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					       How To Hack For Unlimited Swagbucks


Original Author – Carlos_es_muy_contento

Resale Rights- Definitely Not.

Owner Contact Info- Tel: +18687183855 {Name: Amrika}

What Kind Of Hack Is Being Taught – Shopping Hack

Waiting Days For Swagbucks To Become Redeemable- 30 days exact. [Eg. If you try this hack
today, the swagbucks will be redeemable next month same date]

How will I know if this hack works- It takes 1-2 days to appear under “history” on your
swagbucks account. More will be explain performing the hack.

Does this work worldwide? – Only US members can the redeem prizes that needs to be
shipped to a physical address. Gift cards can be redeemed by anyone from anywhere
especially if you are targeting the $5 PayPal Gift Card [US proxy may be used to redeem]

                      Requirements To Perform This Hack

   -   *A Account*
   -   General Knowledge about
   -   Patience
   -   A fake credit card. { If you like you can use the following fake credit card:

   Name On Card- Carlos Alfante Bastidas      Card Type- Mastercard

   Number- 5119282427392932

  3 digit code- 932       Expiry Date- 3/2014
             “Steps To Complete This Hack”

Step 1 : Login to your Swagbucks Account and hit “Shop” –
Step 2 : Type in “bbc america” and hit search –

Step 3- Click on “BBC America Shop” –
Step 4 – Enter Website { Please Calculate How Much SwagBucks You Desire} –

Step 5- Add anything/s to your cart by clicking the “Pre-order/Order Now” button
then click “Checkout”–
Step 6- Review and click continue –

Step 7 – Sign in by using email: and
                         password: password
Step 8 – Select Shipping Address then click continue –
Step 9 – Select Billing address then Fill in box with fake credit card details and click Review–

       Step 10 – Review your details then click “Submit”
Step 11 - Congratulations! You have completed your task. Now leave this tab opened
for 2 minutes then close [ Please don’t clear cache]-
Note – After completing this, your swagbucks will show up in 2-3 days as pending for
30 days under “ Shopping History” and it will look like this-

2 Days Later after writing this guide-

After it’s pends for 30 days, It will automatically be credited to your account and you
can now redeem for any prizes you like.
My PayPal Proof and Prizes-
Thank you very much for purchasing my guide and I wish the best luck to you in this guide.

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