s parties,
                                                                             excellent rates, delivered or collect. Entertainment for
& Swimming Pools                                  Emptied                    weddings, fetes, christenings, etc. Telephone: 02 97 51 34
  Over 30 yrs experience                                                     92 www.jeuxbretagne.com
                                                                             e-mail: info@jeuxbretagne.com
 French Registered & Insured
                                    LE VIDANGEUR BRETON
      Free Estimates              Septic Tanks Emptied and Cleaned
                                          40 km radius of Carhaix            For Sale
 02 98 99 94 26                   Tel: 02 98 99 55 27
                                                                             Karrite large rooftop box. Good condition 70€.
 ABYDOS.BUSINESS@YAHOO.CO.UK      Mobile: 06 07 08 99 60 (English spoken)
                                                                             Tel: 02 96 45 94 81

                                                                             Awning for house or shop. 3.30m long, Nearly new
                                                                             390€. Electric warden for animals 50€. Louis XV style

                                                                             bronze low living-room table - marble/onyx top 140€.
                                                                             Delivery possible. Tel: 02 97 32 42 79

    Renovations - Restorations -                                                                                  For Sale contd. page 49
     Extensions - Conversions.
Registered and French speaking
Plastering, Tiling, Lime & Cement Rendering & Pointing
                                                                                Registered and insured company for all digger work
Paving & Patio's, Internal & External Decoration                                 including septic tank installation (soil tests &
               All Aspects of Work Undertaken                                  paperwork), drainage, landscaping, driveways & terracing
             Tel: 02 98 99 77 46 / 06 25 78 93 63                               'French Property care & Letting ltd'
                                                                                  10 Rue Noel L’Herrant, Plonevez-du-faou
               e.mail: jonandorice@wanadoo.fr                                  Tel: 02 98 86 91 03 e-mail: hill.phillipe@neuf.fr
 Building & Property Services                                                                                                    49

For Sale continued from page 48
 Mobile home 30 x 10ft, ideal home whilst renovating.
                                                             Steve Reynolds & Sons
 Sleeps 4. Lounge, kitchen, shower, toilet. Excellent                           Family Builders
 condition. Buyer removes. 2,500€ o.n.o
 Tel: 02 96 45 89 59 or 06 82 06 99 11
                                                             Complete renovations, New Builds, Extensions,
                                                             Roofs, Velux windows, Blockwork, Plastering,
 Due to relocation the entire contents of the English               Tiling, Plumbing, Joinery etc.
 Book Exchange, including jigsaws, CDs, videos, DVDs,
 cassettes, racking and goodwill, must be disposed of as     Fully registered and insured All work guaranteed
 a whole or in smaller parcels. To view please telephone       25 years experience For your free estimate
 02 97 39 80 13.
                                                              Tel: Steve 02 96 24 63 72
 POTTERY EQUIPMENT Surplus to requirements.                              06 70 41 26 19
 Electric pottery wheel 250€. Horizontal electric pug mill
 300€. Near Carhaix. Tel 02 98 99 58 15 or
 email: fender1945@orange.fr

 Woodchips for sale, excellent for play areas, animal
                                                                 ARTISAN CARPENTER
 areas and great for gardens, Different grades available
 for burning, available by load or sack.
                                                                    AND ROOFER
 Plouray 02 97 23 84 39
 Rayburn. Cream with black top, LPG, New water jacket                       check out my new website
 for up to 15 radiators plus hot water. Cost £3400. Offers    High quality craftmanship for all your carpentry, joinery, and
 around 2000€. Tel: 02 96 25 75 29. Immac. condition.
                                                                      roofing, from new builds to minor repairs...
 Firewood - 0ak and beech. Cut to size. From 190€/                  10 year decenelle/guarantee on all works
 cord delivered. From pruning and sustainable forests.
 Green wood from 150€ per cord. Tel: 02 96 21 62 97
                                                              For free quote call 02 96 29 51 66
                                                                        or email info@peterjensen.fr
 Composts, seeds, sheds, polytunnels, tools and much
 more now available from P and A Garden Supplies.
 Please phone us on 02 98 67 66 53 or visit our website
 www.pandagardensupplies.com for more details                 Best Building Service
 Rotavator to fit small tractor up to 25hp. 700€ ono. Tel/                 Registered Builder
 fax for more details: 02 98 99 02 92 (Area 29)
 Deville, multi-fuel, cuisinier, good condition, current             Telephone: 00 33 6 85 81 51 26
 model. 550€. 02 98 99 94 27
                                                             Stonework, Rendering, Plastering, Brickwork
 Elecrical equipment for sale. Fuse box, plus 100m of                Blockwork and Concreting.
 each 2.5 & 1.5 cable. 10 light switches, 10 plugs &          Special offers in July and August Free Estimates
 18 back boxes. gazpen@hotmail.com
                                                              Also, mentoring service for those keen to do their own building work. I
 02 96 30 41 77.
                                                                 offer tutorial and practical demonstrations at your home or site.
                                                              Telephone or e-mail Arnie to discuss your requirements.
                                For Sale contd. page 50

      LUDGATES Interior & Exterior Renovations

           Renovation & Roofing Specialists, Construction & New Build.
        Plumbing & Electrics, Plastering, Rendering, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
                 Veluxe Windows, Flooring, Carpentry & Joinery
                             Tel: 02 98 99 40 55                    Mob: 06 62 31 10 22
                  ludgates@wanadoo.fr                           www.ludgates-renovations.com

                                                             Building & Property Services
50          Building & Property Services
                                                        For Sale continued from page 49
                         Permis de Construire             Supra HP3950 10kw Woodburner. 14 months old (used for 6
                                 up to 170 m2             months) VGC. 300€ ono (new 799€). To be collected.
                                                          Contact 02 97 51 76 12

     Drawings for You                                     Large Bed-Settee with two matching arm chairs. Colour mainly blue
                                                          with large floral pattern. 300€ Tel: 02 98 93 73 50
              Violette Lewenkron
     Carnoët tel: 02 96 21 56 78                          Field and Garden machinery for sale. Side flail mower. Rousseau
                                                          TLS 120. Suit tractor 20-25 HP. Excellent condition. 1000€ ono. Tel
                                                          David 02 96 45 04 31

