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Deadlines Systems and control project 2010 2011


									Deadlines Systems and Control Project 2010

Introduce context Monday 24th May
Brief 28th May.
Time plan/ Research Plan 11th June.
Product analysis + Conclusions + User Questionnaire 18th June
User specification / conclusions + 4 Initial Ideas 25th June
Mechanisms research + Ideas with mechanisms and casings 9th July

Summer Break

Testing of ideas + Conclusions + Control circuit options research 17th September
Block diagrams of final idea 24th September
Development of control designs-
Circuit Development or Flowchart Development 1st October
Evaluations of designs after modelling + final design requirements 15 th October
Final idea drawn in detail including details of circuit and/or flowchart 22 nd October

Half Term

2 ways of making the product. 5th November
Modelling and testing final design (Quality card or test joints, mechanisms, gears,
levers calculations. CONCLUSIONS 12th November
Cutting list and parts list to technician 19th November
CAD CAM work 26th November
Quality Assurance and Quality Control issues 3rd December

Xmas to Half term mainly making

Manufacture of product and evaluation against specification 11th March
Product testing and Evaluation of Folder 18th March
Levels of production 25th March


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