Making Money On Youtube Without A Partnership

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					How to make money on Youtube without a Partnership

Sure everyone knows how to make money on youtube with a
Partnership BUT. Not many know how to make money on
youtube without a Partnership.
  • Youtube Account
  • PayPal Account
  • Blogging Account
  • Adsence Account

Ok now that you have all of the things about, you can start to
make some money! =)

Step 1:
Now you want to create a nice video that lots of people will
like. It should be funny, informal or something that is just
really addictive.

The actual money making part of this E-Book will require you to have built up a good
following of Youtube Subscribers.

OK with you new video/videos you should start saying at the
end, “Don’t forget to check out my blog for updates! The
link will be in the sidebar”. This will have most of your
followers coming to you blog.
With you blog you should have setup adsence so that you can
start making hits. Just you have to remember that you should
keep the people coming back with regular post. These posts
could contain anything from how you made the videos or
funny things. It’s really up to you.

As your blog grows you will start to notice that the balance in
you adsence account is going up. When it reaches the desired
limit cash out! =) Good Luck.

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