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									                               Manatee High School Class of 1965

              John Adams
              Address:P.O. Box 136 Mountain Rest, SC 29664
              Office:(864) 886-8880
              Spouse:Married to Lonni (Lois Joy) for 43 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
              Personal:Lonni (Lois Joy Johnson) was classmate; Our boys live in Orlando. John II is self-
              employed, and Jeff is sales manager for large building supply company.
              My Education:Real Estate Major. Licensed broker in Florida, South Carolina and North
My Career:Commercial Real Estate; Broker and developer (Adams Commercial Real Estate)
How I spend my free time:Reading; Leadership volunteer work for County (Committees and Boards).
Other comments:I love fine food, and eat out every meal. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Pam Akins Taylor
                 Address:PO Box 746 Highlands, NC 28741
                 Home:828 526-9027 Office:828 526-2520
                 Spouse:Married to Jack Taylor for 5 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:I met Jack Tayor after graduating from MHS and we were married
                 5 years. Two sons, Rob and Jason.
                 My Education:AA degree from Manatee Community College, 1 year at
                 University of Florida. Florida Real Estate broker since 1980, North Carolina
sales Associates license. I have been involved in real estate sales since 1977 in Florida and North Carolina.
My Career:Selling mountain homes.
How I spend my free time:Horseback riding, dogs, gardening, travel, family. (Updated 6/11/2011)

                    Lynn Albert
                    Address:1316- 56th AVE. DR. E. Bradenton, FL 34203-5940
                    Home:941 755-9423 Office:941 747-5172
                    Spouse:Married to Pat for 36 years with 1 child.
                    Personal:We met in 1968 a and bar... was nice place. I was in Air Force.
                    met in 3rd week of August 1968 and wed in Feb.8th 1969.. son born feb 5th 1975. Brian lives
                    in Gainsville fl. HE'S single.. My wife is a happy person.and tall & bit heavy.. names ,
                    Patricia..or Pat..
My Education:AIR FORCE . joined right after school.then, got out! and went to work in moble home building
. for a bit .. then went into alumn. installing.. still there..
My Career:Air force .. was bomb loader for 3 and a half installer for Greg Kuypers Aluminum
inc... been doing this for over 25 yrs.
How I spend my free time:when i have some i like bowling, .. Darts . not steel tip....and when i have
time . fishing too..or just laying around resting & watching tv.. or napping in my recliner..
Other comments:haven't changed much .except for the grey thinning hair, and few pounds.. (Updated

              Brian Andresen
              Address:1075 Alison Circle Livermore, CA 94550
              Home:925 606-0226 Office:925 606-0226
              Spouse:Married to None.
              Personal:Never Married
              My Education:B.S. (1969) Florida State University (Major Chemistry,
              Minor Oceanography) M.S. (1972) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
              (MIT)- Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute Joint Program (Degree in
Chemical Oceanography) M.S. (1972) MIT (Degree in Analytical Chemistry) Ph.D. (1974) MIT (Degree in
Organic Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry)
My Career:1974-1979 - Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida. 1979-1983 -
Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Medicine, The Ohio State University. 1983-2003 - Senior
Research Scientist and Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Forensic Science Center
(Support to local, Federal, and International Forensic Investigations) 2003-present - Retired!! (Currently,
antique clock and watch repair, at home business) 15 Patents (Medical and chemical analysis tools and "Fiber
Optic Candy")
How I spend my free time:I still play drums in a rock-n-roll band, "The Downtown Blues Band"
( also play drums in a 20 piece big band: "The Cooltones"
( I also play drums with two other jazz bands: The "Moonglowers" and
"Smooth Sounds". I am having great fun playing all the music we listened to in high school!! I have a new
business ("Andresen's Antique Restorations") repairing clocks, watches and fine antiques for extra funds to buy
more drums, cymbals, and music gear!! I also am an avid thrift store shopper looking for that unusual and
hopefully valuable antique item for resale on Ebay!!
Other comments:I occasionally continue consulting on forensic investigations to support defense or
prosecuting attorney needs ( If in the future your are thinking about
committing a crime, please let me know and I might be able to help and keep you out of big trouble!!!!
(Updated 8/1/2011)

                James Arendell
                Address:4818 3rd Ave. NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                Personal:marital status: Divorced for 3 yrs after 35yrs of marriage to Jeanne
                Davenport whom I met in my senior year of High school. We have two
                children Patrick who is serving in the Air Force, wife Lisa and two of my
                grandchildren. Christine homemaker married to Greg who works at GTE
                telephone computer designer in Atlanta. They have two girls and my newest
My Career:Retired from the Air Force in 1986. served 2 yrs at Wartsmith AFB Mich., 4yrs at RAF
Alconbury, England (loved it), 2yrs at Mac Dill AFB, TAMPA, 2yrs AT Incerlick CDI, Turkey, back to RAF
Alconbury, England for 8yrs and retired at Homestead AFB,South Miami,Fl. During my Air force career I
ended up with 2 yrs of collage credits between the Air Force and classes I had taken. In the Air Force I was a
supply sergeant in charge of war readiness meterial and the last two year as a First Sergeant. After retiring we
moved to Columbus, Ga. to be near my mother in-law as she was living on her own. During the 5yrs we lived
there I was a live stock feed salesman traveling around mid Georgia and Alabama area. The last year I worked
at Freeway Ford dealership selling Fords and Jeeps. My wife needed to be away from her mother so we moved
back to Bradenton. I got a job as a maintenance supervisor at Via Roma and Resort 66 on Anna Maria for over
11yrs. I enjoyed that job talking to people form all around the world and from places that I had visited while I
was in the air force. I'm persently working at Lowe's on state road 70 in the plumbing dept. My many years as a
maintenance person has come in handy helping the customers.
Other comments:I'm still very active in church. In England I led British youth groups and the second time
there I ministered to single GI's with Bible studies in my home. My few years of singing in the quire at
Manatee high were helpful in leading some church quires over seas. I'm presently attending Harvest Chapel
Assemblies of God Church as second sound person and tape ministeries. Would like to see you there.

                Sandi Armstrong Beaman
                Address:4519 3rd Ave NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                Home:941 749-7036 Office:941-798-6281
                Spouse:Married to Roger for 41 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                Personal:I met Roger when he came to Bradenton in 1968, to do student teaching with Jim
                Forssell. He visited my church, West Bradenton Baptist, and my Mom spotted him. She told
                me I needed to meet him,and so December 21,1968, we were married.(Mr Forssell sang at our
                wedding.)Roger taught Choral Music in Orlando for eleven years.Then he was Drug Manager
with Albertsons.Four moves in three and a half years brought us back to Bradenton in 1982. Roger has taught
at Palmetto High School for the last 28 years. Our sons were born in Orlando, Shannon Wiilson Beaman in
1973, and Ryan Wallace Beaman in 1975. Both are MHS graduates and sang under Mr Forssell. Shannon has
been in the Marine Corps since graduation, in 1992, and is a Chief Warrant Officer 2.He is staioned in Long
Island, NY, where he is over all the recruiting stations in all the metropolitan area of New york City. His home
is in Garden City, NY, with wife Wendy,and three daughters Devon,age 16,Taylor age 12, and Allyson age 3.
Ryan is a Manatee County School Board Food Service Specialist with 18 school sites he covers. He has been in
this position less than a year. He is thrilled to be out of the restaurant busisness and Supermarket business.He
had been in the resturant business since graduation in 1993.He lives in Bradenton with his wife Jormarie Mere-
Beaman, and two sons. Hunter age 10 and Kaleb 5. Hunter just finished 5th grade at Jesse P. Miller and Kaleb
willbe a Kindergardener in the fall. It's neat to have grandchildren attend your former Elementary School.
My Education:I attended Manatee Community College with majors in nursing and music, until my marriage. I
graduated from Florida Hospital School of Nursing in 1970, and received my L.P.N. license. I received a
Dental Radiology Degree 1n 1983.
My Career:I worked in all areas of Hospital nursing 1970-1983. I then worked in a Periodontist office ,where
I gave all the intra-oral injections for surgery and other procedures. I was Admitting Supervisor at Manatee
Memorial Hospital for 10 years. I was School Nurse at Bayshore High School for 2 years. I moved to Blake
Medical Center in 1995. I worked in Medical Records for 7 years, assisting the physicians to complete charts
and dictation.Then I moved to Quality Specialist in Quality Resources at Blake. I abstracted information from
patient charts for National Reporting and Joint Commission Regulations as it pertains to Standard of Care.I
became disabled and retired in April of 2006.I stay busier now than I ever did when I worked. I take care of my
87 year old father, and help with the 2 grandboys,taking them to school,picking up and other assorted duties
with them.
How I spend my free time:Most of my time is spent with my family, and especially grandchildren. We are so
blessed to have them close by and we make the most of the time we can spend with them. My mother passed
away in 2005. My Dad is in an ACLF, which We are at multiple days with him. I love to read. I have book
everywhere I go. I have done quite a bit of cross-stitch for my family, and their special occasions. Roger and I
really have gotten into antiquing and fixing or refinishing our wonderful finds.We ventured out 2 years ago and
have 2 booths in a localAntique Mall.It's a great hobby.
Other comments:God has been good and we are very thankful. I have had a number of rough years with TMJ
issues and multiple surgeries. I have the most loving and supportive family one could ever want, and I love
them all very much,especially my ever patient and supportive husband, Roger. Recently retired from Medical
Field of 40 years. Married 41 years. 2 sons, CWO2 Shannon is in the Marine Corps 18 years, married, has 3
girls Devon 16, Taylor 12, and Allyson 3.The other son, Ryan is with the Manatee County School Board as a
Food Specialist, covering 18 school sites,married and has 2 sons, Hunter 10, and Kaleb 5. (Updated 6/14/2010)

                 Harold Baker
                 Address:16701 Right Branch Trail Henryville, IN 47126
                 Home:812 736-9933 Cell Office:812-736-9933
                 Spouse:Married to Sherry for 25 years with 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Met Sherry while stationed at NAS Whidbey Is. Wa. Married in
                 1984, moved to Wash. DC had 2 boys while stationed there. Have boy and
                 girl from previous marriage. Oldest boy graduated from ECU in NC,
currently a branch manager for Bank of America in Raleigh, NC. Daughter graduated fm ECU also major in
sports medicine, worked for UNC Charlotte, met hubby and now is married and just moved to Charlotte NC.
Both my youngest still live at home, Both in the KY Air National Guard. Both have deployed and returned fm
assignments in support of our troops in Afghanistan. Still trying to complete degree.
My Education:Went to Pittsburgh institute of Aeronautics, became licensed aircraft mechanic,was working
for Western Airlines in CA,was drafted but ended up in Marines. Later went to Embry Riddle, graduated Suma
Cum Laude
My Career:Enlisted Marine, clep tested enough college credits for commissioning program. Ended up doing
four (4) Marine bootcamps, commissioned in Quanitco, VA. after basic school went to USAF flight school in
Valdosta, GA. recieved my air force wings, went to Navy/Marine transition training to get my Navy wings. Did
my Viet Nam tour in A-6's. Spent most of my 22 yrs " haze gray and under way" (CF knows what that means)
It was easier to tell you which aircraft carriers I wasn't on than name the ones I was!!. Left the service as a
Lt.Col. went to work for UPS as a flight engineer on DC-8, have done all 3 seats in that plane, Both front seats
on Boeing 747, and currently left seat on MD-11. After turning 60 had to go to back seat of DC-8 for a while
till the age 65 law was changed.
How I spend my free time:Had a farm in southern IN. Spent15 yrs raising most of the animals known to man,
plus some hay and hard grain crops. Sold the farm in 2005. Have a cabin on Dale Hollow lake in TN. Sold boat
in 2006 because Sherry was going to CRNA school for 29 months. (looking for another boat now). Love to ski,
fish and just ride around the lake. Fly any small plane I can get my hands on, tried helo's, they sacre me!!
Started a new house in 2008 moved in 2009 and still working on parts of it.
Other comments:Looking forward to seeing everyone again and maybe getting to actually go fishing with
Ken Estabrooks this year. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Timothy Bartels
                 Address:8382 State Route 110 Napoleon, OH 43545
                 Spouse:Married to Brenda for 43 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met Brenda while visiting grandparents in Ohio. My daughter and family live in
                 Huntley, Il. and my son and family live in Liberty Center, Ohio.
                 My Education:4 years apprenticeship through Penn. State University , became Journeyman to
                 install sprinklers for fire protection
My Career:2 years Armey 1 yr Vietnam with 111th Engineer Company
How I spend my free time:Enjoy boating, fishing and working on old cars, but has been put on hold due to
vacationing in Fla. during the winter months since retirement.
Other comments:Looking foward to seeing all my classmates at the reunion. (Updated 4/23/2010)

                 Pam Basehore deGruchy
                 Address:530 67th Street Holmes Beach, FL 34217
                 Home:941 778-6474
                 Spouse:Married to Doug for 29 years with 1 child.
                 Personal:I love to tell the story of how Doug and I met. We lived across the canal from each
                 other in Holmes Beach. One summer afternoon I bravely waved to him across the canal. we
                 both had been watching each other for some time. He put his surfboard in the canal and
                 paddled over to my dock.We began dating that weekend and were married five years later.We
have one daughter,Lisa,who lives in Gainesville.
My Education:College for me began at Manatee Junior College and then on to the University of South Florida
where I graduated with a BA and later a Masters in Elementary Ed.
My Career:Since May of 2004, my current job is substituting occasionally at Stewart Elementary. Over the
last 32 years I worked first at Anna Maria Ele. then Moody Ele., then Orange Ridge Bullock as a Curriculum
Specialist and Teacher . My last five years were at Stewart Ele.
How I spend my free time:So far Retirement has been great for Doug and I. We decide what to do each
morning after our first cup of coffee. We are still working on our list of "Things to Do around the house when
we retire".We are enjoying extended trips to our cabin in the woods of North Carolina as well.
Other comments:My husband also is retired from the Manatee County School System .Some of you may have
run into him at Memorial, Anna Maria ,Sugg ,Ballard or Palma Sola. Our daughter is currently available if you
have any single sons out there. Wouldn't she just love knowing I've advertised for her.
                Rita Beach Overmier
                Address:402 Newdale drive Byran, OH 43506
                Home:419 630-0283
                Spouse:Married to Clare Overmier for 23 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
                My Career:Consultant: Camlin Home Corporation, Bradenton, Florida

                Jim Bear
                Address:4413 37th St E Bradenton, FL
                Home:941 758-1671 Office:941-727-7215
                Spouse:Married to Jane Robinett Bear for 37 years with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.
                Personal:I met my wife at the beach; Jodie Smith lives here, Jamie Kibel lives in Texas, Julie
                Scofield lives in Montana
                My Career:I retired from GTE after 35 years. I am the owner of Bear's Telephone Service.
                How I spend my free time:I enjoy hunting and any other outdoor activities.

                  Linda Bearden Emanuel
                  Address:932 Michele Circle Dunedin, FL 34698
                  Home:727 734-2524 Office:727 547-7824
                  Spouse:Married to Frank for 1 year with 4 children and 1.5 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met Richard Nore at Florida State University and was married to
                  him for 34 years. Three years ago I was blessed to meet Frank Emanuel on a
                  financial planning appointment. I knew immediatley he was a special man.
We were married last summer. I have two beautiful and talented daughters, April Leigh and Heather Alise.
April graduated from FSU with a BS in Education and from Nova Southeastern with a MS in Media
Information. April lives in Orlando with her husband, Zack Winnermark, and her daughter, Calin, who is 3
months old. April is a Media Specialist at St. Cloud High School in Kissimmee and Zack is a pilot with
Southwest Airlines. Heather graduated from FSU with a BS in Business. Heather lives in Brandon with her
husband, Ryan Miyamoto. Heather is an executive with Target Corporation and Ryan is an officer with Bank
of America. Frank's son, Brian, teaches Language Arts at Adams Middle School. He lives in Land O Lakes
with his wife, Melissa, who teaches Special Ed. Frank's daughter, Brooke, works for Ford Corporation and
lives in Tampa with her husband, Johnny. Johnny works for Target Corporation. Both kids graduated from
My Education:I started the family tradition by graduating from FSU with a BS in Education, majoring in
Physical Education and Science and minoring in Health. I have a MS from Nova Southeastern in
Administration and Supervision. I also carry a Real Estate License.
My Career:I have had so much fun playing in my life. I taught Physical Education, Health, Science and Math
at Southeast High School, Riviera Junior High, Seminole High School and Seminole Middle School. I also
enjoyed coaching Track, Tennis, Swimming and Cheerleaders. I then became an Assistant Principal at
Meadowlawn Middle School. And finally ended up where I was meant to be all along at Bardmoor Elementary
as the Assistant Principal. When the Principal retired I became Principal of Bardmoor. After 35 years with the
Pinellas County School System, I have to say I have fun everyday!!
How I spend my free time:Frank and I have been spending a lot of time with our new granddaughter, Calin
and plan to do more of the same when Frank's daughter, Brooke, has her child in November. We attend lots of
sporting events. We have season tickets for the BUCS, the Lightening (if they ever play again), the Devil Rays
(certain games), the University of Tennessee and FSU games. Frank's son, Brian, coaches for Hillsborough
High so we also attend those games. In the off seasons we like concerts, the theater and traveling. We will
return from Alaska just in time to see you all in June.
Other comments:Last year was amazing for me, Heather, my daughter, got married in March, Brian, Frank's
son got married in June and Frank and I got married in July. April announced she was pregnant. Then in
December Frank was inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame in New York. I have to say WOW, life is
really good. In his youth he played football for the University of Tennessee and was then drafted by the Miami
Dolphins in the first year of the franchise, 1966. He was Rookie of the Year for the Dolphins that year. After 5
seasons in the NFL he retired and began coaching at several universities. In the early 80s he coached Special
Teams for the BUCS under John Mckay. Then he retired and began a third career as a Financial Planner for
Principal Financial Group. (Updated 9/17/2011)

                 Robert Beehler
                 Address:2916 60th St W Bradenton, FL 43209
                 Home:941 792 9269
                 Spouse:Married to Jean for 15 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:at work post office Bradenton and upstate New York
                 My Career:after school navy 4 years then post office for 28 years retired 2002
                 How I spend my free time:retired we travel aroundthe country spend summers in north ga
                 mountains and winters in Bradenton (Updated 8/27/2010)

                 Louis Bellemare
                 Address:9619 Valencia Cove Bradenton, FL 34210
                 Home:941 798-3407 Office:941-224-0075
                 Spouse:Married to Lois-Lynn for 29 years with 3 children and 4
                 Personal:Met Lois-Lynn at Bradenton Skating Rink, our daughter Maryann
                 and husband Garren live in Austin Texas, our son Louie and wife Jennifer
                 live in Homestead Fl where Louie works for the U.S. Airforce, our son Joel
and his wife live in Bradenton where Joel is an RN at Blake Hospital. Two of our grandchildren attend Palm
View Elem. 1 Lincoln Middle school and 1 will start at Palmetto High where my wife and children graduated
My Education:U.S. Airforce, and General Motors
My Career:U.S. Airforce,Vietnam Vet, retired from Bellemare Motors and Bellemare GMC Truck, now have
commercial rental properties in Manatee County.
How I spend my free time:Living in North Carolina in the summer months, tennis, golf, boating, church and
Other comments:I love my wife because she is typing this for me. (Updated 9/22/2010)

              John Benson
              Address:4531 51st St. E Bradenton, FL 34209
              Home:941 750-9979 Office:941 792-6161
              Spouse:Married to Diane for 16 years with 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
              Personal:Met Diane on a blind date
              My Education:4 yrs US Navy,Univ. of Guam, MJC, UF-Master of Engineering,Prof
              Engineer, Prof Land Surveyor
              My Career:Consulting Engineer 30 yrs @ Benson Engineering
How I spend my free time:Boating Fishing Church
Other comments:GOD is Good

                 Ron Bernard
                 Address:600 Montezuma Dr Palma Sola Pk Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Home:941 794.2074 Office:941.745.3112
                 Spouse:Married to Claudia for 30 years with 1 child and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Claudia & I met at Calvary Bapt Church(the church across from Hawkins Stadium).
                 Dau & grndsons Chandler,7, Camden, 5 & Cain, 2 live locally.
                 My Education:MJC, then a short stint at a little obscure college in Charleston, Palmer
                 College. Master of Photog. degree from PPA.
My Career:Navy Reserves/ Claudia & I estab. Bernard Photography & Fine Art in 1979. You can see where
we are & what we do at:
How I spend my free time:There's time outside of work? Bicycling.
Other comments:Anyone is welcome to stop by our studio while you're in town. 714 43rd St W - just 2 blks
south of Manatee Ave & 2 bldgs south of Chuck Brown's funeral home (how convenient). At the ripe young
age of 29 I asked Jesus into my has been more exciting ever since. I also never imagined I could be
loved to the extent that my wife Claudia loves me. What a blessing she is to me and our family! (Updated

                  Bill Blanton
                  Address:4085 Cove St. Johns Rd Jacksonville, FL 32277-9166
                  Home:904 744-1962
                  Spouse:Married to Anita for 30 years with 4 children and 6 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Met Anita while employed with Southern Bell. Have four daughters. Claire is a
                  CPA in Orlando. Heather and Holly are identical twins. Heather is an artist. She turns Polaroid
                  pictures into amazing art forms. Her art can be seen by visitng Ashley is
                  the "baby" at 24 yrs of age. She and Holly are totally busy raising 4 of the six grand kids. I
have an absolutely wonderful family!
My Education:Joined the USCG after high school. Got to see and visit most every island in the N Pacific. Got
out after 4 yrs and went to St Pete JC in electronics. Two yrs later, was hired by BellSouth (Southern Bell) and
moved to Jacksonville. While working and raising a family, earned a BS and MBA from Nova Southeastern
My Career:I recently retired from BellSouth as Vice President/General Mgr of Florida Operations with 33
years of employment. I was very fortunate in my career with BellSouth. Great company to work for and made
my retirement decision quite easy.
How I spend my free time:It's amazing how much there is to do after retirement. I have a home on the St
Johns River so naturally I spend a lot of time fishing and boating. I also enjoy home remodeling and now that I
have time, I've been very busy around the house. After 33 yrs of a torrid pace, I am enjoying the rest period.
(Updated 3/10/2010)

                Larry Borden
                Address:5301 35th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34209-6311
                Home:941 792-7266
                Spouse:Married to Barbara for 26 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:Son, Todd (36) is living in Bradenton and is a Field Engineer with
                WSIDaughter, Carey (20) is living at home and attending MCC
                My Education:2 years at MCC - Civil Engineering, AS Degree in
My Career:4 years in the Air Force, Vietnam 1969-70Retired in 2003 after 30 years with VerizonCurrently
DiveMaster for Gulf Stream Natural Gas System
How I spend my free time:Commerical SpearFishing and Boat Building

                   Russell Brosius
                   Address:457 Walnut Mtn. Rd. #4304 Ellijay, GA 30536
                   Home:706-636-1353 Office:770-513-6652
                   Spouse:Married to Sandi for 44 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                   Personal:In Math Class at MHS. My son Todd lives in Suwanee Ga. and is Senior VP of
                   Portfolio Parking. Daughter Hollie lives in Banks County and is a 911 operator.
                   My Education:Manatee Community College Two Years- State Licensed Building Contractor
                   My Career:Designed and Built Homes, worked as a Project Manager Manatee County
Schools 21 years. Moved to Georgia to be with the family and am now working for Gwinnett County Schools
and will retire in two months
How I spend my free time:Fishing and building things.
Other comments:I love the mountains but I sure miss the Gulf and Hurricane Football on Friday Night.
(Updated 1/20/2012)

                  Andy Bruggner
                  Address:10250 Miccosukee Road 10250 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32309
                  Home:850 3090995 Office:850 3090995
                  Spouse:Married to Ann for 39 years with 1 child and 1 grandchild.
                  Personal:Swept my bride off her feet when she was a student nurse and I was a young
                  Marine.Daughter Sarah lives in Sarasota.
                  My Education:MJC,UF
                  My Career:Spent 4 years in Marine Corps,retired in 2000 from a large southern electric
utility based in Miami,moved to Tallahassee and started a home repair business.
How I spend my free time:gardening,camping,travel
Other comments:I have 3723 songs in my Ipod and I'm a charter member of Sam's club! (Updated 6/11/2010)

                Baxter Burch
                Address:4016 72 Avenue East Sarasota, FL 34243
                Home:941 355-6212 Office:941-729-2700
                Spouse:Married to Linda for 17 years with 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
                Personal:Met Linda at a bar. Our 3 boys all live in Palmetto, and daughter lives in Orlando.
                Two of the sons work at the family business, B & F Auto Parts, and the third is a
                cabinetmaker. Our daughter works at the Rainforest Cafe (Disney) and son-in-law works at
                Universal, so we get LOTS of company from up north.
My Career:Still at the business my father started in 1955.
How I spend my free time:We love to travel when we can, and we enjoy Nascar racing.
Other comments:Our 4th grandchild (and first girl) is due on 6/21 in Orlando, so her birthdate will determine
whether or not we can attend reunion.

