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                                     Briarcare Limited
              Briarcare House, Harp Lane, Cavendish Road, Clare, Suffolk C010 8PH
                              Tel: 01787 279000 / Fax: 01787 279007

                                  UNIFORM RECEIPT

Briarcare Ltd is pleased to provide you with a uniform for your convenience which should
be worn with dark coloured trousers/skirt/tailored shorts so that your professional identity
can be maintained when working within the community.

The current colour of uniform worn is Green / Blue with white piping.

The current cost per uniform is £22.00. (Actual cost £30 but full cost is not passed on to

The cost can be deducted from your wages over two months if this is easier for you.

Would you please sign for the receipt of the uniform and should you wish to order another
tunic please advice your Care/Branch Manager.

Any additional uniforms will be ordered for you and we are happy to also deduct the cost of
these from your wages in two payments if this will assist.

I authorise the following amount to be deducted from my wages for next 2 months

( £…….. …….. ) Branch Manager to send copy of completed form to Pay Officer

 Name                                             Signature

 Size                                             Date

We advise all Carers that the uniform does not constitute protective clothing.

Plastic aprons and gloves must also be worn as detailed in the “Infection Control”

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