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March, 2010
    • Develop social media pilot campaign for Burger
      King to begin exploring emerging social media

    • Create scalable, regionalized campaign to be
      tested by select group of franchisees

    • Utilize test to identify key learnings, and inform
      larger digital ecosystem discussion

    The Foursquare “BK Check-In” Event

    2 Streams Of Effort

              Social media strategy/implementation (informed by brand strategy)

         We are here

                                               Pilot programs (inform strategy)
           Foursquare “BK Check-In” Program

    Foursquare: What is it?

                                                                A location-based social networking platform giving users the ability
                                                                to “check in” at their current location and share it with friends.

                                                                Enables businesses to promote timely specials to those who check
                                                                in or are within the vicinity of their venue.

                                                                Users can leave tips about locations encouraging a dialogue
                                                                between community members, along with competition by awarding
                                                                points, “badges”, and titles (e.g. Mayor) for checking-in frequently, or
                                                                at a certain time.
                                                                 • Launched in March, 2009
                                                                 • 100,000 signups during SXSWi - now has over 600,000 users
                                                                 • 1.4 million venues
                                                                 • 15.5 million check-ins
                                                                 • Set a new record of “check-ins” on March 14th, 2010 with 347,000
                                                                 • U.S. visits up 200% since November, 2009

     “Our growth curve no longer looks like a hockey stick. It looks like a skateboard ramp with 4 feet of vert. Bananatown!”
                                                                                    - Foursquare post on Twitter, March, 2010

    Foursquare: The Mechanics
                                         Check-ins – When visiting a venue, users “check-in” with a simple push a button to
                                         tell their friends where they are and win rewards for checking in.

                                         Badges – A status symbol and prize for Foursquare enthusiasts, badges are earned
                                         by checking into various venues. Badges can be tied to specific cities, venues,
                                         events, or dates.

                                         Location Trending – Foursquare monitors check-ins and when a particular place is
                                         more happening than the places around it, it gets boosted to the top of the local list
                                         and will begin “Trending”.
    123 State Street (State & Madison)
                                         Tips – Foursquare users can leave “tips” at any location informing other visitors
                                         about any specials, favorite items, personal preferences or other information they
                                         wish to share with the community

                                         Specials – Businesses can promote specials at their venues. Some types of
                                         specials can include “check-in specials” (e.g. check-in to receive $5 off your
                                         purchase), “first time check-in specials” (e.g. receive a free burger on your 1st check-
                                         in at our venue), or “Mayor specials” (e.g. become the Mayor of the venue and
                                         receive a free weekly drink)

                                         Specials Nearby – Leverage the location-based functionality by showing a venue
                                         special to anyone who checks-in anywhere within the vicinity of your business.
                                         When users near your venue check-in, they see a tag pop up that says, “Special
                                         Nearby”. Upon clicking, they see your venue’s current special.

     Foursquare: The Importance of Having and Following Friends

    • Puts the “social” into the social networking platform

    • Helps answer the question, “Where are you and your
      friends, and what’s on your mind?”

    • Lends itself to impromptu meet-ups and gatherings

    • Allows users to find out what their close Foursquare
     community has to say about venues through tips, reviews,
     and volume of site check-ins

    • Amp up the gaming aspect of the platform through
      competition with friends for points and badges

    The “BK Check-In” Event: Meet the King
                                                        A one-day event at a prominent BK
                                                        franchise where Foursquare loyalists
                                                        come together to check-in and:
                                         Burger King
                                                          • Meet “The King”
                                                          • Receive a free burger and coupon for
                                                            product on a return visit
                                                          • Earn a special “Royal Entourage” badge*
                                                          • Potentially unlock the coveted “Swarm
                                                            Badge” (at least 50 people checking into a
                           Special Badge Unlock
                                                            venue at one time)**
                     Congratulations! You’ve unlocked
                     the “King of all Badges” badge!      • Spread the story of the event throughout
                                                            their social network communities (Twitter,
                                                            Facebook, Flickr, blogs, YouTube)

                                                        * Subject to Foursquare approval
                                                        **See Appendix B for more information on the “Swarm Badge”

