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Requirements: You will need to find three sources, including at least
one book and one recommended website, to write an open-ended
question response.

Question: Analyze the Supreme Court’s decision in your case.
  What were some reasons the Supreme Court made its decision?
  Do you agree or disagree with that decision?

  1. Read and Highlight: As you are reading, highlight or circle words
     you don’t know.
  2. Web: Fill in your web with keywords and the author/title of the
     source in which you found the information.
  3. Bib Sheets: Fill out a bib sheet to help you cite each source and
     staple it to the source.
  4. Notes: Take paraphrased notes on evidence to answer the

Due Dates:
   Notes on 1st Source (10 pts) - Wed, 1/26 (A) & Thurs, 1/27 (B)
   Notes on 2nd Source (10 pts) – Fri, 1/28 (A) & Mon, 1/31 (B)
   Final Research Grade – Thurs, 2/3 (A) and Fri, 2/4 (B)
                   RESEARCH GRADE SHEET (100 points)

                       +       A      -            +      B       -             +     C      -
                                                                                                          Didn’t meet
                                                                                                        learning goals.
                      All info paraphrased.    All info paraphrased.     One mistake with           Missing info to
 Paraphrased info     Detailed, relevant       Notes on all parts of      paraphrasing.               answer part of
 relevant to
                       notes on all parts of     question.                 Some info in notes does     question.
                       question.                Could add more detail      not answer question.       Multiple mistakes
                                                 to notes.                                              with paraphrasing.
                                                                                                       Notes lack details.
                                                                                                       No notes or notes on
                                                                                                        few sources.

 Read multiple        Took notes on more       Took notes on three       Took notes on two          Doesn’t have
 sources to find       than three sources        sources, including a       sources including a         relevant information.
 info to answer        including a book,         book and                   book and recommended       Did not use a book
 question.             recommended               recommended                website.                    and a recommended
                       website and primary       website.                                               website.

 Organized            Keyword web is           Keyword web               Keyword web organized      Keyword web
 research in           organized, not            organized with info        with info and notes         missing info for part
 preparation for a     repetitive and            and notes coming           coming from less than       of question.
 logical paper.        completed with            from three sources.        three sources.             Notes do not match
                       many sources and         Notes labeled to match    One mistake with            keywords on web.
                       notes.                    web.                       labeling notes to match    Folder has no
                      Notes labeled to         Folder has system to       web.                        organization.
                       match web.                help find info.           Folder is has one issue    Doesn’t have enough
                      Folder has a system      Has enough info to         with organization.          info to answer all
                       to help find info.        answer the question       Has enough info to          parts of the question.
                      Has enough info to        completely.                answer the question
                       answer the question                                  completely.

 Showed the exact     Kept track of author, book and page number of       One mistake on keeping     Multiple mistakes on
 location of each      each fact in notes.                                  track the author, book      keeping track the
 fact.                Bib sheets correctly filled out.                     and page number of          author, book and
                                                                            each fact in notes.         page number of each
                                                                           One mistake on a bib        fact in notes.
                                                                            sheet.                     Bib sheet(s) not
                                                                                                        filled out.

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