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					                       The First One and the Last One (GOOD-SATISFACTORY)

       I will read chapter 11from the Gospel of Joan, from 1-27 verse.
       There are many things in the world which have to be well understood. You understand many
things and you don’t understand many things. What you have understood has remained backwards;(?)
what you haven’t understood is forward(?). Therefore, the process of understanding is an uninterrupted
process which shows that man doesn’t stay in one place. Understanding is not a mechanical process. It is
said: “Let’s believe in God.”Believing is not a mechanical process. As there is movement in
understanding, as faith is a process of conscious movement. If one traveller has to walk a 500 km way
for some time, he has to make account of how many kilometres he has to walk a day. If he doesn’t keep
an exact account, the time will elapse and he will remain in the middle of the way. If his account is exact,
he will get there on time but he will feel tired, after which he has to rest for several days. What will the
traveller acquire? – He acquires something. He has stopped at one beautiful mountain spring, he has
drunk from its water and has brought from it to his fellow-men. The water which he has drunk from
represents the knowledge which man acquires as a traveller in his long life on earth.
       And so, when he acquires knowledge, man has to rejuvenate. In fact it becomes exactly the
opposite: man acquires knowledge and becomes old. So, the present man loads himself with the
knowledge, he doesn’t unload himself. Very naturally, man doesn’t search for a way to correct his
mistakes, but asks himself has he made mistakes and why does he makes mistakes. Don’t ask why you
have made mistakes and why you make mistakes, but ask why you serve with white and black lies. The
lie is a reason for the premature aeging of man. You say: I never lie. – Today very few people tell the
truth. You complain about life – you don’t tell the truth. You say that God hasn’t endowed you, you
haven’t any gift – you don’t tell the truth. You haven’t ploughed, you haven’t sowed, but look with envy
to the fields of the other people and say: “My field didn’t yield anything, but the fields of my neighbours
yielded much fruit.” - You don’t tell the truth. Your neighbours have ploughed, have sown, that is why
they have fruit, but you haven’t done anything. You speak badly about your fellow-man that he makes
mistakes without knowing how he has made a mistake. You don’t have the right to judge! You don’t
know the right, you haven’t been given the position as a judge. Nobody has the right to be occupied with
work which he hasn’t studied for.
       Years ago, I was in one village. One old man came to me to speak, to complain about life. His
first work(?) was to complain about one villager who had lied to him that he knew how to cut hair. The
old man told him: “After it’s like that(?), cut my hair for me. He has cut my hair but look what he has
done. He took his hat off and what can one see? He had cut his hair in ladders. The man was ashamed to
reveal his head. He is constrained in the warmest time to wear a hat. I say: “Don’t leave it to be cut by
apprentices who don’t know the craft. If you want to be short, go to the master. Keep yourself to the
points of view which God and Nature has put in you. All the rest which people say to you let it be an
outside condition. It is said: “Test everything, keep the good.” It doesn’t mean that you haven’t to believe
in people. You will listen to them but you will(should also?) listen to yourself.
        One time the rabbit had a bushy tail, longer than the present. When it walked in the wood, he met
the fox. It stopped at it and they started to speak. It wagged with its tail and the rabbit wagged with its
tail. From time to time the rabbit looked at the fox, compared its tail with fox’s one which was longer and
bushier than its one and asked: “Why is your tail so long?” She answered: “Till(or While I have been
fishing with my tail,it has been growing longer)) I started to fish with my tail, it has grown longer,
became longer.” – “How will you fish with your tail?” – “It’s very easy. I go to a definite place by the
river where there is much fish, I sink my tail in the water and wait for some time. When I feel that many
fish have accumulated on my tail, I come out from the river together with the fish.” The rabbit said: “This
craft is good. Show me which place you fish.” The fox took it to the river, showed it one place and went
away. The rabbit remained alone and applied the first lesson. It stuck its tail in the water and started to
wait for the fish to gather. It was cold, winter time. The rabbit thought that it had fished enough and
pulled its tail. It pulled it but it didn’t come out – it had frozen. – I have fished too much, I can’t take out
my tail. I will wait a little more in order to fish more. It waited more but the tail had frozen more. It
pulled but the tail didn’t come out. It pulled itself more and the tail had torn. The rabbit brings the
consequence of its first lesson and till today – the short tail.