                Phillip Burghardt
                Address:Bradenton, FL
                How I spend my free time:Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Have drinks with friends, Read,
                Spend time with family, Take classes, Travel, Work on my hobbies

                 Edward Burris
                 Address:9631 Pine Cone Dr. Pensacola, FL 32533
                 Home:850 476-9964
                 Spouse:Married to Elizabeth (Betty) for 39 years with 1 child and 1
                 Personal:We met on the beach at the south end of Anna Maria Island. Our
                 married daughter lives in New Port Richey and has a daughter. We've lived
                 here just outside of Pensacola Florida since 1982.
My Education:After MHS, I attended MJC for a while and then went into the Navy. I finished my AA degree
while on active duty. After retiring from the Navy, I earned my BS and MEd.
My Career:I spent 20 years in the Navy as a cryptologic technician, retiring in '87 as a Chief Petty Officer. I
deployed several times on submarines during my first tour in Japan, was then stationed on the island of Cyprus,
Homstead Florida, Spain, and then Japan again. My last tour was here in Pensacola, where I was an instructor
and curriculum manager in the Navy's cryptologic school. Since the Navy, I worked for several companies that
develop training courses, mostly for Department of Defense agencies.
How I spend my free time:Work? At the end of March 2010 I joined the ranks of the life-of-leisure folks and
most of my time is now "spare" time. Yep, I retired. I had been putting off a bunch of house and yard projects
until I retired - now I have no more excuses - the projects have to get done and seem to take up a lot of my
time. I do managage to get in a few rounds of golf. Funny, even playing more golf hasn't improved my game
very much. So my scores are not the result of a lack of play but a lack of any significant talent. I hope to now
spend more time with our granddaugther and her mom and dad.
Other comments:I like the slow pace of life in a small town. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Jeffrey Butcher
                 Address:14407 Forest Glenn Court Louisville, KY 40245-5255
                 Home:502 244-7803 Office:502 420-7637
                 Spouse:Married to Rosalie for 10 years with 5 children and 6 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Rose and I met in Lexington, KY while I was teaching a class on
                 Financial Planning. She has three children, Greg and Dan, Atlanta, GA; Lisa,
                 Owensboro, KY. My two, Jonathan, lives in Louisville and works with me.
                 Daughter Alicia currently lives in Lexington, KY
My Education:Manatee Junior College, A.A. 1967; University of Maryland, B.S. Journalism/Policital
Science; Kentucky State University, M.P.A. Natural Resources Administration 1980; Air War College, 2000;
Securities Licenses 6,22,31,63,65,and 7.
My Career:Congressional Staff Member, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC, 1967-70; USAF
1970-1992, retired Lt. Col. Vietnam War, Desert Shield/Storm, and Enduring Freedom (9/11); U.S. Soil
Conservation Service, Public Affairs, 1974-82; E. F. Hutton, Waddell & Reed, Smith Barney, PaineWebber
and UBS Financial Services 1984 to Present.
How I spend my free time:Golf, Ancestry research
Other comments:Still active in Masonic Lodge, 32nd degree Scottish Rite, and Kosair Shrine. Am the
Diocesan Coordinator, Brotherhood of St. Andrew (Episcopal) Diocese of Kentucky and member Sons of the
American Revolution. (Updated 6/13/2010)

                  Carol Butler Smith
                  Address:10120 Cabana St. Spring Hill, FL 34607
                  Home:352 596-5078
                  Spouse:Married to Bruce for 40 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:I met him at a disco in Ft. Lauderdale while I was living in Miami.
                  My daughter lives in Spring Hill, working at Applebees & going to school
                  soon to be a physical therapy assist. My son manages an auto repair shop in
                  Inverness & has been married for 2 yrs.
My Education:I attended Brevard College in North Carolina for 2 years. I have training & certification in
ophthalmology. I am a Certified Ophthalmic Technician, Certified Surgical Assistant & Technical Staff
Supervisor for the Hernando Eye Institute in Spring Hill, FL.
My Career:After college, I moved to Miami where I worked for the University of Miami as a secretary for an
eye testing program in the schools, funded by the federal govt. I soon learned how to do the testing & worked
there for about 2 yrs. After getting married, we moved to Naples, FL where I worked for an ophthalmologist.
Then we moved to Bradenton & worked for 2 ophthalmologists there for about 2 yrs. We decided to do some
traveling, so we went to Tenn. to help a friend with his farm for awhile. While we were there, I got a job at a
shoe factory, since there wasn't much choice of jobs, & my family got a big kick out of that! Then we traveled
out west & stayed in Phoenix for awhile & proceeded to San Franciso for my husband to attend the San
Franciso Art Institute. I worked for some ophthalmologists there for about 4 years & decided to move back to
Florida where we felt more comfortable with our surroundings & weather. We found a house to purchase on an
island that we fell in love with & we have been here ever since. I stopped working for about 7 yrs. so that we
could have children & stay at home with them before going to school. By that time I was ready to go back to
work. I have been working for 2 ophthalmologists in Spring Hill for almost 20 yrs. & plan to stay there until I
retire. I have now retired, since March 2010, & I am enjoying my leisure time & working on projects around
our house.
How I spend my free time:I like to go to the beach, swim, boating, fishing, sailing & play on my computer.
(Updated 6/5/2010)

                Michael Cadmus
                Home:352 498-0472
                I have 2 children.
                How I spend my free time:Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Dine with friends, Travel (Updated

                Caralie Cannon Boyle
                Address:287 Highwater Rd Soddy Daisy, TN 37379
                Home:423 332-3499 URL:
                My Career:Teaches 4th grade at Falling Water Elementary School, Hixson , TN

                 Cheryl Carder Mulvihill
                 Address:3634 Spring Beauty Ct. Powder Springs, GA 30127
                 Home:678 384-1516 Office:770-774-8374
                 I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Divorced 27 years (OH MY GOD)and am at last friends with Terry
                 -- remember him from the 10th reunion? Two great kids Mike and Morgan.
                 Mike is in the Marine Corps, Special Ops, served in Baghdad, will probably
                 return. He and wife Amy have two children, Garrett-6, and Courtney-2 and
live in Temeculah, CA. Morgan and husband John live here in Powder Springs, GA - why else would I be
here!! They have one son, Logan-2.
My Education:Short timer at MJC before moving to Washington,DC. I may be certifiably nuts, but haven't
actually earned my official certification.
My Career:I can't remember back to the beginning, but I'm currently the Meat Queen for U.S. Foodservice in
Atlanta, GA. Responsible for the beef,veal,pork,lamb category. My career brought me here to Atlanta from
Pittsburgh, PA, moved me to Annapolis, MD, and now back to the Atlanta area.
How I spend my free time:Spending time with kids and grandkids, neighborhood activities (a very active
neighborhood I might add), book club, supper club and downtime spent reading and taking care of three cats
and the best dog ever, Kobe.
Other comments:1I'm blessed to have a wonderful family and great friends. Life is good. Can't wait to see
everyone at the reunion.

                Richard Carlson
                Address:3596 Rocky Point Road South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
                Home:530 541-6364 Office:775-225-1058
                Spouse:Married to Janet Penn for 21 years.
                Personal:US National Ski Races- Squaw Valley---She was trying to get past the gate
                WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION!!!!
                My Education:Tulane Univ--Univ of Nice France---John Marshall Law School/ Chicago---
                Local continuing education---Vincent Chase Actors Workshop Los Angeles
My Career:No military---Gold Mining owner/operator,motion picture producer,carpenter/plumber, Home
contracting,Tennis Instructor and tournament player, Professional Basketball Europe and
US,Entrprenuer,Sustainable communities, HIV Rapid test Kits,Property management, Maitre D and Captain in
French Restaraunts and Showrooms
How I spend my free time:Ski Nordic and Alpine in winter (50-100 days/Yr) Summer-Tennis, swimming,
biking, hiking etc Meditation and enlightenment practice,

                 Bobbi Carrington Ledbetter
                 Address:1510 86th St N W Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Home:941 795-4767
                 Spouse:Married to Kip for 35 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:Kip and I met as 7th graders at Walker Jr High. Always friends, we never dated
                 until after we graduated from MHS. We are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year. Kip is
                 an architect, working with Jerry Zoller in Bradenton. We have two sons. Brett lives in
                 Pensacola, Fl and works in construction. Christopher, currently in Bradenton, is an industrial
designer, working primarily in museum design. Mac and Joker, our unruly dachshunds, complete the family.
Our family left Bradenton in the 70's. After relocations to Montgomery and Louisville, we settled in the Florida
panhandle, living in Gulf Breeze for 18 years. We have now returned to Bradenton and are enjoying being
My Education:I attended Manatee Jr College, taking the computer science course when computers filled
rooms and used punch cards. In a changing industry, my education has been continuous-- usually from IBM
and other computer vendors.
My Career:I have worked in the computer industry for over 35 years, mostly in management of data
processing departments and working with consultant firms. I began my own consultant business 15 years ago
in the panhandle working with IBM AS400 clients. After returning to Bradenton, I have continued this work as
a home based business.
How I spend my free time:What spare time!?! After a 25 year absence, we've had a lot of catching up to do
with both of our families and many of our long time MHS friends. (We haven't even finished unpacking!)
When we do find idle time, we enjoy exploring this beautiful area again and watching Auburn Football.

                Lynnda Cash Keels
                Address:2050 Woodvale St. NW Cleveland, TN 37311
                Home:423-790-1174 Office:423-339-4238
                I have 1 child.
                Personal:1 son, Jasonn, Knoxville, TN
                My Education:BSN, University of Tampa; MSN, University of Tennessee
                My Career:Director of Behavioral Health Services, Pine Ridge Treatment Center, Skyridge
                Medical Center, Cleveland, TN; Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

                Lanny Cecka
                Home:864 234-5800 (Updated 7/25/2010)

                David Cheshire
                Address:16446 Centurion Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70816
                Home:225 272-2268 Office:225 977-5762
                Spouse:Married to Susan for 34+ years with 4 children.
                Personal:I was dating several girls, and one (a mutual friend) thought Susan
                and I would be a good match. I put the suggestion on hold, needing to also do
                a little studying. However, after seeing her at a fraternity party, there was
                room for one more. The others quickly fell to the side since good looking,
sweet Georgia peaches are hard to resist. We married after Susan finished Emory University, and she taught
elementary school and helped put me through graduate school. I returned the favor while she got a Masters in
Library Science from George Peabody / Vanderbilt. Susan was the elementary librarian at a very large private
school, and is now retired. We have two sons - Clay is 35, went to LSU and then the University of Georgia for
a law degree. He does energy / regulatory work and likes courtroom battles. Our son Alan is 33, attended
Tulane undergraduate, and has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins. He is a consultant with
the Boston Consulting Group for the pharmaceutical industry and works loooong hours. Fortunately, his wife
Tricia keeps his life on track and is a great mother to their smart, good looking son Ian. Tricia is an
anesthesiologist. We also have two 4-legged children. Daisy is a miniature blue dapple dachsund with one blue
and one brown eye, and Goby-san is a laid back Shih Tzu.
My Education:Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech (co-op work experience saved me from
being a PhD research chemist). Master's in Chemical Engineering and MBA from University of Florida in
My Career:Captain, U.S. Army Chemical Corps (nuclear, biological and chemical warfare - defense, of
course). DuPont Spunbonded R&D and manufacturing in Nashville, Tennessee. Specialized in new product
development and market evaluation, and higher speed processes.Exxon Chemical in Houston: Global
demulsifier technology lead for industrial uses; provided sales support. Head of plant and project engineering.
Moved to Baton Rouge as Regional Sales Manager for specialty chemicals used by oil refineries and
petrochemical plants. My reps covered eastern U.S. and Canada, and all of the Caribbean (those week-long
business trips were tough!). Now responsible for energy needs of several ExxonMobil refineries and chemical
plants in Louisiana. Includes natural gas and fuel gas from many process units; electricity / steam cogeneration;
electricity purchases; set up ExxonMobil's power marketing program; oxygen, nitrogen, and some hydrogen;
and taxes. Spend substantial time with regulatory attorneys, trade associations and coalitions on Public Service
Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issues and evolving policies.
How I spend my free time:What spare time?? Have multiple small interests versus serious hobbies. Sailboat
racing on a friend's 33' Tartan as the bowman / #1 sponge (aptly named when high winds / waves). A little
canoeing, camping, Mardi Gras'ing, Mardi Paw'ing (dogs), and St. Patty'ing, church choir (2 serious concerts
per year), cooking (serious business in Louisiana), Habitat for Humanity, working in yard and garden, deep sea
fishing and a little genealogy in the winter. However, my two favorites are a quiet evening with Susan, a fire,
wine and soft music, and being a beach bum.
Other comments:South Louisiana is unlike the other 49 1/2 states (a fun place to live and eat). Have a second
home on Anna Maria island; working with an architect and builder to update and expand for our future
retirement home in 2011. (Updated 5/28/2010)

                  Suzanne Chester Pfeiffer
                  Address:210 E. Government St. Suite C Pensacola, FL 32502
                  Home:850 449-3472 Office:850-444-6868
                  I have 1 child and 1 grandchild.
                  Personal:Single, was married to Charlie Pfeiffer for 29 years we have a
                  wonderful daughter, Kim. Kim and her husband Bill have a 2 1/2 year little
                  boy, Spenser. Bill and Kim lived in California for the past 9 years. He is a
                  Major in the Marines at Camp Pendleton and flys Cobra Helicopters. Bill
spent a year over in Iraq and thank god he made it home safely. They just spent a month with me in Pensacola
in transition to Washington, DC where Bill will be working at the Pentagon and Kim will be moving into their
new home and getting settled in Alexandria. And of course, soon as the boxes are empty, grandma will be
there!!! With Bill being in the Military, they have been stationed in California, England, New York, and now
Washington. So needless to say, I have gotten the chance to visit some neat places.
My Education:I have alway thought I wanted to work in the beauty related business. So in 2002, I went to
cosmotology school and got a license as an esthetician for specialty skin care. I worked in a couple of jobs
parttime, but mostly keep my license current so when I retire from my real job I can have fun working in a job
where my heart is.
My Career:Started working for Gulf Power Utility Company, subsidiary of Southern Company, in 1978.
Worked 22 years in the Human Resources Department. Last five years have been in the power delivery and
transmission side of the business. God, isn't it time to retire yet!!!!
How I spend my free time:I live downtown in the Historical District of Pensacola. Lots of fun to live and
work within 3 blocks of where all the fun things happen. I love working in the yard. I enjoy reading and
cooking, trying out new recipes. Boating is our favorite pasttime as we have many waterways to explore. And
of course traveling can't be left out.
Other comments:Look forward to seeing everyone!

                 Karen Chudy Lassman
                 Address:2815 Hackney Road Weston, FL 33331
                 Home:954 384-8410;
                 Spouse:Married to Mark for 33 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:Met Mark at FSU. Married in Atlanta in '72. Lived in Columbia,
                 South Carolina before settling in South Florida. Have two sons, now ages 28
                 and 25 who are pursuing careers in computer gaming and graphic design.
                 My Education:Florida State University - B. S. in Fashion
MerchandisingFlorida Atlantic University - B. A. in Education
My Career:Worked for Davidson's Department Store (now Macy's) and Jefferson's Department Store (no
longer in business). Homemaker since my sons were born. Also taught ESOL and did substitute teaching.
How I spend my free time:Enjoy reading, gardening and going to the gym (especially for spinning) when not
traveling the world. Have been to six of the seven continents.
Other comments:I really wanted to attend this Reunion but we will be on a trip to Central Europe that could
not be rescheduled. Hope to see you all next time. (Updated 5/28/2010)

                  Janeen Clapper Miller
                  Address:1456 Allen Walker Rd Grove Hill, AL 36451
                  Home:251 275-8035
                  Spouse:Married to Jay for 45 years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Have been married to my husband since 1965 (Dec.) We met right
                  after I moved to Indiana and he had just gotten home from Viet Nam. We
                  have three children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. (Our son is
                  being promoted this month actually - Chief Warrant Officer two - US Army -
he spent 2006 in Iraq training Iraqi police as a Staff Sgt.) We retired to Alabama - don't laugh - we love it here,
no income tax on the pension, it was an instant raise! I'm very much "into" quilting and one of Jay's hobbies is
gardening (we have an acre out in the boonies and woods). He can also walk across the road to go fishing. A
community band was recently started here so I dug out the french horn and have been having a ball with that...
not that I can play all that well - at all??? LOL
My Career:Job? bite your tongue.... "we" are retired.
How I spend my free time:Computer time, quilting, photography, reading, travel (the midwest, southeast US)
- all that kinda good stuff...
Other comments:Lousy health, just glad to still be here and can still smell the roses.... (Updated 6/12/2010)

                  Ken Cleary
                  Address:4890 Annette Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32303
                  Home:850 576-7189 Office:850 576-7189
                  Spouse:Married to Kathleen (Kathy) for 28 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:I met my wife Kathy here in Tallahassee. Our son, Kevin Cormac
                  McArt is 25-years-old. He is currently the Campaign Director for a State
                  House of Representative candidate.
My Education:Although I left Bradenton for the university of Florida, that didn't last long. I came to
Tallahassee in the winter of '69 and enrolled in the right university. I turned my life around and became a
Seminole. It still took awhile to graduate but finally got a B.A. In English Lit. In 1987. I am also a certified
general contractor.
My Career:Have been involved in various phases of the construction business since '72. Am currently V.P. Of
Operations for PSBI, a commercial/industrial Gen. Contractor. Have been w/ PSBI since '87.
How I spend my free time:I collect rare books, hunt, travel when possible, follow FSU football, and devote a
alot of time to remodeling our old house.
Other comments:This summer Kathy and I are spending a month in Europe. (Updated 6/13/2010)

                   Bonnie Cline Mann
                   Address:223 NW Wallace Way McMinnville, OR 97128
                   Home:503 434-4354 Office:503 565-4916
                   Spouse:Married to Jim for 7 years with 3+2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                   Personal:I met my husband Jim through a mutual friend and we are so happy it should be
                   against the law! We have a wonderful time together and I wish we had met sooner! We have 5
                   children between us who live in either Oregon or Montana. Our two grandchildren live in
                   Montana so we tend to make a few trips there each year! One son has a coffee roasting
business, one is a teacher, one daughter is a school counseor, one is in school for nursing and one is a 911
dispatcher and EMT. They are all out of the house and self-supporting! YEA!!!
My Education:After Manatee High, I spent two years at Manatee Junior College and then finished at Florida
State with a degree in Criminology and Corrections. In 1974 I earned my Masters degree in Education. In 1988
I received my second Bachelor's degree in elementary education.
My Career:After Florida State, I went to South Korea to work for the Army (civilian) as a recreation director
on an Army post. I came back to Bradenton for a short while and worked for a year on a team that was
developed to help smooth the desegregation of the Manatee County schools. Next on to Georgia and back with
the Army where my fiance was stationed. We had met in Korea and married in 1971. We moved to his home
state of Oregon and that is where I have been ever since! I have spent my entire working career in education as
a counselor, Title I teacher, music teacher and classroom teacher. I am currently serving as the president of our
315 member teachers' union.
How I spend my free time:When I have spare time, my husband and I love to travel as much as we can. We
spent our honeymoon in the UK and have been all over the United States on train, plane, bus, and car! I have
also been all over the Orient and some places in Europe. I also live for the time I can spend with my
grandchildren in Montana.
Other comments:Life has been an interesting journey! Since all of my family still live in Bradenton I do get
back there once in awhile but the funny thing is I never see anyone I know! My husband and I talk about
retiring part of the year to Florida so I can see my family more and who knows, maybe then I will run into
some old classmates! Even if I don't make the reunion this year, I will be thinking about you all and reading the
biographies. Have fun!

                 Rosemary Clouse Propes
                 Address:4641 Meadowridge Dr Charlotte, NC 28226
                 Home:704 540-9413 Office:980 387 2319
                 Personal:Single, no children
                 My Education:Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, took some college courses relating to IT
                 My Career:Retired from Bank of America after 36 years of service, went back to the working
                 at the bank in '07
                 How I spend my free time:Riding my Honda 750, reading, spending time with family and
Other comments:My Mom passed away right after High School, so I stayed busy raising my younger brothers
and sisters. When you're young you have no idea about what it takes to raise a family until something happens
to one of your parents. I've been working since I turned 15 and I must say even to this day I love to work. I
currently work for Bank of America and have been for the past forty years. It certainly keeps me on my toes. I
left my beloved Florida in 1998 and moved to Charlotte, NC. It took me sometime to adjust to living here, but
now I love it! It is great for riding my motorcycle. Love the mountains and the change in the seasons. I am
truly blessed to have a nice home, loving family and many friends that help me get through the rough days. I
don't worry about getting old, I think of all the friends and loved ones in our lives that are no longer with us.
Each day is a blessing! I am looking forward to seeing all my classmates of the class of 1965! (Updated

                 Tom Coarsey
                 Address:977 Horton Rd. Murphy, NC 28906-5652
                 Home:828 835-8874
                 Spouse:Married to Sharon Fezatte for 29.5 years with 05 children and 09 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met my wife at work. Our children: Scott works at Verizon as an engineer and
                 lives in Alpharetta, Ga. Michele is a Physical Therapist and lives in Lake City, Fl. Caryn is in
                 charge of an office for Enterprise Car Rental and lives in Hampton, Ga. Sheila works for a
                 Tax Accountant and lives in Palmetto, Fl. Christi works at Pacific Tomato Growers and lives
in Bradenton.
My Education:Two years at MCC.
My Career:Retired from U.S. Postal Service with 33 years of service.
How I spend my free time:Hunting, Fishing, Wood Turning, and helping others
Other comments:We moved to western North Carolina after we retired and enjoy the mountain life.

                   Cheryl Cockburn Schoelles
                   Address:1456 Dutton Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407
                   Spouse:Married to Carl for 35 years with 1 child.
                   Personal:I met Carl where I worked the day, July3, before I was to move to Oregon to live on
                   a commune.He asked me out but I didn't think I had time to go anywhere. On July 4, I
                   changed my mind and went. I am glad I did because we have been together ever since. I do
                   not believe in love at first sight. Fortunately, I am not in charge. My son lives a block away
with his wife, who just graduated from college as a teacher in special ed..They are both great and we are close.
I went to Manatee Jr. and Florida Atlantic Universry. From here it grows complicated so I will just skim over
it. My husband worked in construction and the Golden Gate Bridge and then retired. I was a part time worker.
When I was pregnant I was extremely ill with kidney problems. That problem led to other problems and a good
part of my life was and still is, spent dealing with my health. I have good friends, a nice dog,and a wonderful
husband. I have a large yard and garden, I read, go to classes on things of interest,also museums, the
zoo,arbatorium, all of the wonderful places of that sort. I also attend plays often and I love every kind of dance.
I recently saw Cirque de soliel in Vegas. I like to go camping, the desert , the mountains, yosemite, just to
much to list. I also like church and am an episcopalean. and of course family and friends. Uh oh, I just noticed
the education and work part of this bio.. Sorry, already done it here.
Other comments:I only went to manatee for a year if that so I doubt many of you remember me. Maybe Patty?
Hi Patty. and maybe Sally, hi Sally. I opposed Vietnam war.I was NOT against our soldiers. It was mainly to
save our men that I opposed us being there.

                Chris Coffin
                Address:10505 Oak Run Drive Bradenton, FL 34211-9398
                Home:941 758-9492 Office:941-545-4181
                Spouse:Married to Annie for 10 years with 7 children and 6 grandchildren.
                Personal:My wife Ann Friedman and I met in high school and went to the
                Senior Prom. We both were married for over 20 years to others, divorced, re-
                met and the rest is history. We have 7 children in our blended family,
                scattered across the US and six grandchildren. Two are drug reps, one is a VP
with GE Capital, one is going into the Air Force, two are stay-at-home moms, and one is in the job market.
My Education:Out of college, I worked for various banks and savings and loan institutions in Manatee and
Sarasota Counties and in 1983 started my own mortgage banking company until 1999. Since then I have been
doing more consulting and working with private investors. I've developed several commercial real estate
My Career:We are currently involved in the development and renovation of property in Balsam, North
Carolina as well as other local properties.
How I spend my free time:I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading and fishing.
Other comments:We are actively involved, as part of our church, in a ministry called "The Encounter" which
is a world wide outreach. (Updated 5/9/2010)

                 Cynthia Cole Sabetto
                 Address:2494 Neptune Rd Kissimmee, FL 34744
                 Home:407 846 7960 Office:407 846 3020
                 Spouse:Married to Jim for 36 years with 1 child.
                 Personal:Moved to Kissimmee right after graduation. Saw my future
                 husband in church and thought this is the one. Italian too. Got married in
                 1969, moved to Okinawa where he was stationed with the Army Security
                 Agency. Stayed there until he was discharged in 1970. Our daughter was
born in 1975, Gina Roxanne Sabetto now Gina Carwile. Between my husband and daughter I couldn't ask for
anything better. We now own our own business raising and selling Orchids since 1983. We are both cancer
survivors and just glad to raise hell and party, especially in New Orleans where we go at least twice a year, and
hope to some day move there and get out of this rat race and I mean that literally as we are 20 minutes from
How I spend my free time:Fishing when we can get the time off. Spending time with the family and partying
in New Orleans.
Other comments:Keeping the skeleltons in the closet. My Husband is sitting here telling what to write. He's a
piece of work and the best thing to come along in my life.

