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									Energy and momentum Eqns quiz – KEY 14 pts – All questions 1 pt, including bonuses

1. a) P cons

b) after an event

2. a. Impulse or Change in momentum

b) F = dP/dt

Bonus NSL

3. p = mv

1. a) E_g = mgh       b) E_k = 1/2mv^2       c) U_s = 1/2kx^2

d) U stands for potential

2. a) because the vectors have to be collinear

b) curve/non-linear/non-constant

Bonus W = Fdcostheta

3. a J/s = N*m/s = kg*m*m/(s^2*s) = kg*m^2/s^3 on both sides

b. dW

Bonus U_g = -Gmm/r
AP Physics C @ FHS – AP Exam Review: Energy and Momentum Equations                      Name:

Unit 5 - Momentum
1.                                      a. What does this equation represent?

        b. If you didn’t mention the primes, explain what they represent.

2.                              a. What is the name given to the integral statement?

        b. Rearrange the equation to show what force is. Bonus – What is this equation’s name?

3. Write down the formula for momentum:

Unit 6 – Energy

1. Write down the formulae for these energy storage mechanisms:

        a. Gravitational energy (close to the earth) Eg =

        b. Kinetic Energy Ek =

        c. Elastic Energy Us =

        d. Why do we use a U to symbolize elastic energy?

2. The generalized vector statement of work is

        a. Why is it written “eff dot dr”?

        b. When would you have to use this integral form?

        Bonus – Write down the scalar form of this equation.

3.              a. Show that this equation is dimensionally correct (you may use units, rather than

b. What goes in the blank?

Bonus: Given that                           is the general statement for gravitational force, what is the
general statement for gravitational energy?

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