shondaledeLoach by wuzhengqin


									Name of Primary Presenter - Shondale DeLoach
Institution/Organization - Cleveland State University
Title - Vocational issues/barriers of student veterans with PTSD: Ideas for the future
Biographical Information for Primary Presenter
        Doctoral student from Cleveland State University

       A similar poster was presented at APA but focused exclusively on VA's and not on
       college counseling centers.

        Div 17 student member
Title of Program - Counseling and health services
Short Description of Program
        Some history of VA programs for vets with MH disorders, the lack of such services for
        vets with PTSD, and the recent attempts and the related efficacy. Also to be discussed,
        opportunities for college counseling ctrs to assist student vets with PTSD.
Has this program been presented at another venue? - Yes
Additional Information
        APA, 2010- San Diego

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