                  Bob Coleman
                  Address:28 Iroquois Trail Ormond Beach, FL 32174-4328
                  Home:386 676-7433
                  Spouse:Married to Bobbi Lively for 41 years with 2 children and 2
                  Personal:Although I knew who she was since Walker Jr. High, I really did
                  not get to know Bobbi until Ed Moran talked her into taking Science Seminar
class our senior year. The class was just 5 or 6 of us (Bobbi the only girl) and we met in the storage room of
Mr. Allen's physics classroom. 7 years later I finally talked her into marriage. We have two sons Matt &
Micah. Matt graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters and teaches here in Volusia County. His
wife Stef is a drug representative and they have two beautiful daughters, Katie who is 8 and Kelly is 6. They
live about a mile from us so we get to see the girls quite often. Micah is a Navy reserve Officer and was called
to active duty 9 January, 2007. He returned from Baghdad and graduated from UF with a PHD in math. He and
Hiroko are now in Atlanta where he is with Georgia Tech Research Institute. They have no children yet but the
good news is that Bobbi is no longer the shortest one in the family.
My Education:Freshman year at Florida Presbyterian rooming with John Criswell and graduated from Florida
Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineerin8:25 AM 8/10/2011g. I was President of my
fraternity and if you have ever seen Animal House you'll have good understanding what our fraternity was like.
Since then I have attended many work related classes as diverse as Statistical Applications taught by the
Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers and the Program Management Development at Harvard Business
School. I am registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida.
My Career:I was with FPL for 39 years since graduating from FIT in 1971. Although it was the same
company, I have had such a varied career that I feel like I worked for a dozen different organizations. From
field engineering, construction, customer service, general management, substations & transmission, corporate
planning & reporting to finally external affairs. I am now an adjunt instructor at ERAU teaching a senior
course in Mechanical Engineering.
How I spend my free time:Bobbi and I are very involved in our community and I have been
Chairman/President of various organizations including, Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce, Boys & Girls
Clubs, League of Women Voters, FUTURES Education foundation and currently I am on the boards of
WorkForce Development, Civic League and Boys/Girls Clubs. My knees prevent any basketball but Bobbi and
I swing dance every week or so and she is still light enough that I can do aerials and throw her around. We both
ride motorcycles and I am co-chair of the Bike Week Task Force that manages the largest motorcycle event in
the world. We also like to take a long weekend and ride to Savannah or longer trips like Washington D.C. and
Canada. For around town I restored the bike I wanted while in High School; a 1960 Harley Super-10.
Other comments:After 40 years of marriage I admit that I am still enamored with Bobbi. We love the small
town atmosphere of Ormond Beach yet we are 15 minutes from all the activities in Daytona Beach and an hour
from Orlando. We are blessed that our children and 2 grandchildren live so close. (Updated 1/14/2012)

                 Robert Cotterman
                 Address:3288 Welmingham Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30331
                 Home:404 344-5140
                 Personal:Never married. Norris is my partner now and for the last 12 years.
                 My Education:B.S. in Chemistry at University of South Florida, M.S. Computer Science at
                 Georgia State
                 My Career:Spent 4 years in the Air Force as a medic. Laboratory Information Systems
                 Manager at Grady Health System in Atlanta for the last 29 years. (Updated 1/15/2012)

                  John Criswell
                  Address:4935 E Shannon Lakes Dr Tallahassee, FL 32309-2314
                  Home:850 668-4235 Office:(850) 921-6343
                  Spouse:Married to Jane for 23 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:Met my wife while we were working in juvenile justice programs
                  in Ft. Myers, Florida. Jane is currently the Director for Refugee Assistance
                  under the Department of Children and Families.
                  My Education:After Manatee, I graduated in Psychology from Eckerd
College in St. Petersburg. Later, went for a Masters Degree in Public Administration through Nova University.
My Career:After graduating from Eckerd, I went into the Air Force and was stationed in Orlando as a medic
then in Thailand for a year. Got out after 3.5 years as a SSgt and went to work in Clewiston Florida as a youth
counselor covering Hendry and Glades counties. Got a reprieve from there after 8.5 years and was promoted to
a management position with Health and Rehabilitative Services in Ft. Myers working with delinquent youth.
Promoted to Superintendent at Southwest Florida Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Ft. Myers. In 1989,
we moved to Tallahassee where I was promoted to Bureau Chief for Delinquency Services for the State. In
1994, when the Department of Juvenile Justice was created, I became the Department's Bureau Chief for
Quality Assurance, the position I hold today. I will retire from the State in February next year but plan to keep
working somewhere.
How I spend my free time:Love to fish, scuba dive, and anything around the water.
Other comments:2I have an 18 year old son, Michael, who's been a great athlete. Last year he made all
conference 1st team in baseball and was his team's MVP. He was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and the Red
Sox. He is currently enrolled at Central Florida Community College in Ocala on full scholarship. He red-
shirted this year because of sholder surgery on his pitching arm. He's a lefty thowing 90 mph and should do
very well next year. You can probably tell I'm a little proud. Sorry I can't make it this time. I'll be in Miami on
business. Hope you're doing well and everyone has a great time at the reunion.

                 Julie Crum Henderson
                 Address:3511 SE 27th Street Gainesville, FL 32641
                 Home:352 378-2997
                 I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I am now single. I have two boys. Robby, the oldest, is married with one son and
                 has 3 more years before he retires from the army and lives in Ok. Shawn, the youngest, is in
                 the managment side of a grass company and Black Prong Equestrian Center. Shawn lives in
Morrison, FL with his wife and small two children.
My Education:After high school graduation I attend MJC for one semester. Went on to exray training in
Hollywood, FL. Then worked the next 5 years as a tech. at Manatee Mem. and Venice Hosp. From there I
spent 3 years in Montana ( and should have stayed there) and 6 mon. in Superior, Wis. Six months too long.
Then back to Fl. In 1989, when my younger son was in middle school, I went back to school at Manatee
Community then on to University of South Florida. I graduated in 1997, because I had to have a liver transplant
in 1994. That is what has brought me to Gainesville.
My Career:I now am employed at Shands HealthCare Center at UF. I am editor of the Transplant Endeavour
Newsletter and I am able to work from home. I make equestrian gifts for Esentially Equeine in Micanopy. The
job I enjoy the best is Critter sitting for friends.
How I spend my free time:My father passed away a few years ago, so now my mom and I live together on 5
acres just outside of Gainesville. I have a horse, Ladybug, and enjoy riding her and I kayaking. I am involved
with Paynes Prarrie and McIntosh United Methodist Church. We have varrious things going on that I am
involved with. Other than that I don't have a lot of time.
Other comments:I was given a second chance with live and I am enjoying every day of it.

                  Bain Culton
                  Address:10630 Wenzel Avenue Kansas City, MO 64137
                  Home:816 966-2946 Office:816-444-7277
                  Spouse:Married to Patti for 31 years with 4 children.
                  Personal:Patti's from Rhode Island, I'm from Alabama, and we met in Cocoa Beach. I like
                  that. And we started off as just good friends--really. Our older son, Chris, is married and
                  works as an assistant football coach at the US Naval Academy. Our older daughter, Abbie, is
                  an RN and married to a physician in Minneapolis. Our younger daughter, Alexia, is just
graduating as an esthetician and our younger son, Thomas, will attend Northwestern College in St. Paul next
My Education:I appreciate very much being included in all this. I started out with almost all of you at Walker
JHS. Midway thru our junior year, my family moved to Tallahassee so I actually graduated from Leon High.
But I feel very connected to all of you. Those five years were very important in my life. After high school, I
played football at Georgia Tech and graduated with a BS in math.
My Career:Taught math in a number of schools in Brevard County, Fla. Coached football, basketball,
baseball, track and surfing. Ran for state representative (lost). Started a church, met my wife, and began our
family there. We later moved to Atlanta where my wife and I sold residential real estate. Spent two years in
New Hampshire as headmaster in a small private school. We are now selling real estate here in the great
Midwest and I also teach classes in a real estate school. Can't seem to get away from teaching. I thoroughly
enjoy it.
Other comments:I thank the Lord every day for my wife, our children and the people that I have met
throughout my life. I think often of you, many of you, and I am grateful that you touched my life in a special

                  Wayne Daltry
                  Address:1995 Longfellow Drive N. Ft Myers, FL 33903
                  Home:239 997-0673 Office:239-335-2840
                  Spouse:Married to Marta for 29 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:Met spouse in Bradenton back when Gay meant Happy, kids live down here, one a
                  planner one a College student (and wife went back to school with her). Largely severed ties
                  with Bradenton after mother died, but Sister is still up there.
                  My Education:Bachelors from the Citadel, Masters in Planning from FSU. National Fellow
in American Institute of Certified Planners.
My Career:Retired once from Directing SWFlorida Regional Planning Council, VN veteran, currently in
special project for Lee County government called "smart growth." Usually president once or twice of whatever
group end up in, if I cant become the secretary and make sure I dont get nominated for President.
How I spend my free time:Outdoors recreation, various public causes, and geeky on line computer games
Other comments:1Rotarian, Methodist, Tax payer, hoard guns for end of world, buried gold in my back yard,
trespass and I will kill, Homeowner, progressive Republican but will slide as needed (there are three of us) sips
liquids. (Updated 1/14/2011)

              Susan Davis Hill
              Address:2031 49th St. E. Palmetto, FL 34221
              Home:941 722 4377 Office:941 723-4822
              Spouse:Married to James for 40 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
              Personal:We met driving around Drumstick. His red 64 Chevy caught my eye. We have one
              son and two grandchildren. I love to bowl, fish, ride horses and race cars. I'm retired and
              loving it. I bowl 2 times a week, volunteer one day in the school system, clean house one day
              if I have too! I taught 27 years in the school system.
My Education:BS from MJC in Business Management BA from USF in elementary education
My Career:27 years teaching in Manatee County
How I spend my free time:Bowl, fish, ride horses, collect cars, meet with family and friends. (Updated

                   Sandra Davis Smith-Wolf
                   Address:133 Murdock Road Hillsborough, NC 27278
                   Home:919 245-0822
                   Spouse:Married to Jack H. Wolf for 6 years with 1 child and 1 grandchild.
                   Personal:Jack and I met on the dance floor. We travel all over to concerts, events, and
                   festivals just to dance and sometimes teach Zydeco and Cajun dancing. My son, Derek, and
                   grandson, Dawson, live in nearby in Hillsborough. Grandson, Dawson, recently received his
                   brown belt in Aikido. Jack's two daughters are finally both pregnant with girls. I will finally
get a girl child to play with! Yeah!!!
My Education:BA-Fine Art, USF in 1985; BA-Inter-discipline Social Science-Sign Language and Social
Science, USF in 1989; AS-American Sign Language Interpreter Training, Hillsboro Community College in
1989; Starlight Holistic Healing-1990; Library Technology Training classes at Central Carolina Community
College; Watercolor and Acrylic and Collage techniques training with different national arts.
My Career:Worked various jobs, sales, sign language interpreter, library audio visuals, merchandise display,
freelance artist, office work, set up the Deaf Service Center of Manatee before moving to North Carolina in
1989. Worked in school systems here as an Educational Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf then Jack asked
me to work in his medical office. I am now retired and trying to become a professional artist.
How I spend my free time:Am getting back to my artistic roots by taking many art classes and workshops and
have had several shows and a sale of my work, recently asked to join a new gallery, have won several awards
including two first and one third in the recent Silver Arts Competition of the Chatham County Senior
Olympics. I quilt, knit, read voraciously, and dance, dance, dance! We love Zydeco/Cajun music and dancing
and take a group yearly to New Orleans and Lafayette to club crawl and dance the nights away. We also do
many road trips to other dance events.
Other comments:Sorry that we will not be able to make it to Florida for the reunion this year. Too much
happening here around that date. Hope everyone has a wonderful get together. Maybe next time! (Updated

                 Robert Deckinga
                 Address:8143 Elizabeth Orland Park, IL 60462
                 Home:708 460-6464 Office:708-921-0906
                 Spouse:Married to Cheryl for 36 years with 4 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met my wife in Bradenton Christian Ref. Church back in 1967,
                 while she was vacationing. We live in Orland Park, IL a suburb of Chicago.
                 Two of our children live in Grand Rapids, MI and two live in the
                 Chicagoland area.
My Education:I graduated from MJC following high school, and then from Calvin College in Grand Rapids,
MI. I have a Education Administration from St. Xavier's University, in Chicago.
My Career:I taught Jr. High Students for 17 years, then became a school principal at Southwest Chicago
Chistian Schools in Oak Lawn, IL. In 1996, I became a city-wide administrator for Chicago Public Schools,
and was appointed the director of the school intervention. I currently work in the lowest performing schools in
Chicago, attempting to have them removed from academic probation. My current school is identified as 99%
poverty, in Chicago's most challenging neighborhood.
How I spend my free time:My wife and I travel to Comyagua, Honduras annually to work in an orphanage, I
raise pumpkins, restore Farmall tractors, distribute Bibles for the Gideons, hunt pheasants and travel.
Other comments:I attended Manatee High only in my senior year,it was a great experience and I met many
good friends while I was in the Bradenton area. (Updated 8/2/2011)

                 Roger DeGlopper
                 Address:11317 Falling Creek Dr Bealeton, VA 22712-7731
                 Home:540-219-6759 Office:202-268-6933
                 Spouse:Married to Julie for 24 years with 4 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Working at the Post Office in Orlando, FL
                 My Education:4 years college
                 My Career:Budget Specialist at Postal Headquarters Washington DC
                 How I spend my free time:Running (Updated 9/13/2009)

                  Carol DeLay Orler
                  Address:P.O. Box 267 Grove Hill, AL 36451
                  Home:941 773-0498
                  Spouse:Married to William for 23 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  Personal:After my divorce, I met Bill through a mutual friend. We dated and
                  broke up because I didn't want to get married. He sent me flowers and called
                  to check on me until we started dating again. Then we married. I couldn't find
                  a better person to spend my life with. As for my children and grandchildren, I
am very fortunate to have them all living here in Bradenton. Michelle ( Oldest)is a artist and she works in the
evil heart of Walmart, electronics. She also rescues wildlife .Wendy (youngest)is in College working on her
masters in anthropology .She will graduate with honors in Dec 2010, she is also an artist and musician. In 2006
Bill & I moved to Alabama but we play snowbird in the winter. We still have a place in Bradenton in a
'manufactured home'park.
My Education:After High School I got my cosmetologist license but didn't like the work. I have worked
several different jobs when I was young including waitressing. Then I went to medical assistant school. I
worked various urgent care units until a patient beat me up and I said enough! In 1978 I went to work for a
local Optometrist as an assistant. In Dec 2005 I finally quit that job to start my own small business. I now make
ceramic pet urns. The urns are sculpted and painted to look like the pet and they sell all over the world.
My Career:I really love the artwork I am doing. Imagine doing something you love AND getting paid for it!!
How I spend my free time:Bill & I love to go RVing. We really enjoy exploring new places, looking at old
houses and just relaxing.( and going to casinos)
Other comments:Many of us don't look like we used to. That's OK! Heck everytime I get my picture taken or
stand in front of a mirror some fat old lady jumps in front of me!! What's that all about? OH well, Some days
are diamonds some are stones!!! (Updated 9/27/2010)
              Veryce DeSear Enqlish
              Address:PO Box 2088 Ashville, NC 28802-2088
              Home:828 768-3807 Office:828 299-3038
              Spouse:Married to Dan for 31 years with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
              Personal:I met Dan through a family member. Our children live in Bradenton (Domestic
              Engineer), Tennessee (Medical codeing),and New York City ( copywriter for an advertising
              My Career:Safety & Risk Manager for a PEO
How I spend my free time:Landscapeing/Gardening, florist, Grandchildren, and church activities (Updated

                 Jean Dickinson Davis
                 Address:140 No. Northington St. Prattville, AL 36067
                 Home:334 365-2506 Office:334-361-8667
                 Spouse:Married to Nicky for 28 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Nicky and I met when we were both teaching high school students
                 in Dallas County, Alabama. Our son, Buddy, lives in Ft. Lauderdale. Our
                 daughter, Becky, lives here in Prattville, with her husband, Wendell. Becky
                 works at Merrill Lynch and Wendell works for a local contractor. They have
3 children.
My Education:In 1968 I graduated from Judson College with an AB degree, received a Masters of Education
from the University of Montevallo in 1977 and completed some post-graduate work at Auburn University in
1978. I am licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor.
My Career:In 1995 I retired from the public education system in Alabama, after working for more than 25
years. Most of those years I worked as Director of Guidance and Counseling in my current hometown of
Prattville. Since I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor, I opened my own business, working as a
counselor and a consultant. In January of 1997 I was appointed by Governor Fob James to serve in a sub-
cabinet level position at the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. For two years I
coordinated block grant programs received by the state from the federal government. When Gov. James lost the
election, I lost my job! Since 1999 I have been working as a Community Development Specialist, preparing
grant applications and administering projects for city and county governments throughout the State of
How I spend my free time:I am active in my community in several ways. I am on the board of directors of the
Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor's Historic Preservation Commission, past president of the
Prattville Rotary Club, President of the Board of Directors of a teenage drug and alcohol abuse prevention
program, Peers Are Staying Straight: the NOBLE Idea, and a member of the Autauga County Republican Club.
I have been active in state and local politics for the last ten years. My greatest adventure at this time is my work
with the Central Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross, where I am a board member and chairman of
the Emergency Services Committee. I am also a National Disaster Mental Health Worker and have worked two
disasters - the September 11th Attack in New York City and Hurricane Frances last September. My husband,
Nicky, and I attend First Baptist Church, where we are active in our Sunday School class. And, of course, in
my spare time, I play with my three grandchildren, Tyler, 10, Molly 7, and Will 3.

                 John Dimodica (Passed Away)
                 Other comments:Jack (John Dimodica) was tragically struck and killed while crossing a
                 street in Las Vegas in December 1997. He lived about six days following his accident. His
                 family was with him at the end. Jack worked in the entertainment industry there. He was
                 divorced, and had one son
                 Mary Dobbe Love
                 Address:2224 42nd St W Bradenton, FL 34205
                 Spouse:Married to Gene for 15 years with 1 child and 7 grandchildren.
                 Personal:My husband, Gene, was the best friend of my late husband, Larry,
                 who died of complications from Multiple Sclerosis. He was always there for
                 Larry and continued to be there for me after Larry died. It took us both by
                 surprise when we fell in love and we married on June 3, 1995. I have one son,
Danny, who is married, lives in Burlington, Vermont, has twins, Bobby & Amanda, and works as a Computer
Tech for NCR. My other 5 grandchildren came into my life by way of my marriage to Larry and some of them
have given me a total of 5 Great-grandchildren so far. Gene's only child, his daughter, Darlene, passed away in
2004; she had no children.
My Education:I attended MJC for one year and the Univ. of Cincinnati 'College Conservatory of Music' for
one year, but discontinued my education to get married. I now realize that my love of music sent me in the
wrong educational direction as I spent most of my working career in office management and banking. I took a
break for several years when Larry's MS progressed and he needed me at home. I continued to be a homemaker
when Gene and I married. Then I decided I wanted to do something part-time for fun and was a hostess at
Demetrios' for 5 years, which was a very happy experience. I just love being around people! Gene and I are
now both retired and taking life easy with our dog and 3 cats and enjoy being free to do what we want, when
we want.
My Career:Office Management, Banking, Accounting; Playing the organ at restaurants, private clubs and lots
of weddings; Hostessing. Now retired.
How I spend my free time:I'm a huge computer buff and enjoy the cyberworld. Gene and I are happiest just
being at home (he's an avid gardener and we never want for fresh veggies), but we do like to travel now and
then. We are big animal lovers and our furballs tend to keep us on the homefront as we just hate to leave them.
Love spending time with our family and enjoy going out to dinner often with friends.
Other comments:I am originally from Lake Orion, Michigan, moving to Anna Maria Island with my parents
in 1954 and growing up in Holmes Beach. I'll always be grateful to them for bringing me to such a wonderful
place to grow up and live. They say, "never say never," but I'm pretty sure that Manatee County will be my
forever home. And my years at Manatee High will always be some of my most cherished memories! (Updated

                 Nancy Durst Maginness
                 Address:160 South East 23rd Street Cape Coral, FL 33990
                 Home:239 458-5210 Office:239-770-5751
                 Spouse:Married to Jim for 45 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Jim and I meet at the beach in 1963.
                 My Education:Professional Guardian for the elderly.
                 How I spend my free time:I love to spend time with my four grandsons "Grams Guys".
                 Other comments:Our oldest daughter Michelle and her husband, Fred adopted our third
grandson Josh he is 12. Our daughter Lynda and her husband, John have 2 boys, Christian is 16 and Colten is
12. They are in Cape Coral,too. That's "Gram's Guys" Our son Jimmy and Nikki were married on Bradenton
Beach in 2005. They have one son James William Maginness III "Trey" who will be 2 in June. Sorry Jim and I
won't be able to make the reunion. It's also our 45th wedding anniversary and we will be on an Alaska cruise.
(Updated 4/12/2010)

                Ken Eastabrooks
                Address:6813 Walnut Hills Drive Brentwood, TN 37027
                Home:615 331-6343 Office:615-661-3662
                Spouse:Married to Barbara Musgrave for 43 years with 3 children and 5
                Personal:I met Barbara (a '66 graduate of Southeast) in Arthur Smith Music
Store (Bradenton) . . . she a sales clerk and me a budding rock guitarist that(eventually) made a smart decision
not to be a musician the rest of my life. Our oldest (Michelle, a stay at home Mom and UNF graduate) lives in
Jacksonville, FL with her husband (Rob, an UNF graduate and software engineer) and her 3 children (Riley-11,
Samantha-9, and Jonathan-7). Riley likes competitive robotics, Samantha plays youth basketball and Jonathan
loves soccer. Our son Mike runs his own landscaping business in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Melissa graduated
from East Tennessee State University where she was on the soccer team until she succumbed to a knee injury.
She was Director of Children's Activities at National Fitness Center, Morristown, TN. Now with a Masters
degree in education and a Mom too. Owen is 4 yrs. and Aiden is 2 mo. born on oct 1, 2011.
My Education:MJC (where else??) Associates in Electronic Technology and University of West Florida -
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. I was "IT" (eye-Tee) before "IT" was cool! (Sorry Barbara
Mandrell). OK so it is not the same IT... oh well, it has worked well for me so far!
My Career:After MJC, enlisted US Navy 1967-71 then finished college at UWF. Hired on with Southern
Bell/AT&T before graduation ('73)(renamed BellSouth in 1984)(and now AT&T again in 2007!), and still
working for the same (sort of the same) company 38+ years.
How I spend my free time:I mostly like to spend time with my wife. We work in the yard together quite a bit.
I occasionally find time to do a little bass fishing and still play "Walk Don't Run" on my Guitar. Barbara
tinkers with her sewing machine and really enjoys quilting.
Other comments:Bob Coleman has done a wonderful thing for us. We have the BEST web presence and
community of contacts. (Updated 12/6/2011)

                 Carmelia Elia Webb
                 Address:1523 6th Ave W . Apt 915 Bradenton, FL 34205
                 Spouse:Married to Been there, done that! with 2 children and 4
                 Personal:I have two children, Patrick & Delia, 4 grandchildren, 3 girls & 1
                 My Career:Banker for 34 years. Currently on disability due to lung disease
How I spend my free time:Hobbies: reading, antique shopping. Recently to Denver, Co. to National Jewish
Research Hospital.
Other comments:Anyone interested in donating to a good cause: Donations will help reseach
for new drugs to fight this lung disease I have been blessed with since 2003. (Updated 4/11/2010)

                  Mary Enfield Wood
                  Address:5216 18th Ave. East Bradenton, FL 34208
                  Home:941 744-1999
                  Spouse:Married to Douglas for 4 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Met through a family member. Husband works currently for Winn
                  Dixie after working 33 years at same job in Lexington, KY. My children live
                  in Manatee County. Daughter is a Nurse. Son is Supervisor at Chris Craft.
                  Both have children.
My Education:Attended various job related schools, deputy in Ann Arbor, MI, 14 years working for the State
of Florida, then took early retirement, currently enjoying being a housewife.
How I spend my free time:Boating, watching for manatees and wildlife (as we live on the Braden River),
amateur video taping, enjoying the grandchildren and our church activities my husband loves to play tennis,.
Other comments:Miss you all, will be glad to see people I went to school with since 3rd grade. I know you all
look as young as me!!! LOL Looking forward to seeing you. (Updated 9/8/2009)
                 Janet England Gadoury
                 Address:3902 Mourning Dove Drive Bradenton, FL 34210
                 Home:941 755-5581 Office:941-366-4680
                 I have 1 child. (Updated 5/17/2010)

                 Wayne Epps
                 Address:Ellenton, FL 34222-2361 (Updated 1/25/2011)

                 John Espy
                 Address:301 W,MORENO ST. Pensacola, FL 32501
                 Home:850 438-7432
                 Spouse:Married to sandy for 36 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:I MET MY WIFE AT FSU,(oedipus complex), MY SON,NATE,SPENT 10
                 WEST FLA.UNIV.
LOCAL HOSPITAL.(florence nightengale complex)
Other comments:GOD BLESS BILLY WHITE AND BILLY ROBINSON! and the rest of our deceased class
friends. (Updated 9/27/2009)

                  Cynthia Evans Sides
                  Address:1512 S. Fredrica Ave Clearwater, FL 33756
                  Home:727-447-4017 Office:retired
                  Spouse:Married to Lloyd for 7 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                  Personal:I met Lloyd at church at a group session for widows/widowers who had just lost
                  their spouses. I had just lost my husband of 25 years and he had lost his wife of 52 years. We
                  were married four years later. I have two daughters, one an architect in Brandon and one a
                  restaurant/deli manager at Nature's Foodpatch, a health food store in Clearwater. I also have 3
step-sons, 6 step-grands and 9 step great-grands.
My Education:Rec'd a Bachelor's degree in Social Work with a minor in Business from USF. Retired in 2005
from State of Florida where I was the Program Administrator For Economic Services over the Suncoast Region
of Florida.
My Career:Before receiving degree in the mid 70's spent time waitressing, doing construction work and co-
owner/operator of a hog farm.
How I spend my free time:Work out 3 days a week at YMCA. Play volleyball 3-4 times a week. Ride my
bike. Do volunteer work a couple of times a week at church. Volunteer tax preparer for AARP free Tax-Aide
service during tax season. Read, enjoy life. Take about 3 vacations a year. Last year's was great! Drove all of
old Route 66, from Illinois to LA and back home. Put 7000 miles on car, about 80% of it on the old, original
road. (Updated 11/30/2009)

                 Sara Ezell Wilkinson (Passed Away)
                 Address:270 Elk Hill Drive P.O. Box 1712 Banner Elk, NC 28604
                 Home:828 898-9834
                 My Education:Graduated from Stephens College with an Associate
                 Degree.Graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.S. in
                 Elementary Education.Received a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.
                 My Career:Worked two years in Burlington, Vermont teaching elementary
                 school.Returned to Manatee County and taught in the Elementary
schools.Became a Primary Specialist in 1980 and worked in area elementary schools until I became an
Assistant Principal. I continued as an Assistant Principal for 12 years and in June 2004 I retired from Palmetto
Elementary after 33 years in the school system. I then sold my home in Florida and moved to North Carolina.
How I spend my free time:I work out three times a week. Hiking and visitng local sites plus planting gardens
(vegetable and flowers) and enjoying my new home and the seasons in the mountains of North Carolina have
occupied the majority of my time so far.

