Award-Winning Designs by KyleEfaw


									                 From Parks and Recreation, May 1976

          Award-Winning Designs
 THE RICHMOND, Virginia. De-                park has also become a wildlife sanc-
 partment of Recreation and Parks           tuary for the many animals living in
 has received Urban Design Awards           the center of the city.
for 1975 from the Richmond City                Eventually, the park will cover
 Planning Commission and the-Urban         about 3,000 acres of land and water
 Design Committee for its James             which will include property on both
 River Park Information Center and          the north and south banks of the
Paradise Park projects.                    James River and the islands within
   The awards recognize building,          the river. Plans call for restoring his-
site. or landscape designs and sculp-      torical areas of the park, including
ture, graphics, or other special effects   parts of the Kanawah Canal, which
that enhance the city environment,         has a history dating to George Wash-
   The James River Park Award was          ington. and Belle Isle, the site of
given for the design and treatment of      fortifications and buildings which
an information center building locat-      served as a Civil War prison.
ed in the center of James River Park.          Paradise Park is a block core park
The building, which also serves as a       that was created by the conversion of
maintenance/storage building, was          the inner section of a city block
designed by Carlton Abbott.                which once housed rows of old
   Opened to the public in 1970 and        garages. garbage cans, and littered
now in the third phase of a seven-         areas. It was financed cooperatively
phase construction project, James          by the Fan District Association. the
River Park has turned out to be one        city of Richmond? and the federal
of the most exciting parks in Rich-        government. The project was de-
mond’s modern municipal park sys-          signed by Carlton Abbott and was
tem, The park makes it possible for        begun in 1968.
Richmond residents to get to the riv-         The new block core park now fea-
er without fear of being arrested for      tures concrete sculpture, large shuf-
trespassing. (Prior to this time,          fleboard areas, several open play
railroads had cut off access to the        areas, and quiet restful oases. It is
river.) Park visitors can enjoy hiking,    open to the general public but is
rock hopping, bird watching, jog-          utilized primarily as a neighborhood
ging, picnicking, and fishing. The         park/play area.
Upper: The site chosen for Paradise Park was a neighborhood eyesore. Lower: The site
as it looks today - an immeasurable improvement.

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