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Strategies For Managing Intergenerational Workgroups


									Understanding the Challenges of
 Intergenerational Workgroups
If you don’t know these terms…
  …you are probably a Boomer or a Veteran!
If you know these terms or use them, you are likely an
Xer or Millennial.

  BFF
  4COl                      WAD
  BSF                       LOL
  UITA                      MTFBWY
  CD9                       SETE
  GGN                       KIR
  HAK                       ADIP
       Key Characteristics of Each
  Veterans or Matures

 Born before 1946
 War veterans – WWII,
  Korean, Vietnam
 Loyal to employer
 Conformist & civic minded
 Adhere to rules, value history
 Referenced as traditionalist
       Key Characteristics of Each

 Born between 1946-1965
 Coined term “workaholic”
 Careers first – family second
 Influenced by civil rights
 Like individual recognition
 Work well as a team as long
  as they are in charge
        Key Characteristics of Each
      Generation X or Xers

 Born between 1965 and
   Coined term “latch key kids”
   Fiercely independent and
    usually not comfortable with
    working in teams
   Highly technical
   Loyal to individual goals
   Family first – view work as
    a means to an end
           Key Characteristics of Each
    Generation Y or Millennials

 Born between 1980 and 2000
 Highly technical and very
   Sometimes lack practical skills
   Told they are unique and special
   Want work to be family like
   Strong sense of inclusiveness
   Spiritual and Inspired

        Facts Public Employers
            Need to Know
 The Department of             DOL estimates that
  Labor (DOL) projects           over the next 8 years
  there will be 15.6 million     technology related jobs
  more jobs by 2016              will increase by 38%
 In 2007 - 50% of the          During the same period
  total population was           of time government jobs
  less than 40 years of          will increase by 7.7% as
  age – remember these           the federal government
  individuals will be            continues to push major
  responsible for                services down to the
  financing Social               state and local levels
  Security, or not!
The expectations and styles of the various generations
have produced certain challenges in workplaces.

 Different language
 Different priorities
 Different perspectives
 Different skills
Resistance to “Bullying”
    Generation Y’s Expectation of
      Inclusion Not Being Met
 Style of communications sometimes breeds
 Lack of practical skills leads to the assumption
  that their ideas are not valid
 Desire for immediacy mischaracterized as a
  sense of entitlement
     Tips for Strengthening the
      Intergenerational Team

Focus on the Mission, Vision, Values and
Goals of your Organization
 Revise Hiring Practices

 Create Behavioral
 Workplace Expectations
 Provide opportunities for employees to
  gain a better understanding and
  appreciation for the various generations.
 Reinforce respectful communications
  and relationships.
 Closing thoughts…
 Without Veterans the workplace would be void individuals with history to
  learn from, or the loyalty that is needed for success

 Without the Boomers the workplace would be void hard working folks
  who don’t pay attention to the clock or stay until the work is done

 Without the Xers the workplace would not be challenged to look at a new
  way to do things or to look for ways to keep the balance between life and
  the job

 Without the Millennials the workplace would not be as much fun, or have
  the ability to turn things around quickly, or the new language of text
  messaging, BFN – which means Bye For Now!
…and now you know!
 BFF - Best Friends             WAD – Without a Doubt
    Forever                      LOL – Laughing Out Loud
   4COl - For Crying Out        MTFBWY – May the
    Loud                          Force Be With You
   BSF - But seriously folks    SETE – Smiling Ear to
   UITA – Unit in the Area       Ear
   CD9 – Code 9 (parent)        KIR – Keep It Real
   GGN – Gotta Go Now           ADIP – Another Day in
   HAK – Hugs & Kisses                  Paradise
         Presented by:
        Janice Corbin and Janet May
     Sound Employment Solutions, LLC
11700 Mukilteo Speedway, Ste 201, PMB 1211
            Mukilteo, WA 98275 or
       206.334.5003 or 206.334.5004

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