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                         BT MeetMe
                         Reservationless Audio Conferencing
                                               enhanced with online tools

                         BT MeetMe is a new proprietary service from
                         BT Conferencing that enables up to 40 people
                         from around the globe to meet spontaneously, and
                         includes both audio and online options. There is no
                         set-up required, no need for special equipment, and
                         no need to book the conference in advance.

BT MeetMe                · View your virtual meeting room and monitor
                           your Participants.

                         · Control your meeting with either your telephone
                           key pad or easy-to-use online tools.
      Reservationless    · Customize the standard features associated with
  Audio Conferencing       your conference.
     with online tools

                                     For more information, visit
                  or call 1.866.766.8777
BT MeetMe OnlineTools

How to Launch your BT MeetMe
Conference as Chairperson

Invite. Tell your Participants about your BT MeetMe
conference in advance. Reference your wallet card for
the dial-in number, passcodes, and URL.
   Include the following in your message:
   • Date and time of meeting
   • Toll free dial-in number
   • Participant passcode
   • Web address (URL)

Set Up. At the time of your conference, follow the
steps below. Reference your wallet card for the dial-in
number and passcode. Remember, you always have
the option for an audio-only conference.
                                                          BT MeetMe allows you full visual control of your
  Audio portion                                           conference —you can see your virtual meeting
  • Dial your BT MeetMe dial-in number                    room and monitor the Participants. You will see
  • Enter your Chairperson passcode                       each Participant’s name, role, and status.
  • Wait for your Participants to join. (Participants
    will hear music until you join the call, however               Gavel: indicates the conference
    you may choose to customize the start of your                  Chairperson
    conference as interactive.)
                                                                   Microphone: allows you to mute yourself
  Online portion
  • Log onto                       Speaker: allows you to mute the conference
  • Click on “Join a Conference”
  • Enter your first and last name                                 Group icon: indicates that more than
  • Choose an icon to display your single or                       one person is in a room
    group status
  • Click “Join”
                                                                   Gray icon: indicates that a Participant
  Link online and audio portions                                   is on the audio portion of the conference
  • Key in then on your telephone keypad                           only
  • At the prompt, enter the 6-digit token that
    appears on your computer screen                                Dial-out icon: indicates that the
                                                                   Chairperson is dialing out to join
Meet. Begin your BT MeetMe conference.                             another Participant to this conference
A new window displaying your virtual meeting room                  or to talk to an operator
will appear on your screen. You will now be able to
View all Participants and you will have the option
to Control and Customize during your BT MeetMe

               Help Desk 1.866.766.8777              
BT MeetMe OnlineTools

                      Control                                          Customize
 BT MeetMe allows you to control all aspects           BT MeetMe allows you to customize the standard
 of the conference.                                    features associated with your conference. Any
 Play roll call: plays a roll call of all conference   changes you make will be saved for your next
 Participants                                          conference. All of your customized settings will
 Stop message: stops the play of a roll call           take effect immediately.
 Lock conference: prevents new Participants from
 joining the conference
 Dial-out: enables Chairperson to dial out to
 another domestic line
 Mute all: enables Chairperson to mute the lines
 of all Participants
 Call operator: provides easy access to operator
 End conference: ends the conference and
 disconnects all Participants
 Click on a Participant
 icon: enables you to
 change names, mute/
 unmute Participants’
 microphone or speaker,
 or eject a Participant                                         Use the Customer Reference
 from the conference                                            feature to add your alphanumeric
                                                                internal billing code.

      International Help Desk 1.617.801.6700      

                         BT MeetMe
Frequently Asked Questions                                     Connecting your business
                                                               in more ways than one.
When can I begin to use my BT MeetMe card?                     BT Event Call
Immediately. There is no need to activate your card.
Simply follow the steps of “How to Launch your                 BT Event Call is a best-of-class conferencing solution
BT MeetMe Conference as Chairperson”.                          that lets you leverage our complete portfolio of Audio
                                                               Conferencing services and the expertise of our
What information should I give to someone                      professional staff. We offer three levels of service:
invited to my conference?                                      Automated, Operator Assisted, and Premium Service
Simply tell your Participants the date and time the            to meet all of your event needs.
meeting will start and give them the dial-in telephone
number, the Participant passcode, and the customized           BT Web Conferencing
URL. All of this information is located on your wallet card.
                                                               BT Web Conferencing offers a host of customized
What equipment do I need in order to join                      solutions designed to meet your company’s remote
a meeting?                                                     meeting needs. From CEO company-wide meetings
                                                               to smaller internal status meetings, BT Web
All you need is a touch-tone telephone and a PC
                                                               Conferencing brings a visual dimension to your virtual
connected to the Internet, if using the online tools.
                                                               meetings. To use this service you simply need a
Online tools work best with a fourth generation browser
                                                               telephone and an Internet connection.
(Internet Explorer 4.01 or Netscape 4.5 or higher) set to
accept cookies and java applets. No additional software        BT Video Conferencing
or downloads are required.
                                                               BT Video Conferencing allows you to hold face-to-
What happens if a Participant is not                           face meetings with clients or suppliers at a moment’s
connected to the Internet?                                     notice, without incurring big travel costs. It is perfect
Participants without Internet connectivity can join the        when you need to exchange data, graphics and visual
audio portion of the conference, but will not have access      ideas instantly — or when eye contact with your
to the online portion of the meeting.                          audience is critical.

What if I need help during my conference?
Simply press *0 or click on “Call operator” if you have
joined the web portion of the meeting and an operator will
be available to assist you.
                                                                 The Innovation of BT Conferencing Inc.
                                                                 BT Group plc is one of the world’s leading telecommunications
                                                                 companies and the #1 source of conferencing services in the UK
                                                                 and Europe. BT Conferencing is a US subsidiary of BT Group,
                                                                 offering end-to-end conferencing solutions to meet all of your
                                                                 remote meeting needs. BT Conferencing offers Audio Conferencing
                                                                 services that range from Reservationless to Premium, as well as Web
                                                                 and Video Conferencing services.

                                                   BT Conferencing Inc.
                                                                           25 Braintree Hill Park • Suite 200 • Braintree MA 02184

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