                S. L. SOGGEE                              Hedgecutter, Bomford B457, with new flails. Good condition. Suit
                                                          tractor 60 HP and above. 1500€. Tel David 02 96 45 04 31
                   Tel: 02 96 24 39 84
                e mail: stephen-lee.soggee@wanadoo.fr
                                                          Two-piece Biker’s Leathers. Size 12; Red/White, Blue/White;
                         CARPENTER                        Excellent condition. 150€. White shower tray, packaged 35€ ono.
         BESPOKE JOINERY              ROOFER              Tel: 06 32 28 06 70
                                                          30 lengths, English Decking 38mm x 125mm x 3m. 7.75€ ono
 RENOVATIONS           LOFT CONVERSIONS                   each length. Garden canes 8ft long in bundles of 10, 5€.
                                                          Tel: 02 96 43 44 27 Bourbriac area

                                                          French Black & Decker 18v Cordless Drill, 5-speed, 2 x batt.,
Plasterboard Specialist                                   carry-case, 12 months old, 35€ ono. Bosch 45pc combination drill
                                                          set, unused, boxed, 20€ ono. Tel: 02 96 43 44 27
         General Builder                                  Kubota L4200 tractor loader with cab, turf tyres. Power take off
30 yrs experience 13 yrs reg. in France                   and hydraulic outlets. 8000€ ono. Tel David 02 96 45 04 31

Dennis Day: 02 96 24 87 45                                Grey Fergie tractor (project) for sale, 450€. Chain saw for sale, as
  dennisday@freesurf.fr                                   new. Area 56, Meneac. Tel: 02 97 93 35 52.

                                                          Garden Services
 Plastering Tiling                                        Grasscutting, lawn renovation, hedgecutting, pruning, weed control
                                                          and Mole control for your garden. Professional and reliable service.
 Floor Laying Painting                                    Qualified horticulturist with 20 years experience, knowledge, and
                                                          references. 30km Radius Guingamp. Also providing Design, Project
                                                          management and Consultancy services. For all your requirements
           Stuart Barker                                  please call Charles Wymer 02 96 43 58 77 or 06 35 96 84 22.
 Tel: 02 98 93 87 43 / 06 23 67 84 17                     Paysagesdarmor@sfr.fr.

                                                          Mole Catcher, Traditional Methods, Gardens, paddocks, sports
                                                          grounds. Fast efficient service within 30km Pontivy. Call Phil on
 WOODBURNERS                                              02 97 25 30 99, mob. 06 81 57 93 66 mr.taupe@orange.fr
 ash grove stoves                                         LANDSCAPE DESIGN/IMPLEMENTATION/AFTERCARE. Expert
Supplier of Hunter Stoves                                 in low-maintenance gardens. 30 years experience. Large portfolio.
                                                          Based near Carhaix.Tel 0298 99 58 15 or email:
     Boiler versions available                            fender1945@orange.fr
Tel: 00 44 (0) 1392 861579
  www.ashgrovestoves.com                                  Runguen Jardin & Gîte Services - for your garden & home. Grass
     sales@ashgrovestoves.com                             cutting, hedge trimming, garden maintenance. Own equipment. Also
                                                          cleaning, changeovers, keyholding etc. Registered, reliable, friendly
                                                          business. Dept 29. 0298 264319 email: mike.lloyd@aliceadsl.fr

A.M.PITMAN                                              Chimney Sweep
                                                                                                     Garden Services contd. page 51

ELECTRICIAN                                                           V. B. Plombier
               Alan Pitman Bourg 22460 Le Quillio                  Chimney Sweeping & Flues Swept
       Tel: 02 96 56 30 13 Mobile: 06 74 10 38 09                    French reg. & insured Based Maël Carhaix
                           alan.pitman@orange.fr                   Call Vince 02 96 24 78 11 mobile: 06 42 72 39 00

       Building & Property Services
   Building & Property Services                                                                                             51

Garden Services contd. from page 50

 Mowing. Professional equipment for taming
                                                   From a patio to a field – we can plant
                                                   it, cut it and enhance it. Fully equipped
                                                   and registered business. Free estimates.
 rough areas. Field cutting service. Compact       BretonPropertyCare. bretonpropertycare@
 tractor, loader / rotavator, hedgecutter / flail   yahoo.fr: 0296 450051 / 0631 82 74 49
 and other small machinery available for hire.
 Tel. David 02 96 45 04 31                         GROUND WORKS. . Fully registered and
                                                   insured areas 29, 56 and 22 native English      Architectural
 Gardening work done, good rates. Hedges           speaker call on 02 98 78 92 94 before 6pm
 trimmed, grass cut. Small jobs no problem.        or 06 50 47 19 21 anytime.
 Based at Chateauneuf, will travel 20km
 radius. Tel: 02 98 81 84 66 John Davies.          Honest, reliable, friendly gardener 20yrs
                                                   exp. Not just mowing but the finishing
 Friendly reliable professional service,           touches, strimming, hedge cutting regular
 for all your gardening requirements.              or one off jobs 30km PLEVIN dave
 Experienced in all aspects of garden              0296296219
 care. Grass cutting, hedging, pruning,
 planting, weeding etc. Contact Steve & Sam
 0642379061 / dustifyoumust@hotmail.co.uk          Health & Beauty                                   All your planning
                                                                                                    needs and solutions
 Grass cutting. Sensible prices. 35 km             COUNSELLOR/PSYCHOTHERAPIST
 radius Meneac. Also security checks. Project      Peter Mickelborough, formerly
                                                                                                      Specialising in
 assistance. Fully registered. Refs supplied.      British Association for Counselling               Renovation, New
 Tel: 02 96 25 75 29 or                            & Psychotherapy Senior Registered
 email: juliekirkham@msn.com                       Practitioner. For individuals or couples.         Build, & Disabled
                                                   Central Brittany location. 0296 36 59 00,              access.
 BLOOMS AND BROOMS Garden and                      www.chatquilit.com
 Home Management Services Complete                                                                  02 96 43 44 23
 garden makeovers and/or regular                               Health & Beauty                     therealmccoy999@aol.com
 maintenance. Changeovers, cleaning and                         contd. page 52
 caretaking plus lots more. We are a fully
 registered company at your service.www.
 bloomsandbrooms.com Tel 02 98 99 96 09
                                                                                        Bretagne Architectural
 Mobile 06 42 23 53 78
 Email anne.nolan@orange.fr
                                                                                         Jerry Kent R.I.B.A.
                                                                                               Ordre des Architectes
                                                                                         The complete planning service
                                                                                          for Renovation & New build.
                                                                                               Déclaration Préalable
 Modernisation – Renovation - Decoration & Garden Projects
                                                                                               Permis de Construire
     Improve your home and garden. Patios and
  Painting, interior and exterior décor. Renovations                                   Tel/Fax: 0033 (0)2 99 47 83 96
                  with peace of mind.
  Help and advice. Free estimates. Guarantees and references available.                 info@brittanyarchitecturalservices.com
 Contact Sharon 02 96 13 42 20 / 06 71 89 98 26                                         www.bretagnearchitecturalservices.com
                     Sharon@frenchhomes.co.uk                                           www.brittanyarchitecturalservices.com