                  Steve Facemire
                  Address:105 N. Hillcrest Dr. Sutton, WV 26601-1107
                  Home:304 765-2031 Office:304-678-4600
                  Spouse:Married to Barbara (Bobbie) with 3 children and 11 grandchildren.
                  Personal:My wife and I met in church on the Sunday morning following her
                  Senior Prom. We're the parents of three sons, Steve II, Eric and Brian and
                  have eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Both Steve and
                  Brian live relatively close to us allowing us ample opportunity to get our
"grandparent fixes". Unfortunately Eric, his wife and their four children live north of San Antonio, TX, which
is a constant source of displeasure since we don't get to spend nearly as much time with them as we'd like. But
in the end all are happy and healthy, so the bottom line is life is good.
My Career:Following my freshman year at MJC, I joined the Air Force where I served in the medical field
spending three years in Texas and the final year in Turkey. Upon my discharge from the Air Force, I joined a
highway construction company that was engaged in the construction of the interstate highway system in West
Virginia. Beginning as a field office manager, I eventally was promoted to Cost Analyst and Accounting
Surpervisor for the corporation which was made up of nine different companies. In the summer of 1975, I had
the opportunity to join in a business venture with my father in first one then eventually four supermarkets. In
the summer of 1986, having become disillusioned with "being the boss", I joined Wal-Mart Stores as a member
of the management team in the Sam's Club division. During my tenure with Sam's I worked in West Virginia,
Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio while my wife and family remained at home. Tiring of the travel and
being forced to spend ! so much time apart I seized the opportunity to return home and joined the West
Virginia State Tax Department as a tax auditor. Effective April 1, 2010, I assumed the position of Tax Unit
Supervisor of the Withholding Tax Unit.
How I spend my free time:Spare time is a precious commodity for both of us, but what we have we enjoy
spending traveling and involved in church work. I serve as Worship Leader for our Sunday services and also
teach an adult Sunday School class. I've also been involved in fund raising activities for the Children's Miracle
Network for several years (Updated 4/11/2010)
                  Anne Fair
                  Address:P.O. Box 14452 Bradenton, FL 34280
                  Home:941 714-0875 Office:800-672-0882
                  Personal:Nothing like having to update a reunion biography to help you realize that you're in
                  a rut!!Still married to my job but looking forward to a divorce!! My canine and feline
                  population is holding steady. I now act as a "placement agent" for homeless creatures instead
                  of adopting them myself.
                  My Education:After MJC I traveled and lived in many interesting and beautiful places.
Returned to school for a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Internship at an STD Clinic in NYC at the
beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Many career-related seminars.
My Career:Joined the Arthritis Foundation in 1986 as a Program Director intending to stay for one year.
Twenty-four years later I am the President of the Florida Chapter and feel privileged to be able to work for
such a worthwhile cause. I can't believe that nearly a quarter of a century has passed in what seems like an
How I spend my free time:My #1 hobby lately seems to be fretting about whether the housing market will
rebound sufficiently to allow me to dump some real estate before I die. My guilty pleasures are still shopping
for art, antiques and curious objects of any kind...and, of course, Shake Pit!! I love to travel but also enjoy
sunsets on the Manatee River.
Other comments:I missed the last reunion so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone this time!! (I'm the
one with the gray hair!!) (Updated 6/13/2010)

                  Penny Felts Riley
                  Address:7623 9th Avenue Dr. NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 795-8971
                  Spouse:Married to Michael for 5 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met Michael when I worked as a minutes stenographer at the
                  Clerk's office. He is an internal auditor.
                  My Career:Secretarial/administrative work. Currently work for the Chief of
                  Emergency Medical Services, for Manatee County Public Safety Department.
How I spend my free time:We enjoy tent camping and hiking, our local beaches and parks. I have been doing
some genealogy and recently found living relatives on my mom's side of the family, when she believed she had
no family left. They're coming to see her in June! I make hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilts, and I'm just
finishing up one for my first grandchild due in June. I cross stitch, and belong to a weekly stitch & b----
group.NW Bradenton has the new Robinson Preserve and I utilize it a lot for walking.
Other comments:The accomplishment that I am most proud of is that I have overcome the belief that I could
never learn to play a guitar. I have a long way to go, but I can make music with the thing and accompany
myself in my attempt to sing. It was such a confidence boost, that I bought a banjo and started on that too. I
really look forward to playing for the grandchildren and introducing them to the traditional songs I learned in
elementary school--plus a few other good ones I know!I'm a cabin widow in 2008-2009! We purchased a log
cabin package and had it dried in on our property in Brasstown, N.C. It's now a low-budget, one-man operation
with Michael working much of the year(s)to complete it. It's on-the-job trainng and he's anxious to see if the
electric will actually work! Someday, it may be a vacation rental cabin. (Updated 1/23/2010)

                  Bill Fisher
                  Address:318 39th St NE Bradenton, FL 34208
                  Home:941 750-8516
                  Spouse:Married to Debbie Mark Fisher for 15 years with 5 children and 3
                  Personal:Debbie and I both worked for Staff Leasing. Her father, Doug
                  Mark and Bill Mullis were two of the four original owners. I had been
                  married , previously for 19 years and have 3 grown children from that
relationship: Mike, (named for Mike Mallonee, for real), age 35 and 2 children. Mike lives near Minneapolis
and is a courrier for a company that ships vital organs, bone marrow and body parts from all over the world.
Mindi, age 25 has a son and lives here in B'Town, Andy s 22 and is serving his final year of a 5 year enlistment
in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. After that marriage ended, I was single for 4 years when I let Debbie
catch me and so I married the bosses daughter. Debbie was born in our Junior year of HS, We have two boys:
Chandler, age 11 and Chase, age 10. We have lived in River Pointe Subdivision for the last 9 1/2 years.
My Education:After attending Emory University, I attended their med school and rec'd my Medical License in
My Career:I spent four years of residencey interning at the Beverly Hills, California School of Cosmotology
where I was able to pioneer and perfect several innovative procedures, perhaps you have heard of one or all of
the following: Follecullar inventorious, Follecular Transference, Follecullar extractionus and the Coup De
Gras, Follecullar transistance.
How I spend my free time:Today, I am retired and have a home here in B'Town and others in West Palm
Beach, San Francisco, Vail and Hazzard, Kentucky. I have done Follecullar Transferences for former
Presidents Ford and Reagan. Obviously it didn't take for former President Ford, but I sure hit a home run for
former President Reagan. My greatest professional axchievement is the Follecullar Transistance,it has become
a passion of mine, as well as a hobby. Now, you don't need a Bose radio or a surround sound system, you can
just listen to your hair by brushing your hair, with a specialty brush, you can receive all of the satellite radio
signals known to mankind. Whoa! What a hoot.
Other comments:Seriously, I have not accomplished much professionally, but personally, I am the riches man
alive. My biggest accomplishment is my 5 children of whom I am tremendously proud. My greatest
achievement is marrying my beautiful wife, Debbie. My happiest moments are at home with them. God is
Good!!! (Updated 9/8/2009)

                  Chuck Forrest
                  Address:1899 South 126th Street Omaha, NE 68144
                  Home:402 334-5698 Office:402-501-8104
                  Spouse:Married to Sherry a/k/a she who must be obeyed for 34 years with 4
                  children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met Sherry ( a librarian) in a local dixie land bar in Feb. 1970,
                  while I was stationed at Offutt Airforce Base in Nebraska. Unfortunately for
her, she forgot her fake phone number and gave me her real one. We have 3 sons, Ryan is 32 and practicing
law in Omaha, Eric and Kevin are twins and are in the last stages of undergraduate work. My daughter from
my first marriage (Kay Andress) is a graduate of FSU and is now running a business with her husband. I have 2
granddaughters, Stephanine is 18 and living with us while she attends college, Lindsay is 17 and a junior in
high school in Tallahassee.
My Education:I dropped out of MJC and joined the Air Force in 1966. After I returned from Vietnam in 1968,
I quickly got into the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where I graduated in 1971. In 1973 I graduated from
Creighton Law School in Omaha and have been in private practice ever since.
My Career:I now practice law as a one man firm. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How I spend my free time:GOLF, is there anything else worthwhile.
Other comments:I am surprised at how old you all have gotten.

               Joe Foster
               Address:8520 Nolan St Harvard, IL 60033
               Home:815 648-9008 Office:847 320-3527
               Spouse:Married to Dana for 13 years with 3 children.
               Personal:Married Dana Boyle from Sarasota in 1971 - Divorced 1985, 3 sons: (Colton 30,
               Rory 28, and Brian 25).
               My Education:At Manatee Junior College received an AS Degree in Computer
               Programming, Florida Atlantic University 1 ½ years Marketing. While in the military various
courses from University of Maryland and City College of Chicago. While in the Education Department at
Kemper Insurance many more computer programming courses.
My Career:I’ve been lucky with my career until now and rode the computer wave from Junior College to
today. I’ve been a machine operator at Palmer Bank Sarasota, computer operator at First Federal Bradenton,
programmer at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. In the US Army Zweibrucken, Germany, I was a computer
programming instructor for 3 years. After the Army I came to Kemper Insurance in Long Grove, IL. I’ve been
here for 28 years and now about to be laid-off. Kemper is out of business now. The remaining employees are
here to keep systems going until the last policy expires (in a year or two). While at Kemper I’ve been a
programming instructor, programmer, designer/analyst, and help desk analyst. After 40 years in the computer
field I’m tired of it and ready to retire at 58.
How I spend my free time:I like photography and old movies. I work a lot on my old Gravely garden tractor
to keep it running.
Other comments:Now my focus is on planning a retirement. My youngest son Brian (25) wants to attend the
University of South Florida for his last 2 years of college starting in 2006 or 2007. It would be great to follow
him down to Florida for my retirement

                   Tom French (Passed Away)
                   Spouse:Married to none.
                   Personal:I met my current girlfriend through the Penthouse forum-we met over shakes and
                   fries at the Shake Pit in 1972-by sharing past columns we found we had much in common,
                   both with each other and others we had both met along the way.
                   My Education:Graduated from MJC (2 year college) in 1976. Have held real estate, banking
                   and mortgage broker licenses as well as as Masters in sexual massage therapy. I am now still
                   in the small loan business and oversee a fleet of 4 rental cars,
My Career:Received an honorable discharge from the USAF much to the chagrin of my military leaders. I
have travelled world wide,mostly in Tenn and KY, searching for a niche in the after care industry for used cars-
worked briefly with Bill Gates in california setting up a drive through business for prime rib dinners.
Overextended ourselves on paperwork and had to close because we had no update system. Dabbled in banking,
real estate and selling cars before being implicated in a Girls Gone Wild scam with my girlfriend. I was saved
by the testimony of Poop Dog(Snoops cousin) at the trial.
How I spend my free time:Really do not have the spare time I wish I had-my girlfriend is trying to obtain a
grant from Penthouse to extend her work in personal counseling-after trying to rent out my 4 car fleet I usually
hit the putt putt golf course and try to unwind-my favorite hole is the windmill hole. OUR TIME
Other comments:On October 1, 2009, Tom was reunited with his savior and Lord. Tom was born July 20,
1947 in Gallipolis, Ohio and moved to Bradenton in 1951. He is predeceased by his father Carl and mother
Jackie. Tom graduated from Manatee High in 1965 and Manatee Junior College and served in the U.S. Air
Force. Tom's Career was concentrated among Real Estate, Banking, and the Automotive industry. He excelled
at free lance writing. Discretion prohibits the naming of his ex-wives. Tom will be remembered for his
wonderful sense of humor and his ability to light up a room by his mere presence. Tom is survived by his
brother Ted and his wife Becky, his nephews, Tanner (Lisa) and Tyler; his cousin, Cathy (David) Simmons,
and dear friends, Marti and Ralph Slocum. (Updated 10/18/2009)

                James Gallery
                Address:510 Gay St. #616 Nashville, TN 37219
                Home:615 256-5507
                I have 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:Divorced. Two adult children. One granddaughter.
                My Education:BA from U of South Florida in Political Science. Master of Divinity from
                New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. One year of doctoral work at NOBTS.
                My Career:US Air Force 1966-69; College and US Congressional Aide from 1970-1976;
Seminary from 1976-1978; Ministry from 1978-1996; Publisher and Writer 1996-2002; Free lance writer and
publishing coach 2002 til present. Mediator with state of Tennessee.
How I spend my free time:Sports enthusiast; reading. (Updated 9/8/2009)
                Tony Gaston
                Address:5412 4th St E Bradenton, FL 34203
                Home:941 755-0254 Office:retired
                Spouse:Married to Carol for 42 years with 1 child.
                Personal:In school
                How I spend my free time:Boating & fishing (Updated 6/17/2010)

                   Susan Geldert Schlife
                   Address:P O Box 275 Chester, NE 68327
                   Home:402 324-5055
                   Spouse:Married to John Schlife for 3 years with 3 children and 4
                   Personal:John and I met in the mid-90's in Anchorage, Alaska, as Dr. and
                   patient. He's an exercise physiologist and life-style counselor and he was
                   successful in showing me the right path to wellness. He relocated to
Michigan and years later, we ran into each other unexpectedly at an Anchorage Running Club event. He had
been back to Anchorage for a speaking engagement and was helping his buddy, the race director, set up the
course that day. We discovered that we are soulmates. He "popped the question" at the Albuquerque Balloon
Fiesta, we spent our honeymoon on a 520 mile road bike trek across Nebraska and the rest is joyful history. I
have three children from previous marriages. Jason, 35, and his wife Tisha and their two daughters Ashlyn and
Avery, live in Bradenton, as well as Sara ,32, and her husband John and their two sons, Alex and Jackson.
Jason is working in the mortgage industry and Sara works for T-Mobile. Jon, 29, and still single, after
completing his tour of duty in the Navy aboard the USS Independence aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, lives
and works in Las Vegas,in marketing and PR.
My Education:Following Manatee High, went to MJC, married and became a Navy wife and mom.
My Career:The best way that I can describe my "career" is that it has been a collage of varied and usually,
interesting experiences, including banking, medical secretary, carpentry (working up to crew leader on several
Arvida projects for Holmes Construction),podiatric surgical assistant and certified x-ray tech, Nikken Wellness
Consultant and most recently, admin. assistant at Disability Support Services at the University of Alaska-
Anchorage for seven years prior to marrying John and moving to Chester, Nebraska, his hometown, to where
he has semi- retired.I loved my eleven years in Alaska. Besides being stunningly beautiful, I found it to be
multi-culturally rich.I thoroughly enjoyed my work at the University and my volunteer work with the Rainbow
Project, an equestrian program for disabled children, the Bird Treatment Center, a rescue and rehab center for
birds caught in oil spills, the Alaska Run for Women, the Men's Cancer Run, the Iditarod, and the World
Special Olympics Winter Games to name a few.
How I spend my free time:First of all, I love spending time with my kids and grandchildren, returning to
B'town every chance I get and getting together with Jon whenever possible. John and I love biking and
travelling, gardening,being sports fans and just being together.John presented me with a wonderful yearling
registered Paint colt upon my arrival here and I have become an avid student of Parelli natural horsemanship,
as we now have three horses and a donkey, with ages ranging from under 2 to 27 yrs old.It's fascinating. We
are both involved in our local economic development group. We are staunch supporters of our local high
school sports teams and enjoy every Nebraska Husker "Big Red" game that we can get to. I've become a
member of our local volunteer fire and rescue squad as a First Responder with the rescue squad and plan to
take the EMT course this fall. I love photography. I find great joy in making wheel-thrown pottery. Have
joined a ladies' tap dance class and ,yes, we've even performed at the Spring Recital for the past three years!(
Quite a revolutionary concept at first, for some of the local audience!) It's great fun and exercise!
Other comments:Life has been such a wonderful journey, ups and downs included. I've been so blessed with
loving family and friends and enriched by so many opportunities and experiences. Having lost a dear friend in
November to cancer, I'm more mindful than ever, to do my best to make the very best, of every day I'm given,
cherishing my family, friends and life in general. I'm really looking forward to our reunion!
                  Wayne Geoffrion
                  Address:6375 Sunbriar Drive Cumming, GA 30040
                  Home:770 888-7860 Office:770-883-3012
                  Spouse:Married to Sandy for 35 years with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Our Son is married, no children and currently lives in Las Vegas. One daughter,
                  married, has two daughters and lives in Cumming, Ga. Our 2nd daughter is also married, has
                  three daughters and lives in Fairhope, Al.
                  My Education:Bachalor Business Administration, Major in Economics, Minor in Computer
Science. Expertise in networking and operations management. Also have Georiga Real Estate License.
My Career:AT&T Company 15 years, Regional Sales Manager (Jacksonville, Miami, Atlanta, Akron) British
Petroleum Company (Cleveland, Houston)Kimberly Clark Corporation (Director, Information Systems
(Neenah, Wisc., Sydney Australia, Atlanta) Retired. Doing some real estate sales as market permits.
How I spend my free time:Golf, Boating and Fishing. Working in Yard ( we have a large water feature with
Koi fish). Investing, both stocks and real estate.
Other comments:While Sandy and I have our residence in Cumming, Ga. we also have a condo (Riviera
Dunes) in Palmetto. I enjoy spending my time fishing, taking walks in area parks, and enjoying the local
seafood restaurants. (Updated 4/21/2010)

                  Robert George
                  Home:813 641-1031 Office:813-285-0267
                  Spouse:Married to Emma for 25 years with 5 children and 13 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met my wife in West Palm Beach, FL. All of my children live in Apollo Beach
                  except for my oldest daughter who just moved to Ashville N.C., after spending seven (7) years
                  in Manhatten, NY
                  My Education:BA, University of South Floria, Major Criminology. Received my
                  certification as a Crime Scene Investigtor (CSI), at the Southern Institute of Forensic Science
at the University of New Orleans, LA. Received my Florida Law Enforcement Certification (LEO)
My Career:U.S. Navy (Naval Security Group Acty.)Retired LEO.More than a year ago I bought five (5) acres
in Summer Field Estates, near Sun City Center, and just recently received my Bldg. Permit. I am now building
a new home on that property.
How I spend my free time:Boating, Golf & Church activities, spending time with my grandchildren.
Other comments:My oldest daughter has a BA, majored in music, attended Carson Newman University in
Tennessee, then graduated from University of Knoxville. She then married, and move to Wake Forest where
her husband graduated with a Masters in Theology. My second daughter earned her BA at USF, and is now
working on her Masters, her husband is a Doctor in Sun City Center, FL. My third daughter works in a hair
salon. My son went to bible college in Oklahoma, and now is a youth pastor and works at Sams Club. My other
son is the assistant director at Homes for Hillsborough helping first time home owners.

                  Mary Beth Gilligan Bustle
                  Address:2207 5th St W Palmetto, FL 34221
                  Home:941 737-6588 Office:Retired
                  Spouse:Married to D.Greg Bustle for 40 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I first met Greg in the 6th grade at Orange Ridge Elementary. We met again our
                  senior year in high school through Doyle Coker who was a personal friend to both of us. We
                  began dating but went to seperate universities.It was a long distance courtship.We married in
                  Bradenton while Greg was on leave from the AF and have been married for 40 years. We have
2 sons,Patrick is a Yacht Broker with a Captains license and a in business.He is managing to follow
his love of boats and the water.He and his wife Julie,a first grade teacher in Manatee Co. live in Palmetto.Our
son Michael has 1 daughter and 2 step children from his recent marriage to Staci.They live in Daphne,ALA.
Michael works for a company that fabricates plastic for cruise ships and also fabricates teak for ship decks. His
wife Staci owns a retail clothing shop for children and women's clothing.
My Education:After graduation from MHS I went to W.Va. U. and graduated with a BS Degree in Dental
Hygiene.After taking and passing the National Dental Hygiene Licensure exam I returned to Bradenton and
took the Fl. State Licensure Exam and began working for a local dentist as a Dental Hygienist. When Greg got
out of pilot training we were transferred to Minot North Dakota, A SAC base and I took the N.Dakota state
license exam to work as a Dental Hygienist.It was a lot of fun trying to get to work and home again in an area
that has a record of snow in every month of the year!!
My Career:I worked for 40 years in Dental Hygiene and after retiring began work as the Executive Director of
the Kiwanis Club of Bradenton Foundation as their Executive Director. I am retired again and busy with
volunteer work.
How I spend my free time:In my spare time I love sewing, embroidery, ameteur photography and traveling.
Greg and I have been fortunate in being able to travel quite a bit and have most recently returned from 2 weeks
in Mainland China and Hong Kong. I still volunteer through Junior League, Service Club,First Pres. Church
choir and at my grandaughter's school.
Other comments:Greg and I are busy rearing our 8 year old grandaughter Savannah.We have had Savannah
since she was a new born. She is now a 3rd grader at Palmetto Christian School. Greg and I aren't sure if this is
helping to keep us young or if it is aging us early,BUT we can't imagine our lives without her and are happy
that we are able to be in her life.She is a delight. (Updated 10/18/2009)

                  Bill Glenn
                  Address:5743 Overlook Dr west Keystone heights, FL 32656
                  Home:352 478-9177 Office:352-478-9177
                  Spouse:Married to Arvie for 12 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  My Education:Attended MJC, Certified Mercury marine mechanic, courses in intellectual
                  property and patents.
                  My Career:Spent the last several years building top fuel and funny cars in Gainesville, for the
                  NHRA circuit. Now run my own New product Design business in Keystone.
How I spend my free time:Inventing, racing, restoring my corvette, building fast cars, scuba diving, hunting
and just enjoying life.
Other comments:When my younger brother (Steve) died two years ago, I relized how short and uncertin life
could be. So I try to make the most of each and every day.

                CarolAnn Glessner Gaston
                Address:5412 4th St E Bradenton, FL 34203
                Home:941 755-0254 Office:retired
                Spouse:Married to Anthony L. Gaston for 42 years with 1 child.
                Personal:Tony and I met in high school.
                My Education:Mortgage Servicing classes for Palmetto Federal S. & L. Assn.
                My Career:Homemaker
                How I spend my free time:Enjoy boating & fishing with Tony. Also painting, working in my
flower beds. Enjoy my friends & family. (Updated 6/17/2010)

                 Ronald Gordon
                 Address:8125 Longbay Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34243-2041
                 My Career:I joined the Navy March 1966. Went to Sub School. I served and
                 commissioned two fast attack nuclear submarines between January 1967 and
                 January 1969 The USS Whale SSN638 and the USS Sunfish SSN649 both
                 out of General Dynamics in Quincy, Mass. I then transferred to an old diesel
                 sub (The USS Trutta SS421. . June 1969 I transferred to a minesweeper, (The
USS Pinnacle MSO462). November 1969 I was released from active duty and moved back to Bradenton with
my first wife and daughter. March 1970, I started working for the U S Postal Service as a clerk in the Main
Office, Sarasota, Fl. I retired from this office at age 57 (November 2004). While working at the Post Office I
had two more daughters with my first wife and it ended in divorce. Met my present wife who had a son and
daughter. We have been together 29 years. She is also retired.
How I spend my free time:We have built a second home in Kodak, Tennessee in 2006. This was the area all 5
kids loved to vacation.(Near Sevierville-Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg)Our house sits on a hill and we can sit on the
back porch and look at the Smoky Mountain Range. We spend a lot of time entertaining our 10 grandchildren
(5 boys & 5 girls - ages 3 yrs to 21 yrs) in Florida and Tennessee.
Other comments:This Spring we decided to travel West and see some of the United States, and visit Children
and Grandchildren on the way. We ended our trip in California where our youngest Daughter and
Granddaughter are. Then back to Tennessee until winter. (Updated 2/20/2010)

               Christopher Gould
               Address:1037 Birch Creek Drive Wilmington, NC 28403
               Home:910 799-8139 Office:910-962-3333
               Spouse:Married to Kathleen for 27 years with 1 child.
               Personal:My wife was a graduate student in one of my classes when I taught
               in Oklahoma. Our 23-year-old daughter, Emily, lives in Wilmington, NC,
               where she appraises real estate.
My Education:BA, University of Virginia, 1969; MA, PhD, University of South Carolina, 1975, 1977
My Career:Professor of English (1986-), Department Chair (2001-08), and Director of the Center for Faculty
Leadership (2008-), UNC Wilmington; previously taught at Oklahoma (1980-86), Arkansas (1979-80),
Southwest Missouri (1976-79), and Francis Marion College (1973-76)
How I spend my free time:Traveling, gardening

                Shirley Green Harris
                Address:490 Greenview Rd Merritt Island, FL 32952-5223
                Home:321 452-7654
                Spouse:Married to Dewey for 42 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
                Personal:Dewey and I met at F.S.U. Our son is an electrical engineer and his
                wife is a media specialist. They live in Rockledge,Fl, which is also in
                Brevard Co. They have 2 sons: Alex 9 and Jack 8. We spend a lot of time
                enjoying them. Dewey still has a CPA practice, but I retired from teaching 6
years ago. We are finally taking some time to travel before antiquity catches up with us. We feel fortunate and
blessed and enjoy this stage of life. (Updated 6/16/2010)

                  Joe Gulash
                  Address:711 Hillcrest Dr. Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 749 0631 Office:941 746-6567
                  I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:No one special in my life at this time; Son : Joe-Joe the Third. Age
                  36, Single, Degree in Finance from Georgia State. Lives in
                  Bradenton.Daughter : Angela, Age 32 lives in Brooklyn,NY. Works in the
                  "Big Apple" for the last 12 years.Married to a great guy, Brian and they have
twin sons "Kai and Eli".Two cool, kids.Brian and Angela both own business's in the Big Apple.
My Education:Attended MJC,Went to work for Zales Jewelers.Director of the Retail Jewelers Board of the
State of Oklahoma.Selected to the "Outstanding Young Men of America" from the Okla.Chapter.
My Career:Regional Vice-president for Zales Jewelers for over 20 years.Opened Staffing Leasing of Georgia
for Bill Mullis,and served as the President of the Ga.Operation in charge of Administration and Sales.Sr.Vice-
president of PeopleWorks,in New Orleans,La/Partner and presently partner of ELS, Employee Leasing
Solutions of Bradenton /Retired, I guess.
How I spend my free time:Fishing,Boating,and spending as much time with family and friend's as
possible.Spend a lot of time visiting my Grandkids in New York.(and maybe find some time to drink a couple
of beers???)Still like anything that has to do with sports.
Other comments:As I get older I find I spend a lot of time thinking about family and friends. I have been
blessed with both. My friend's I have known for almost 55 years (many since the third grade).I think about the
friends we have lost over the years and think now that we should spend the rest of our time having fun and
doing the things we have always wanted to do.I look forward to seeing everybody at the re-union and to having
some more fun. (Updated 6/13/2010)

                 John Hall
                 Address:4411 Anderson Grove Omaha, NE 68123
                 Spouse:Married to Marjorie for 25 years with 3 children and 2 grandchildren.
                 My Education:University of South Florida 1969 BS Zoology, Central Missouri State
                 University MS Management 1976, Bellevue University 2001 MS Computer Science
                 My Career:High school teacher 1 yr at Rober E. Lee in Jacksonville then began 20 years in
                 the Air Force. Lived in a variety of locations. Jacksonville and Panama City, Fl; Little Rock,
AR; Denver, Co; Lompoc, CA; Shreveport, LA; Eskisheir, Turkey; Desenzano, Italy. After the AF worked on
environmental and public health issues for the state of Nebraska. Worked for the University of Nebraska
Medical Center College of Medicine managing a statewide disease surveillance system and most recently with
Halfpenny Technologies supporiting the implementation of healthcare technology.
How I spend my free time:Like traveling to the National Parks and other beautiful places.
Other comments:Loved looking over the bio's such variety and so many interesting carrers. I knew when I
went to high school with all you guys I was among a bunch of great people. I maintain good memories from
those days - there were many -- Senior assembly, the Mays brothers singing, study day, physics class with Mr.
Allen, biology with Grace McCarthy, football games, the prom, teen club - Ms. Hirshfield, dances at the
auditorium, hanging out with friends, the beach during the day and night - I had a great time. Also especially
enjoyed meeting old friends at the 2010 reunion. (Updated 3/15/2011)

                Don Hall
                Address:815 Hillcrest Dr Bradenton, FL 34209
                Home:941 747 1154 Office:941 742 6688
                My Education:Honor Graduate Rochester Institute of Technology, Graduate
                work University of Central Florida Communications
                My Career:Combat Photographer in Viet Nam 173rd Airborne Freelanced
                for AP During the war. Bronze Star,Purple Heart, Combat Jump etc.Constant
                work in Photography and film Production. NYC, Atlanta,Orlando, Sarasota
and back to Btown. Presently Own a Studio on Old Main St.specializing in Advertising Photography and
Video Production.
How I spend my free time:Travel,Photography,Boating
Other comments:Still Searching for the Meaning of Life!

