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					        Doug Wiegand
Rising Sun High School
   Finding the “right” school for you
   Environment
   Academic Program ( No Marine Biology at
    North Dakota State)
   Cost
   Proximity to Parents (and Vice Versa)
   Selectivity (How tough is it to get in)
   Take your own tour after the admissions
    office tour
   Acknowledge your reactions to a campus
   Process these reactions with your child (in
    the car, they are trapped)
   Think of this process as the same as buying
    a house
   In reality, your child is moving there
     Regular Decision

1.     Receive a decision by a clear date
2.     Submit an application by a certain date
3.     Non-binding commitment
4.     Decide by May 1st
1.   Applications are reviewed throughout the
2.   Decisions are made as applications are
3.   Non-binding commitment
4.   May 1st is usually the deadline
1.   Apply early with the intent to receive a
     decision early
2.   Early action is usually about two months
     prior to the regular decision deadline
3.   Non-binding commitment
4.   Still have until May 1st to decide
1.   You have made a commitment to this school
     as your first and only choice
2.   100% sure that this is where you want to go
     to school
3.   Deadlines are early (Usually Nov.1st )
4.   Commitment is binding
5.   Breaking the commitment would make other
     Colleges/Universities wary of you.
   Apply Online
   Many Colleges/Universities are paperless, or
    as paperless as possible
   Send a Thank You card to the representative
    if you meet with one.
   Approach this process as if it is another class
   Early November- Early Decision/Action
   November/December- Filling out
    Applications (mostly online)
   December- Last time to take the SAT’s for 4
    year college purposes
   Financial Aid/FAFSA Workshop
   January is FAFSA-time
   February- Mid-Year Transcripts sent to
    College Admission offices
   March- Student Aid Report (SAR)
   March/April- Acceptance Letters
   April- Decisions and Deposits
   May- Avoid Senioritis
   Graduate
   Be Involved in the process
    ◦ Counselor/Student/Parent meetings
    ◦ Visit Colleges with your child
    ◦ Help organize the paperwork, but let your child do
      the majority
    ◦ “peeking over their shoulder”
   Organization of Materials
   Payment of application fees
   Deciding where to go to school
   Payment of Tuition, Room and Board
   Managing the due dates and deadlines
   Transcripts $2.00 per transcript
   Example; 3 Transcripts= $6.00
   Completing School Report on Admission
   Transcripts and School Reports are sent by
    mail and electronically by Guidance
   Transcripts become unofficial if opened by
    someone other than college official
   Good luck in College!!!

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