                        FULL PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                           GEOTHERMAL / SOLAR HEATING ETC...
         CALL ARTHUR CUTLER ON 02 97 51 24 05 / 06 85 99 32 48
                                          Email: arthur.cutler@aliceadsl.fr
52          Building & Property Services
                                              Health & Beauty contd. from page 51
                 CLC                            Thai Yoga Massage and Relaxation massage. Gilles Le Picard.
                                                Qualified therapist, 15 yrs. experience. Clinics in Paimpol, Lannion,
 Building &Property Maintenance                 Guingamp & Jersey. Tel: 02 96 49 10 06 / 06 16 43 26 42 www.
             General building
 Stonework, blockwork, plastering, tiling
    Plasterboarding, dry lining, patios         Music
   02 98 86 95 37 or 06 59 71 50 29
       clc-chrislynn@hotmail.com                Soul Motown Disco with 6-course dinner on Saturday 29th August 2009
                                                At the Hotel de la Vallée, St-Gilles-Vieux-Marche (dept 22) / 0€ PP. Call
                                                Malcolm on 02 96 24 09 88 for info.

PLANET MAINTENANCE                              GUITAR / SINGING LESSONS Experienced professional. Guitar, Bass
                                                Guitar and Vocals. Most styles. Dedicated music room or home visits
      All types of Building Work                possible. Based near Carhaix. Tel 0298 99 58 15 or
        Kitchens / Bathrooms                    email: fender1945@orange.fr
            Decorating etc                      LIVE MUSIC from “THE SCRATCH BAND” Classic hits from the
Tel 02 96 45 77 89 / 06 81 54 98 41             50’s/60’s and 70’s. From Rock to Country. Packages to suit all budgets
     e-mail jebtan@wanadoo.fr                   and venues. Weddings/Parties/Clubs/Bars. Tel 0298 99 58 15 or email:

                                                Home Recording Studio. Fully equiped - mixers, microphones,
For all your PLASTERING                         computer, etc. Record music, singing, poetry, etc. Masters / CDs
                                                produced. Affordable. 02 98 99 70 06
        needs contact:
                                                Band P.A., racked. 2kw amp; 16 channel stereo mixing desk; 32-band
   GRAHAM HARTLEY                               graphic equaliser; 4-channel multigate; Sound enhancement processor;
02 98 73 83 98 06 03 75 10 25                   Virtualiser; Rack light; 2.5kw speakers; 2x speaker stands; 8 channel
     lizziegraham128@wanadoo.fr                 umbilical cord; all cables and leads. 2 years old, little use. 1350€ ono
                                                06 37 81 96 82
     French and English plaster, rendering,
           pointing and dry lining.             Piano Tuner. Efficient, knowledgeable service and repairs. Tel: 02 97 34
                                                30 93 or 09 52 87 26 51 Mobile: 06 26 65 39 75. Please ask for George
        Fully registered for all your
contact SARL Steve & Wendy Foster               Personal
 Renovations LTD. 02 98 26 43 95                Man. 60s, lively, happy, loving and young at heart wants to meet a
                                                woman for a loving relationship. Please reply to box no P0502 CBJ,
  Visit our web site for other services         BP 4, 22160 Callac
   steve.wendy.foster@wanadoo.fr                Alcoholics Anonymous. Do you want to stop drinking? Partner drinking
                                                too much? Alcoholics Anonymous can help. Tel John 02 97 73 94 99.

B RITTANY S olutions                                                                          Personal contd. page 52

02 96 24 66 15 066 10 29 014
   Digger Driver & Tipper Hire
       General Maintenance
                                                  ENTREPRISE ROITELET
                                                                     Steve Wren
     Light Home Renovations                           Electrical, Plumbing
(Pointing, Dry-Lining, Painting etc.)                 & Heating Engineer
 Gardening & Rotavating Service                       Geothermic heating
   Scrap & Rubbish Collection
                                                       Reliable workmanship,
      Land & Site Clearance                           over 25 years experience. Fully Insured
      Sand & Gravel Supplier                                All projects undertaken in depts 22, 29 & 56
Get Ready for Spring, Give Us a Ring             For a free quote contact Steve: (0033) 02 97 39 44 38/ 06 20 89 18 12

      Building & Property Services
    Building & Property Services                                                                                                               53

Personal continued from page 52
     Happy-going lady looking for happy-going man, for companionship.
     Man who can dance would be nice. Please send photo. Reply to box no
     P0510 CBJ, BP 4, 22160 Callac
     Peter Murr Tidnam, Still loves Anne Slater, of Pontivy.
                                                                                       General Maintenance
     Lost in France. Bilingual lady, tall, bien soignee, bubbly, timid. Monsieur,
                                                                                          Stuart Barker
     60s to 70s, good humoured, genuine, stable, solvent, sincerely searching         Tel: 02 98 93 87 43 / 06 23 67 84 17
     a brighter horizon, avec le bonheur. Replies to ref:P0607 CBJ, BP 4,
     22160 Callac.

     Roses are red, Violets are blue, Peter Murr Tidnam, I Love You! (For
     Peter Murr Tidnam)                                                                LONGMUIR ROOFING
     Services                                                                                  Couverture Zinguerie
                                                                                             Le Croix Rouge,             22570 Perret
     Having problems setting up your broadband? Can’t get email to
     work? Then call Brittany Broadband, broadband and internet software             02 96 24 86 79 / 06 89 28 24 64
     installation specialists. Troubleshooting and Email Setup. 09 61 54 47 48                  mark.longmuir@wanadoo.fr
     info@brittany-broadband.com and www.brittany-broadband.com

                                                                                    BOUGET MICHEL SARL
     Helping hands for all aspects of housework. Ironing collected and
     delivered. Also holiday home preparation. Rouillac + 15km radius. E-mail
     joweller22@yahoo.co.uk. Tel: 02 96 84 94 42                                        22160 LA CHAPELLE NEUVE
                                                                                    Digger & mini digger
     Jewellery repairs in gold and silver. Remodelling and commissions
     undertaken. Same day repairs possible. Large selection of gemstones
                                                                                    Septic tanks installed,
     available. E-mail: peter.weller491@orange.fr. Tel: 02 96 84 94 42              landscaping etc. ....
                                                                                    bougettp@wanadoo.fr www.bougettp.com
     Handyman. All aspects of house and garden maintenance covered.
     CESU. Call Roger on 02 98 99 13 04. Based at le Moustoir nr. Carhaix.
                                                                                     Tel 02 96 21 63 42   English spoken
     30 yrs experience.

