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									     Name of Site                             URL                         Subject
The Library of Congress:
American Memory                      American History

The Smithsonian Institute                   American History

                                                                    Colonial American
Colonial Williamsburg               History

The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of
American History              American History

PBS: The American Experience          American History

Google Earth                       Geography

Teaching American History       org                                 American History

                                                                   American History,
                     World History, Social
Discovery School Lesson Plans ans/                                 Studies

PBS: Empires                   World History

                       American History,
History Channel Classroom       room                                World History

                                                                    American History,
The National Endowment for World History, Social
the Humanities: EDSITEment      n.asp?subjectArea=3                 Studies
Congress Online                  Civics

Yale University: The Avalon
Project                       avalon.htm                         World History, Law

The New York Times                News

National Geographic    World History, Cultures
    Topic              Level            Description
                                    Huge selection of
                                    interesting photos,
Primary Sources    High School      movies and prints.

Primary Sources,                    Use for a tour of the
Museum           High School        museums.

                                    Great for stories about
Primary Sources,                    different types of people
Secondary                           living in the 18th Century,
Sources                             as well as trades, crafts,
Interactive Tour High School        and politics of the era.
                                    Modules and lesson
                                    plans by leading
Lesson Plans       High School      historians.
                                    Good for numerous
                                    topics and brief
Lesson Plans,                       descriptions of important
Secondary                           people, places and
Sources            High School      events.

                                    Can show students where
                   Elementary       on earth we are learning
                   School, Middle   about in great detail.
                   School, High     Especially in North
Interactive Tour   School           America and Europe.

Lesson Plans,                       Large stie with overviews
Secondary                           of lessons, primary
Sources, Primary                    sources, etc. Made by
Sources          High School        and for teachers.
                 School, Middle     A huge selection of
                 School, High       lessons plans for every
Lesson Plans     School             grade level and subject.
                                    A wonderful interactive
                                    tour of worlds from
Secondary                           Ancient Greece to
Sources,                            Napoleon. Great to use in
Interactive Tour   High School      the class.
                                    Good list of speeches for
Lesson Plans,                       download and lesson
Primary Sources    High School      plans.
Lesson Plans,      School, Middle
Seoncdary          School, High     Wonderful lesson plans,
Sources, Links     School           very in-depth.
                                   Search for legislature and
                                   current events. You can
                                   also look at each House
Current Events,   Middle School,   Member's and Senator's
Primary Sources   High School      websites.
                                   Huge list of primary
                                   documents. Some are
                                   very in-depth, use in AP
Primary Sources   High School      classes.
                                   Great for current events
                                   and interesting articles.
                                   Good for topic
                                   conversation starters and
Current Events,   Middle School,   for linking the past with
Primary Sources   High School      the present.
                                   Beautiful pictures and
                                   meaningful information
                  Elementary       on a well designed
                  School, Middle   website.Great for
Current Events,   School, High     discussing different world
Primary Sources   School           cultures.

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