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					Title                                                              Citation

                                                                 Jean Clemente, Protecting and Defending a Young
Jean Clemente, Protecting and Defending a Young Person In Foster Person in Foster Care from Financial Identity Theft , 28
Care from Identity Theft                                         Child. L. Prac. 177, 177-88, 2010.

                                                                   Federal Trade Commission,
FTC, Defend: Recover from ID Theft                                 umers/defend.html#four.

                                                                   Federal Trade Commission, Take Charge, Fighting Back
                                                                   Against Identity Theft (2001),
FTC, Take Charge: Fighting ID Theft                                idt04.pdf.
                                                                      Christopher Green, Debt/Credit/Indentity Theft
                                                                   Identity Theft Resource Center, "[Letter Name]" (Nov.
                                                                                  17, 2009), available at ...

                                                                                       Identity Theft,
                                                                       Washington Attorney General, ID Theft Tips for
                                                                       Federal Trade Commission, ID Theft Complaint
                                                                   Federal Trade Commission, Dispute Letter for Existing Accounts, http://
            Intro/Background                                  Steps to Resolve Problem

            177,182-intro/facts and figures about foster
            youth and id theft; 182-183-                      184,187 -negotiating with/handling Creditors and debt
            interacting/understanding foster care clients     collection agencies; 185-185-7- steps to defending client
            with id theft problems                            after id theft has happened

            good definitions (see questions at top of link) of
            what a credit freeze, fraud alert, id theft report steps listed under "what steps should I take" question (good
            are.                                               detail)

                                                              4-more general steps to take after ID theft occurs; 12-26
                                                              (not broken down into steps) Good information on resovling
            pages 1 &2                                        specific problems
                      General background (p. 3-4)             Corrrecting credit report (p. 4-9); Reporting identity theft (p.
                                                                              9-10); Miscellaneous (p. 10)
                                    X                                                        X

                                    X                                                        X

             General Background Info, Applicable Law, Steps                    Yes but no page # available

                         Prevention Tips and Steps                                         Pg 2

                                    X                         Detailed steps on how to fill out an ID theft complaint form

for Existing Accounts,
Forms, Sample Letters         FAQs, Random                                        Bibliography

                              177,182-intro/facts and figures about foster
x                             youth and id theft; 183-4 recognizing id theft                                    188

x                             x                                                   x
18- Sample Account
Blocking Letter; 20-Sample
Dispute Letter; 37-43-ID
Theft Affidavit Form and
directions; 44- Fraudulent
Account Statement Form;
45-Annual Credit Report       27-29-Staying Alert; 30-34-Minimizing
Request Form                  Recurrences;
  Sample credit dispute     Other places to find help (p. 11); Preventing theft       Applicable statutes (p. 2-3)
     letters (p. 14-16)          tips (p. 11-12); Credit scores (p. 12-13)
various letter templates in                          X                                             X
         PDF form

       Log to record                                  X                                            X
   communications with
collections agency (1 page)

             X                                        X                                            X

             X                                        X                                Also available in Spanish

             X                                        X                                            X
Source                                                       General Comments

ABA-child and law center/Child Law Practice. (see        Focus is on kids in foster care, but good information for special
).                                                       circumstances of fy.

FTC website (linked from ABA website): Good details for steps, some repeat
defend.html#four                                         of the Child Practice article steps.

FTC website (linked from FTC website):
pdf                                                     really good sample forms/letters
         2008 LFI CLE materials (see          Excellent starting place for guide Check this site when drafting various
                   /index.shtml                     steps to see if there is a sample
                                                             letter - letters may have be tweaked

                                         May or may not be helpful -
                                                              probably best for guide on dealing
                                                                  with collections agencies


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