     Secure caravan storage in Central Brittany. 75 mins from coasts and                                     Carpentry, Joinery,
     immediate access to National routes. Accomodation available. Visit:
     caransatkoadtrenk.com or tel: 02 96 29 22 64
                                                                                                               Wood Turning
                                                                                                               Staircases, doors, windows,
                                                                                                              furniture, panelling, flooring,
     Secure Established Vehicle Storage Facility Ideal location for St Malo
                                                                                                           Timber structured house extensions
     ferry/Dinard Airport contact Rex & Sal Gilman gilman.rex@wanadoo.fr                                    Fluent English - All Central Brittany
     0033 (0)299 73 92 71
                                                                                    06 79 79 74 23 - email: menuiserie@koad-kador.com
                                                                                                 Lesnevez - 29640 Bolazec - 02 98 78 17 53
     Traditional & Modern Upholstery. Antique furniture restored in the                            web site: http://www.koad-kador.com
     traditional method. Headboards made and upholstered. Also furniture
     restoration. Contact Jude Sowerby 02 98 78 59 09 (Devon Community
     College tutor)

                                                     Services contd. page 54
                                                                                              Just Handy
                                                                                          Property / Garden Maintenance
                                                                                           Keyholding, Changeovers, etc.
                                                                                      Vehicle storage.                          Tipping trailer.
                PAUL DUCKWORTH                                                                          30km radius Pontivy.
           High Quality Carpentry and Joinery                                       Tel: 02 97 27 30 87
                 at Competitive Prices                                               malcolm.singleton@orange.fr Reliable. Registered
                                  Depts. 22 29
                                                                                    GRANIT KITCHEN TOPS
                                                                                    The whole process from measuring up,
         STAIRCASES   LAMBRIS/ PANELLING                        KITCHENS            quotation, fitting & after sales service
       FITTED OR MADE TO ORDER - TRADITIONAL RESTORATION WORK                       handled by James, your English contact
                 (BEAMS, FIREPLACES ETC.) & MUCH MORE
                                                                                    at MAILLARD GRANIT.
                           No job too small                                         Hundreds of colours of granit, marble and quartz slabs in stock.
         For a free quote, please telephone                          You are welcome to visit our factory to choose your exact slab!
                 email: paul.duckworth@hotmail.com                                  Phone james 00 33 66 88 11 664

                                                                  Building & Property Services
54              54 Building Property Services
               Building && Property Services
Services contd.                                                                      English Blacksmith for Decorative Ironwork:
  from page 53                         Writing a book? English publisher             Gates, railings, balconies, rose-arches, and bird
                                       in Brittany offers professional               tables. Renovation and repairs to existing ironwork
Piano Tuner. Efficient,                 service for editing, page-setting             also undertaken. Tel. Steve 06 13 62 65 25
knowledgeable service and repairs.     and printing. Very reasonable
Tel: 02 97 34 30 93 or 09 52 87 26     rates. Tel. 02 98 24 15 19.                   Interior soft furnishings, made to measure.
51 Mobile: 06 26 65 39 75. Please      email: myeditor@orange.fr                     Curtains,blinds bed throws, table runners, small
ask for George Farmer.                                                               recovering projects, to complement your new
                                       Soft furnishings. Curtains, loose             renovation. Call Sharon for an initial discussion
Assistance with light home             covers, swags and tails, fitted                on 0296 13 42 20(eves) or email Sharon@
renovation Paiting, tiling, sanding,   bedspreads. Advice on colour and              frenchhomes.co.uk
pointing etc. 15 km radius of          fabrics. Qualified with many years
Carhaix. Tel: 06 66 03 28 09 or        experience.
leave a message.                       Tel. Jude: 02 98 78 59 09                     Translation & French

  Velux Plus Stone Craft
                                                                                     ARMOR TRAD - Danièle O’NEILL. Translator/
                                                                                     Interpreter in French, English and Spanish. Also

                                                                                     Legal and Courts translating. Tel. 06 19 48 33 30

    Professional                                                                     AIKB “Here to help you”. Information, Advice,
                                       Full Renovations & Extensions                 Translations etc. Free to members. Annual
 Velux Window fitter                     Loft Conversions & Roofing                    membership 30€ per household plus 10€ initial, one-
   All sizes undertaken                     Patios & Landscaping                     off joining fee. Offices in Gouarec & Ploërdut.
                                                                                     02 96 24 87 90. aikb@wanadoo.fr. www.aikb.fr
      Free Estimates                    Fully Registered General Builder
                                         For a free Estimate contact Chris George:
       Tel: Steven A.                                                                JOIN US TO LEARN FRENCH. All levels. Weekly
                                              Tel: 0297 38 50 05                     or intensive courses. Small groups. Qualified bi-
 Home: 02 96 24 63 72                         Mob: 0676 127 175
                                        E-Mail: - stonecraft56@yahoo.co.uk
                                                                                     lingual teachers. Lessons in Gouarec, Gourin,
                                                                                     Rostrenen, Guern, Ploërdut, Guéméné, Saint
 Mob: 06 33 58 32 03                      www.stonecraft.fusiveweb.co.uk             Brigitte 02 96 24 87 90

