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AP English Literature and Composition


									North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School
1615 South Christiana, Chicago, Illinois 60623

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English Department 1 June 2007 Dear 2007-2008 AP English Literature Student, Let me begin by saying how much I look forward to working with you! Whether you have been learning with Dr. Majors or Ms. Kearns, I know you have had a rich experience in English this year, and are now ready for the challenges—and, I hope, rewards—of Advanced Placement. In order for us to hit the ground running in August—and we will be running!—it is imperative that each and every one of you complete the following Summer Reading, Viewing, and Writing Assignment to the best of your ability. Let’s start the year off on the right foot—by displaying what talents and skills you already possess in English. This exercise will become your first graded assignment of the 2007-2008 school year.  Read and take critical notes on The Poisonwood Bible, creating a reading log for each chapter. These notes should include your brief summaries, your impressions, character descriptions, questions, predictions, and anything else you notice as you read. Be thoughtful and let your notes show that you’ve really engaged with the text. Go beyond mere summarization. This can be done on loose-leaf paper in a notebook, or stapled together.  Prepare a booktalk on the novel. Below you will find a list of 10 questions. Be prepared to answer all ten of them, orally, in class. Your responses should be well developed and specific, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the book, and citing specific examples. You may take notes on note cards to assist you, but you may not read your responses word-for-word.  Write a 3-4 page typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman-font essay on Kingsolver’s view of the role of Europeans/Americans in Africa. In your essay, try to compare/contrast/synthesize Kingsolver’s view and Pollack’s view in Out of Africa and, if you have read Heart of Darkness, Conrad’s view as well. How have these three artists— but particularly Kingsolver—depicted the place of Europeans and Americans in Africa? Do they have the same view? How do their views differ? How do you know what their views are? What about the Africans themselves—where do they figure into these works? In addition, be sure to find some time to rest, relax and recharge your mental batteries this summer, so you will be ready to take on the challenges of AP—and your junior year! Lastly—and this should go without saying—don’t leave this assignment until the last minute. High quality work is rarely done at the last minute, with one eye on the minute hand. Give yourself ample time to think, read, re-read, draft, revise, revise again, and make the final product you turn in to me a true indication of what your potential is. With best wishes for your summer, Mr. Tim Bouman Your Next English Teacher If you have questions as you are reading, I invite you to e-mail me: The Poisonwood Bible Booktalk Questions Briefly summarize the book. Include main characters and events. Describe a main character and an important decision she/he makes. Read a short passage from the book (you may read from your book for this). Explain why you chose this particular passage and what its importance is in the novel. 4. What is the most important event in the book? Why? 5. Do you like the ending of the book? Why or why not? Is there more of the story to tell? What might happen if the book were to continue? 6. Has this book changed your opinion about anything? How and why? 7. Choose a memorable scene from the book. Describe it and tell why you chose it. 8. How does Kingsolver’s depiction of Africans differ from Pollack’s 9. How does Kingsolver’s depiction of Europeans/Americans differ from Pollack’s? 10. What do you think Barbara Kingsolver wants the reader to come away with after reading this? What is her purpose for writing the novel? 1. 2. 3.

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