                  Sandra Elaine Hall Wiles
                  Address:2816 69th St. E. Bradenton, FL 34208
                  Home:941 744-9460
                  Spouse:Married to Ron Wiles for 28 years with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.
                  How I spend my free time:I love kayaking, water color painting, camping with my husband
                  and gardening.
                  Other comments:My husband and I own our own business, which keeps us busy, my
                  husband more than me. He is retired Phone co. and I am retired Power co. We are enjoying
life and staying busy. (Updated 6/13/2010)
                   Marion Hardy Varner
                   Address:10128 Idalia St Commerce City, CO 80022
                   Home:303 469-5069 Office:303-261-1600
                   Spouse:Married to Dale C. Varner for 30 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                   Personal:Childhood door neighbor Bradenton
                   My Career:Healthcare Administration.....Ophthalmology 30 yrs Am Academ of Ophthal.
                   Administrators and American SOciety of Ophthalmic Administrators.
                   How I spend my free time:Travel, 4 wheeling in Rockies, hiking enjoying all Colorado has
to offer, scuba diving
Other comments:Started in medical field from High school been in it ever since. Lived in Munich, Germany
for 2 and a half years, did extensive traveling. Have been to 22 countries to date. Dale and I lived in Cape
Coral/FtMyers for 13 years after living in Colorado. I could not wait to get back to Colorado so we moved back
in 1995 and have been here since. We will probably wind up being "snow birds" when we decide to retire. We
have property in the mountains and enjoy it as much as possible. We truely live in a beautiful state. We have an
RV, and have vacationed in Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier Natl. Park, Canadian ROckies. Our most
recent trip last year ..we flew to San Francisco, rented a Class C motorhome and drove up the Pacific Coast
Highway all the way to Canada. What a great trip...enjoyed the wine country in California, and thought the
most beautiful part of the coast line was Oregon, and enjoyed our trip out to VIctoria Island , Canada. We also
sp! end a lot of time with our kids and grandchildren. We were fortunate when we moved to Colorado it wasn't
long after that they moved out as well. I am still working I manage a Retina practice with 11 surgeons and 7
locations. I truly have loved my career in Ophthalmology. Still go back to Bradenton to visit our families when
we can. I also received my pilots license...lessons in Naples, FL. and finished up in Colorado. Enjoyed flying
but renting planes and aviation fuel got a little too expensive to keep it up. My husad and I are also certified
divers. A lot of diving in Florida Keys, Cozemel Mexico, Grand Cayman. We truely are enjoying life as much
as we possibly can. Oh, and somewhere along the way got old....since I cannot seem to slow down, I get a
reminder every time I look in the mirror and see this older face looking back and my bad knees remind me as
well. Oh well they have been good years...if anyone out Colorado way look us up. (Updated 1/7/2010)

                 Robert Hastings
                 Address:11090 N.W. 92ct Chiefland, FL 32626
                 Home:352 493-4861 Office:352 493-6000
                 Spouse:Married to Gloria for 35 years with 3 children and 10 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met Gloria in Brownsville,Texas. I used to hang out at the Rio
                 Grande River, looking for desperate, beautiful, young senoritas. (Now I
                 regret droping out of Spanish II). My two sons, James & Rod, and my
                 daughter, Angel are all gainfully employed and off of my payroll--Thank you
Lord!They have provided me with 10 beautiful grandchildren.
My Education:I received a B.S. from Middle Tenn. St. Univ. (That B.S. doesn't stand for what you think it
does) and a Master's from the Univ. of Fl.
My Career:I am the Superintendent of Schools for Levy County. I have served as Principal of four high
schools in Levy county for the last 20years.
How I spend my free time:I like to play golf, travel to new places, play golf, spend time with the
grandchildren, and play golf. We own two houses; one in Chiefland the other near Jacksonville. Both homes
are on golf courses. I use to play alot of golf, but not now that I became Superintendent. (Updated 6/15/2010)

                Julie Hilliard Ross
                Address:2811 Palma Sola Blvd Bradenton, FL 34209
                Home:941 794-0052
                Spouse:Married to Ty Ross for 30+ years with 1 Step child and 2 step
                Personal:I didn’t think my biography would be of much interest. But it’s
                been so great to read other peoples’ biographies that I thought I would give it
                a try. (For those of you who remember, I have to tell you that, no, I’m not any
taller.) My husband and I didn’t meet cute, we were just introduced by mutual friends. That event happened in
Tampa, where we had both been going to the University of South Florida. We didn’t get married right away,
but we were a couple almost from the beginning. We now live in Palma Sola, and have seen Bradenton grow
so much.
My Education:My father really wanted me to go to MJC, but I was determined to go to FSU. My high school
pal (Shirley Green Harris) and I were going to be roommates. I knew nothing about colleges, but Shirley told
me there were lots of boys at FSU so I was ready to go. But I got into the anti-establishment lifestyle and
dropped out of FSU in my third year. After some time at Electronic Data Preparation, I decided to go back to
school. It was another last-minute decision, so I went to the University of South Florida in Tampa. I figured I
could always live at home and commute until I found an apartment. I ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in
English (1970) and a master’s degree in English (1975).
My Career:My husband and I moved back to Bradenton and into the house I grew up in. I got a job as a
reporter at the Bradenton Herald. I was making $3.75 an hour at the Bradenton Herald. We were going to be
rich! After almost five years at the Bradenton Herald, I got a job (and a raise) at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.
After almost five years at the H-T, I decided to change fields and went to work at the Ringling Museum of Art.
I really liked the people at the RMA, but I never felt like the job would be there the next day. The whole
enterprise was a lot shakier back then. So I went to law school after only ten months at the RMA. I graduated
from Stetson University College of Law in 1989. After working for the circuit judges in a research capacity, I
am now Child Support magistrate for our circuit. I have never run out of work.
How I spend my free time:Well, get a law degree and suddenly people want you on their board. I was the
second woman admitted to the Bradenton Kiwanis Club in 1992. I became its first woman president in 1999-
2000. In addition to my job I was doing all sorts of things for boards of non-profits. It all came crashing down
in May of 2000. That was when I had four or five strokes in 24 hours. I was in the hospital for eight weeks and
out of work for 12 weeks. It was horrible, life and death stuff, but things seem to be over for now. So I was
whacked by life, but I’m still here. (Although, if not for my husband, I don’t know where I would be.)
Other comments:I like to walk and stop and look at the flowers. I also like to see and listen to the birds. I used
to read a lot, but reading is not as easy as it once was. I just rest up so I can go back to work, and am thankful
that I can still work.

                 Joyce (Nicki) Hirshberg Borden
                 Address:4112 Lorraine Rd Bradenton, FL 34211
                 Home:941 746-6770
                 Spouse:Married to Richard for 42 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I meet Richard when I was at Walker Jr. High and he was a senior at Manatee High.
                 Richard retired January 1, 2010. We are planning to retire to our home in Dawsonville Ga.
                 when economy turns around enough to sell out here. I was born in Bradenton but have fallen
                 in love with Northern Georgia. The only problem I have with moving, will be leaving all my
family and friends 9 hours behind. I can't imagine not seeing the grand kids all the time. They are growing up
so fast.
How I spend my free time:The grandchildern take up all my hobby time now and I love it. (Updated

               George Hiskes
               Address:2105 Riverview Blvd Bradenton, FL 34205
               Home:941 746-8573
               Spouse:Married to Marlaine for 35 years with 2 children and 6
               Personal:I met Marlaine at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mi.
               My Education:B.A. Economics, Calvin College
               My Career:Taught mathematics at Bradenton Christian School for 3
years.Developed and managed the Information Systems group at Beall's for past 32 years.
How I spend my free time:Travel, boating, old cars, and playing with grandchildren.
Other comments:I married a wonderful woman and we are best friends.
                Linda Hoffman Allen
                Address:3805 NW 8th Ave Gainesville, FL 32605-4701
                Home:352 375-2421
                Spouse:Married to Rick for 24 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
                Personal:. Gainesville, Florida I had been a single mom for several yearsaftermy divorce and
                met Rick at church. We dated a year or so , but he was definitly worth the wait! He is
                completing the school year teaching at ahighschool and is also working for Florida Virtual
                School. I have a daughter -Jenni, married with a 6yr old, 5yr old & 3yr old twins - she lives in
Lake Worth,Fl My son Andy is aStaff Sargent, medic in Afghanistan, and our youngest, Eric lives in Inverness.
My Education:after graduation, I went to Loyola University in New Orleans graduated and am a dental
My Career:Currently practicing dental hygiene 4 days a week in a really great office.
How I spend my free time:I like to knit and crochet, we also enjoy kayaking,hiking and camping- we are
enjoying our empty nest!
Other comments:Rick and I facilitate an 8 week course - Dynamic Marriage and will be starting with a new
group this week. (Updated 5/4/2010)

                  Sherry Holeman Sheffield
                  Address:4047 Cypress Landing E Winter Haven, FL 33884
                  Home:863 969-3172 Office:863 534-6003
                  Spouse:Married to John for 2 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                  Personal:My sons are Jon and Michael Foerster and they live in Winter
                  Haven and Orlando. Jon is married and has 3 children, the third being born
                  just 3 weeks ago. Michael is single due to be married in a year and I'm hoping
                  for at least one more grandchild!
My Education:I didn't go on to college. I did get licensed in cosmetology, but didn't work at it and stayed
home and raised my sons for a few years before I joined the employed.
My Career:After high school I married Larry Foerster and we went to Battle Creek, Michigan and Duluth,
Minnesota as he was in the Air Force. During those years I worked for Sears. Then I raised children for a few
years and then owned a restaurant (hated it!). I worked for 21 years for City and County Government and am
the Manager of Polk County Code Enforcement.
How I spend my free time:Enjoying time with my husband on the back of his Honda Valkyrie's fun! Spend time with my grandchildren! I am active in church and the music ministry. I sing
with three other ladies, we are called Sisters of Faith. We do concerts at various churches and have had a
wonderful time.
Other comments:I'm just looking forward to seeing everyone can't believe we are 63 and eligible for social
security. I believe we were so lucky to grow up when we did, I wouldn't trade places with these kids today for
anything. I have great memories of school and hope we get to take a tour of MHS. I'm almost dreading seeing
MHS torn down...can't imagine it. Recently I've joined the ranks of Facebook and am enjoying talking with
'kids' from our school days. So looking forward to this reunion! (Updated 6/3/2010)

                  Julie Hullinger Bechko
                  Address:400 Alejandro st Santa Fe, NM 87501
                  Home:505 9891312
                  Spouse:Married to Michael for 37 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:My husband Mike was from Sarasota and I ended up living there
                  for all these years until we made the big move for the first time in my life to
                  any place other than west Fla. We moved to Santa Fe N.M. in the winter of
                  1999. It's really beautiful here, lots of amazing scenery and Mountains. I have
a job in a big nursery and have learned alot about western plants- pretty different from the tropical stuff I was
used to. I do alot of gardening and work in the yard as much as I can. I have tons of flowers and trees and big
vegetable gardens. Our daughter Corinna is 37 and is married, lives in Los Angeles and has a zoology degree.
She works at a private zoo. She and her husband bought a house last year. She is active in animal rights and
wildlife rescue centers. Her husband works in the film industry and has been involved with alot of big movies.
They have alot of animals but no kids.
My Education:I went to MJC for a few sporadic years-took all the art classes and not much that would get me
to graduation. I learned to sew for interior designers and did that for about 10 years.
How I spend my free time:Spare time- We go hiking in the mountains, so much to see out here. I work in my
gardens, and go thrift shopping and searching for antiques. We have a dog and five cats running around in here,
they are pretty entertaining. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                Rick Hunt
                Address:413A Howard Ave Lakeland, FL 33815
                Home:863 683-9588
                Spouse:Married to Betsy for 36 years with 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
                Personal:Bradentown - Seems like yesterdayBradenton and North Carolina
                My Education:USF Bachlors in working
                My Career:Sales / Army Vietnam E5 QMS
                How I spend my free time:Golf,Motercycle Riding,Travling

                  Brenda Hunt Alcorn
                  Address:4711 22nd Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 713-4991 Office:941-714-2300
                  Spouse:Married to Jerry for 30 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met Jerry on the beach about 37 years ago. He loves ham radio
                  and photography. My son, Todd is a teacher of ESE children ages 4 - 3rd
                  grade. His patience is remarkable. Logan is 7 and Brandon is 4 (5 in
                  September). Melissa, Todd's wife is a manager of Walgreen's in Sarasota.
My Education:I have a BA from USF and am certified in ESOL and gifted education. I also have certification
in AP English Language and Composition courses from various colleges during summer workshops.
My Career:I taught English at Manatee High School for 32 1/2 years. I retired yesterday!!
How I spend my free time:First and foremost, I take care of Logan and Brandon whenever possible and it is
more fun than I could have ever imagined. Next, I am an experimental watercolor artist and I spend a great deal
of time painting and printing fish (Gyotaku). I have sold nationally and internationally and I truly love art! I
purchased an etching press last summer and I'm learning how to use it.My artwork is listed on and
I'm also in Gallery West on the Island.
Other comments:I am now 63 years old (I think..) and enjoying life as much as I can. I have fibromyalgia
which has been causing me a fit lately. The meds I take for it have caused a weight gain that I truly hate but
hopefully can eventually get off now that I've retired. I paint "take classes" every spare minute that I can. We
purchased a golden retriever whose parental lineage is quite impressive as show dogs (His sister came in first
in Brazil recently). He is a little over a year now and is NUTS. Loves water...loves us...he is just extremely
rambunctious for old people!! he has now been "fixed" and is driving us really crazy with the cone he has to
wear for 10 days. We also have two 5 yr. old Lhasas who put up with him. (Updated 6/27/2010)

                  Marshall Johnson
                  Address:5705 - 9th Ave Dr W Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 761-7347 Office:941-526-8555
                  Spouse:Married to Karen for 29 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:I met my wife, Karen (Levengood) (MHS class of 1969) 29 years
                  ago. We have two children, Garrett, 19,is a student at MCC and works as a
                  part-time life guard at a county pool. My daughter Paige is 15 and active at
                  YMCA and Manatee Players, and church. Both have been homeschooled
from first grade. Garrett made the Dean's list last semester at MCC.
My Education:AA from MJC; BA from University of South Florida; Manatee Police Academy; Numerous
FBI courses; Expert forensic witness, State and Federal courts; Amateur Radio license; Fixed and rotary wing
pilots license (not current-cost too much to fly anymore!)Various SCUBA certifications; Instructor, Manatee
Police Academy.
My Career:U.S. Army Security Agency, intelligence work,four years. Three of which were in Southeast Asia.
Returned home in 1970, restarted MJC, and went to work for the Manatee Co. Sheriff's office in summer of
1971. Most of my time spent in forensic and special investigations. 1985 I became the chief investigator for the
District 12 Medical Examiner's office out of Sarasota. After five, very long years,of running around
Manatee,Sarasot,and DeSoto counties investigating deaths, I returned to the Manatee Sheriff's office and
criminal investigations. Currently (last six years) I work as a special investigator and plan to retire when they
quit paying me!
How I spend my free time:Spare time?? whos got spare time? Actually, I manage to stay quite busy. I am on
the board of directors for the Florida Parent-Educators Association. The FPEA is the state's largest homeschool
organization with approximately 10,000 member families. My district covers
Manatee,Sarasota,Charlotte,DeSoto,Highlands,and Hardee counties.
Other comments:Look forward to seeing all at the reunion.

                 Dennis Johnson
                 Address:1706 154th St E Bradenton, FL 34212
                 Home:941-713-8375 Office:941-713-8375
                 Spouse:Married to Marcia for 38 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:at a party. all children and grandchildren live in Bradenton fl
                 My Education:General Residential Contractor. sons work in business with me. son Brian has
                 state license.
                 My Career:4 yrs Navy. and reserves. Have owned Johnson Homes of Bradenton for past 36
How I spend my free time:FISHING and softball. (Updated 4/11/2010)

                  Barbara Jones Brand
                  Address:2930 Sunnyside Street Sarasota, FL 34239
                  Home:941 955 9906 Office:941 496-4663
                  Spouse:Married to Kenneth for 27 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:My husband Ken and I met in Ft. Myers, and I have to say it was love at first sight!
                  My husband is a real estate broker and does property management. We also are developing
                  property in Gatlinburg TN. Our son lives in Sarasota also and is a mortgage broker and a
                  property appraiser. He became engaged to a wonderful young woman only this month.
My Education:Florida Real Estate License
My Career:I started out with TimeShare on Sanibel Island. After coming back to Sarasota I represented a
developer at Tidy Island off of Cortez Road. From there I have spent 10 years selling new homes on Palmer
Ranch, then on to Hidden Bay in Osprey and have been in Venice for the last 9 years. At present I sell new
homes for Sam Rodgers Properties at Pelican Pointe. I love what I do!
How I spend my free time:Ken and I both at this juncture in our lives are pretty tired at the end of the day.
Mostly I like to read and garden. When possible I still like to paint (as in pictures) I love going to the beach at
dusk and particularly love the beach at night during a full moon. We really do live in paradise.
Other comments:I was a very shy girl and quite insecure. Part of it was due to the fact that there was another
Barbara Jones who was one to two years older than I who had quite a reputation with the boys. Unfortunately, I
was accused of doing "things" with other girl's boyfriends. That was a hard knock for a very sweet, very
innocent girl. I do regret letting my shyness get in the way of enjoying life as a teen and not getting to know
classmates I spent so many years with. However all that has changed and I have long since emerged from the
cocoon and can quite honestly say that I am happy, healthy and in love with life.
                Margaret Kane
                Address:150 Alfred Drowne Rd Barrington, RI 02806
                Home:401 245-4606
                My Career:FOR THE past 30 years, Margaret Kane, executive director of the American
                Lung Association of Rhode Island, has been fighting to ban smoking in the workplace.

                Ruth Kaylor Tait
                Address:Crofton, MY
                I have 2 children.
                Personal:In a committed relationship
                How I spend my free time:Dine with friends, Go to movies, Have drinks with friends, Listen
                to music, Read, Spend time with family, Travel, Volunteer work, Watch TV (Updated

                   Lynda Keever
                   Address:2945 La Concha Drive Clearwater, FL 33762
                   Home:727 572-0743 Office:813 287-8787 #6
                   Spouse:Married to Bill Eshenbaugh for 22 years with 1 child.
                   Personal:I met my husband Bill while we were both members of the Board
                   of Directors of the Tampa Builders Assn. We got to know each other while
                   working together on various committees. We were married in 1988. Bill has a
grown daughter by his first marriage. Krissy Chutz works as his assistant at our company, Eshenbaugh Land
Co in Tampa. Bill was named the 2003 Land Realtor of America.
My Education:Florida State University BA Degree in Government; minor in Business Administration, 1969.
Manatee Community College AA Degree ’67.
My Career:I worked as a Legislative Aide and Analyst with the Florida Legislature for 7 years until '74. (I
also taught vocational school for 2 years during that period.) In '76, I founded KeevCo Advertising & PR in
Panama City. In '79 I moved to Tampa to begin work in sales for Florida Trend Magazine. Starting in '82 I
spent 9 years as pubisher of a new home guide, the rejoined Florida Trend in '91 as Publisher. Retired from that
position after nearly 20 years and now am Executive Vice President of Eshenbaugh Land Company. I have the
pleasure of working with my husband every day.PR, in Panama City, FL. I sold everything in early 1979 to
accept a sales position with Florida Trend Magazine and moved to Tampa. In 1982 I began as Publisher of
HomeBuilders' Guide. At the beginning of 1991 I came back to Florida Trend Magazine and accepted the
position of Publisher working in downtown St. Pete.
How I spend my free time:Bill and I love to travel. Our favorite places to visit are anywhere out West during
spring, summer, fall as well as winter skiing. Some of our other favorite places are Santa Fe, Park City, Utah,
Durango, Sedona, Cheyenne, Jackson Hole,everywhere in Colorado, Idaho, Seattle, Vancouver, Puerto
Vallarta, to just name a few. We also love to go horseback riding, visit historical sites, go deep sea fishing.
Other comments:Awards and Honors during this time:1999-Lecturer at Distinguished Speaker Series at
Florida State University and Community College Alumni of the year by Florida Assn. of Community Colleges.
2001-Entrepreneurial Advocate of the Year; '01-"Florida Women's Hall of Fame" named by Governor
Bush;'04-"Business Leader of the Year" by Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida. I've also given
the commencement address at Manatee Community College (31 years after graduating from there) and 8 others
as well as the University of Miami College of Business and University of Central Florida College of Business.
I served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the FSU Foundation and a member of the Florida Economic
Development Council and Leadership Florida and have been a guest lecturer at numerous universities in
Florida. while at Fla. Trend I created "NEXT Magazine" for High school students. I am really looking forward
to seeing all my classmates and hearing about your lives. My time at MHS was some of the most lasting
friendships of my life. (Updated 6/15/2010)
                    Marilyn Kendrick Dean
                    Address:601 Hillcrest Street Tallahassee, FL 32308
                    Home:850 224-6897
                    Spouse:Married to Robert Carlton Dean for 40 years with 2 children and 2
                    Personal:I will be married to Bob Dean 40 years in July. We met while I was
                    at Florida State in undergraduate school and he was in Law School. We have
                    lived in Tallahasse 45 years now. We loved Tallahassee and met so many
wonderful friends from here while in school that we knew we wanted to make this our home and raise our
children here. We have two wonderful sons, Carlton (age 36) and Wilson (age 32) and they both live in
Tallahassee and are both married to wonderful daughter -in -laws who were both from Tallahassee and so all
the families live here and we can share the grandchildren and holidays etc. We are very happy that they have
decided to make their homes here and we can enjoy a close relationship with both of them. Our sons both
graduated from FSU and are currently in the real estate and development business together (Dean
Development) . After practicing law for many years and being a Federal Magistrate and judge here, Bob also
does real estate development and construction now. We have two precious grandsons...Dawson Dean age 10
months and Baker Dean age 2 and we love being able to keep them and see them all the time!!!!!
My Education:I graduated from Florida State University in 1969 with a French and a minor in English
and Education. I taught French for two years (one in a private school and one in high school). I could not speak
a word of it now! Then I became a full-time wife and mother and loved every minute of it! While our children
were growing up I was very active in our community with volunteer work from Hospital Auxiliary, school
PTO, sorority alumnae, baseball bat girl sponsor, Bible school, Sunday School, church circle, women of the
chuch, Junior Museum guild and various other community service projects.We are members of Faith
Presbyterian Church.
How I spend my free time:We restored a historical home in Tallahasee 37 years ago and still live in it(needs
more work..never ends) and I love antiques and anything "old". I am still working on restoring a house built in
the 1800's in Thomasville, Georgia however, I may not finish it before the termites do ( what a problem). I
currently help my husband and sons decorate their projects when they need me to and I love doing this.Now
my main interest and love is my GRANDSONS!
Other comments:I am so looking forward to seeing you all...I still come to Bradenton every summer for my
family reunion with my sister's family from North Carolina and we stay on Anna Maria. I still think there is
nothing in the world as beautiful as Anna Maria Island and the sentimental feeling that I have whenever I drive
over the bridge into Bradenton...there is just nothing like your old "HOMETOWN".My mother is still
living...almost 95 but I did move her 6 months ago up to Tallahassee where I could be closer and take care of
her....she is failing some and is in an assisted living facility close to my house and I see her every day....It is
very sad as we all know. (Updated 6/12/2010)

                 Sharon Kennedy Ayling
                 Address:248 Shuler Road Columbia, SC 29212
                 Home:803 781-6012
                 Spouse:Married to Robert for 44 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met my husband, Bob Ayling, in college. We have been married
                 for almost 44 years. We had two boys. Our older son and his wife died 11
                 years ago. We are raising their two daughters who are now seniors in high
                 school. They are the joy of our lives. Our younger son, Bruce, 37, is a
computer systems manager. He also has two wonderful daughters ages 8 and 6. We live on Lake Murray near
Columbia, South Carolina. Bob is a retired Foreigh Service Officer and we lived and traveled abroad together
for 25 years in Cameroon, Germany, Canada, England, and Chad. I am retired from full-time teaching but I
teach English as a Second Language part-time to adults. I love my students.
My Education:M.Ed. Boston University, B.A. Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia, Canada
My Career:Middle and High School Guidance Counselor, Community Liaison Officer, American Embassy,
How I spend my free time:Grandchildren take up most of my free time but I enjoy reading, public television,
gardening and boating.
Other comments:Even though I left Bradenton at 18 to attend college and never returned to live there, it holds
a special place in my memory. I am looking forward to the reunion and I am bringing my sister, Lynn, a 1966
MHS graduate. (Updated 6/13/2010)

                  Michael Kiernan
                  Address:417 14th Street East Bradenton, FL 34208
                  Spouse:Married to Kandy for 31 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:I met my spouse at the Church we have now both attended for over 30 years. We
                  were blessed with two sons. Our older son lives in Manatee County and has been sheriff's
                  deputy for 7 years. Our younger son at the age of 22, passed away in June 2003.
                  My Education:Attended Anderson University in Indianapolis, Indiana, then returned to
Florida to attend Florida Beacon Bible College and Miami Bible College.
My Career:I spent over 25 years farming tomatoes and row crops in Manatee County. Now working with
younger brother, John, in his remodeling business.
How I spend my free time:My hobbies include attending Church and weekly volunteering at the Port of
Manatee conducting church services for both jail inmates and the INS areas.

