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collaborative-technologies by wuzhengqin



Collaborative Technologies:
A UKOLN Perspective
Brian Kelly                                               Contents
                                                           • The UKOLN
UK Web Focus                                                 Context
UKOLN                                                      • IRC at WWW 2003
Email                                                      • Collaboration at                                          events
URL                                                        • The challenges                                    • Open discussion

Permission granted to use networked applications to support aims
of the seminar provided disruptions to others are minimised.

UKOLN is supported by:

A centre of expertise in digital information management   
    Supporting UKOLN's Mission
    Interested in computer supported communications (CSC)
    / collaborative work (CSCW) to support UKOLN's (and
    UKOLN's funders') mission:
         • We support wide range of communities: HE (160+ HEIs), FE
           (400+), museums, libraries and archives, …
         • Our funders need to support distributed bodies (JISC, JISC
           RSCs, HEIs, MLA, MLA Regional Agencies, etc.
         • We run/participate in many events (conferences, workshops,..)
         • We are engaging in distributed project work (JISC and EU
         • We have remote workers (currently in Leeds and Guildford)
           and split location on campus
         • We have an interest in the application of other research
           interests in this area e.g. metadata, preservation,
           interoperability, standards, …
         • We keep a watching brief on emerging networked
           technologies which may prove valuable to our users
    A centre of expertise in digital information management
    Collaborative Technologies At W3C
    Meetings / WWW Conferences
       • Bi-annual W3C AC meetings, often co-located
         with international WWW conference
       • For past few years geeks + laptops + WiFi +
         enthusiasm = innovation
       • IRC used for minute-taking. Valuable for clarifying
         technical issues, addressing language barriers,
         involving remote attendees, …
       • At WWW 2003 IRC used to enhance the research
         process 'Real-time peer-reviewing', P Shabajee
               •   Speaker: Tim BL coined the term x
               •   Tim on IRC: No I didn't
               •   IRC discussion, Googling, …
               •   Question Time: What I said was y
    A centre of expertise in digital information management
            Colston Symposium, Bristol
    Paul Shabajee, ILRT
    gave a talk about use
    of IRC and Blogs

          There was a (semi-unplanned) realtime display of the
          IRC dialogue alongside PowerPoint slides – and mixed
           A centre of from audience
          reactionexpertise in digital information management
    IM In Wider Community
    IT Services dept. at X. discovered MSN Messenger was
    inadvertently on desktop
      • Must remove it: it's MS; security risk; trivial, …
      • Must keep it: users love it; we'll get lynched
    Subsequent email survey across community:
           "IM ... is 'here to stay' – an 'unstoppable tide'. Seen as part of
           youth culture, along with … SMS" Liverpool JMU
           "Students will arrive familiar with, and expecting to .. use such
           tools. Email seen by younger people to be 'boring', 'full of
           spam', IM and SMS immediacy preferred" Bath
            "Complaints raised regarding students hogging PCs .. Also
            case with email some time ago" Liverpool JMU
            "APIs are known & therefore targets for hackers" London Met
5           "Some challenges in interoperability …" Bath
    A centre of expertise in digital information management
     UKOLN/UCISA Workshop
     Event organised in Leeds, Nov 2004 aimed at exploring
     how CSC can be used to support T&L / research
     effectively and the challenges IT Services face:
      • Case studies on Blogs (Morrison) and IRC (Shabajee)
      • Skype      to allow remote user to listen to first talk
      • IM (Jabber rooms) for discussions
      • Wiki for collaborative note-taking in discussion groups
      • Some delegates also Blogged (at time / afterwards)
     Avoided 'technolust':
      • AUP provided
      • Addressed appropriate application areas
      • Addressed deployment barriers
    Event reports to be published in Ariadne and paper written (pre-print
6   available)
     A centre of expertise in digital information management
             Wiki annotation
             tool useful in
             discussions –
             about use of
             IM and Wikis
 Delegates could:
   • Read notes from
      other groups
   • All? contribute
   • Update notes
      prior to report
           A centre of expertise in digital information management
 (first happened)
    Beyond Experimentation
       • There is a learning curve (tools, mental model,
         concerns, …)
       • Differences in learning styles, disciplines,
         research vs T&L, …
       • Age/gender issues? Cf. mobile phones report.
       • Clarification of purpose – what are we doing, why
         are we doing it, do we all agree with what we're
         doing, …
       • Deployment strategies: want to do it, understand
         vision, but tools are flawed and I've deadlines
       • Need for safety net when experimenting
    Surprising new-found respect for Robert Kilroy-Silk!
    A centre of expertise in digital information management
              Related Work
                                                               Other work in UKOLN:
                                                                • Use of VRVS (Access
                                                                  GRID technology)
                                                                  (and TWiki) to support
                                                                  distributed RDN / DCC
                                                                  collaborative working
                                                                  A Powell, Ariadne 41
                                                                • Potential for
                                                                  FOAF Semantic
                                                                  Web application
                                                                  (open Social Network
  Key feature is                                                  format cf. Orkut, etc.)
  data integration,                                               See Kelly & Dodds,
  not 'presentational fluff'                                      IADIS WBC 2004
NB. Lots of trust, data protection, … issues –
possibly addressed by author-created information
           A centre of expertise in digital information management   paper   Ariadne article
     Research Issues
     Some areas of interest:
       • Discovery: I gave you the information in email
         (home/work account); on IM; in chatroom; on
         Skype; on Skype IM; in Blog; in Wiki; F2F; …
       • Preservation: recording of potentially valuable
         academic discourse held in variety of applications;
         in-house / trusted third party / commercial third
         party; …
       • Identifiers: need for persistent identifiers
         (independent of application, organisation and org.
         structure) for discovery, annotations, … - nb.
         identifiers for Wikalong annotations vary for
         different forms of URIs (foo/, foo/intro.html, …)
       • …
     A centre of expertise in digital information management
     On The Horizon - Podcasting
         • Lightweight news syndication standard(s) - simple way of
            getting third party content in Web pages, tickertape, …
         • "Transmitters? We don't need no stinkin' transmitters"
         • RSS 2 application invented by Adam Curry & Dave Winer
         • Simple way of getting MP3 files on your iPod, …
         • Distribution mechanism, creation tool, cultural
            phenomena, ..
         • Growth helped by Creative Commons licences
                                                                Crazy Ideas?
                                                             Wikicasting: phone no. and
         • Learning on the bus, train, … voice added to Podcast
         • Get in first & make the money / make an impact    Podcast+GPS: location-
         • Effect on society when                            based recording & listening.
            networking, digital recording, Cultural or social
     A centre of expertise in digital information management    
11          storage & access are pervasive commentary on your location
     Questions, Discussion, …

     A centre of expertise in digital information management

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