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					Technical Requirements                                                       At a glance
System Requirements:                                                         CONTENTS:           CD-ROM 1: The complete Göttingen
Computer/Processor:              486DX/ 66 MHz or higher Processor,                                        Gutenberg Bible with a total of
                                 Pentium recommended.                                                      1,282 facsimile pages.
                                 Macintosh/ Power-Macintosh:                                     CD-ROM 2: Göttingen Model Book
                                 Macintosh II or System Software                                           (12 double pages)
                                 from Version 7x on.                                                       Helmasperger’s Notary Instrument
Hard disc:                       Windows: minimum 16 MB RAM.                                               (1 double page);
                                 Apple: minimum 12 MB RAM.                                                 numerous enlargements of the
                                 More memory will improve performance.                                     Gutenberg Bible, especially from the
Free hard disc memory:           6 MB, if a browser is already installed,                                  85 illuminated pages on this
                                 otherwise 30 MB.                                                          CD-ROM.
Drive:                           CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.                          FEATURES:           Numerous links between Bible pages, enlarged
Monitor:                         minimum thousands of colors,                                    illustrations, quotations and commentaries.
                                 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
                                                                             LANGUAGES:          English, German
Peripheral equipment:            Mouse.
Software:                        Windows 95/ 98/ NT; MAC/ PowerMac;          INTERFACE:          4th generation Web browser,
                                 Linux;                                                          activated JavaScript-Option, Flash-Plugin
Illustrations on centre pages from left to right                             TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION:
• Portrait of Johannes Gutenberg
                                                                                          imhof multimedia consulting (imc)
• Gutenberg Bible or 42 line Bible (B 42)
  Bible, latin [Mainz: The printers of the 42 line Bible                                  DigitalisierungsZentrum (GDZ) of the
  (Johannes Gutenberg together with Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer),                    SUB Göttingen (Martin Liebetruth)
  around 1454, before September 1456].
                                                                             TECHNICAL PARTNERS
  Shelfmark: 2º Bibl. I, 5955 Inc. Rara Cim.
  Vol. 1, fol. 1r                                                                         Apple Computer, Anagramm, Colorblind, X-Rite,
• Detail. Göttingen Model Book.                                                           H+H Zentrum für Rechnerkommunikation,
  Vellum manuscript, around 1450. Shelfmark: 8º Cod. Ms. Uff. 51 Cim.                     SmartStorage, Grundig AG
• Detail. The minutes of the trial Fust vs. Gutenberg:
  Helmasperger’s Notary Instrument.
  Vellum manuscript. Mainz, 6. XI. 1455.
                                                                             Gutenberg digital
  Shelfmark: 2º Cod. Ms. hist. lit. 123 Cim.
  Provenance: Johann David Köhler, 1741.                                     Göttingen Gutenberg Bible, Model Book and Helmasperger’s
                                                                             Notary Instrument
ORDERS                Please send me:                                        Edited by Elmar Mittler (Niedersächsische Staats- und
                                                                             Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen) – Stephan Füssel (Institut für
____Copy/ ies Gutenberg digital
    CD-ROM edition 2000. 2 Discs. DM 98.00 E-40470                           Buchwissenschaft an der Universität Mainz).
                                                                             Concept and consultation: Norbert Lossau (Organisation), Armin
Name: ________________________________________
                                                                             Müller-Dreier and Helmut Rohlfing (Content),
Address: _______________________________________                             Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen.
                                                                             Implemented by Martin Liebetruth (Niedersächsische Staats- und
                                                                             Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen) and Andres Imhof (imc)
VAT N°.: ______________________________________
                                                                             CD-ROM edition 2000. 2 Discs. DM 98.00
Signature/ Date: _________________________________                           ISBN 3-598-40470-0

                 K· G · Saur Verlag                                          This project will also be presented in the internet.