                                                                                     Parlez-Vous Français? Tailor-made tuition to suit
                                                                                     your requirements. Translation and interpreting
Maintenance Service
 A.W. Allen & Son
                                         V. B. Plombier                              services. Qualified bilingual teacher in Carhaix area.
                                                                                     Call Rob 02 96 29 66 49
                                           For all your plumbing
 Family Business Est 1889                and heating needs. Fully-
 House/Garden/Field                      qualified and French reg.                                       Translation & French Courses
 With over 20 years experience we                 engineer.                                                         continued page 56
offer a maintenance service to help      Based Maël Carhaix
  you enjoy your home in France.                                                      Metalwork
                                         Covering Central Brittany
    35 km radius of Landeleau.
                                         Call Vince 02 96 24 78 11
     Fully Registered And Insured
Tel: 02 98 93 98 18 / 06 77 20 77 36
                                         mobile: 06 42 72 39 00
                                                                                         Ferronnerie d’Argoat
    awallenandson@orange.fr                                                                   Wrought Iron work
                                                                                               Sheet Metal work
                                                          Kingfisher                          Staircases in Wood & Metal
 R & B Builders                                         Decorating
                                                                                         Private & Professional clients welcome
                                                                                         9 rue de la Fontaine CALLAC 02 96 45 91 31
     BEN ERRIDGE                                    Areas 22, 29 & 56 covered
 Fully Registered General Builder            Interior/Exterior
                                          Wall & Floor tiling
 All types of Building Work
         Undertaken                        Plasterboarding                           La Forge Challis
  Roofing Electrics Plumbing                    Reasonable Prices                      Traditional blacksmithing, bespoke designs,
                                                22 years experience                      Window and security grills, Gates, etc
        Masonry etc.                                                                          fabrication work undertaken
                                                   Free estimates
   Roz-Ar-Vinglen 22340 Le Moustoir      Bob: 02 97 51 20 57                                          LOYAT 56800
 Tel: (0033) 02 98 99 14 13                  kingfisherbob@live.com                   02 97 73 80 34 or 06 20 16 62 58

        Building & Property Services
    Bretagne Patio Stone
                             ADRIAN COOPER
                             64 RUE DE PONTIVY
                             22530 MUR DE BRETAGNE.
                             TEL. 02 96 28 53 74
English-style riven paving slabs, fabricated by registered Artisan.
Six sizes of slabs for random-style effect patios. Circle sets,
border edgings, stepping stones, slate effect wall blocks etc.
Many colours available. Laying if required.
Ring the above number for free estimate.
                                                We offer :
                                          Garden Maintenance
                                         Driveways, Paved areas,              Gates Made to Order
                                         Landscaping, Fencing,                      Tel Jim 02 96 21 50 39
                                               Decking,                             e-mail: ronnieh6@gmail.com
Free site visit and quotation            Stonework, Blockwork,
Help with French administration            Ponds with water
            if needed                          features
30 km radius of Le FAOUËT
          06 32 70 66 54 - 09 75 48 41 50
jmg56320@orange.fr Keranroue - 56320 Le Faouet

                                                                                         02 98 99 96 09                 anne.nolan@orange.fr
                                                                                         06 42 23 53 78             www.bloomsandbrooms.com
            Grasscutting, Lawn renovation, Hedgecutting.                             From makeover to change over, we can cater for your every need
                     Pruning and Weed control                                             Regular maintenance or
                                                                                       complete garden makeovers.
                 Mole Control (No use of chemicals)
                                                                                        Cleaning, changeovers and
            Design and consultancy service specialising                                  caretaking plus lots more.
                   in low maintenance gardens.                                         We are a reliable, professional
                                                                                          couple at your service.
                                                                                                       fully registered
     Professional, reliable service and fully registered                                        Tel: 02 98 99 96 09
             covering 30km radius Guingamp.                                                     Mob: 06 42 23 53 78
      For your requirements contact Charles Wymer.                                      e-mail: anne.nolan@orange.fr
 02 96 43 58 77 / 06 35 96 84 22 . paysagesdarmor@sfr.fr                              web: www.bloomsandbrooms.com

                                     HAUT DES ARBRES
             TREE SURGERY                                          LANDSCAPE GARDENING
        FELLING              PRUNING                  THINNING           CROWN LIFTING or REDUCTION
                         Patios              Walling Fencing                  Decking etc
                                   FREE ADVICE , SITE VISIT & QUOTATION.
                       Wood Chipper & Cherry Picker available for hire         COVERING 22, 56, 29, 35.
                                     Tel: Steve Frearson 02 96 36 92 26
                                                 E MAIL: hautdesarbres@wanadoo.fr

                      LA JARDINERIE HOLLANDAISE
                    Le Garly 56480 STE BRIGITTE Tel: 02 97 27 62 19
             Very competitive prices       Landscaping and garden maintenance
     56                 Log Houses / Buy & Sell
                                                                                                        Translation & French Courses
                                                                                                        contd. from page 56
             Jimmy's Gas, Plumbing & Heating
                                                                                                             French tuition with Smile IT France (based near Dinan) -
            For all your plumbing and heating requirements
                                       (gas/oil/solid fuel)                                                  individual and group sessions - free trial lesson, enrolment
                                                                                                             throughout the year – phone Marjorie on 02 96 82 71 53 or
                       Reconditioned Rayburn Ranges
                                                                                                             see website www.smileit.eu
            & New Woodburning Stoves (stand alone / with radiators)
            For a free quote Contact Jimmy: 02 99 91 20 09 or                                                FRENCH CLASSES, all levels, small groups or private
                      artisans.de.l.oust@nordnet.fr                                                          lessons at Kergrist Moelou. Peter Mickelborough.
            Depts 22/29/35/56. Ex-Corgi registered with 35 years experience
                                                                                                             www.chatquilit.com 0296 36 59 00
                         Fully registered & Insured in France

                                                                                                             STRUGGLING WITH the French Language? Help is at
Log Houses                                                                                                   hand! Fluent in French, lots of teaching experience French:
                                                                                                             English Degree Holder. I can come to you from Guingamp
  ECOLOGICAL LOG HOUSES                                                                                      30km radius. All levels and ages, grammar, conversation:
                                                                                                             TAILOR-MADE lessons to suit.
  Aesthetic and Comfortable                                                                                  Call for more info: 02 96 43 58 77 or 06 04 05 47 61

                                                                                                             Vehicles for Sale
                                                                                                             Land Rover Freelander 1998 RHD. Petrol 1.8l 108,000
                                                                                                             miles. Good condition, Tow ball, electric windows, silver
                                                                                                             blue wheel cover, pull-out boot cover. 950€ ono
                                                                                                             Tel: 02 98 93 50 20

                                                                                                             Peugeot Speedfight Scooter 100cc. Can be ridden on car
                                                                                                             licence. Immaculate 2005. Lock included. 2000kms 1,300€.
                                                                                                             Open Corsa roof rails 40€. Tel: 02 96 28 93 98