                  Wickliffe Kirby
                  Address:1358 Green Trails Drive Naperville, IL 60540
                  Home:630 369 2624 Office:630 369 2620
                  Spouse:Married to Mary for 30 years with 3 children.
                  Personal:I met my wife on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette,
                  Michigan 32 years ago. Mary was a 18 year old freshman and I was 26 and still immature. We
                  have three children: Wickliffe IV, age 27 and Univ. of Wisconsin graduate, works for Merrill
                  Lynch in Chicago; Sarah, age 20 attends Hope College in Michigan, and currently is an
exchange student in New Zealand; and Susan, age 18 will graduate from Naperville North High School in June
and plans on attending the University of Iowa. Both daughters are interested in nursing careers.
My Education:Attended some of the finest universities and colleges in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and
Michigan majoring in a bunch of stuff. It took 7 years for me to graduate, but Mary graduated in just three. BS
in Criminal Justice, Business, and Art. Mary teaches third grade, she says she uses the same skill set with me at
home that she uses at school.
My Career:Enlisted in the Army, served in Vietnam. Had the honor of serving with the 5th Special Forces
Group. (5th Mobile Strike Force B-55, A-107, and A-502). Infantry (Special Froces) Captain at 22 years of
age. (The Army did not call Manatee High School for references). Twenty Five years ago my wife and I started
a recruiting business focusing on the communications industry. I am still at it!
How I spend my free time:Bike riding, hiking, traveling and raising children
Other comments:I'm still just as good looking as ever - at least my wife thinks so. Wish we could attend the
reunion, but we will be attending a family wedding. (Updated 10/20/2010)

                 Shirley Kirk DuVal
                 Address:500 Myrtle Ave Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
                 Home:904 631-2841
                 Spouse:Married to Steve for 44 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Met Steve at St. Pete Jr. College, children live close by (Updated 6/5/2010)
                 Diane Kirk Morris
                 Address:16404 McKinley Street Belton, MO 64012
                 Home:816 916-5290 Office:913-451-1294
                 I have 1 child.
                 Personal:Still happily divorced. My daughter Rebecca works at Sprint and
                 lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and my granddogs.
                 My Education:Bachelor of Music Education from Stetson University.
                 Graduate work in exceptional children at Georgia Southern University.
Paralegal courses.
My Career:Taught elementary school music and mentally retarded and behavior disordered children for four
years while I did graduate work. Did some substitute teaching after Rebecca was born REALLY hated that and
decided there had to be a better way to make a living!!! Thought I might use my experience with behavior
disordered children to some advantage which meant either working with doctors or attorneys. I picked
attorneys. Currently Manager of Legal Affairs at CARSTAR Franchise Systems world headquarters in
Overland Park, Kansas.
How I spend my free time:With family and friends, enjoying controlling the remote, or reading. (Updated

                  Skip Kitchner
                  Address:6464 Seagull Dr. Bradenton, FL 34210
                  Home:941 753-3053 Office:753-3053
                  Spouse:Married to Vicki for 16 years with 1 child and 1 grandchild.
                  Personal:I met my wife through Special Olympics - no, neither one of us
                  were participants! I was Manatee Cty Coordinator at the time and she was the
                  teacher liaison. My son lives in Sarasota where he manages a roofing
My Education:BA - University of West Florida MA University of South Florida.
My Career:I served in the US Marine Corp. I taught History at St. Stephens Episcopal High School. For the
past thirty years, I have been a partner in the Kitchner/Pierro Insurance Company.
How I spend my free time:Adventure Travel and Backpacking. Spending time at our log cabin in the
mountains of North Carolina.

                  Pete Klear
                  Address:P.O. Box 999 Fort Gaines, GA 39851
                  Home:229 768-3178
                  Spouse:Married to Karen for 42 years with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met Karen at Manatee High School and dated my senior year. We
                  married when I was a senior in college. Our oldest daughter Holly has two
                  daughters,Ashley and Haley. She graduated from Saint Leo College magna
                  cum laude with a business degree. She currently works for the government,
and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. She married Tony Merritt who graduated and played football at the
University of Tennessee. Tony also works for the government and is in logistics. Tony just received a double
masters degree from the Wharden School of Business at Syracuse University and is also currently stationed in
San Antonio, Texas... Chris our oldest son lives in Hudson, Florida and has four children, Justin, Kayla, and
Zakary, and Bryson. He and his wife Beth are employed in the medical field. Chris graduated from Albany
Tech with a degree in radiology and is currently working in that field. He specialzes in lithotripsy and works
the Tampa, Orlando, and Ormond Beach area.. Tyson, our youngest son, graduated from Auburn University.
He majored in communications. He enjoys all sports and played baseball, and basketball at the high school
level. He did a sports talk radio show on WEGL an Auburn radio affliate while at Auburn. Tyson currently
resides in Auburn and is in food management.
My Education:Attended the University of South Alabama in Mobile on a tennis scholarship. Received a B.S.
Degree in Physical Education and Biology in 1970. I was voted the schools most valuable Athlete my senior
year and reached the 3rd round of the NCAA tennis championships in Salt Lake City Utah in 1970. Our team
finished 20th in the nation that year with wins over Tulane, Alabama, and Auburn.
My Career:After graduating from the university of South Alabama I joined the Alabama National Guard
Special Forces unit and received an honorable discharge in 1976. I coached tennis at the Marion Institute
before coaching at Glenwood High in Phoenix City, Alabama. I coached football, basketball, baseball, during
this time. I finished with a 56 win 18 loss record in the sports that I coached. I continued to play in some
professional tennis tournments throughout the U.S. and later was employed as a tennis professional in Mobile,
and New Iberia, Louisiana. I was selected the Louisiana Tennis Professional of the Year in 1978, and later
served as Vice President of the Southern Professial Tennis Association, and was chairman of the Awards
Committee for the United States Professional Tennis Association. I put together two tennis circuits, the
Louisiana Grand Prix, and the SPTA winter circuit. I then took a sales job with Penn/Head working almost
every state in the southeast over a twenty year period from 1978 to 1998.I was twice awarded national
salesmen of the year. I was then offered a sales position with Wilson Sporting Goods covering north Florida
and south Georgia. I worked for Wilson for five years (1998 to 2003), and was twice a finalist for the Dealer
Survey Award as being the best in the industry. I then decided to go into business for myself obtaining a Justice
Brothers distributorship for north florida and south georgia. I am entering my seventh year in the automotive
How I spend my free time:I enjoy racing related events especially NASCAR. One of my best friends is John
Burton the father of Jeff and Ward Burton. I have been the guest of the Burton's at various races on the
NASCAR circuit and actually was in the winners circle when Ward won the Southern 500 at Darlington. I still
hit a few tennis balls and have coached the local high school tennis team the past three years. Karen and I enjoy
travelling and have been to Germany,France, Canada, New York, California, and Alaska over the last few
years. I am chairman of the Fort Gaines Christmas Parade, and have been appointed to the Economic
Development Committee (treasurer) for Clay County.
Other comments:I am really enjoying spending as much time with my children and grandchildren as possible.
I still enjoy athletic events and support the local colleges and high schools as much as I can. I hope to see
everyone in June. (Updated 12/8/2010)

                   Dan Kohlhaas
                   Address:20401 Altavista Way Ashburn, VA 20147
                   Home:703 729.2052 Office:703 749.7749
                   Spouse:Married to Karen for 20 years.
                   Personal:A miracle happened. After a 20 year career in the Air Force, in
                   which I spent the last six years traveling thoughout the world supporting the
                   engineering community, I retired from the Air Force, got divorced and started
                   anew. After surviving these changes, I managed to succeed in the business
world as the leader of a small company in Reston, VA that included a wonderful Civil Engineer named Karen
Hoelscher who found me interesting. After several months of working together, we ended up dating. We found
our interests to be very similar and we married within a year of our first date. We live in Ashburn, VA in the
home we purchased shortly after we got married.
My Education:BS Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University (named the Outstanding Engineering Graduate
for 1975) MS Facilities Management, Air Force Institute of Technology, Distinguished Graduate, Professional
Engineering License, Virginia
My Career:Twenty year career in the United States Air Force as an Engineering Officer where I earned my
degrees and began a transition to follow my interests in technology. After the Air Force, I focused on
technology and managed to have the opportunity to lead and mentor many aspiring young folks. I retired from
business in 2007 and have been happily pursuing fun where ever I can find it. Karen and I travel somewhere
every month and do something we have not done before. I must admit that having to many hobbies and
interests makes life interesting since I enjoy it all. We continue to look for a retirement location that meets all
of our criteria, so far, no winners, although Flagstaff, AZ has potential. So we remain in Northern Virginia,
very close to the Dulles Airport from which we depart on a regular basis. I love trains, so we also travel here
and there on Amtrak departing from DC. I continue to serve on some boards at Auburn University and the
University of Wyom! ing and that gives us another excuse travel. I also am the President of the Auburn
Research and Development Institute but that is not work. The institute is a non-profit and I consider my time
spent supporting it a way for me to give back to Auburn for the great time and education I received there.
How I spend my free time:Music and art remain my favorite hobbies but I play a lot of golf, love to bass fish,
canoe, camp and hike. In the winter, we ski in Utah and enjoy snow shoeing in the State Parks in PA and WV
mixed in with trips to the Florida to warm up. My newest hobby is genealogy. The search for information on
ancestors gives us a reason to go visit somewhere new and poke around. We also geocache along the way and
have found some very unusual locations. Since we have not settled on a retirement location, we have been
rebuilding our home of over 20 years. We keep saying we are doing things so it will sell easier when the time is
right, but we are making it more ours every day, from the theater room to the new master bath. All of my
hobbies help since I do all the work myself with my very able helper Karen. The tile work in the new bath is
the latest challenge. Oh, and I guess following NASCAR is also a hobby of sorts since we are on a mission to
visit every track. I! follow Tony Stewart just in case anyone is interested.
Other comments:My fondest memories of the Manatee High School years are of all the time playing in the
band, the Four Keys, with Bobby McReady, Rick Leonard and Bill Jones. We ended our Four Keys partnership
when Rick and Bobby were drafted ending what I now realize was a very special time. Who knows what might
have been if Viet Nam had not intervened. I regret that I did not get a chance to catch up with Rick before he
passed away and hope to see Bobby and Bill again in the near future. I must admit, the days in school at
Manatee remain a blur. (Updated 1/23/2010)

                  Carole LaVoie Van Valkenburg
                  Address:12 Kirk Lane Dr Troy, MI 48084-1705
                  Home:248 689-9019
                  Spouse:Married to Mark for 19 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:Met my husband at church. My son just finished his first year at Ferris State
                  University in Big Rapids, Michigan.
                  My Education:Associates degree in accounting from Oakland Community College in
My Career:I am presently a comptroller in a trucking firm. Have worked in accounting since high school
How I spend my free time:I was our church treasurer for 15 years, treasurer of my son's high school band
boosters, I love to read and enjoy boating.
Other comments:We have a cottage in northern Michigan on Mullett Lake and spend most of the summer
there. My uncles and counsins still live in Bradenton.

                 Kenneth Ledbetter
                 Address:1510 86th Street NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Home:941 795-4767 Office:941 748-4465
                 Spouse:Married to Bobbi Carrington Ledbetter for 35 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:I met Bobbi in seventh grade at Walker Jr. High. We have two
                 boys; one lives in Las Vegas and is an industrial designer, the other lives in
                 Pensacola and works in construction.
                 My Education:BS Environmental Design- Auburn University 1980 BArch-
Auburn University 1981 Registered architect- Fla.,Kentucky- A.I.A member
My Career:I enlisted in the Navy 1966- 1970. Worked in civil engineering as a draftsman/ designer for several
years, then went to Auburn on the G.I. Bill. I Have been in architecture since then.
How I spend my free time:I used to enjoy riding my motorcycle and doing some fishing but can't seem to find
the time lately.
                 Judith Lehman Yancey
                 Address:9353 Yancey Rd Myakka, FL 34251
                 Home:941 322-1249 Office:041-955-0071
                 Spouse:Married to Ronald for 37 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Met at church. Oldest son Robb, lives in DC after 8 years in the
                 Navy, and now works in the corporate end of Home Depot. Younger son
                 Ryan, lives next door with wife Nicole and our 3 beautiful granddaughters
                 Haley 6, Paytton 3, and Hannah 11 mos. Ryan and Ron are in the Custom
Harvesting business which includes the whole state of Fl., along with my brother-in-law.
My Education:Cosmetology is my field , and believe my it can be a hair raising experience! Currently own 2
How I spend my free time:Now my time is spent with my grandchildren. Quilting when I get a chance,
gardening, laying brick for a sidewalk, building a swing set, painting a room , barbecuing, reading, etc.
(Updated 9/8/2009)

                  Nancy LeLacheur Hinkle
                  Address:5304 Harbor Rd NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 749-0200 Office:941 795-2524
                  Spouse:Married to Jim for 43 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Jim and I dated in high school and we were married in 1966. We
                  have two beautiful daughters, Kimberly and Marcy. Kimberly lives in
                  Palmetto, FL with her husband Danny and their daughter Abigail. Andrew is
                  out on his own now. Kimberly has earned her RN degree and is now working
at Manatee Memorial in the PICU. Marcy lives in Ellenton with her husband Dan and their two children,
Amanda and Daniel. She is doing very well as hair stylist and has her own salon, Marcy's Salon, on Cortez Rd
W., Bradenton.
My Career:I am an Executive Assistant with a property management company that specializes in HUD
housing for the elderly. I've been with them for 18 years.
How I spend my free time:Cooking, Reading, Gardening, Arts & Crafts, Kayaking, Bicycling, Family
activities, Travel, Still Enjoying Life! :) (Updated 6/11/2010)

                Rick Leonard (Passed Away)
                Address:221 S Sequoya Dr Woodstock, GA 30188
                Home:770 928-1058
                Spouse:Married to Faye for 26 years with 2 children.
                Personal:I married Rita Kay Whitfied in October 1967. We divorced in December 1971. I
                stayed single until October 1979 when I married my wife Faye. We have been happily married
                since. We have two grown boys. Bryan (34 yr. old) from Faye's first marriage and Steven (24
                yr. old) from our marriage. My dad lives with us and is 82 yr. old. My mother passed away
July 1996.
My Education:I entered the Air Force in May 1967 and became part of the Air Force security service. Spent
2+years at an isolated base on top of a mountain in Taiwan. Returned to the states at the end of 1969 and spent
9 mos. at the National Security Agency in Maryland. Was discharged from the service there in Dec. 1970.
Enrolled at University of South Florida January 1971. Graduated with a degree in business administration in
March 1973.
My Career:Job market was bad at that time so a college roommate and I saved up money from working
construction and took off to Europe. Spent 6 mos. covering England, France, Italy, Yugoslavia (Bosnia),
Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Belgium. Worked illegally in three
different businesses while in England (no green card). Returned to states at the end of 1973 and moved to
Atlanta, Ga. early 1974. Started working for an international company that manufactured maintenance and
repair welding alloys and associated products. Was in sales and sales recruiting with them. Left that company
and started working for a transportation company specializing in the shipment of new automobiles from ports,
railheads and auto manufactures. This was March 1977 and I supervised our companies operation at the
Doraville, Georgia General Motors assembly plant. In 1979 I did the same type of job at the Atlanta, Georgia
General Motors assembly plant until they closed the plant in 1989. I then went back to the Doraville facility
until December 2002. At that time I decided to make a change and started working with a friend of mine in the
residential remodeling industry. This past winter, I started my own remodeling company.
How I spend my free time:I see Bob McReady every so often. He lives in Hartwell, Georgia. I ran into Larry
Smith many years ago and I think he said that Mike Moore and Bob Warner live around the Atlanta area
somewhere. Ran into Gordon Tyler years ago at a party. He graduated in 1964. That about covers the last 40 in
a nutshell.
Other comments:Rick K. Leonard, a loving father, husband and grandfather, died at the age of 59 on January
22, 2007. Mr. Leonard was preceded in death by his mother, Gertrude Leonard. He is survived by his father,
Don Leonard of Eustis, FL; his wife, Faye of Woodstock, GA; his sister, Sandy Magnusson of Grand Island,
FL; two sons, Steven Leonard of Woodstock, Bryan Carter and his wife, Mary and grandchildren, Caitlin and
and John of Sandy Springs; and a host of extended family and brothers and sisters in Christ. He wsa born in
Bucyrus, Ohio on May 10, 1947. He graduated from Manatee High School in Bradenton, FL in 1965 and
enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1967 and served on active duty until 1970: honorably discharge as
Staff Sergeant after serving in the US Air Forece Reserves until 1973. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in
Business Administration from the Univesity of South Florida in 1973. Rick was a loving and devoted husband
who enjoyed spending time with his family in the outdoors while hiking, camping and fishing. Rick had a
passion for serving his Lord Jesus Christ through his faithful service at Mt. Paran North Church of God as a
Deacon and an Elder, as well as Care Ministry. Rick was a leader in Man to Man Fellowship at Mt. Paran
North and helped other men to be leaders in this fellowship. He and his wife were committed to reaching out to
those in need and ministered to youth locally as well as to others through Mission trips around the world
including Russia and Scotland. Rick and Faye enjoyed a blessed marriage of 27 years. Rick was dearly loved
by all who knew him and will be greatly missed.

                    Marylyn Lesser Butcher
                    Address:493 Hillcrest Lane Ellenton, FL 34222
                    Home:941-729-6313 Office:941-592-7100
                    Spouse:Married to Ex-spouse:Jeff Butcher with 2 children and 2
                    Personal:Son, Jonathan, lives in Louisville, KY with wife, Kierstie and twin
                    daughters,Savannah and Breanna (5 years old in July). Daughter, Alicia, lives
                    in Lexington, KY
My Education:B.A. Elementary Education; Masters Degree in Christian Education - Asbury Theological
Seminary, 1997; Masters Degree in Theological Studies - St. Meinrad School of Theology, 2003
My Career:Preschool Teacher; Instructional Assistant; Chaplain; Library Assistant - Public Library and
Periodicals Library Assistant - Theological Library; In 2006 I started my own ministry to health care facilities -
Bridge to the Soul. I do spiritual and reminiscing programs at all levels of senior residential care facilities. It is
so rewarding to bring special programming to these residents. They truly look forward to the programs,
whether they are spiritual in nature or whether they take them back in time to special places, events, or periods
in their lives. In the evenings, I also work part-time at Roaring 20s Pizza and Pipes Restaurant. What pure joy
for a music lover like myself to be where a beautiful 1931 Mighty Wurlitzer Theater organ is played by
outstanding organists. The customers especially love Sat. nights when my co-worker and I become the flapper
"ladies in red" dancing the jitterbug, Charleston, and any other dances we can fake our way through!!!
How I spend my free time:What "spare time"???? I USED to enjoy writing when I DID have spare time. (In
the late 90’s, Blue Mountain Art accepted 6 of my pieces for a market review. Although they did not make the
final cut for publication, I hope to be able to try again at some point in time.) I love square dancing (especially
singing calls to more modern music rather than the typical western fair), and line dancing, but unfortunately
square dancing is not available as it used to be years ago. I sure do miss it!!! For many years I was involved in
the Walk to Emmaus and Residents Encounter Christ Prison ministry - spiritual retreat weekends patterned
after Cursillo... a true outpouring of Christian love and sharing. I want very much to be able to return to this
ministry again.
Other comments:It is such fun catching up on everyone’s lives through the website, and I’m really looking
forward to the reunion (but I’m still having a great deal of trouble accepting that we are not just parents
anymore we are GRANDPARENTS!!! The problem is that my mind still thinks I’m YOUNG, but my body
refuses to agree; it continues to argue its case with bags and sags wrinkles and crinkles! (Updated 5/20/2010)

                   Bob Levenson
                   Address:4115 Cesar Chavez St. San Francisco, CA 94131
                   Home:415 285-6792 Office:510-642-5050
                   My Education:Georgtown University: B.S. in Psychology (minor: Political
                   Science)Vanderbilt University Ph.D. in Psychology
                   My Career:1974-1985: Indiana University, Professor, Department of
                   Psychology. 1986- University of California, Berkeley, Professor, Department
of Psychology. My job centers on research and training graduate students. Since moving to Berkeley, I have
been studying human emotions, with a particular interest in how they are organized in the central and
autonomic nervous systems, and how they are influenced by age, culture, and, most recently, neurological
disease. One way that we have studied emotion is in the context of marriage and other intimate relationships, a
bit ironic for someone who has never married. In recent years I've also been doing a certain amount of
administrative work, directing research institutes, training programs, and working with national organizations.
It's been a real privilige to have this kind of career in science, following my curiosity, and getting to work with
great colleagues and students.
How I spend my free time:I played in jazz and rock bands all the way through graduate school and my first
job in Indiana, then took about a decade off when I moved to California. I started up playing again after that
and it sort of exploded. At times I've been playing in as many as four bands, mostly small jazz groups, but also
big jazz bands, and rhythm and blues bands. There's a vibrant live music scene in the Bay Area, so the groups
perform regularly. Three years ago I took over as musical director/conductor of a local big band jazz group and
now that group is also performing regularly. It nicely completes a circle for me because my first experience
playing jazz came in the Manatee High jazz group (I think it was called the Raisin' Canes). Beyond music
(playing, conducting, listening to), I have two huge addictions: ballet and sailing. San Francisco has a world
class ballet company and I never miss a performance. And the San Francisco Bay is a remarkable, beuatiful,
and challenging place for sailing.
Other comments:I won't be able to join everyone for the reunion this year, but I've really enjoyed reading
through the updates everyone has posted and following the paths of peoples' lives. I know the reunion will be
great fun and a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships and relive memories. I'm planning on putting aside
some time during the reunion weekend to think about those high school times, now so long ago. (Updated

                 Bobbi Lively Coleman
                 Address:28 Iroquois Trail Ormond Beach, FL 32174-4328
                 Home:386 676-7433
                 Spouse:Married to Bob Coleman for 39 years with 2 children and 2
                 Personal:I can honestly say that I lived a storybook life. I married classmate
                 Bob Coleman a month after he graduated from engineering school, FIT. Due
                 to his work with Florida Power & Light, we’ve lived a number of places in
the state and now have friends everywhere. We have two sons, Matthew and Micah. Matt earned his BA and
MA from UF, teaches school in Ormond Beach, is married to a local girl who is a drug representative with
AstraZeneca and they have two beautiful little girls, Katie & Kelly. Matt is a Deacon in the Presbyterian
Church. Micah graduated Summa Cum Laude from UF and received his PhD in Mathematics there. While in
the US Navy and stationed in Japan, he met a young lady there and they were married and now live in Atlanta
where Micah is with Georgia Tech Research Institute. His wife, Hiroko, is a dental hygienist at a Japanese
Medical Clinic. They have two Beagles (NO CHILDREN ---- YET!)
My Education:I attended MJC while working in the accounting dept. of Manatee Memorial Hospital and
attended USF. I earned a Certificate in Fund Raising from the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Center at
Rollins College.
My Career:My career was raising our sons, and that was a handful. Have you met Matt? Between babies, I
worked as a photographer for a weekly newspaper in Port Charlotte. After the boys left home, I became more
involved with non-profits and then Development Officer for the education foundation for our school district,
FUTURES Foundation. I am now once again living off Bob and spending our childrens' inheritance. I'm so
good at this, too.
How I spend my free time:We are fortunate that one boy lives nearby, so we love spending time with him and
his family. We both are involved in various religious, civic and charitable organizations in our area. I’m Past
President of Leadership Daytona, Past President of the Daytona Beach Symphony Society, and past board
member of the Volusia Literacy Council. Currently, I'm on the board of the Ormond Beach Chamber, Eagles
Athletic Association for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Community Advisory Board for PACE Center
for Girls and Chair of the Chamber's Education Committee. I'm an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. We enjoy
getting away on the motorcycles, especially long trips and weekend rides with friends. I’ve been riding for over
15 years and love it.
Other comments:I'm anxious to see everyone at the 45th Reunion of MHS 1965. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                Kathy Lockhart Johnson
                Address:603 45th Street Ct W Palmetto, FL 34222
                Home:941 722-7915
                Spouse:Married to Jim,deceased with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:My husband and I met when I took my car in for servicing at the
                dealership where he was working in 1971. We married the same year and
                were together for 24 years. We have 2 children and 1 grandchild with 1 on
                the way. My daughter and her husband manage Cortez trailer park. My son
graduated from U of F and is an architect with a local firm; his wife is an assist. manager with Applebys.
My Education:I graduated from MJC, as it was known then. I am an assist. store manager with Walgreen drug
How I spend my free time:I love spending time searching antique shops and flea markets for lost treasures.