                 PO Box 70 16 20 · 81316 München · Germany                   More information is available at the following address
                 Tel. +49 (0)89 769 02-269 · Fax +49 (0)89 769 02-150 /250
                 e-mail: ·
                       The project “Gutenberg digital”                      The Göttingen Gutenberg Bible                                                                                                 Helmasperger’s
                      As part of the project “Gutenberg digital” both       Even though Gutenberg is neither mentioned by name as the printer                                                             Instrument
                      volumes of the vellum copy of the Göttingen           of the 42 line latin Bible nor of any other books attributed to him it is
                      Gutenberg Bible were digitized at the Digita-         now considered certain that he created this first major work with
                      lisierungs-Zentrum (GDZ) of the Niedersächsi-         Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer at their printing company. With its                                                           Ulrich Helmasperger, a
                      sche Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttin-       elegantly formed characters (missaltype, textura) and the harmo-                                                               cleric of the diocese of
                      gen. Using a professional digital camera, a special   nious unity of the typeset, this Bible represents an unsurpassed mas-                                                          Bamberg, imperial
cradle and taking maximum care of                                                                        terpiece of printing. An estimated 180                                                            notary and official
the book, each page was scanned in                                                                       copies (150 paper and 30 vellum copies)                                                           clerk at the court of
the highest quality.                                                                                     were printed. Today 49 complete and                                                               the archbishop of
                                                                                                         incomplete examples are known world-                                                              Mainz, drafted the
The CD-ROM                                                                                               wide, including both the missing Leipzig                                                          notary instrument
                                                                                                         copies and 12 bibles printed on vellum.        named after him on 6th November 1455. This document is the only
“Gutenberg digital”                                                                                      The copy in the Niedersächsische Staats-       contemporary source of information dealing with Gutenberg’s inven-
                                                                                                         und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen is        tion, known as the “Werk der Bücher” (work of books), and Guten-
With the interactive CD-ROM edi-                                                                         one of the few complete vellum copies.         berg’s business relations with Fust. In it is recorded that the citizen of
tion “Gutenberg digital” users now                                                                       The others are to be found in London           Mainz, Johannes Fust, swore an oath maintaining that he had
have access to images of all 1,282                                                                       (British Library), Paris (Bibliothèque         advanced Gutenberg the sum of 1550 florins, which he himself had
pages of the complete Göttingen                                                                          Nationale), Washington (Library of Con-        received on loan at a rate of six percent interest. The sum of money
Gutenberg Bible on their own com-                                                                        gress) and, with several missing pages,        that was not spent to their mutual benefit on the printing press was
puters. The most beautiful, hand                                                                         Berlin (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin).           regarded by Fust as a loan, which he demanded back with interest. A
colored pages can also be enlarged                                                                                                                      trial followed and a brief report is given about the first charge – the
and viewed in detail.                                                                                   The Göttingen Model Book                        repaying of the sum owed – and about the verdict passed in Fust’s
                                                                                                                                                        favour. Nothing is said in the notary instrument regarding the final
The viewer has the unique opportu-                                                                     The “Göttingen Model Book” is a coloring         decision on Fust’s demand that the company be liquidated or of the
nity to compare the bible illumina-                                                                    book for the production of foliage, initials     consequences. The document leaves a number of questions unan-
tions directly with original patterns                                                                  and patterned grounds in various color           swered. The manuscript was donated to the university library in 1741
that were laid out in a manuscript                                                                     combinations. Examples of the book illu-         by the Göttingen historian Johann David Köhler,
of the 15th century held only in the                                                                   mination in this manuscript of the               who provided important stimulus for
library at Göttingen. This unique                                                                      mid15th century can be found in several          research on Gutenberg with his publi-
manuscript, the “Göttingen Model                                                                       copies of the Gutenberg Bible, including         cation “Hochverdiente und aus
Book”, has also been recorded on                                                                       the Göttingen copy. It is therefore very         bewährten Urkunden
CD-ROM. Besides the special fea-                                                                       likely that this model book (of which only       wohlbeglaubte Ehrenrettung
tures of the book decoration, inter-                                                                   one parallel manuscript is known) provided       Johann Gutenbergs”, pub-
active access to the actual text of the                                                                the patterns for the decoration of the Göt-      lished in the same year.
Gutenberg Bible is possible in sev-                                                                    tingen Bible. With its very precise instruc-     The manuscript was
eral languages (Hebrew, Greek, English, French and German) by               tions for the mixing and heightening of colors, the Model Book also         forgotten until its
selecting well known verses from the Bible.                                 played an important role in research on medieval book illustration          rediscovery in 1886
                                                                            techniques carried out in Göttingen, in a joint project by the Deutsche     by Karl Dziatzko.
                                                                            Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Volkswagen-Stiftung.
Finally, Helmasperger’s Notary Instrument, the most important docu-
ment dealing with the history of the invention of printing by Guten-
berg, is also found on this CD-ROM.

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