                                                                                                             Kangoo 1.4RTE Petrol, 1998. French Registered. LHD.
                                                                                                             87000km. Great condition. CT May 2010. 2800€. E-mail
                                                                                                             martin.moore87@ntlworld.com for full details
In kit form and constructed to a very high quality
In Round Logs and processed in traditional 'RUSSIAN'                                                         Mercedes 240 diesel. LHD. 1982. Controle Technique April
- or 'SCANDINAVIAN' - STYLE. The logs of our houses                                                          2011. Tow-bar, alloy wheels, beige-chrome, michelin tyres.
have been selected from trees in the Northern Forest of                                                      350,000 kms V.G.C. Good investment. 1650€ ono.
                                                                                                             06 37 81 96 82
Russia. Range of different models and styles from 60 m2 to
400 m2 available (D168 illustrated).                                                                         Kubota L4200 tractor loader with cab, turf tyres. Power
Email: ecologhouse.lock@gmail.com Telephone: 02 98 93 84 70                                                  take off and hydraulic outlets. 8000€ ono. Tel David
     Bob Lock - 7 Rue de Palers - 29530 LANDELEAU                                                            02 96 45 04 31

       Would you like to visit our show house D110?
You are welcome. We are offering regular customer open days.                                                 Wanted
Just send us your details with this coupon and we will contact
you to organize your visit.                                                                                  Wanted: Showman’s living van, any condition. Cash
                                                                                                             buyer. 56 area. Grey Fergie tractor (project) for sale, 450€.
(Last name, first name)                            (Phone)                                                    Chain saw for sale, as new. Area 56, Meneac.
                                                                                                             Tel: 02 97 93 35 52.
(Residence)                                       (e-mail address)
                                                                                                                                           Wanted continued page 57
   Buy & Sell
                                               Property                                                 57

                                           Wanted contd. from page 56

                                             English table specialist requires large French farmhouse tables.
     Camping Les Genets d'Or                 Must be solid wood. Cash waiting. Call 07768 997907 or e-mail
                                             (with picture if possible) tudl183@aol.com
        29380 Bannalec
                                             Technical Translators and English Teachers. Seeking
       www.holidaybrittany.com               experienced translators (all languages) and experienced English
                                             teachers for teaching business English in Brest, Quimper,
                                             Morlaix, Lannion and St-Brieuc. Please send CV to contact@
    What will give you more interest?
    Money in the bank...                                                      Wanted continued page 58
    Or your own holiday home in Brittany

     with all year round use

                                                                               Properties in FRDVWDO
                                                                            1RUWK )LQLVWqUH 29 and 22
                                                                               DQG & Wendy Chadwick
                                                                              Steve UXUDO SURSHUWLHV
  Brand New Atlas Melodie                                                              0033 (0)2 98 &KDGZLFN
                                                                                    6WHYH DQG :HQG\ 67 84 50
                                                                                        0033 (0)6 78 45 70 33
    £19,950 sited & installed                                                              www.ar-ger.com
                                                                           26 rue de Kerstéphan 29630 Plougasnou
  02 98 39 54 35 / 0044 (0)1803 315585
                                                                                       ZZZ DU JHU FRP
        judy@holidaybrittany.com                                                  UXH GH .HUVWpSKDQ    3ORXJDVQRX


    17 rue de l’Eglise 22260 CALLAC            Waterside and Equestrian Properties
            tel:                       Brittany (22, 29, 35, 56)
                                                Tel.: +33 (0)2 96 22 21 62 - Mobile: +33 (0)6 31 24 55 21
                                                    Email: contact@bellesdemeuresdebretagne.fr

nr. Callac: Beautiful setting, close to
the forest. 4 bedrooms, fitted kitchen,
      outbuildings, 5000m2 land.
       107 800 € ref: 1582-996
  58        Building Services / Property
 Building Services                                             Property
        Registered Artisan                                     Building Land for Sale
     Sandblasting for removal of dirt, varnish,                Lot 1800 sq m. near beautiful village, in commune adjacant to
       paint etc on old stonework & wood.                      Carantec, North of Morlaix. Beaches, & golf within 8 mins. Roscoff,
   Joinery & Plasterboarding.             Pointing.            ferries, sea-spas, fisherman’s wharf, within 20 mins. Freeway in half a
                Mini Digger hire & driver                      mile. 60€ sq m. Tel: 06 06 46 93 95
         Free estimates - covering Brittany
                                                               Land for sale, St-Guen, nr Mur-der-Bretagne, with building
 02 97 74 97 15 mark.sample@wanadoo.fr                         permissioon. View on rue de Senechal, sunny plot, with views.
                                                               1705 sq.m. 17,000€. Tel: 02 96 28 83 86
 Building Services
                                                               Mobile Home for Sale
 Multim Services                                               Mobile home 30 x 10ft, ideal home whilst renovating. Sleeps 4.
                                                               Lounge, kitchen, shower, toilet. Excellent condition. Buyer removes.
       All Aspects of Building                                 2,500€ o.n.o Tel: 02 96 45 89 59 or 06 82 06 99 11
 02 56 22 00 85                06 73 14 90 43
            French-registered Company
   From General Property Maintenance                           Property for Sale
          to Full Renovations.                                 Renovation Project. Two adjoining houses. 50ft long. One without
  Tim Rossiter      multimservices@hotmail.com                 roof. In 1672sqm land. Outbuilding, plans been approved. Pedernec
                                                               Commune. Nr N12. 35,000€ oe reasonable offer. Tel: 02 96 43 44 27

 Fosse Septique                                                Impressive Riverside Mill House for Sale - Plemet 235000€ - Please
                                                               visit www.mulberry-mill.com/forsale.html for details
                            Mark Woodman
                             Rozegantel 56160 Ploerdut
                            Tel and Fax: 02 97 39 39 51
                                                               To Let / Holiday Lets
                             Mobile: 06 37 39 69 51
                             email: woodyjcb@aol.com           Looking for a comfortable fairly-priced long let? 300€ pcm, near
                             Septic Tank Installations         Callac and Carhaix. For more details go to www.horsemans-cottage.
For Hire:                    Landscaping Excavations           com or phone 02 96 45 04 31
Cat 307B 9 tonnes. 65 € per hour    We Supply and Deliver:
3 tonnes Mini-Diggers 48 € per hour Topsoil
Micro-Digger & Dumper               Building & Road Stone                                                        Property contd. p 59

 Glass / Windows                                                 Equestrian Property. Dept 56
                                                                 Traditional Breton
                                                                 Stone House 2 / 3
 GNP If its glass we do it                                       bed, renovated with
                                                                 new kitchen and bath-
                                                                 room. 6 large indoor
                                                                 stables, Round
                   Fully registered                              Pen, grass-surfaced
 Tel: 02 97 08 20 20 Mobile: 06 36 55 04 59                      arena, 3 furlong Can-
           penpag@hotmail.co.uk                                  ter track. 6 hectares
                                                                 of well-fenced, good
Wanted contd. from page 57                                       grazing land, some
                                                                 woodland. Trout /
 Would anybody like to meet informally once a month              Salmon Stream. Set
 to discuss with like-minded people, their interests in
                                                                 in a peaceful stunning
 Meditation, Reiki, T.M. Angels, Crystal Healing, Spirits in
 fact whatever. If so call me and we can see what we can         location with miles of
 do. Malcolm on 0298 937 267.                                    out riding.

