Dates and Deadlines by wuzhengqin


									Dates and Deadlines:

Registration Materials to Mme Dubois October 22, 2010
  o $350 check
  o Application
  o ISE Code of Conduct
  o Family Stay Application
  o Letter to the family
  (all registration materials must be received at ISE by 11/1)

November 30th financial aid application due
    (pg 2 - download application at

Payments are due to ISE by the following dates. Mme Dubois dates:

December 15th payment              $800                    12/9/09

February 1st payment               $900                    1/27/09

March 15th balance                 TBD                     3/10/09

You will also need to bring spending money for souvenirs and meals
(lunches and dinners) outside of the family stay.

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