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					                     “An Integrated Approach to Solving Transport Problems from a Sustainable Aspect”


                                       Survey Questions
                                                                                          Sex____       Age_____

1.    Did you know that automobiles are the largest contributors to the degradation of air quality in central city
     areas?                        Yes                              No                       (circle one)

2.    Do you know how emissions from automobiles affect the health of people?
            Yes           No              Some (I’ve heard a few pieces of information, but don’t really know.)

3.  Name two diseases that have been linked to emissions from automobiles and the resulting poor air quality?
                 1. ________________                                               2.

4.    How many people are in your family?         _____________

                    How many use the bus as their primary form of transport? ___________

                    How many use a car as their primary form of transport? __________

5.    How often to do you travel to the center of the city:      a) every day b) once or twice weekly c) rarely.

6.    I ride the bus because: a) less expensive b) it is environmentally friendly c) When/because I don’t have a

7.    How many minutes, walking, is your neighborhood from a bus stop?             __________

8.    Do you know the timetables for pubic and private buses?
              JSP (Public Company): Yes / No                                    Private Companies: Yes / No

9. In your opinion, which of these is most important: a) timeliness in arriving at appointed stops,
    b) comfort of the bus,           c) cost of the ticket,       d) attitude of the driver.

10.          How would you rate the bus companies on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating?
                      JSP _______                          Private companies ________

11. How often do you ride a bicycle:      a) every day     b) once a week     c) rarely    comment:__________

12. If there were more designated paths for bicycle use throughout the city of Skopje, would you use them often?
                    Yes                      No                comment:________________

13.          Is it easy to find parking the center of Skopje?          Yes                  No

14. Most of the time, I drive my car: a) alone b) with a single passenger c) with two or more passengers.

15.        Do you know where and how to react if you were to find out that the air in your neighborhood was
                        Yes             No               I wouldn’t be interested.

                                    This project is supported by
                 The Regional Environmental Center For Central and Eastern Europe,
                                     with funds provided by the
                   Europe Aid Cooperation Office of the European Commission

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