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									Transacting Within Boundaries of
    Security and Compliance
       Central Bank’s Dilemmas
• Central Banks confront dilemmas on several
  fronts; In the case of payment systems,
• On one hand, the central banks have to
  encourage faster and easier payments
  exploiting the technology
• On the other, the central banks have to ensure
  that payments are secure in the interest of the
  participants and the system
              RBI’s Initiatives
• Implementing payment systems like MICR, NEFT,
  ECS and RTGS
• Setting up institutions like IDRBT and NPCI
• Encouraging internet banking, mobile payments

• Working Group on information security,
  electronic banking, technology risk management
  and cyber frauds (Chairman : Shri G
  Gopalakrishna, ED, RBI)
• IT Vision of RBI 2011-17
• How does a bank ensure that all transactions are secure and
• What is the present status of security policies and practices of a
  bank? What are the steps taken to ensure that there is an overall
  awareness of importance of such security policies and practices
  – among employees and among customers?
• In the process of making transactions secure, is a bank losing on
  services, opportunities, innovations and flexibility?
• What is the strategy a bank is adopting to make the transactions
  "user-friendly" to the customer – and still secure?
• What are the challenges in implementation of such a strategy?
• Ms. Aruna Rao, CTO, Kotak Mahindra Bank
• Shri R K Saraf, CGM – IT, State Bank of India
• Shri Vikas Tandon, MLRO, ICICI Bank

• After a presentation by each one of them for
  about 10-12 minutes, we can have interactive

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