 English lessons wanted. Grammar and conversation.
 One-to-one tuition preferred. Callac/Guingamp area. Tel:                     230,000€. Private Sale
 06 08 69 18 90
                                                                          02 97 23 68 54 moheigan@gm
           Property / Building Services                                                                                            59

Property to Let contd. from page 58
    3-bedroom detached gîte. Sleeps 6. Near Glomel. Available            Small eco project for long term rent. Stone farmhouse
    for short and long lets. Fully equipped. Safe, enclosed garden.      with open fire and great views. Walled orchard and vegetable
    Weekly from 200€, or longer rentals 600€ /month. E-mail              garden. Other buildings for wood and tools. Nr Carhaix.
    janeprichards@hotmail.co.uk. Tel: 0044 1633 440 996                  Tel: 0298 93 50 11

    Attractive holiday cottage to let in an area renowned for
    beautiful countryside. Sleeps 5. £250-£400 weekly. Will               Carpenter / Joiner
    consider longer lets until mid-late June and mid September
    onwards. Tariff negotiable. Phone 02 96 30 44 14(France).email
    ladauphinais@orange.fr website                                                                                                      d

                    Langonnet dept 56.
                                                                          woodwor ks sarl
                                                                         13 kerauter         * Carpentry
                                                                         22570 Plélauff      * Kitchen & bathroom furniture
                                                                         0296 248720         * Oak gates
                                                                         0296 365508         * Wooden buildings
                                                                         06 42317280         * Oak floors
                                                                         06 45494179         * “LumberMate” mobile sawmill

                                                                      New Build
     A large and interesting property with the opportunity of a
    2nd income in the form of a separate flat. A large, traditional
       stone-built Breton house on 3 levels, with a good sized
    garden, just outside the village. Currently it has 2 bedrooms
      but also a large attic which has been partially converted
     for 2 further bedrooms. Fully-fitted kitchen, bathroom, and
    central heating. The property is in good condition. 110.000€
              0297 236 854           moheigan@gm


                               For all your
                               Electrical,                             Developer of quality new build, off plan
                                                                        and bespoke properties in Brittany.
                                Plumbing                                   Friendly professional bilingual
                                & Heating                                   service to your requirements.
                              Requirements                               4New range of homes
    • All Domestic & Commercial                                          4Property rental
    • Temporary Power Supplies                                           4Property management
              available                                                  4Scaffold towers for hire
    • Fully Qualified & Insured
    • 37 Years         To arrange a free,                              www.properties-brittany.com
                        friendly, on-site
    Covering Departments
    22, 29, 35 & 56
                                        estimate, contact:
                                          Ian Dennison                      02 97 27 01 71
                                      02 96 67 30 39
    www.dennisonelectrique.com        06 89 41 43 62                   bel-air-homes@orange.fr
                 Building Services
Property to Let contd. from page 59
 Typical Breton stone cottage in small hamlet close to Gorges du Corong   www.l-agence-immobiliere.fr - Buying or selling property
 for long or short term let. 2 bedrooms sleeps 4. Further info on www.    - we can help - Tel 02 22 06 82 98 or immo@mulberry-
 brittanystopovers.com or phone Patrick or Carole on 02 96 45 73 46       mill.com We offer non-exclusive mandats and advertise
                                                                          throughout UK and France.

 Small property wanted within 30km radius Guingamp. Minimum one
 bedroom, must have garden, be structurally sound, and connected to
 services. Max 50,000€ Phone 01329 665989

                                                                           GK SANDBLASTING
                                                                             We offer free quotations and advice,
                                                                                 covering areas 22, 56, 29, 35.

                ECO TAF
   Moustermeur 22110 KERGRIST MOELOU
                                                                            Sandblasting is used for the removal of
                                                                             paint/rot/dirt etc. on wood. Ideal for
                                                                             cleaning old beams as it restores to a
                                                                                           superb finish.
   FOSSE SEPTIQUES   EARTH WORKS                                               Stonework / granite / fireplaces /
   MASONRY      RAINWATER STORAGE                                            walls, internal and external, are also
       REINFORCED CONCRETING                                                          left beautifully clean.
                                  Tel: French: 06 86 81 34 73
                                                                                   Tel: 02 96 25 75 29
                                      English: 02 96 36 56 37
                                      Building Services                                                                 61

                               Patrick Dudley
                                           22480              Septic tank systems, Micro-stations installed,
                                                             Excavations for lakes Demolition of buildings
      02 96 29 72 24                                                          5 ton digger and dumper hire
      06 30 74 70 75                                       100 km radius Loudéac
 patrick.dudley@wanadoo.fr                                 Martyn Conduit:
                                                           02 96 26 22 56
    MIKE QUARTLEY                                          06 11 18 22 19
 Qualified Carpenter/Joiner                                  English spoken
40 years experience French registered artisan              info@lacassieretp.com
Carpentry, General Building, Renovations & Conversions
Also mini-digger work
Tel: 0297382156 Mobile: 0622465086                           AMAZON FENCING
e-mail mikequartley@hotmail.com
                                                             All types of fencing work
                                                               driveways, decking,
petit ver de terre ltd.                                          general building
 Fosse septique installation                                          fully registered
  Micro digger and driver                                          references provided          Premier Renovations
                                                                        free advice                   Ruins to Reality
    Interior excavation                                                                            All Aspects of Building Work
Carbon-neutral limecrete floors        Drainage solutions      02 97 28 13 56                    Interior / Exterior / Groundworks
Tel: 02 98 78 92 94 / 06 50 47 19 21                          06 36 57 51 54                        Tel: 02 97 28 00 39
                      (before 6 pm)
                                                             amazonfencing@gmail.com             email: louthter@wanadoo.fr