        I ask: Can fish be caught with a tail? The rabbit said to himself: “I didn’t know how I could fish
with a tail, that is why I went to study. Since my tail was weighed down with fish, it couldn’t stand and
tore. When I pulled it, my ears grew.” One adviser, similar to the fox, said to it: “I will give you a method
on how to make your ears shorter.” – “I don’t want to listen to foreign advice. I listened to the fox and
here, my tail tore. I prefer my ears to remain such as they are. ”While the tail of the rabbit is torn, he
doesn’t listen to foreign advice..
        What does the tail of the animals represent? – What is the nose for man , this is the tail for the
animal. The face of the rabbit is round, like the moon. It shows that it feels more, thinks less. It is being
confirmed and from its short tail. One of the first educated men of its time said to the rabbit: “I will help
you to lengthen your back legs in order so that when you see danger you can run. Your saviour is in the
running. If you run, your hide will be whole; if you don’t run, your hide will be skinned.” Really, the
rabbit has to run. If it doesn’t run, the unhappiness follows it. And your unhappiness hides in the
philosophy of the fox and the rabbit. While you want to make attempts which don’t have any base with
your mind, you will always experience unhappiness. I say to the rabbit: “Don’t think that you are able to
fish with your tail.” I say to you: “Don’t think that with your mind you can do something great.
Understand me correctly. I don’t deny your abilities but don’t go beyond them.”
        Often people occupy themselves with great works, but when they come to the elementary, they
can’t explain them. For example, they know that when they multiply one with it itself, it remains again
one: 1X1=1. When they add it with another one, they have two ones: 1+1=2. Why it is like that, they
don’t know. But, when they multiply 2X2, they have four. When they add 2+2, they have four again.
Why in this case, and in the multiplication of the two to itself, and in its adding, comes the same result,
they don’t know this either. Besides in the calculation, there are elementary things and in the writing
which they don’t know either. For example the words “ama” and “ala”, being read and in front, and at the
back they remain the same, with one common sense. It is not like that with other words: if they are being
read in front, they have one sense, at the back – another sense. What you see when you look at yourself in
the mirror which is formed from some mirrors put under an angle? You will see yourself in several
images. Are they actual images? No, they are shadows of the real image. Does the shadow deliver
anything to man? – It doesn’t deliver anything. Therefore, the one multiplied to its shadow – one, it gives
one again. So, when the mind manifests in man, it only increases its shadow. In this way it shows the
reality of the world which man lives in. The real things may be known only through the mind.
       How does the reality manifests itself in human life? – Through four processes: through thinking,
feeling, breathing and eating. Some man says: “I don’t want to eat.” Another one says: “I don’t want to
breathe.” Third man: “I don’t want to think.” Fourth: “I don’t want to feel” No matter how much you
refuse, you will eat, you will breathe, you will think, you will feel. If you have the power to renounce one
of these processes, you will find yourself out of life. Have you made attempts to go out of life? You will
say that when you go out of life, you will come face to face with death . Have you made any attempt to
go out of your body and to see that out of you another world exists? There are people who consciously go
out of their bodies and walk around, as in the evening, while you sleep, you go to one, to another place;
you come down, get up, fly in the air. Which body do you go out with? You will say that it is
imagination. It is a state through which man verifies the connection between the physical and the astral
world. You will say that these are dreams. But the dreams becomes true. You dream something in the
evening which becomes true on the another day. What does it shows? In future, when you are absolutely
free, free yourself from the body, you will have absolutely another way of dreaming.
       Now, many of you want to become better, more educated, more powerful. How much better will
you become? Does the size of the goodness, of the education, of the power is defined(??)? How big may
one bagpipe become? When you blow once, the bagpipe doesn’t give out any sound. You blow two –
three times, it still doesn’t play . You blow ten times, the bagpipe widens and gives out a voice. After it
starts to play, no matter how much you inflate, its size doesn’t increase but the sound becomes more
powerful. Therefore, you may inflate yourself too, to become better, more educated, more powerful, but
to the place when your bagpipe starts to play and to give out clear, ringing tones. You say: “I live well, as
I can.” It can’t be spoken like this. The child may play weakly on the bagpipe but everybody excuses it.
But, it is not forgiven to the virtuoso to play weakly. When he was a child, he played weakly, but as a
virtuoso, it is demanded serious, classical music, with good tones and good execution.
