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English Department June 1st 2007 Dear 2007-2008 Honors English II: American Literatures Student, I am looking very forward to working with you next year! My name is Dr. Majors and I will be your instructor for Honors English in the fall. Next year, like this year, promises to be a great one. Your growth and intellectual development will soar and we in the English Dept. are looking forward to bearing witness to that. Your scholarly pursuits in Honors English will begin this summer, where you are to complete the following exercise. This exercise will become your first graded assignment of the 2007-2008 school year.  Read and take notes on Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. You must read this novel and complete all assignments before the first day of school. Please bring completed assignments with you to English class on Monday, August 28, 2006. Read over the assignment carefully and answer each question in a thoughtful and well-written response. All assignments must be typed, double-spaced, and printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper. The following assignments are required: 1. You must obtain your own public library card. If there is some reason you cannot get a library card, a note signed by the library explaining the reason must be presented. 2. You must find at least one example of imagery or figurative language (metaphor, simile, symbolism, etc.) in five of the chapters: write the author’s words using quotation marks, followed by the page number in parentheses, and then explain why you chose your example. 3. Write a persuasive letter to a friend recommending that he or she read Song of Solomon. Include at least three reasons, supported by details from the novel. Be sure to name the title and author of your novel in your letter (suggested length: 200-400 words). 4. Prepare a Book Chat presentation using power-point on the novel. You will be asked to respond to a few of the questions listed below, so in your presentation you should prepare answers to all eight questions. Your responses should be well developed and specific, demonstrating a thorough reading and understanding of the novel. You will have 2-4 minutes to respond to each Book Chat question. Summer Book Chat Questions 1. Summarize the book. Include main characters and events. 2. Describe the main character. What important decision does he or she make? 3. Present a short passage from the book [you may take your novel with you to the front of the class]. Explain why your passage is important to the overall novel or character development. 4. Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not? 5. Do you like the ending of the book? Why or why not? Do you think there is still more of the story to tell? What might happen next in the novel if it continued? 6. What is the most important event in the book? Why? 7. Do any of the characters remind you of other characters you’ve encountered in your reading or of other people you have known in your life? Explain. 8. Does the plot of the book remind you of other books you have read or plays or movies you have seen? Explain. Summer is a time where we can settle back and reflect on what has occurred and imagine what is to come. As you settle into the summer and enter into the life of the character Milkman—reflect on and imagine your life as a scholar in progress. With best wishes for your summer, Dr. Majors English Teacher

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