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									Answers to Guide Questions

1. Desire – the title was appropriate for the story because the main character, which is the
   Filipina maiden wants or desired to be loved by a man without prejudice, discrimination
   and fraud.

2. The predominant element in the story is the characters because the story rotates between
   the two main characters in the story.

3. The characters are said in the table below:
    Character       Physical Attribute               Traits                       Role
   The brown        Has an unpleasant        Wanting to have the        The main character in
Filipina maiden    masculine look with        purest love that will      the story. She hates
                  angular jaw lines and     not look at the physical     her body because it
                 broad forehead but has        appearance of a           was so perfect that
                      gorgeous and             woman but in the          every man that will
                 perfectly-shaped body.             inside.                look to it will be
                                                                          mesmerized by its
 The western       Has blue eyes and light    In the beginning, he          The supporting
     man           complexion like other       has pure heart and       character and was in
                    people in his country     pure intention of the    loved to the woman at
                                               woman because he              the first time.
                                             didn’t saw her perfect
                                               body but when the
                                              time comes, he had
                                              been tempted in her
                                             body, not her attitude.
4. The main character in the story is the Filipina maiden, it is about how the main character
   searches the love she wants and finds it in the heart of the western man. But like other
   men, the western man was also tempted by the beautifully shaped body of the Filipina

5. Man vs. nature because the conflict between what the maiden have, she don’t want it
   because it became the most tempting body for other men.

6. The story was told by the writer using third person view

7. The time setting is in the Manila Bay, Philippines precisely at the time where the place is
   much more like park.

8. The primary action takes place at the manila bay when they first met.

9. The story began as the author writes about the physical looks of the maiden.

10.When the maiden and the man exchanged their letters for each other, curiosity and
   excitement arouse top them as they want to meet each other.

11. When the maiden and the man meets at last and they had mutual feelings for each other.

12.When the man knew about the maiden’s perfect body, there is no love that forms but
   temptation like other men perceives her.

13. When the maiden knew that man only loves her body, she was astonished and shocked
   that the man has no difference to other man who came to her.

14.The maiden had somehow changed but towards the end, the attitude remained to her as
   she knew that the western man wants not her love but her body.

15.I think, the story was true to life because today, many men didn’t care about the attitude
   of the one’s who they really love but their body.

16.The events or incident were described in chronological form.

17.Hers was a body that might have been the delight and despair of a painter whose faltering
   brush tried in vain to depict on the canvas such a beautiful harmony of curves and lines. It
   has the sense of sight.
18.Curve of the crescent moon – means that she has perfectly curves body.

19.The story is somehow tragic because in the search of her true love, she found the man
   that eventually turned like other man that treat her body like a mist.

20.The general theme of the story is that you should not look at what the table has, but
   instead taste the food and you can realize that the delightfulness of life is not at the
   physical but its inside your heart’s desire

21.Examples are: her breast rose up like twin roses in full bloom; her hips seemed to have
   stolen the curve of the crescent moon.

22.The author wants us to educate that we should not stereotype people because when we
   do that, we are not looking for the positive attitude of other people, hence, we are looking
   for fraud and mistakes that they take. Like in the short story, the maiden was judged by
   her face and not her heart so she wanted it to be changed.

23.I enjoyed reading the story because you can find moral lessons in the story and in teaches
   us not to be judgmental to other people.

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