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									CEA Discovery Group

    presented to the

     RTCA Plenary
    October 29, 2003
       CEA Discovery Group
               What is that?
• Exploration meeting – to determine a need for
• Assess industry’s interest and facilitate
  technology advancement
• CEA is the ANSI accredited Standards
  Developing Organization (SDO) for the
  consumer electronics industry
• Open due process development and outreach
  to non-accredited developers
        CEA Discovery Group
• To explore standardization issues related to
  wireless portable electronic devices (PEDs) used on
  board aircraft
• To determine if standards are needed to facilitate the
  managed use of wireless PEDs on aircraft
• To decide whether there is a need or interest in
  developing a “flight mode” designation on wireless
• To determine if a standards project should be
  initiated and, if so, what scope and direction it
  should have
        CEA Discovery Group
     November 20, 2003 --- 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
CEA Headquarters: 2500 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA
     Public and targeted cross-industry invitations:
  wireless PED’s manufacturers, wireless technology
  developers and chip makers, airlines, avionics, cellular
                     network carriers, et al
Open to all interested parties --- Please register online:
           CEA Discovery Group
•   Overview of Objectives
•   Update on RTCA Special Committee 202
•   Review CEA Consumer Research
•   Perspectives:
    –   An Airline
    –   A Mobile Phone Manufacturer
    –   A PDA Manufacturer
    –   A Laptop Manufacturer
• Discuss options and possible standards
• Determine direction and actions
            CEA Discovery Group
                    Possible Outcomes
A. No standards are needed – why? (done)
B. Standards would be useful – how? (continue to explore, 2
    meetings max)
C. Standards are needed – specific project (rapid development)

Could standardize:
   user interface and operational modes (ease of use)
   device performance or interaction with aircraft
     CEA Discovery Group
         for more information…
• Technology Policy
  – Doug Johnson, senior director
  – John Hartgen, manager

• Technology and Standards
  – Virginia Williams, director
  – Wadei Powell, manager


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