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									Apple Inc.

By: Joy Mayfield
•Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that designs
and creates their own computer software, electronics,
and personal computers.
•located in Cupertino, California
•It is not a single owned corporation, it is owned by
       Co-Founders Of Apple
•Steve Jobs
•Steve Wozniak
•Ronald Wayne
              Steven Paul Jobs
• 21 years old- 55 today.
• He went to Reed College
In Portland and then
dropped out.
• Job was to design video
• Today he is CEO of Apple.
• Tim Cook is currently COO
to step in for Jobs until June.
Stephen Gary Wozniak
• 17 year old- 51 today
• He went to University of California
  in Berkeley, then he dropped out as
• He worked for Hewlett Packard.
• Today he is still a co-founder of
  Apple, working on security and
  employee termination.
          Ronald Wayne
• He was 41 years old working as
• a draftsman in Atari
• The became a co-founder of Apple
  designing its first logo.
• Within 11 days of the job Wayne
  resigns from Apple. He sales his 10%
  share for $800.
• That share today would be worth up to
  $13.6 billion dollars.
                       Apple Goes PUBLIC
•Underwriters Morgan Stanley and Hambrecht & Quist take Apple
public in December 1980.
•Apple opened at $22 per share and closed at $29 per share.
•Apples was given a market survey of $1.7 billion just after 24 hours
of running on the stock.
•40 of Apples employees who held thousands of stock options became
instant millionaires.
Old to New School Computers
NEW: IPAD (April.3,2010)
           Apple Services
• MobileMe: This service gives you the
  opportunity to discuss MobileMe with
• You can watch tutorial videos about it’s
  features and how to use them set them up.
• Also, you can also chat live with a
  MoblieMe Advisor
• Or use category of questions on Apple’s
  website to find your answer.
              iTunes Store
• This service you call, text, chat, or email
  customer service on any issues or
  questions that you have.
              Apple Store
• This service helps you with order status or
  view information on delivery times.
• It also gives and helps you obtain
  information for how you can cancel,
  change, or even return your oder.
             Repair Status
• Here you can check your electronic
  devises repair status online by typing in its
  serial number and Repair ID to check for
  any serious problems.
         Top 3 COMPETITORS

•Dell Inc.
•Hewlett Packard Company
•Microsoft Corporation
• Apple is a Preferred Stock.
• Highest/Lowest price per share during past 52 wks is
• The current price per share $8.17
• The price-earnings (PE) ratio is 30.28
• Earnings per share for the last 3 yrs. Is $1.78 and is 23xs
                    Stock continuing
• There are no dividends currently being paid.
• Over the last 7yrs. profits most definitely increased.
• Some additional information is that Apple’s shares have risen
  21% over the past 6 months.
• Apple exceeds the 14% gain for shares of Hewlett-Packard and
  the 16% gain for Macintosh.

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