       And so, when we speak about life, we have in mind that life which we can always rely on. Who
has aspired to this life, can be compared to a violin master or a singer, who disposes with the violin or
with his voice, is able to help himself in every illness. If a cold appears, cough, fever or other illness, he
will play or sing the respective song, and the illness will disappear. It is being sung or played hard when
you are ill. The healthy man is always able to play and sing. You will play, you will sing and you will
study yourself. That is why you have come to earth. – We have to pray! – You will pray, but the prayer
wants understanding. First you will pray, afterwards you will go to school to study. The prayer will help
you to understand what is being taught to you. When you come back, you will apply what you have
studied. If you don’t apply what you studied, the prayer is pointless. It is like to trade without knowing
why you have become a trader. The task of the trader is to sell his commodity and to earn money. The
task of the doctor is to cure ill men and to earn money. The task of the teacher is to study his disciples
and to earn money. And the religious one has the task preaching an winning souls. Till he has lived on
earth,(while he lives on earth?) man has to be wined (??)at least one soul. In this consists the sense of life.
       Let’s go back to the words “ama” and “ala”. The first word is ruder than the second one. The
reason for the softness of the word “ala”is owed to the letter “l” in which there is amounting(?). Really,
when he(?) comes down, man becomes more rude; he comes in thick, rude matter. When it amounts, he
becomes softer. As the painter has to paint at least one picture, in order to show that he is a painter, that
he has worked, as and the spiritual man has to acquire something new, to show that he has worked over
himself, that he has softened his rude nature. You say: “I suffered till I reach my desire.”Another man
says: “I have worked a lot.” The third one says: “I have worked hard.”
       Therefore, we have the words: torment, labour and work. What is the essential difference between
them? The one who torments, after he makes a big effort acquires nothing. The one who labours, after a
big effort acquires something, which another uses(benefits?) from. That one who works, who after a big
efforts acquires something and first he uses from(?) what he had acquired. For example, you plant one
tree, you(water?) pour it, dig(?) it and after time you acquire fruits. It is work which awards you. And you
are the first who tastes the fruit of your work. In this sense the eating, the thinking, the feeling are work
because you first use the fruit of this work. The work itself feeds, satisfies man. He grows, shoots up and
becomes strong in work.
       As disciples, what is required from you is studying and work. You have come on earth to work
and to be blessed in the work. It can’t be work without studying. The work is the experience side of the
studying. First you will study, afterwards you will work. If you haven’t studied at all, you can’t work. It
can’t be studying without love. If you have little love, you will study little. In this relation love acts as
the steam. With a little steam you may boil some potatoes. But, with the same steam you can’t get one
car to move. In order for one car to move, one train or one steamer, the steam has to be thickened. Only
with big pressure, the steam has motive power. So, there is love, the power of which we may cook one
meal. But, there is love which moves cars, trains and steamers.
       Usually people want to be much loved and they to love much. When does the love manifests on
its power? – When it is put under big pressure. Then, when it meets a poor, suffering man, it puts him in
movement. It starts to give him a hundred, two hundred, to one thousand leva. If he has more need, it
gives him more. The poor man is satisfied by that one who shows his love to him and calls him good
man. What does the father do with his favourite daughter? He gives her the possibility to study, dress her
well, buy her different ornaments till at last she remains the heiress of his all possessions. Some man
complains to his father that he hasn’t distributed the inheritance justly: he has given the bigger part to the
biggest brother, and to the rest of the brothers – more little. He is dissatisfied by his father without
searching for the reason for the seeming injustice. In fact, the father is just. As he has in mind that after
his death he will be regenerated, he invests his capital in his big son because he has put faith in him. He
will be regenerated through him, that is why he ensures him. The smaller sons are egoists, they think only
for themselves, they don’t give anything to anyone. The father relies on his big son, that is why he awards
him more. Therefore, man may love only who is an open way for him. And Christ loved the sinful people
more because they were a way for Him. Through them he raised himself. Through them He executed the
will of God. It is said in the Writing: God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son in
sacrifice, in order not to die for anyone who believes in Him.” When he knew that God loves the world,
Christ came down to earth and sacrificed for this world. The son sacrificed for his Father and his sacrifice
gave fruit. I ask: “Do you want to be loved from God either? I don’t have the right to ask you such a
question but I want to know what have you done for Him. If you have thought to do something for Him,
do it. Only in this way will you raise yourself. To raise yourself, it means to pass from the human love,
which impedes, in Divine. If two men starts to love you in a human way, they will start to separate you.
