Checklist EOM - CRS GL by wuzhengqin


									Creditors and General Ledger - End of Month Check List
                                                       Action                               PDF   Jan   Feb     Mar       Apr      May      Jun      Jul      Aug     Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec

Check Report
Open Payments Listing                                  Should be Clear
Unposted Invoices                                      Should be Clear
On Hold Invoices                                       Should be Clear

Post Payments
Post Pymt to GL                                        Post the Payments

Print Reports
Invoice Register - Current Period                                                            X
Payments Audit Trail                                                                         X
Aged Creditors Listing                                                                       X

Control Summary                                                                              X

Verify Totals
Check that the ATB = GL Acct Trade
Creditors                                              Check

Run Creditors End of Month


Print Reports
Trial Balance                                          Check Reports
Profit & Loss                                          Check Reports                         X
Balance Sheet                                          Check Reports                         X
Run GL End of Month
Zip the folder containing all .PDF files for current month and save to same archive media
             as the final backup of Data[nn].mdb and keep off site or secure.

X = Recommended to print a file copy using Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF writer.

                      Note: This checklist is a guide and your internal procedures may require additional reports or a variation in the basic steps as listed above

        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\5ab299ac-7463-4e46-ae03-9add11a6c730.xls\Creditors & GL

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