Conference Sessions 5-15-081 by wuzhengqin


									                               Session choices for BugMi Conference as of 5/16/08

     General           Student                HR            Advancement         Finance         Financial Aid        Technical
PCI Compliance    Marketplace          EPAF – Scott                        Bringing clearer   Tom Thram
K Graboskey/      K Graboskey          Casey, Wayne                        Budget info to     Jan Levson
Ferris            Ferris/Touchnet      State University                    the User – Carl    SunGard
                                                                           Heideman –         Financial Aid
                                                                           Hope College       update
Banner Release    Xtender Self         AppEx – Open                        Banner GASB        MCS/MTG Auto-      Identity Access
8.0 Features      Serve – K.           Enrollment on-                      Statement          Magically          Management
Alan Hansen       Salomonson, B.       line, Kettering &                   process –          Awarded! Kerry     Andrew
Product Mgr       Gilchrest            FSU                                 Jennifer Schick    Prentiss, Assoc.   Nagorski
SunGard           Ferris                                                   GVSU               Dir. Davenport U   SunGard
Banner Release    Verifying            Web time entry                      Panel discussion   Banner             Best practices
8.0 Integration   addresses &          Eastern                             on Fixed Assets    consortium         for effective IT
with other        correcting using     Michigan                            Jennifer Schick    process- Scott     security
software          QAS, John            University                          GVSU               Schuler, Systems   A. Nagorski
Alan Hansen       Davidson, U M                                            Mike G             Analysts & Cindy   SunGard
SunGard           Flint                                                    Ferris             Hermsen, Dir
                                                                                              FinAid, Oakland
ODS reporting     Curriculum                                               Direct Loan Q&A    Direct Loan Q&A    Expert Popsel
Self serve        views vs.                                                During Lunch       During Lunch       program
K. Latendresse    SunGard views                                                                                  GZBDATA
SunGard           for performance                                                                                Rob Wagner FSU
                  Rob Wagner FSU
Workflow                               Laura               Pam Rollins                        Tom Thram
Session – Wayne                        Weathersby          Alumni Pr Mgr                      Jan Levson
State U                                HR Product Mgr      (conf call)                        Financial Aid
                                       (conf               SunGard BOF                        BOF SunGard

Green – confirmed presentations

Yellow – Tentative but not confirmed

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