                Terry Longpre
                Address:723 Poinsettia Ave Ellenton, FL 34222
                Home:941 722-3086 Office:N/A
                Spouse:Married to Suetta for 39 years with 1 child.
                Personal:Sue and I met while she was working at the D&S Color Lab in
                Bradenton. I was a photographer and she developed the pictures I took. We
                have one son, Travis (and his wife Jessica) who live in Palmetto and he
                works for Highland Tractor, Palmetto.
My Education:Dive Master, USCG Licensed Captain, Numerous College courses, School of Hard Knocks
My Career:Four years in the Military. Twenty-seven years in Law Enforcement. Worked in construction.
Property Manager for Taylor & Fulton Tomatoes (Palmetto). Now really retired!
How I spend my free time:Motorcycling (Patriot Guard Riders & Christian Motorcyclists Association),
fishing & hunting. Volunteer with the Bradenton VA Outpatient Clinic and Manasota Operation Troop
Support. Attending Indigent Military Funeral Memorial Services at Sarasota National Cemetery, Bay Pines and
Bushnell National Cemeteries.
Other comments:I write a weekly column in the North River News called “Military and Motorcycles”, which
appears on page 4. It comes out each Thursday online as well as a monthly column
for Born To Ride motorcycle magazine( (Updated 7/6/2011)
                Carol Maginness Miller
                Address:96509 Blackrock Road Yulee, FL 32097
                Spouse:Married to James Miller for 39 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:Husband: Met at FAU. Son lives in Alphretta, GA; Daughter lives in Palmdale, CA.
                My Education:Manatee Jr. College; Florida Atlantic University
                My Career:Secretary; Security Specialist for DON
                How I spend my free time:Retired, beginning puppy training, attempting to build a garden
(including blueberries) etc.
Other comments:Proud owner of a 5 month old Bouvier de Flanders puppy! Twitter: (Updated 6/12/2010)

                Mike Mallonee
                Address:2715 Normandy Rd Charlotte, NC 28209
                Home:704 334-9509 Office:704 295-3500
                Spouse:Married to Genie Quillian.
                Personal:I am still married to my high school sweetheart, Genie Quillian.
                My Career:I am still actively practicing E.N.T. surgery.

                   Lee Markey Lewis
                   Address:5711 6th Ave NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                   Home:941 792-7930 Office:941 708-3901
                   I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.
                   Personal:I was a Navy Wife for 27 years, therefore, moved around alot! We
                   made 25 moves while in the Navy & since then I have moved four times &
                   have finally settled back in Bradenton. Being away from Bradenton all of
                   these years, you forget how absolutely beautiful it is. I have three children.
My daughter, Michelle , is a personal trainer & lives in Cary, North Carolina married with two sons named
Jackson and Colton ages five & nearly two. My eldest son, Michael, is a Director with Ruby Tuesday's, lives in
Jacksonville, FL, married with one son named Tyler, who is six years old. My youngest son, Matthew, is in
sales with Employee Leasing Solutions, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina married with one daughter named
Hannah, who is seven years old and also has two sons, Grant who is three and McClain who is nine months
old. As most of you know, being a grandparent is everything they say that it is & more. They are the absolute
joy of my life. I should mention how l! ucky I got with the most wonderful spouses of all three of my children!
My Education:Graduated from Jones Business College with an A.S. Degree
My Career:Over the years, I have worked as a loan processor; handled rental properties; but most of my
experience has been in the medical field. I worked eight years for an Internal Medicine group in the
Washington, D.C. area, where I handled billing & insurance. While living in New Orleans, I worked for a
medical consultant. Most of our work dealt with setting up annual meetings for Orthopaedic Surgeons &
organizing CPT Coding meetings for physicians & their staff. I now work for the Arthritis Foundation as a
Community Development Director in Bradenton and my boss is Anne Fair who is President of the Florida
How I spend my free time:I did spend alot of time playing tennis, however, just recently had shoulder
surgery. I would love to get back to playing again.
Other comments:I think we are very fortunate to have the kind of friendships that have lasted all of these
years. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
                  Connie Martin Boyett
                  Address:813 32nd St W Bradenton, FL 34205
                  Home:941 746-5681 Office:941-795-5611
                  Spouse:Married to Eddie for 30 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Eddie and I met on a blind date and will be celebrating our 30th
                  anniversary on 11/22/05. We have one daughter, Kacey, and two beautiful
                  granddaughters - Bailey age 5 and Alli age 3. We are so blessed that our
                  daughter and her family live in Bradenton. Kacey is a guidance counselor at
Daughtery Elementary. Her husband Mike is a fireman for Southern Manatee. My husband, Eddie, is Director
of Fleet Services for the Manatee Co. Sheriff's Office.
My Education:I graduated from Manatee Jr. College in 1967.
My Career:I currently own the Nail Emporium and have been in business for ten years. Prior to that I
managed various physician's offices.
How I spend my free time:Eddie and I enjoy RVing. We usually take 3-4 weeks each year on the road. My
best friend and I also have an antique booth at Emaline's Antiques. Alot of our trips are buying trips.

                   Warren May
                   Address:2468 Arvah Branch Blvd Tallahasseee, FL 32309-9101
                   Home:850 878-0889 Office:(850) 545-1989
                   Spouse:Married to Rita for 15 years with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.
                   Personal:Rita and I met in Tallahassee when I was between assignments on
                   ships and it was love at first sight. The bottom line is I never again went out
                   to sea! That became time for a career change and a trip back to FSU for
                   another degree! Rita is a retired mental health counselor who spent much of
her career at FSU. I am her greatest professional challenge. We have one son who lives in Kinnesaw, Ga who
is an engineer for Lockheed Martin. Our oldest son lives in Tallahassee and is the Principal at Montford Middle
School. Our youngest son lives in Boca Raton and is an area manager for Ferguson Waterworks. All three have
two children each ranging in age from 10 years to two months.
My Education:After Manatee and Leon I attended FSU, getting a degree in Voice and Music Education. Sang
professionally for several years and returned to FSU for a Masters degree in Voice. Taught school for a few
years after that, hated it and went to sea. I got a Coast Guard Captain's license and eventually a Merchant
Marine license and spent 14 years as a captain mainly on corporate and private yachts. I spent most of that time
on the east coast and in the Caribbean. Dirty work but someone had to do it. Marraige to Rita brought me back
to FSU to work on a Master's degree in Public Administration. I may even finish it some day.
My Career:The past 16 years on dry land have been in state government in Tallahassee, first working as a
policy analyst in the Governor's Office and since 2000 as Communications Director and spokesman for the
Agency for Workforce Innovation. In 2007 I retired from state government and formed Warren May
Communications, a public relations firm located in Tallahassee. I was recently asked to come back to the
Agency for Workforce Innovation and I am working in Labor Market Statistics.
How I spend my free time:Rita and I are very much into bicycling, and we enjoy doing day trips and touring.
Our ultimate dream is to do an extended bicycle tour through France and the Netherlands. Rita's family is from
the Netherlands and we grab every opportunity to visit there. Additionally I enjoy (?) running and doing
triathlons with our sons. Their goal is to place - mine is to finish without the assistance of medical personnel.
We also enjoy time spent with granchildren, spoiling them rotten and then letting their parents deal with the
Other comments:Still trying to keep the musical traditions of MHS alive and well and I am very active in our
community and church musical activities. (Updated 5/6/2010)
                  James May (Passed Away)
                  Address:3512 Leighton Hall Court Tallahassee, FL 32309
                  Home:850 893-4887
                  Spouse:Married to Marilyn for 36 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Marilyn and I met right after my very first class at FSU. I flipped a
                  coin with a buddy of mine from Leon High to see who would get the chance
                  to meet the cute brunette sitting on the front row in class (naturally, we were
                  sitting on the back row). I won, and we have been married for 36 years now.
We have 2 children, Brian and David. Brian and his family live in Orlando and are raising our two
grandchildren, Jack and Ethan. When they lived in Gainesville we would visit them as often as we could, but
because they recently moved to Orlando, that’s going to make visits a little tougher. Brian does location
analysis for a real estate developer using mapping and GIS techniques he has developed over the years for his
own company. David and his new wife of last year still live in Tallahassee and we see them often. No kids for
them, yet. He is a computer guru for a national telecommunications company based in Tallahassee.
My Education:I went to FSU after graduating from my second high school (Leon High), majored in Sociology
and got a BA from FSU in 1969. After returning from Vietnam, where I served as an Army Intelligence
Officer, I went back to FSU and did graduate work in Urban and Regional Planning and received an MS degree
in 1974. Wayne Daltry was in my class and we wound up working together in one capacity or another for more
than twenty-five years!
My Career:I worked my way through college working part-time for Eastern Airlines, cleaning airplanes and
loading baggage. Now that was a great job for a college kid! I began my professional career working for the
state in 1973 in the Division of State Planning. I was fortunate to get in on the ground floor of implementing
new state planning and land use laws that were pretty pioneering for the time. I worked my way up to
becoming a Bureau Chief for five years, and left in 1982 to spend two years working for the legislature’s
House Select Committee on Growth Management. The legislature was a pretty fun place to work in those days,
unlike today!! When the committee disbanded in 1984 I went back to FSU to work as a senior analyst in an
applied research institute. I mostly did statewide research projects dealing with local comprehensive planning
and growth management, water resource planning, land use management, and geographic information
systems…. pretty boring stuff for most of you (except Wayne). After 32 years of public service I retired last
How I spend my free time:We have a beach house at Alligator Point (about an hour from Tallahassee) where
we go as often as possible. We have a boat and love to fish the flats and an occasional offshore run or just go
boating. I do a lot of reading (mostly nonfiction) and am currently involved in helping two colleagues write a
book on the history of state planning with an emphasis on Florida. And
Other comments:James died Monday, November 19, 2007. James was born in Tallahassee in 1947 to Warren
A. and Pauline May. He was raised in Bradenton and returned to Tallahassee with his family as a junior in high
school. He graduated from FSU and served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict. He returned to FSU
with his bride and young son, and earned a master's degree in urban and regional planning. He remained in
Tallahassee to pursue an accomplished career, including work with the Department of Community Affairs, the
Florida Legislature and Florida State University. James was an avid fisherman and devoted FSU Seminole fan.
He was preceded in death five months ago by his beloved wife of 37 years, Marilyn May. Survivors include his
son, Brian and wife Patti, and his son David and wife Jeanette; a brother, Warren May and sister, Barbara
Leonard; and four grandsons, Jack, Ethan, Sean and Stephen, all of Tallahassee

                 Marcia McCallister Hoppy
                 Address:17432 Winemast Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708
                 Home:N/A Office:714 963-9895
                 Spouse:Married to Dan for 40 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:I met Dan while I was working for the Dept. of Defense and he was
                 in Army JAG. We dated 4 months and got married in 1971. Our daughter
                 Amy is a graduate of Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara, and now lives in
                 Manhattan. Our daughter Jill graduated from Vanguard Univ. in Costa Mesa,
Calif., and teaches English in Busan, South Korea.
My Education:Graduated from Auburn University 1969. California Real Estate License 1977.
My Career:Dept. of Defense Contract Negotiator 1970-1976, Fort Benning; Presidio of San Francisco; and
Naval Regional Procurement Office, Long Beach. Since 1976 we've owned Dan Hoppy Realty, in Southern
California. When our kids were growing up, I worked part time in real estate, was a "gymnastics mom", and
volunteered for political and educational causes. I'm more involved in real estate now, and I like working with
my husband. He's amazing.
How I spend my free time:I really enjoy being involved in our church (especially the Women's Bible Study
and teaching the 2nd graders in AWANA). I like gardening, shopping, concerts, and the computer. Dan and I
enjoy being with our friends, and we also like evenings at home with dinner and a good movie. We're not
retired, but we're ready to work less and travel more. (Updated 10/3/2011)

               Matthew McCarthy
               Address:100 N. Broadway, 14th floor Saint Louis, MO 63102
               Home:314 565-3068 Office:314-231-6700
               My Education:Dartmouth College (B.A. 1969); Vanderbilt Univ. Law
               School (JD 1972).
               My Career:1973-1993: inhouse counsel for publicly held food retailer;
               1994-2001, general counsel for privately held lawn & garden products co.;
               2002 to present, partner in law firm in St. Louis.
How I spend my free time:Lots of golf & tennis; travel to Europe, Australia/New Zealand; collecting (and
consuming) wines; still playing the piano frequently. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Robert McClannan
                 Address:64 bay dr n. Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
                 Home:941 779-0651 Office:retired
                 Personal:married twice but no more
                 My Education:ohio state real estate license
                 My Career:4 years in USAF 1965-69 Okinawa, Medical Corpsman - approximately 13 years
                 in contruction trades and 20 as over the road trucker
                 How I spend my free time:bicycle riding, boating and fishing
Other comments:I haven't had a tremendously exciting life since graduation, and regrettably no children to
enrich my life, but it's been a fulfilling trip through the years, with much happiness and accomplishments.
Thank goodness, I feel I grew wiser in the years after graduating, than during school. I retired in 2003 and
returned to Bradenton Beach, where my heart has always been, hopefully for the rest of my days.

                Nancy McClure Rowe
                Address:2003 83rd St. NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                Spouse:Married to Richard for 31 years.
                Personal:Knew each other in school and meet again at local hang outs...have mutual
                friends..and so the fun began and has lasted for ll years of dating and 31 years of marriage.
                My Education:Education of Hard Knocks...mostly...Mixologist (Bartender). Prepared me for
                our business!!
My Career:Been in the Rental Business for 30 years...don't recommend it!!! Though you become a mind
reader,peace maker,junk collector, and savior of many critters!!
How I spend my free time:Take painting classes!
Other comments:Sadly, recently became a widow and miss my beloved Richard despartately!! (Updated
                Clyde McDowell (Passed Away)
                Address:Bradenton, FL 34210
                Home:941 794-5368
                My Career:He was an installer with GTE and later with Verizon. He was a member of the
                Anna Maria Moose Lodge and a charter member of Veterans of Foreign Wars. He served in
                the Navy during Vietnam.

              Patricia McKay Hiatt
              Address:1702 18th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205-5746
              Home:941 750-0990
              I have 1 child.
              Personal:Met my husband in 10th grade at Manatee High. We have 1 Son, Richard who lives
              on Anna Maria,Construction
              My Education:On the Job Training
              My Career:Worked for Southeast Bank from 1967 to 1987, FloridaFirst Bank/Now
Wachovia-1987 to present.
How I spend my free time:Reading and Gardening. Babysitting 4 year old granddaughter. (Updated

                  Katharine McKenna Shonerd
                  Address:2413 Beechview Court Raleigh, NC 27615
                  Home:919 847-5428
                  Spouse:Married to Dave for 37 years with 3 children.
                  Personal:I met my husband, Dave, on a blind date in Atlanta. I was attending Emory
                  University and Dave was a student at Georgia Tech. We have lived in Atlanta, Washington
                  DC, Boston and now Raleigh. Dave was an executive with IBM for many years and is
                  currently the President & CEO of a software company that serves the retail industry. We have
three children. Our older son, David (35), went to the University of Maryland in College Park and has a
Masters Degree from NC State University. He is married and lives in Old Town Alexandria, Va. He writes
commentary as a senior analyst on the internet regarding legistlation in the Congress and the 50 state
legislatures on specific subject issues. Our daughter Kate (34), graduated from the University of NC in Chapel
Hill and works in Raleigh in the 401k department for a major bank. She was recenty married (November,
2005) to a great guy. Jim (21) is a senior at NC State University in Raleigh and is currently majoring in
My Education:Emory University - Marketing.
My Career:I worked 2 years in the accounting department of US News & World Report magazine until our
1st child was born.
How I spend my free time:I have served in leadership capacity with many volunteer organizations ranging
from civic to church. My most rewarding volunteer work continues to be an outreach program at our church
serving migrant farm workers and their families. We raise funds and distribute clothing for migrants in NC. I
have been doing this for 14 years. I am also a regular at the 8:30am YMCA aerobics classes with some good
friends. We have become known as the 'back row babes'. (Updated 4/26/2010)

                Robert McReady
                Address:294 Rhodes Dr Canon, GA 30520
                Home:706 498 1571
                Spouse:Married to Linda for 42 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                Personal:Linda and I met while I was in the Air Force in 1967. We married in 1968 and have
                been soul mates since. Our son Eric lives in Winder GA and our daughter Kristen lives in
                Toccoa GA. We have two grandsons, Cole (13 years old, my daughter's son) and Tyler (3
years, my son's son).
My Education:After MHS, I attended MJC for a couple of years and went into the Air Force. I was a Russian
linguist in the AF and attended Syracuse University. After four years in the AF I worked in my father's
business for a couple of years and decided to finish my education so Linda (seven months pregnant with our
second child),Eric (my 4 year old son) and I moved to NY where I finished my BA in Biology in 1975 at The
State University of NY. During my career I went to several Universities for job and business related courses for
both technical and management.
My Career:I worked with basically Four companies after the AF and receiving my BA. Miller Brewing
Fulton NY, Albany GA and Milwaukee Corp., Kliklok Corp. in Atlanta, Riverwood International in Atlanta
and my current company for the last 10 years..Fabritex Inc. I moved from V.P. Sales & Purchasing to V.P.
Operations and am now retired and enjoying every minute of it.
How I spend my free time:Linda and I enjoy camping in our RV in the North Georgia Mountains. We own
some RV property in Cleveland GA and plan to become fulltime RV'rs with Cleveland, GA as our home base
as soon as our grandson graduates (2014). I still love to play and write music, but haven't played much R&R
lately, mostly spritual, praise and worship music. I've learned to play the keyboard and the dulcimer over the
years but still tinker with the guitar. I also enjoy teaching my Grandson Cole how to play golf and Cole is
becoming an excellent musician also. He is in HS, is in marching band, concert band, plays the euphonium,
drums and guitar. He placed 1st chair all state euphonium as a 8th grader and is looking forward to the
opportunity for all state competition this year as a 10th grader.
Other comments:I lost my lifetime friend, Rick Leonard a while back. Rick and I knew each other since we
were 8 years old. We had a R&R band along with Bill Jones and Danny Kohlhaas in high school and into
junior college. I didn't see Rick much in Atlanta but we did get together with him and Faye on occasion. I do
miss him, but will see him again I know. God Bless all of my former classmates and their love ones...we had, I
believe one of the finest group of High School seniors MHS has ever had... (Updated 8/9/2011)

                   Chris Merritt
                   Address:403 Lakeland Crescent Yorktown, VA 23693
                   Home:757 865-6733 Office:757 886-7729, X1163
                   Spouse:Married to Penny Tasch for 40 years with 2 children and 3
                   Personal:Penny (Tasch)and I were high school sweethearts! We have two
                   children. Our son Lance lives in Port St. Lucie, FL and is the outside sales
manager at Ferguson Enterprises for all their waterworks construction initiatives in the Vero Beach area. He is
still single. Our daughter, Tina, is married to a retired Naval Officer who is presently employed as an electrical
engineer for a contract company at NASA. They have three children Amanda who is 12 years old, Joey who is
9 years old, and Peter who is 8 years old. They are living only 10 minutes from us.
My Education:I graduated from the University of Florida prior to entering the Air Force. I have a Masters in
Management and a Masters in Education. I am also certified in Virginia to teach high school.
My Career:After 24 plus years in the service, I retired as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. It seemed I was
always in school for some type of training to include the major War Colleges. I was initially trained in
Communications, Computer Systems and Electronics. Most of my career involved Combat Communications or
Space Operations. I had a short college professor career at the University of Central Florida as the Assistant
Professor of Aerospace Science and Commandant of Cadets (Air Force ROTC) I am currently still wearing a
uniform in the capacity of the Senior Aerospace Science instructor for the City of Newport News, VA schools.
I have oversight of one of the top Air Force Junior ROTC cadet programs in the world.
How I spend my free time:Hunting and fishing have always been my love. Penny and I enjoy boating on the
Chesapeake and fly fishing the beautiful rivers and streams in Virginia.
Other comments:Penny and I have traveled all over the world, but our true love will always be Bradenton,
Florida where we grew up together. We try to come back every summer to fish the flats on Sarasota Bay and
relax on the beach at Anna Maria Island. (Updated 5/4/2010)
                  Dan Miley
                  Address:4412 White Surrey Drive Kennesaw, GA 30144
                  Home:770 356-7979
                  Spouse:Married to Sandy for 40 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Married to Sandy Strickland (MHS '68) for 36 years. Moved to Atlanta in 1970. Our
                  two daughters, Beth & Stephanie, were both born in Atlanta and still live here. Both married
                  to great guys. Beth is a software implementation and training manager with the Hartford
                  Insurance Company; Stephanie is a paralegal for a partner in Atlanta law firm. Beth has given
us our first grandson, Jacob -- now 2 years old and the light of our lives. We are blessed that our daughters (and
Jacob) live nearby and allow us to be a part of their lives.
My Education:After a brief stint at the University of Florida, I finished my college career at Georgia State
University, majoring in business management. Also attended additional business-specific courses at Georgia
Tech, Texas A&M, University of Richmond, and Hillsdale College -- where I taught two courses for my
employer at summer retreats.
My Career:25 years with billion-dollar industrial distributor -- including 12 years as Corporate Director of
Distribution, responsible for 14 Distribution Centers nation-wide. Took early retirement in 1995 to quit the
constant traveling required. Since then, have been doing private consulting in logistics and distribution,
working with a variety of companies in many different industries. Most challenging was a research project for
top management at The Home Depot's headquarters; most interesting was developing and managing a
distibution program for Coca-Cola during the 1996 Olympics. Currently working with an international
chemical manufacturer to improve their distribution in North America.
How I spend my free time:Playing golf, and sports -- especially college football. We also enjoy traveling
when we can. Of course, spending time with our grandson is at the very top of my list.

                Cheryl Miller Cook
                Address:4734 Raintree St. Cir. E. Bradenton, FL 34203
                Home:941 727-2750 Office:941-745-6916
                Spouse:Married to Spike Cook for 22 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:We were both living in the same apt.complex; children both reside
                in Bradenton- dtr is office mgr for MD, son is in outside sales & travels
                extensilvely. I also have a spoiled Welsh Corgi dog-Molly
                My Education:R.N.-with specialized license in Diabetes Education;
currently working as a Clinical Manager/Supvr in Home Health
How I spend my free time:Antiquing,swimming, enjoying my grandchild

                 Margaret Miller Fein
                 Address:1202 Cedar Lake Drive Tampa, FL 33612
                 Home:813 931-8437 Office:(813) 932-0005
                 Spouse:Married to Alan for 14 years with 1 child and 1 grandchild. (Updated 4/21/2010)

                   Robert Miller
                   Address:189 Lakeside dr Montgomery, TX 77356
                   Spouse:Married to donna for 38 years with 2 children.
                   Personal:met my fifth love while at USAF pilot training in texas. thats why i
                   live in texas. dont marry a texan unless you plan to live in texas. my first 4
                   loves were at mhs, its just that they didnt care for me, couple didnt even
                   know me. we have two boys. one had left british petroleum, where he was oil
trader, starting his own company. my younger son is a pilot with continental. both live in houston.
My Education:i never considered UF to be a formal education before, but hopefully one learns something new
every day or so. picked up a couple of pilot licenses at uncle sams expense.
My Career:it took me an extra semester to complete my formal education and during that time they had the
first lottery. we had a big party like most. my fun was short lived as i was first number drawn of the party
goers. i figured it was the time to settle down and that military pilot was the answer. wrong.. actually made
gainesville look calm. so after five years decided that that airline flying would be the non-party answer. did
survive to retirement. flew for twa, national, pan am, braniff and united
How I spend my free time:golf, flying, poker
Other comments:two things. ive only been early three days in my life, all three were the first day of school at
mhs.. nervous?, a little. but i figured if i got to the new homeroom first and played my cards right, that i....
instead of harold miller, might get to sit directly behind cheryl miller for the entire year. FLYING STORY.
One late night we were flying to chicago where there was a huge winter storm. I realized that the copilot had
been shouting at me that the storms were getting worse and we were getting even lower on fuel. I finally
responed to him and apologized for for being distracted. he was very upset and asked me what could ever
distract me from the situation we were in. i told him that i was still trying to figure out what happened to Don
Hall to make Don the way he is. The copilot just didnt get it. but i thought you would understand. (Updated

                 Mary Cathryn Miller Haller
                 Address:735 Tyco Ct Colorado Springs, CA 80906
                 Home:719 471-8910
                 Spouse:Married to Greg for 32 years with 2 children and .4 grandchild.
                 Personal:Blind date while I was in graduate school at Ga. State Univ. in Atlanta, Ga. Greg
                 was attending law school at Emory Law School in Atlanta. We were married in 1972 and two
                 sons---Christopher is 29, married, lives in Ft. Worth and is part owner of commercial real
                 estate firm. He and his wife Meredyth are expecting their first child in September. Dan our
youngest is 25 and attends Western State University in Gunnison, CO.
My Education:I graduated from Barry University in 1969 with a major in Marketing and Management and
then attended graduate school in Atlanta. I received my M.Ed in 1971. From 1971-75 I taught high school in
Colorado and then retired to raise our first son. Afte the birth of our second son we moved back to Bradenton
to work in my business---Suncoast Manor Nursing Home. I retired from Suncoast in 1994 and took time off to
write a book on our youngest son Dan who is learning disabled. That was published in 1998 the same year that
we moved back to Colorado where we reside today.
My Career:I am retired and Greg still practices law in Colorado Springs however we have applied to the
Peace Corps and if accepted looking at starting that journey in life in January, 2006.
How I spend my free time:Biking, hiking, skiing, reading and traveling (Updated 9/8/2009)