Human love is terrible. Some man comes to me, stays an hour and a half. Another stays a half hour.
When he understands that the first one has stayed too long, he grieves, he is dissatisfied with me. I am not
guilty about it. The first man is ill, I have to operate him. For the operation, much time is necessary than
for the writing of one prescription. The second one has a cold. I give to him one spoonful of medicine and
I send him off. He is healthy. It is natural that he will stay a little more time with me time . Some man
may stay with me ten years, another one – ten days, third – one day, and fourth – only eight minutes
during which time, it is necessary for the light of the sun to come to us. In the first three ways everybody
will do such work as the light does for eight minutes.
       And so, study to think correctly and to be satisfied from what God has given to you. A stronger
beam can tolerate a heavier load. The strong horse can be loaded more, the weak one – less. The child
eats less than the old man. With one word, it is given the respective work to every man. Thanks for the
work which is given to you. In the Divine Kingdome you can’t be neither first, nor last one. The first and
the last place are a prerogative of God. You say: “I am first one and last one.” – you don’t tell the truth.
You can’t be either the first, or the last one. God says: “I am alpha and omega, i.e. the beginning and the
end of things.” Everything is in God. He is in the beginning, He is in the end. The people are in the
middle, between the first one and the last one. No matter how much you exert yourself to be first, you
can’t – God is in this place. No matter how much you fight for the last place, you can’t again(??) – God is
there, too. Many people fight for priority – it is impossible. Why? – The first place is occupied. – Let’s be
the last. – This place is occupied, too. To be last, it means already to be finished school. And you are just
now coming for first the time, you are a little child. You will know: First in the world is God.
        And last in the world is again God. If you say that you are first, you will give this place to God in
yourself. If you say that you are last, you will give this place again to God in yourself. You are in the
middle between the first and the last place. Be glad that you take the middle. God is on the borders of our
life. In this way He keeps us. God is our front and back policeman. – I want to be first in love, everybody
to love me. – It is impossible. – Then to be last. – It is impossible, too. You will be somewhere in the
middle. If they love you much, you will melt, nothing will remain of you. If they love you a little, you
will freeze, nothing will remain from you either. You will be in the middle in a way so as not to melt, not
to freeze. Only God manages with the laws of the warmth and the cold. In the cold the soft things become
firm; in the warmth the firm things become soft. – I am firm. – You are not guilty, the cold has made you
such. – I am soft. – The warmth has made you such. – I want to be good. – It doesn’t depend on you.
Who does this depends on? – Ask the fruit. As the ripening of the fruit depends on the earth and sun, as
and your goodness depends on the earth and sun. If the soil is not good and the sun doesn’t shine as it
has to, the fruit can’t ripen. Now, let’s come to the new conditions, to see what they demand from man.
The new conditions needs new knowledge. You have passed some way, have walked over a large area
and have acquired much knowledge. Your knowledge is only to some time. In your childhood you have
acquired knowledge which today, in your advanced age, you don’t need. Apostle Pavel says: “When I
was an infant, I philosophized in an infantile way; when I became a man, I left what is infantile.” That is
why I say: “ human love had created the diapers(British English: nappies) of the child. Divine Love had
created the body of man, i.e. his life. Therefore, human love creates the diapers of life and the Divine –
life itself. When the child comes, diapers are necessary. After the child grows up and becomes a big man,
what are the diapers to him? Then life is necessary, i.e. Divine Love. You will put the diapers, i.e.
Human love aside and will dress yourself in Divine Love – in life itself. Afterwards you will search for
the diapers again, you will throw them away and will come again to Divine Love. After you need diapers,
you will search for human love. After you come to the development of the mind, of the heart, of the soul
and of your spirit, you will search for Divine Love. Till(While?) you are in the outside side of life, you
will live with the human love; after you come to the inside side of life, you will apply Divine Love.
Human love is a servant of the first and the last one, i.e. of the spirit and the soul. The spirit is the first
one and the soul – the last one. The mind and the heart are in the middle – not first, not last. When the
heart wants to take last place, it goes to its mother, i.e. to the soul. When the mind wants to take first
place, it goes to its father, i.e. to the spirit. In fact, neither the heart is last, neither the mind is first. The
same refers to you. You can go to the first but you can’t be first; you can go to the last without being the
last one. The spirit is first, the soul is last. The mind and the heart are their children. Such has to be your
spiritual point of view in order not to come into collision with yourself.
