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					Eddie V Garcia
Post Office Box 120235
Nashville, TN 37212

February 13, 2012

Mr. Russ Fichera, Owner/President
Superior Cleaners
37 Essex Street
Lawrence, Ma 01840

RE: Your name in an Eagle-Tribune article & William Lantigua

Dear Mr. Fischera:

I write merely to share this news article1 and the other articles that have been
printed about William Lantigua. Undoubtedly, you know Mr. Lantigua since the
paper reports you allow him to park overnight in your private parking lot so he may
frequent Bali nightclub and perhaps other nearby locales.

     Their top political patron is Mayor William Lantigua, whose support for the bars
     and clubs stretches beyond the time he spends inside them. Lantigua is a regular
     in several city clubs, including Bali's on Essex Street, where he spends enough of
     his nights that he has permission from the owner of a nearby dry cleaners to park
     his 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche on the property after hours. Bali's is one of the city's
     calmer bars.

     "The mayor has asked me a couple of times," said Russ Fichera, who owns Superior
     Cleaners a few doors down Essex Street from Bali's. "After hours, I told him it was
     fine to park here. I told him he had permission to park here whenever he wants

     A months-long Eagle-Tribune investigation that examined scores of police reports,
     Licensing Board minutes and other documents showed Lantigua began using his
     political influence for the bars and clubs in 2003, the same year he took a seat in
     the state House of Representatives. On Dec. 3 of that year, after owner Richard
     Nunez was denied a permit to serve alcohol at La Guira on Broadway, Lantigua
     appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals to get the decision reversed.

     "William Lantigua, state representative, testified to Mr. Nunez's character and
     reputation in the community as hard working and a good family man," the
     meeting minutes say. Nunez received the permit on a 3-0 vote of the zoning board,
     over the objection of the private school that adjoins it.

1   http
Realizing you have no obligation to reply, but nevertheless, I am going to ask and
post this letter on Facebook as I agree Lawrencians need to know the truth and all
that is negatively affecting the beautiful city Lawrence, Ma.

Not knowing anything about you than what is written in the papers and your
website’s section on Why Superior Cleaners, it appears you hold a high regard to
servicing your customers and providing superior cleaning of one’s clothing so they
may appear in their best clothes when in public. Therefore, I ask how is it that you
permit an individual like William Lantigua to park his personal vehicle on your
private parking lot after hours? Do you permit other people to park their vehicles
on your property after hours?

Do you condone of the actions written in the newspapers and other public
documents about a person who is the mayor of this great city? Would you demand
such a person abide by our laws and the city charter?

Most private business owners are concerned with liability issues when allowing
non-employees or unrelated persons from accessing their private property after
hours and more at issue when those allowed to park personal vehicles have been
socializing at bars or nightclubs. Legally, I would surmise that if such a person, if
intoxicated, were to injure or kill another or cause personal property damages the
property’s owner would be liable.

It must be asked considering the affinity Mr. Lantigua has in giving out his cell
number to people and in particular and miraculously those who have been arrested
or detained in the Lawrence police department� � booking room and performing
other “special favors”, has Mr. Lantigua promised or delivered any special favors to
you for allowing him to park on your lot after normal business hours?

Also, what I perceive is a lack of judgment or bad taste in consorting with someone
whose credibility and reputation (see the list of articles below) is beyond reparation
is not a good thing for your business, if I still resided in the Lawrence, Ma. area, I
would certainly not use your services.

So again, you may not reply or care, but I suspect those in the public with higher
regard to decency, laws, the city charter, legitimate elections, the sanctity of votes,
our great country, our beloved US flag and doing what is right may find this letter
and the accompanying article of great interest.

Eddie Garcia

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