      The “BK Check-In”: Building Buzz for The King

    Bring “The King” to life by      Take “The King” on a
                                                                                          Daily engagement on BK’s
      securing a Foursquare       cross-country Foursquare       Reach out to online                                  Add a store “special” to
                                                                                            Twitter and Facebook
    profile and allowing users       road-trip with a final    bloggers and other local                              Foursquare informing BK
                                                                                              communities with
        to follow the King’s        destination of the “BK    and global influencers to                              venue visitors and those
                                                                                           information on the “BK
        activity within their        Check-In” event with      help promote the event                                  checking in nearby to
                                                                                           Check-In” and promote
     Foursquare community          location check-ins (sans        to their already                                  keep informed about the
                                                                                           “The King’s” Foursquare
       (temporarily secured           tips or “voice”) for    established follower base                                  upcoming event
          “The BK King”)                   followers

     The “BK Check-In”: Being Prepared
                Staff Training
                •   What Foursquare Is
                •   How to identify a “check-in”
                •   Crowd control
                •   How to encourage visitors to spread the word via their mobile Twitter, Facebook, and
                    Foursquare communities

                Product Quantity
                • Ensure there are enough burgers and coupons for a potentially large crowd
                • In May, 2009, Kentucky Friend Chicken (along with Oprah) did a chicken giveaway. The
                  response was overwhelming and stores ran out of chicken causing a PR communication

                Pick a Stellar Venue
                • Highly trained (and friendly) staff and management
                • Space accommodation for a potentially large crowd
                • Reliable mobile internet access so users can easily engage Foursquare and other social
                  communities from their mobile handsets

     Post Event Considerations

 *Tactic is dependent on Foursquare approval

 Post event considerations are subject to change pending forthcoming digital strategy

     • Establish benchmarks at the onset to determine success, apply
       learnings moving forward
         • Number of followers on Foursquare, Twitter
         • Number of comments, retweets, direct messages
         • Sentiment of posts

     • Post-event analytics, including restaurant traffic, sales increase, event
     • Site traffic to BK.com and applicable Burger King properties
     • Media coverage and online conversation surrounding campaign

     What We Need to Succeed
     • Integrated marketing campaign to generate awareness prior to test,
         • Targeted, paid media buys in test market 2-4 weeks in advance
         • Local market support – traditional TV, print, radio outreach
         • Social media support – engagement with social media influencers
     • Burger King staff
         • Adequate number of staff working on day of event, prepare for post-
           event scenarios
         • Training – Foursquare tutorial, check-in screen recognition, POS,
           product give-aways, Twitter training
     • King appearance in local test market for consumer event
         • On-site agency staff support
     • Internal alignment on strategic response plan
                   Appendix A
     Case Studies on How Brands are Using Foursquare


                 • Using the “special nearby”
                   feature to drive people to
                   nearby Fatburgers

                 • When users check-in, they
                   receive a “special menu
                   code” to get discounts on
                   menu items

     Tasti D-Lite

                    Users associate their membership
                    cards with their Foursquare and
                    Twitter accounts, getting rewards
                    when they check-in at Tasti D-Lite

     Bravo TV

                • Bravo offers badges and prizes to
                  users who check in at over 500
                  Bravo-tagged locations

                • TV personalities offer their tips
                  as content creators


 • Offering a “barista” badge after
   five check-ins
 • Plans to use Foursquare as a
   testing ground for alternative
   reward strategies


 • Aims to reward users who discover
   and experience Zagat rated places
   in their city
 • Users can earn a “foodie” badge
 • Follow Zagat to get insider tips
   from the editors

           Appendix B
     The Power of the “Swarm Badge”

     The Power of the Swarm Badge: AJ Bombers

 • AJ Bombers wanted to attract
   Foursquare users to help raise
   money for Milwaukee Social Media
   Community to have a SXSW event
 • Offered the possibility to unlock the
   coveted swarm badge
 • 161 of the 350 Foursquare users in
   Milwaukee checked-in
 • Raised over $500; saw a sales
   increase of 110%


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