       One day one sister comes in my room, she wants to stay to speak. I ask her: “What do you want?”
– to speak a little and to hear something from you.” I say: “If you study well, you will see my smiling
face. I will be glad that I have one capable disciple. If you don’t study well, you will see my back.” – You
are a good man. – I am and good, and bad – it depends on you which face I will show you. If the disciple
studies and lies, his teacher shows his severe face. It is not allowed any lie – not white, not black!
       One of our brothers recounted one his experiences from the time when he was a pupil. As a pupil
in the high school in Gabrovo, he allowed himself once to serve with one white lie for which he paid
dearly. He was a pupil in the sixth class. One day he went to school unprepared. One of his teachers
quizzed him on the lesson. He immediately excused himself with the pretext that the previous day he
had suffered from a tooth-ache. The teacher excused him. When he went back home, still in the evening
he had pains in a perfectly healthy tooth. From strong pains, he was forced to take it out. He had to pay
with his healthy tooth for one white lie.
       A disciple is not allowed to use lies – not a white, not a black! Only in this way will you be free.
Your consciousness has to be awake, not to succumb to the lie. You make one mistake – don’t make
excuses . No matter how little it is, correct it. If you don’t correct it, you will come(succumb?) to the lie.
If you accept the lie in you, it stops your development. When you go to that world, the white lies will go
after you, as your children. They will shout: “Mother, father, you have borne us.” You wonder where
these children have come from. Till it is out of you, the lie stays dormant. After it comes in you, it
becomes active and starts to live again. Don’t support the lie. Let it stay far from you. Whoever has
created it, let him cares for it. You don’t need to distribute the foreign commodity. Why do you need the
commodity of the lie? Don’t say that you think like this and you speak like this. Everything which passes
through your mind must first verify it and afterwards speak about it. Don’t speak about things which are
not verified.
       One young sister comes to me and outside her friends stay and think: “What has the Master said
to her?” I pay attention to their thoughts and say to the sister: “If you are outside, too, you will think like
them. What do I say to you? I want to help you, to free you from the white lie which you serve(?) with. “
They think that I don’t say anything special to you, they don’t know that you pass through a promenade.
Who serves(?) with white and black lies can’t be happy. Somebody will say that I don’t love him. It is a
white lie. What gives you the idea that I don’t love you? What kind of evidence do you have for it? If I
don’t love you, you can’t live. After you live, it shows that I love you. God is Love. So, God in me loves
you. Don’t say that people don’t love you. If they really don’t love you, God loves you. It is a law: if
people don’t love you, you will love them.
       Now you are in the grave like Lazar and you pass through a big dedication. Christ stays at your
grave and asks: “Will you refuse from your nuisances and black lies? You are in the grave because of the
old life, for the lie. And Lazar had to renounce the old life in order to resurrect himself. Till he is in his
old life and his old understanding man is in the grave, i.e. in the area of death. The new in the world
comes. It will be borne through Divine love. Let’s be bearers of Divine Love – it is what is demanded
from us. Say to yourself: “I want to be like God. I want to be truly-loved!” Some man thinks that when he
speaks the truth, he will lose many things. – You will not lose anything. You say: “I can’t say to
somebody that I love him.” – You can’t say that because you haven’t studied to tell the truth. You may
speak about love only when your feelings and actions are in harmony. It means to show Divine Love.
And God, when He loved us, first he had thought about us, afterwards had felt us and at last had acted
for us. We have to thank him! You are dissatisfied that people don’t love you. – Be satisfied that God
loves you. After He loves you, you have everything at your disposal.
