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					                    2012-13 Budget Development Key Dates

     Date                                                   Event
                   - OBFP to meet with respective areas and discuss budget development process
                   - OBFP provides respective E&G and Auxiliary Six Year Strategic Plans for review.
November, 2011
                   - OBFP provides respective E&G and Auxiliary 2011-12 base operating budgets.

                   - OBFP provides respective listing of budgeted full-time positions for verification

   19-Dec-11       - Governor announces 2012-2014 biennial budget recommendations.

                    - OBFP issues instructions to array 2012-13 base budget allocations through the Self-
                   Service Banner Budget Development Module. Departments can array discretionary funds
 January, 2012     using this module into the appropriate budget categories. Training will be provided
                   through Our Turn sessions.

                   - Full-time salary verifications due to the OBFP.

   18-Jan-12       - 2012-13 recommendations and budget priorities for E&G and Auxiliary Six-Year
                   Strategic Plans due to the OBFP.

 February, 2012    - Budget discussions and presentations, if additional information is needed.

   28-Feb-12       - Self-Service Banner Budget Development module is locked down to end-users.
                   - 2012-13 tuition and fees recommendations developed by the OBFP.
March/April 2012
                   - Preliminary 2012-13 operating budget presented to administration for consideration.

                    - 2012-13 tuition and fee recommendations presented to the Board of Visitors for
   May, 2012
                    - OBFP finalizes the 2012-13 operating budget and presents to administration for

                    - Cut-off date to provide reasonable assurance that payment for purchases will be
                   charged against your FY2012 department budget. Receipt of goods and/or services by
   June, 2012      the department and receipt of the vendor’s invoice in Accounts Payable must occur on or
                   before this date (refer to FY2012 close- out memo for instructions, typically distributed
                   in January).

    1-Jul-12       - 2012-13 operating budgets available in Banner Finance.

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