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					   V.E.T.S. in College Update
   VCU-RRTC                                                                                                               April 2011 Volume 1

 Virginia Commonwealth
 University-RRTC, a
                                   Classroom Accommodations
 grantee of the CNI                Myth                                                         Truth
 Trust Fund (#10-176),                 Accommodations make class easier for people                Accommodations “level the playing field” for
 is an equal                            who can’t handle the coursework.                            students who learn in different ways.
                                       Everyone in the class will know that I’m                   Most accommodations are subtle like extended
 opportunity/affirmative                receiving accommodations because my                         time on a test, copies of notes, or a preferential
 action institution                     instructors or college staff will make it obvious.          seat in the classroom.
 providing access to                   My classmates will know my business, and I                 College staff and faculty have to keep records
 education and                          don’t want them to think differently of me.                 confidential so no one else has to know.
 employment without                    Only people who grew up with a disability (i.e.            Soldiers who have acquired disabilities due to
                                        learning disability, congenital blindness, etc.)            injury can receive accommodations with
 regard to age, race,
                                        receive accommodations.                                     documentation.
 color, national origin,               If I go to the college’s disability support services       Some students who register with the disability
 gender, religion, sexual               office, I have to use their accommodations since            support office don’t take the optional
 orientation, veteran’s                 they’ll have all my documentation and class                 accommodations until they decide it’s
 status, political                      schedule.                                                   necessary; but, it is important to try the
 affiliation or disability.            I can receive accommodations as soon as I                   accommodations to see how they work for you.
                                        decide I need them so there’s no point in giving            If they aren’t helping, go back to the disability
                                        them documentation before.                                  support office to discuss other options.
                                       All I have to do is walk in to the office and tell         After submitting documentation, most disability
                                        the disability staff I have an injury/disability, and       support offices need several weeks before
                                        the college has to provide accommodations in                accommodations can be in place.
                                        the classroom.                                             Each college requires proper documentation of
                                       Faculty must provide accommodations once I                  an injury/disability (a recent neuropsychological
                                        have a disability, and I can make up all the work           exam, medical exam, educational evaluation by
                                        that I previously did without the                           a professional).
                                        accommodations.                                            Accommodations don’t keep every student from
                                       It doesn’t matter; accommodations don’t help                failing, but different accommodations affect
                                        anyone pass their classes, learn more, or take              each student in different ways.
 Education coaches                      tests better.                                              Not all colleges will have an entire office
 currently serve                       My college doesn’t have a disability support                dedicated to disability support; however, there
                                        services office nor do they offer accommodations            is an individual (usually in the student affairs
 21 active                              because it’s a community college, online school,            office) who must coordinate these services. By
 participants. All                      or no one at the school has a disability.                   law, colleges must offer reasonable
                                                                                                    accommodations to students who request them
 participants live within                                                                           and have documented need.
 the Commonwealth;
 40% of participants               Updates                               Colleges of Active Participants
 live outside of                    V.E.T.S. in College will   Many of the active participants are currently enrolled at
                                     soon undergo an internal these colleges:
 Central Virginia.                                                   Northern Virginia Community College
                                     evaluation to disseminate
 The majority of                     the supported education         J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
 veterans are working                model.                          Strayer University
 toward their first                 The advisory committee          University of Phoenix
 associate’s or                      will meet next on               University of Virginia
                                     Monday,                         Virginia Commonwealth University
 bachelor’s degree;
                                     July 18
 however, a few
                                                                Many of the active participants are at various stages in the
 veterans are returning              Visit our project website: enrollment process at these schools:
 to school for a                   Longwood University
 master’s degree.                                                    J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
                                                                     John Tyler Community College

Virginia Commonwealth University, RRTC, 1314 W. Main St. P.O. Box 842011, Richmond, VA 23284-2011, 804-828-1851, fax 804-828-2193

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