                                                                                            Partners with

  Renewable Energy
  Heat Pumps Air/Air Air/Water
  Air Conditioning
  Electrics / Plumbing
  Tel: Peter Collins
  06 76 54 24 85
       19 pl de la Croix                   29900 Concarneau
               Building Services
                                                                        EUROPEAN ROOFING
       OIL & WOODBURNER & CENTRAL                                         CONTRACTORS
  Oil boilers serviced & repaired & new supplied & fitted.
       Woodburners & flues supplied & fitted
  Dramatically reduce your oil or gas bill by plumbing the woodburner      S AT E L L I T E I N S TA L L AT I O N S
             back boiler into your existing radiator system
             Fully automatic & thermostatically controlled
                                                                        Velux windows
   Clean, convenient & cosy. Wide range to choose from inc inserts      Guttering
   Sean Hendicott Tel/Fax: 02 98 93 55 89                                Windows
              sean.hendicott@wanadoo.fr                                   and Doors

                                                                          or call: 02 96 86 60 62
       M.R.T.P. – FOSSETECH
      18 years experience in Brittany
  DRAINAGE SPECIALISTS                                                   COMPLETE PERFECTION
  LOCAL AUTHORITY APPROVED CONTRACTORS                                   Registered Artisan Builder
   Etudes, Plans and Permits                                            Reliable, honest & friendly
 For Free Advice and Quotes Tel : 02 96 86 51 05                        MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS
   www.fossetech.com         Fax : 02 96 86 54 99                       Call Mick on: 02 96 21 42 59 / 06 69 40 74 17
              Email:otool22@aol.com                                       w w w. f i r s t s t e p s b r i t t a n y. c o . u k

                                                                         STEVE MOORE
               Service de Preparation                                    PAINTER & DECORATOR
                  SANDBLASTING                                           SPECIAL EFFECTS
                                                                         CERAMIC TILING
                         We can clean:                                   2 KERBOUZARD
                ● Old beams         ● Ironwork                           22160 PLUSQUELLEC
                ● Stone walls       ● Boats                              tel. 02 96 45 57 17
                ● Lintels           ● Trailers                                09 64 43 67 40
                ● Fireplaces        ●Tractors                            mob. 0686 360947
                ● Vehicles          ● Farm
                ● Car wheels            implements
                Telephone: 02 97 38 09 79
                  Email: martyn@martynworth.com
                                                                        Lee Smith
                      www.martynworth.com                               Qualified Builder & Roofer
                                                                        Over 20 years experience

                                                                        La Gare 56160 Locmalo

              Groundwork,                            Easy               02 97 39 31 51 / 06 37 17 93 26
              Hire & Sales
                                                  in Brittany
               Seglien (Dept. 56)
              Diggers, Dumpers,            Paul Johnson                 LOIC LE BRUN
Compactors, Installation of fosse        French-qualified               English-speaking French artisan
 septique systems, Landscaping,
Pond Cleaning, Groundwork for
                                         Maçon since 1994               GROUNDWORKS, SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED.
      Swimming Pools etc.                   02 97 39 34 83                             Keen prices.
                                          paul@easy-buildbrittany.com    Friendly, reliable, one-to-one service
  Tel: 02 97 28 03 16                     www.easy-buildbrittany.com
                                                                        Tel: 02 98 78 91 39 / 06 98 90 46 60
                         Building Services                                                                            63

                                                                                         PLUS QU’ELEC
                                                                                         Serving the French/English
 Painting and Decorating                                                                        community.
                                                                                       Rewiring       Inspections
    Renovation Work                                                           Exterior Lighting       New Houses
            Before                                                    Stewart 02 96 21 53 60 / 06 77 46 40 71
                                 Exterior House Painting              Amar    02 96 36 51 86           Plusquellec 22160
                                      Dulux exterior
                                     Valentine paint
                                   Tel: 02 96 29 46 12
                                 Mobile: 06 25 57 69 24                                       BUILDING WORK
                              E-mail: bestpriceinbrittany@orange.fr                            MINI DIGGERS
                                                                                                Sand, Gravels/Aggregates

                                     Mini Digger
                                                                                                  supplied. Small loads.
   General                                                                                     STUART COUSENS
Building Work                         & Driver                                                     La Vieille Boissiere,
                                                                                                    22160 Plusquellec
                                   Gardens & Drainage
                                                                         Tel: 02 96 45 98 11 / 06 75 59 14 55
& Renovations                    Mains sewerage connections
                                     Banking & Drives
  PAUL BUTLER                     Free estimates and advice
 Registered Artisan Builder             Assoc Highstwest
           Areas 22 29 56.                Plusquellec
 02 98 73 90 32                     Tel: 02 96 45 04 43                   ENTREPRISE GÉNÉRALE
                                   Mobile: 06 75 45 99 77
 06 74 73 14 53                      highstwest@wanadoo.fr                    de BATIMENT
 butler.paul@wanadoo.fr           http://highstwest.chez-alice.fr
                                                                           RENOVATION - NEUF
                                                                        TRAVAUX d‛ASSAINISSEMENT
                                                                            Building in France since 1975

                                                                                 David KING
                                                                          61 route de la Corniche 22580 PLOUHA

                                                                       Tel 02 96 20 38 11 david74173@aol.com

                                                                                    Art & fenêtres
                                                                                    Por tes Volets
                                                                      Windows and Doors
                                                                           PVC, Aluminium
                                                                             Front Doors,
                                                                      Roll Shutters and Blinds
                                                                      Heating: Wood Burning stoves,
                                                                           Show room: 1 rue de Callac
                                                                               29270 CARHAIX
                                                                      Tel: (English spoken)
                                                                            email: fenetresetfeu@orange.fr
Photo of the Month:

The Marbled Newt

Théophile Deyrolle - The Boules Players (1887)
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Quimper. See p. 21

                                                                              UK £1.25   France: 1€

     l ns
Beatl es                                                         Yves de Reviers

                                                                       Successor to:
                                                    GENERALI FRANCE      M. Georges Hamon

                                                                      All Types of Insurance
 ● Wedding/birthday decorations
 ● Fireworks
                                                     Car House Health
 ● Helium and balloons                                    Investments Retirement
 ● Fancy dress                                                   Fluent English Spoken
 ● Wigs, makeup and
           accessories                                  7, rue des Portes – 22160 Callac
 English spoken                                                  02 96 45 51 15
 82, avenue de la République - 56700 HENNEBONT               callac@agence.generali.fr www.ballonsetfetes.fr                           No. ORIAS: 07035059

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