Boutique Melbourne Apartments for the Best Holiday or Business Experience by jaspermason


									Boutique Melbourne Apartments for the Best Holiday or Business Experience

Melbourne is located I the south east parts of Australia and in 2009 was visited by
1.4 million tourists. Melbourne city is a short distance from Phillip Island that offers
tourists a wide selection of activities in conjunction with some of the most beautiful
sites. Phillip Island is home to one of the largest penguin colonies in the world and
visitors to should not miss the spectacular penguin parade which is one of the
highlights. People of all ages can participate in a diverse range of activities such as
visiting some of the most spectacular art galleries, shopping malls, botanical
gardens, restaurants and Melbourne also offers vibrant nightlife spots.

No matter if you are on business or on holiday, you cannot afford to miss out on the
best services when travelling to Melbourne Australia as the ideal place to stay would
be in one of the boutique Melbourne apartments. You can search online for
boutique apartments as well as view the available accommodation before making a
booking. Visitors have access to satellite TV, pools, spas and mini bars and more.
There are various annual events and attractions in Melbourne City such as the
Federation Square Building, the State Library of Victoria, the Circle Tram in front of
Parliament House, the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Luna Park and the Shrine
of Remembrance, Eureka Tower and the Yarra River. The boutique apartments are
typically self contained units which offer spectacular views and have full bathrooms
and kitchens. After a long day of travelling around, you can come back to your
apartment to relax, have a sundowner and watch the sunset over the Melbourne
horizon before going out to enjoy the Cities vibrant nightlife. Federation Square in
particular is a major meeting place which is close to sporting venues and Flinders
Street Station. Then Federal Square which has a huge electronic screen where
people gather and watch concerts, cultural and sporting events also hosts several
shops, auditoriums, bars, exhibit spaces and many restaurants. You cannot leave
Melbourne City without visiting the Eureka Sky Deck in the Eureka Tower which is
the tallest viewing platform. You can visit one of the many spas that offer facials, full
body massages and other treatments or even relax in a steam bath.

If you stay in for the evening you can order room service and have them bring some
of the finest cuisine right to your doorstep. The boutique apartments are all in close
proximity to business centres, clubs, bars and restaurants where you can find
entertainment. Spare no expense when it comes to living standards as there is
nothing like it, when you check into a Melbourne boutique apartment.

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