       And so, to connect with God, it means to be constantly in prayer. How much time does a man
pray to God? How many hours do you pray? Till(?) I know the most advanced from you pray mostly
three hours a day. The rest of you pray from 5-30 minutes. Nobody prays more that three hours. If
somebody tries to pray for ten hours, he will melt. This is out of the powers of man. Nobody can endure
this strenuous state. How do the Orthodox people pray? Some man comes into a church, makes the sign
of the cross quickly, read quickly “Father of us” and is hurrying to go out. When you read “Father of us”,
read slowly, consciously, with thought. Read “Father of us” (Master pronounces it slowly). “Who Are in
heaven” (slowly, calmly). “Let Your name be sanctified” (again slowly, silently). “Let Your Kingdom
be” (slowly, with thought over the words). “Let Your will be!” (silently, calmly). Wish deep in your heart
to be the Divine Kingdome on earth. When all the people wish this from the heart,the world will be
corrected. You read quickly “Father of us” and as you read, as it happens. The world goes quickly and
doesn’t correct itself. I don’t reproach you, but I say that you have read the holy book quickly, as a
literary product and you haven’t understood anything. There is a special way for reading who will bring
special understanding. The special consists of reading with love. Then you will be lighted up from special
light in which things can be seen clearly. There are verses in the Writing which read with love and
insight, open at man pictures of the past and the future. God hasn’t stopped to speak to man and will not
stop. He speaks from a thousand years, but little is accepted from what He says. And today He speaks in
a special way. Which is the new in world? Which way does it comes? – Through the first mouthful which
you accept in eating. You eat something delicious. In which moment do you feel that it is the sweetest to
you, stop there. Let remains in you desire to continue the eating the next time. If you step over this rule,
you will overeat by all means. I gave this exercise to the young people. If you go on a visit and remain
for some time, right at the which moment when you dispose yourself well, go immediately, don’t stay
any longer . After you go from one place, go to another, there are new work waiting for you. This is what
the Divine demands. When the right foot is forward, the left remains backwards. After the left one goes
forward, the right one remains backwards. The feet change their places: when one is first, the other is last.
And opposite: when the last becomes first, the first becomes last. Is there anything bad in this? The right
one is one step forward and the left is after it. Afterwards the left goes forward and the right one remains
backwards. In this way the first and the last one do their work in a successful way.
        And so, to stay consciously in the middle, between the first and the last one, it means to acquire
self-control. After you can control yourself, you will not worry about what is happening. – What will
happen with us? – The most which will happen is to judge you. – Who will judge us? – The devil. You
haven’t seen a bigger public prosecutor than the devil. Have you been under the hits of the prosecutor’s
destiny of the devil? You have but you have forgotten. All the saints have passed through this destiny.
When the devil comes, the prosecutor’s charges start immediately, the facts come one by one. So and so
time he has made this and that. So and so time he hasn’t done what you had to. What will you say against
these accusations? How will you be free from the devil? You have to tell him: Take your commodity, I
don’t want it any more, I don’t want its money. I refuse from your commodity. If you want
compensation, I will pay this, too. I start to work again. Pay all the shelves of the devil. Tear all the
contracts and don’t connect with him any more. You have to act with him honestly, without any lies. The
devil loves truth, too.
        One little devil tried to lie to the big devil, the master of the lie. He said to him: “Listen, I taught
you to lie. Will you lie to me now? You will tell me the truth, you will lie to the others. If you come to
Divine, there isn’t any lie that can’t be endured. There you will say the absolute truth. That is why, you
will liquidate in advance with all the shelves of the devil. You will search well your boxes and will get
out the last shelf. You have signed shelves with God, too – you will pay for them, too.
        It is already time to be worked for God. You say: “When we become good, then we will work for
God. No, every evening you will appear at God with your account on what have you done through the
day for Him. After this you will lie down to rest, not to sleep. In the morning you will get up glad that
you go to work for God, to pay your obligations(or,debts?) to Him. Only in this way will your prayer be
concentrated. You already know that you haven’t any shelves and debts to the devil. When the devil
comes, he will see that he hasn’t what to take from you. But, from time to time, he will come around you
again and will offer you new commodity. You will say to him: ”Thanks, I have already liquidated with
this trade, I am not capable of it.”
        I wish you to see Christ at the graves and to hear His voice: “Lazar, get out! Get your shrouds
away. Be free and go to your homes!” The grave is a place of the lie. And Christ was put in the grave but
yet on the third day He got out from this trade market. I call the grave devil market. Everybody will pass
through this market but don’t remain there to play with the devil.
        Christ says: “To go to get him up.” (-11 verse).
        “I am resurrection and life. Who believes in me, even to die, he will live again.” (-25 verse).
        It is said in the Writing: “I will give them new heart and I will write my law on it.” I wish you to
have new heart with which to resurrect with and to live again. This is the beautiful and the great which
you strive to. Everybody has to be ready for this moment.
        -The good of man is in Divine Love.
        10. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on 7 February, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise.

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