                  Mary Jo Mills
                  Address:7441 South Fillmore Circle Centennial, CO 80122-1963
                  Home:303 770-7164
                  Personal:Enjoying life - not married and no children! Just nieces and nephews to spoil!
                  My Education:The long version is boring - graduated from MJC and then the University of
                  Florida. (Go Gators!) Taught high school English for a year, then started grad school (did not
                  finish), became a Kmart manager (highest profit store in the Southern Region), left that to go
                  to law school (had second thoughts and did not do that either), worked in various other
business enterprises.I am an admissions advisor for a college and enjoy working with students as they start this
new phase of their lives. It is so different from when we started college because they really want to know how
this education is going to translate into dollars in the future. I guess this is a sign of the times but it does seem a
bit sad.
My Career:Came back to Bradenton to be with my Father, who had Macular Degeneration. He went into the
hospital for a simple surgery (Hint: DO NOT go to a doctor who has you fill out paperwork in PENCIL - no
matter how many recommendations you hear!) in September and was hospitalized until he passed away in
January. Stayed in Bradenton until I moved to Colorado to live with my older, widowed sister. (Adjustments
required here since we had not lived together since I was 8 and she went off to college . . . )
How I spend my free time:Have enjoyed living in Colorado - less humidity, no snowbirds, no hurricanes -
most of the time - except for super heavy snows, no view of the gulf, no good seafood (don't even let me begin
about what they think is 'jumbo' shrimp!). Anything you want in entertainment is here - amazing theatre,
concerts (Sting, the Eagles, Billy Joel, Madonna, even Lady Gaga - no, I did NOT see her) art, symphonies,
opera - and every kind of food you can think of! (No, I have not and will NOT eat 'rocky mountain oysters'!)
The mountains are beautiful, the elevation can be challenging and the sun is closer and brighter here!
Other comments:THINGS I HAVE LEARNED: You are only as old as you want or allow yourself to be. If
you want to enjoy life - do it and do it well! Find new things to learn - your brain will love it and it makes you
more alive! READ - belonging to a book club makes you read things you would not normally choose and
expands your vistas! Do something kind for someone as often as you can and do it anonymously! Make
donations to causes that you believe in - support the beliefs you hold! Say thanks to God for all that you have
and do it often. (Updated 6/12/2010)

                   Carol Mims Frantzman
                   Address:8292 47 street circle east palmetto, FL 34221
                   Spouse:Married to dean (deceased) for 17 years with 1 child and 2 grandchildren.
                   Personal:I meet my husband in bradenton 13 yrs ago..moved to franklin, nc 9 yrs ago. Bought
                   over 7 acres and we built our home. Beautiful country , quiet and a lot less populated than
                   home. Being born in bradenton and never living anywhere else , i love the different seasons.
                   The fall is beautiful and the winter with the snow i love. The winter is also a time of rest for
us...which i need. The summers don't last as long so it isn't too hot too long. My daughter (hope) got married in
asheville, nc 1 yr ago at the grovepark inn... moved to maylasia where her husband works..he is from holland
and works for BP.
My Education:I was a hairdresser for 30 yrs. Owned a shop for 8 yrs and rented a booth at a shop for 15 yrs.
Still do hair for neighbors and friends up here just to stay in practice.
My Career:My husband is retired from the air force and i am also retired.
How I spend my free time:I have a big garden 100 ft x 50 ft. I grow a lot of veg's and do some canning. With
the land we have it needs some mowing so that takes some of my time. (Updated 7/8/2010)

                 David Mitchell (Passed Away)
                 Spouse:Married to Diane.
                 My Education:Attended Manatee Junior College in Bradenton
                 My Career:Relocated to Meadville from Bradenton in 1998 and worked at
                 John Rugala of Andover, Ohio, and 422 Homes before retiring in 2000. Prior
                 to moving to Meadville he worked for Ross Engineering in Florida. He also
                 managed A&P and Grand Union grocery stores. Served in the U.S. Air Force
                 in the United States and Turkey.
How I spend my free time:Held a captain’s license and ran dive charters off the east and west coasts of
Florida. Also enjoyed golfing, scuba diving, fishing, bowling and surfing the Net
Other comments:Dave Mitchell passed away. He had some hard years with diabetes and kidneys. He will
make one last dive at his favorite dive site. He was preceded in death by his mother, his wife and an infant son

                 Sheila Molter MacFarland
                 Address:4238 Saint Andrews Drive Boynton Beach, FL 33436
                 Home:561 738-5461
                 Spouse:Married to Richard for 37 years with 2 children.
                 Personal:Rich and I met at a club on Saint Armand's Key. We have two
                 sons, Chris-a Vanderbilt graduate and working in Singapore as an engineer,
                 and Matt, graduated from Indiana University, at Bloomington. Matt is living
                 in Delray Beach, FL, working on his MBA at Florida Atlantic University. We
have lived in south Florida for the past 28 years. We have a home in Cashiers, NC and try to spend our
summers there and winters here in Boynton Beach.
My Education:Graduated from Berry College and worked as a decorator for several years.
My Career:Dedicated to raising the boys and loved every minute of it (well, most of it). Was in the Junior
Woman's Club, Junior League, PTA (most every office--anything to help the schools) and involved in lots of
community volunteer work.
How I spend my free time:Biking, Fishing, painting, sculpting and love gardening. I took up golf and got a
hole-in-one! I guess I should quit while I'm ahead.
Other comments:I use the computer a lot (please don't add me to your joke list or spam me) and try to keep up
with people that way. Look forward to the bio's. Thanks for all the work. (Updated 6/12/2010)

                Ken Moon
                Address:6340 Granite Creek Dr Fort Worth, TX 76176
                Home:305 245-3284
                Spouse:Married to Gloria for 24 years with 5 children and 8 grandchildren.
                Personal:Met Gloria at McClellan AFB in Ca when she tried to have me
                fired in 1984. We then went on our honeymoon to Germany and stayed six
                years. Currently we are following her career but hope to eventually retire in
                bradenton, sarasota area. Kids live all over the world, 1 in CA, 3 in TX and
one in germany.
My Education:To busy having fun for a foraml education, degrees elusive, but have taught college level
courses in Emergency Treatment of the sick and Injured for LAMCC. Have been Air Force instructor on the
Transportation of sick and injured.
My Career:Currently retired from USAF after 26 years traveled all over the world and loved it. Currently with
Homeland Security in Miami steadily following my wife. Wife took job in Germany with the US Forces so
here we are again. Now here in Wiesbaden Ge. I work for the Army Corps of Engineers. The fun never stops.
Traveling Europe.
How I spend my free time:Do outside computer work and provide help for the electroniclly challenged.

                  Sam Moore
                  Address:1208 Pineview Drive Easley, SC 29642
                  Home:864 220-0439 Office:864-672-5196
                  Spouse:Married to Eva for 36 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:I met my wife, Eva, in Bradenton (at Mario's Restaurant), shortly after graduating
                  from MJC. She is Canadian, but is finally trying to get her U.S. citizenship. My daughter,
                  Christa Ramey and her husband Tim, live in North Carolina, near Asheville. She graduated
                  from USF with a BA in literature, and is currently an independent contractor with the local
court system. She also takes care of the accounting for Tim's business. Both she and my wife are petite (4-11).
Tim, however, is 6' tall and is about to turn professional in the "world's strongest man" competitions. Google
"Tim Ramey" and you will see some pictures of him.Eva is currently a caregiver to my mother (who is 79 yrs
old and in the middle stages of Alzheimer's.)
My Education:I have an A.S. in electronics tech. from MJC, and a BS with honors in professional
management from Nova Southeastern University (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl). I also have an MBA with distinction
from Nova. I am also a member of Alpha Chi honor society.
My Career:After graduating, I worked for a short time as an engineering tech and production supervisor for a
small company in Bradenton, and then went to work for GTE. I worked as an engineer with GTE until I took
early retirement in 1999. I currently work for a communications company in South Carolina, called NuVox
Communications. For a few years between 1998 and 1993, I owned a motel in Maggie Valley, NC. That did
not work out very well, though, and we finally sold it (that is a really looooooong story.)
How I spend my free time:I am into computers (self-taught programmer.) Some years ago I actually had a
game published for the Apple II computer. If you Google the title "Bats in the Belfry" you will find it on the
Internet. Apparently people collect those old Apple II games. Unfortunately, it hit the market at exactly the
wrong time (the game market crashed that year) so I didn't make much money from it. I also play guitar (also
self taught.) I play anything from classical guitar, to bluegrass. At current count, I have 5 guitars, with one
more being shipped from Taiwan, and due to arrive soon. Recently I have gotten the flight simulation bug, and
spend a lot of time with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Graphics on computers have really come a long way!

                 Don Alan Moore
                 Address:304 W 68th Street Holmes Beach, FL 34217
                 Home:941 722-3201 Office:941 722-3201
                 Spouse:Married to Mandie for 7 years with 5 children and 1 grandchild.
                 Personal:We met at a funeral. My oldest child is Amy who lives in Gainsville and is a
                 Teacher for Eceptional Students. My 2nd oldest is Matt who lives here on Anna Maria and is a
                 Golf Course Superintendant. For the History Buffs, he is married to Tom Tuten's Daughter
                 Mandy and her name is Mandy Tuten Moore. Our three youngest Courtney, Jordan and
Cameron Live here with us. None old enough to be out on their own yet. Matt's daughter (our Grand daughter)
her name is Jordan and we all live happily ever after! After graduation, I went to Miami-Dade Community
College and then the University of South Florida, graduated from the college of business and have been in
business in one form or fashion since 1976. Some wins, some losses, I figured out you just have to choose right
51% of the time. My goal is to enjoy my life to the fullest extent possible, raise my kids to be good citizens and
Love my wife. It's an awsome life and I love it!
My Education:Miami Dade Community College, A.A; AS, University of South Florida B.A. in Business;
Licensed Real Estate Broker, State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser (inactive), State Certified
Residential Contractor(inactive) and Licensed Funeral Director.
My Career:No Military, Working for myself. Thought I was going in the military but my number on the
lottery was 251 and they only got to 249 so it passed me by. Kept going to school.
How I spend my free time:Riding bikes with the kids, going to desoto speedway and watching stock car
racing, having lunch or dinner with my two older children regularly, spending time at a friends cabin on the
Suawannee River. (The only thing I got to keep out of my divorce from Cox the ice box).
Other comments:I have a few favorite sayings "What goes round comes around" Just have a little patience,
"Carpi Diem" and I do live my live for the moment. (Updated 10/18/2009)

                   Ed Moran
                   Address:844 Mt Paran Rd NW Norcross, GA 30327
                   Home:404 295-5242 Office:404-295-5242
                   I have 1 child.
                   Personal:How did I meet my wife? You wouldn't believe! Ask me! . . . My
                   daughter Susan (23io/.;) is an Irish Dance Teacher and holds classes four
                   days a week (this is "River Dance" type of dancing). Susan is currently living
here in Atlanta with Dad (me) along with her dog and cat.
My Education:Long story - lots of hard knocks, lucky breaks and a few miracles . . . so far so good . . .
My Career:Ended up self employed with a trade type and design firm catering to the printing industry AND as
a resindetial real estate investor AND as Executive Director of a charitable foundation, The St. Patrick's Day
How I spend my free time:I am Chairman of the Atlanta St. Patrick's Parade (one of the ten oldest in US) - a
huge 200 unit parade with 2/3 day festival and am involved in quite a few Irish organizations. Work overlaps
hobby a lot - pretty much indistinguishable - fortunately I like it all.
Other comments:I was depressed when I hit 40 . . . then delighted to have survived when I hit 50 . . . and am
not at all sure what to think about 60. But as one of my classmates wrote a few months ago . . . "Life should
NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but
rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOW! what a ride!'"
                Loa Morris Burch
                Address:530 Davis Branch Rd Bryson City, NC 28713
                Home:828 488-2346 URL:
                My Career:Swain Middle School in Bryson City, NC (Updated 9/8/2009)

                  Bill Mullis
                  Address:6280 Riverview Blvd. NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 798-9199 Office:941-7571300
                  Spouse:Married to Jan Meachen for 43 years with 1 child and 2
                  Personal:We met at Jessie P. Miller elementary in the 3rd grade. We have
                  one wonderful daughter (Lisa Dawn) and a 15 year old grandson (Chase) and
                  a 10 month old grandson (Teegan). They live out east of town on a horse
ranch. Lisa like her mom has always loved horses and barrel races professionally. Chase loves all sports and
has great natural ability. He must get that from his grandmother. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF BOTH OF
My Education:Graduated from Manatee High School with a third grade education and it has been very good
to me !!
My Career:I was in the banking business for 15 years. In 1984 we started a company called Staff Leasing
which grew to be the largest leasing company in the country. We sold that company in 1993 and retired for
about 8 yrs. Four years ago we decided to do it again and started a company called EMPLOYEE LEASING
SOLUTIONS which specializes in the construction trades. I have surrounded myself with people much smarter
than myself which enables us to travel and enjoy the good life.
How I spend my free time:We enjoy boating,fishing and spending time at our farm in North Carolina.. L have
always been a car buff and enjoy collecting old corvettes and motorcycles that I keep at my farm in N.C.
Other comments:Jan and I have been so fortunate to maintain a close relationship with many of our
classmates and spend alot of quality time with them. We truly cherish their friendship and look forward to
seeing all of our old classmates at the reunion. (Updated 3/18/2011)

               Joyce Neff Courchesne
               Address:2805 36th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205
               Home:941 755-0692 Office:753-8121
               Spouse:Widow of John Courchesne We were married with 2 children and 2
               Personal:My husband John died in 1981 of lung cancer. Daughter Karen has
               2 children and lives here in Bradenton. Son Steve is in Bushnell
               My Education:Attended MCC, U of F
My Career:Traveled with various circuses after my husband died and got involved with costuming. I now own
Cathy's Costumes with over 5000 rental costumes. Also own Casino Decor and More, a casino party company.
How I spend my free time:After playing with grandchildren my favorite past time is riding 96 Harley Road
King with my boyfriend.

                Glenna Neumaster Boggie
                Address:3632 Kapalua Way Raleigh, NC 27610
                Home:919 329-0878
                Spouse:Married to Doug for 36 years with 3 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:I met Doug in Art History class at MJC. Our oldest son Jason,is 27, is married and
                lives in Raleigh. He is in the heating and air-conditioning business. Our twins, Jared and
                Jennifer will be 24 June 12th. Jared graduated from East Carolina Univ. in Dec. 2004 with a
major in Finance, He lives in the Phildelphia, Pa. area and is in the financial services industry. Jennifer
graduated from Appalachian State Univ. with a Biology/Chemistry Degree. She is living in Boston, Ma. and
just finished her first year of graduate school at The New England College Of Optometry.
My Education:MJC two years/Florida State Univ. BS in Elementary Ed.
How I spend my free time:I enjoy working out at the YMCA, SHOPPING, spending time with our
granddaughter, keeping in touch with family, working with flowers, church, traveling, and eating out as often
as possible.
Other comments:Wish we could be at this reunion but, we will be traveling in the Pacific Northwest. Please
give us more notice when planning for the next reunion.

                 Ted Nipper
                 Address:1602 Palma Sola Blvd Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Home:941 792-6676
                 Spouse:Married to Donna.
                 My Education:A.A. MJCB.S. USFJ.D. FSU
                 My Career:Partner with Bill Mullis and Joe Gulash in Employee Leasing

              James Nosworthy
              Home:239 656-4389
              Spouse:Married to Madeline for 35 years.
              Personal:We met when James Nosworthy, Sr. was a patient at Manatee Memorial Hospital.
              Madeline was in the Manatee Junior College nursing program.
              My Education:FHP Academy 1974
              My Career:Military: US Army 1966-68Current job: Assistant Manager in a floor covering
How I spend my free time:Boating, golf, landscaping (Updated 9/30/2009)

                  Dot Oakley Smith
                  Address:Murfreesboro, TN 37128
                  Spouse:Married to Mike for 40 years with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Married to Mike 40 years and for this milestone he came home with a 40th edition
                  (1993)vette. I had to laugh...Somehow the thought of 1 hot ride + 2 old grayhaired gramps just
                  doesn't equate! In all fairness though, it is a beautiful car and he has always wanted one so...
                  Happy Anniversary to us dear. We have 3 daughters;Karlee,who works with the school
Headstart Programs, Krista ,who works in her architectural and commercial design fields, and Kyle , who is a
Dental Assistant. We are very proud of them and the 5 beautiful grandchildren they have given us.
My Education:Went to Methodist College in Fayetteville,NC majoring in Elem.Ed.
My Career:Put the teaching on hold in 1971 when my sister,LuLu, and I went to Kissimmee,FL to open with
Disney World. (Now THAT was an education !)When my daughters came along I was a stay at home mom
until they were in school. At that time I went back to work with classes of gifted as well as classes of
challenged students. I think one thing I hold most important at this time was my work with The Adam Walsh
Society's "Safety with Strangers" program. I went to all the elem. schools in the county and taught children
how to react should they be approached by a stranger. After moving to TN in 1990, I went to work for, and
retired from, Pillsbury/General Mills with 20 years tenure.
How I spend my free time:Time for myself, when permissible , involves working on my bucket list with two
items of which I was able to cross off my list last summer. Now don't think I'm crazy, but all my life , due to
my fondness of animals, I have always wanted to hug and kiss a baby camel. Her cheek was as soft as
cashmere. (OK ,so maybe I am weird, but I loved it.) The second item I crossed off my list is writing a
children's book. My cousin, a commercial artist, did the illustrations. I have sent it out and written two sequels.
Now we wait...either way,I have done it. In this category I must mention the most fulfilling and important thing
to me in my life is family. Luckily they are all near and we spend much quality time together. Annual get-
togethers on the holidays are a "givin" and the superbowl is always a biggie as we have so many different
allegiances. Good times-good fun!
Other comments:The last thing I would like to share with you, if you're still awake, is one I am especially
proud of. I have always taught God's Love and have been wonderfully blessed to have all three of our girls
accept the Lord and live their lives for Him. What more could you want for your family ? I have kept in touch
with lifelong gal-pals Lee Anstey and Shirley Green , but want you to know I will always be thankful for
having known all of you. Thanks for the memories. Go Canes!! (Updated 2/24/2011)

                  Patricia Parrott Bills
                  Address:2206-42th St. E. Bradenton, FL 34208
                  Home:941 746-9157
                  Spouse:Married to Marvin for 43 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:I met Marvin in college. I dated his roommate, who graduated from MHS ahead of
                  us. Marvin went to MJC and then to FSU, where we met. He has been retired from the school
                  system for 20 years, and owns a trailer park and some rentals. Our daughter, Spring, is 32
                  years old and single. (She is also beautiful if you know any promising young men. Mom is
always on the lookout for her, much to her chagrin.) She lives 3 houses up from us and works for a lawyer in
My Education:BS in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from Florida State University.
Masters in Elementary Curriculum from University of South Florida.
My Career:I have taught elementary school for 36 years, 31 of them at Jessie P. Miller Elementary. I am
retired and loving it. We live in Franklin, NC 6 months and in Bradenton 6 months.
How I spend my free time:I love to scrapbook and sew. Since I've retired I have been able to become
"obsessed" with scrapbooking. I've done a lot of club work through the years and spent a lot of time coaching
cheerleading (when my daughter was younger), and directing the children's choir at church. I have also taken
up knitting, and love it.
Other comments:email me, I would love to hear from you. I am also on facebook. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Mary Patterson Huffmaster
                 Address:21601 Darden Rd Astor, FL 32102
                 Home:352 759-2700
                 Spouse:Married to Don for 21 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                 Personal:We met through mutual here in good old Astor, FL. My children are Katie and John
                 Blount. Katie lives close by in Astor with her 4 children. John lives in Bradenton and has 1
                 precious daughter
                 My Education:I graduated from MJC after high school. Then years later I graduated from
DBCC with an AS degree as a Registered Nurse.
My Career:I worked at Halifax Medical for 20 years and retired 2 years ago. While there I worked Ortho,
Oncology and even at the Volusia County Jail Medical job ever!
How I spend my free time:I waste alot of time on the internet, but mostly spend time with our pets: 4 dogs 3
cats and 4 goats (we live in the country). Our favorite past time is watching sunsets on the lake.
Other comments:I am a 10 year cancer survivor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Updated 6/5/2010)

                Diane Pemelman Culbreath
                Address:925 US 301 BLVD. E. - LOT 7 SOUTHERN PINES MHP
                Bradenton, FL 34203
                Home:941 448-5250 Office:RETIRED
                Spouse:Married to DECEASED for 30 years with 4 children and 9
(Updated 8/1/2010)

                 Don Poe
                 Address:2199 Lowell Point Road Camano Island, WA 98282
                 Home:360 387-1413
                 Spouse:Married to Brenda for 28 years with 3 children and 1 grandchild.
                 Personal:I met Brenda in Costa Rica, Centeral America.
                 My Education:The past five years (2000-2005) I have attended Western Washington
                 University, Fairhaven College, and Huxley College of the Environment. I will graduate this
                 June and attend graduate school at Evergreen State College for my masters in Environmental
Science, I have a degree in Environmental Conservation and am researching wetland restoration ecology.
My Career:Decades of construction management in Florida, Washington, Centeral/South America
How I spend my free time:Conservation committies and local watershed planning
Other comments:I went back to school in 2000 for six years and graduated from Western Washington
University, Huxley College of the Environment, BS. June 2005. Brenda and I have been together for nearly 30
years and have raised three children. We attended my 25th MHS renuion but living on Camano Island,
Washington, it is a long trip...yes, "What a long strange trip it`s been". I`m currently working as a Development
Specialist managing environmental and land use planning for Northwest venture capitol firms.

                    Jane Porter Fultz
                    Address:903 25 AVE. WEST. Palmetto, FL 34221
                    Home:941 722 3104 Office:941 378-3844
                    Spouse:Married to CHUCK - DECEASED for 23 years with 1 child and 1
                    Personal:I met my husband through a mutual friend in 1979, we were both
                    divorced and neither one of us were looking for a commitment. We had so
much in common and became really good firends that in 1982 we married. We have one son, Jason who is 27
and he has a 5 year old son Aidan. Jason is an electrician and works for Goodson Elec in Palmetto, Fl. In
October 2004 my husband passed away unexpectedly.
My Education:I attended MCC for 2 years and then married my first husband, we moved to Gainesville in
1970 so he could attend law school. Charlie went to school days and I worked during the day and went to
school at night. We both graduated in 1973, I received my degree in business.
My Career:I went to work for General Electric Company while attending college at the University of Fla. and
worked for G.E. 11 years in the Financial Dept. I made a career change in 1982 and took a job with a Home
Health Nursing Service-Interim Health Care as Administrator in Tampa, Fl. Afer 18 years if traveling, dealing
with the federal government in regards to Medicare and Medicaid, and having private insurance companies
dictate the type and length of care a patient could receive, I had enough. Once again I found myself making a
career change, this time I chose a less stressful & family owned business in Sarasota, Florida. Vista Products,
we manufacture window treatments and have manfacturing plants in Sarasota, Jacksonville, Hamlet N.C. and
Arlington, Texas; and I have the task of managing their accounting department. I have always worked for large
corporations where you are nothing more than number; but not now, I really enjoy what I do. 2010 Still
employed with Vista andapproaching my 10th anniversary.
How I spend my free time:I have always loved the water and have a 22 foot fishing boat and my son has a 17
ft. flats boat. I love to fish, scuba dive and I do a lot sailing. I race on a 42 ft. sail boat out of the Bradenton
Yacht Club, every April we enter a sailing race from St.Pete to Mexico. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, travel
but most of all just having fun. Infact I like to do almost any thing!!! In 2008 I took up kick boxing, I may be
the oldest in the class but I bet I have the most fun. Reason behind my new hobby is I have vowed not to grow
old gracefully. I plan to kick and scream all the way to my grave.
Other comments:At our age we all realize that life is getting shorter but it wasn't until my husband died that I
really thought much about our life line. I awake every morning and embrace every moment of that day, the old
saying "life is to short" is true. I have not let this sadness in my life get me down but have used it as a learning
tool. Enjoy each and every day of life and most of all be happy!!!! (Updated 6/11/2010)

                  Bill Priesmeyer
                  Address:7609 16th Ave. N.W. Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 792-8058 Office:N/A
                  Spouse:Married to Kathy for 37 years.
                  Personal:Kathy and I met during an evening Algebra class we were taking at
                  MHS. We have been married for 37 years. We still practice 2 or 3 times a day
                  but,alas, still no childern. Practice makes perfect (or so they say).
                  My Education:Attended MJC and was scheduled to graduate in 1975 but
"stuff" happens and I never found the time nor the inclination to finish.
My Career:I retired last year after working for 38 years with the Manatee County Health Department. I spent
10 of those years as Director of the County Environmental Program and 18 years as managing engineer of the
drinking water program.
How I spend my free time:I fish in the ESPN and Ranger Pro Redfish events. I shoot long range rifle, pistol,
trap and sporting clays.Watch NASCAR and NHRA drag racing regulary. We love traveling and have been
able to travel extensively through our country. We have also been to Mexico and Costa Rica, Canada, and most
of the Carribean Islands.
Other comments:I have been richly blessed with many great opputunities (some of which I took) and all the
material things I have ever wanted. But the biggest blessing has been a loving family and the best friends,
anyone could ever want, many of whom I've known all my life. (Updated 10/21/2010)

                Mike Purinton
                Address:121 Peniel Church Road Palatka, FL 32177-8551
                Home:386 325-9585
                Spouse:Married to Shann for 39 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                Personal:I met Shann when we were in gradute school at the University of
                South Carolina.It was love at first date,
                My Education:I earned a Track Scholarship to USC where I earned both my
                Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education.I went on to earn my Ph.D. in
Counselor Education at FSU.
My Career:I began my 33 year career in education as an elementary school counselor and retired in 2008 as a
College Vice-President.
How I spend my free time:Hobbies include many community service projects,Rotary,public speaking,golf
and grandparenting.
Other comments:See My Web-site at (Updated 5/18/2010)

                Carol Putnam Kass
                Address:3832 Hickory Lane St. Augustine, FL 32086
                Home:904 797-4123
                Spouse:Married to Barry S. Kass for 38 years with 3 children.
                Personal:Met him while on a date with someone else.Joshua - St. Augustine, owns
                employment service, Staffing of St. Augustine and married to an Accountant. Jonathan -
                Automotive Information Marketing as sales manager in Tampa. Shayna- recruitor for Maxim
                Health Care Services in Tampa. Joshua graduated from Stetson University and got his MBA at
East Carolina University. Jonathan graduated for East Carolina University and Shayna graduated from
University of Central Florida
My Education:Berry College.
My Career:Wife and stay at home mom for the past 38 years. Loved every minute of it.
How I spend my free time:Travel and decorating. Just redid our condo at St. Augustine Beach and now
redoing our home for the longest renovation ever. We love cruises and have gone on many and traveled to
several countries in Europe.
Other comments:Missed seeing all of you as I was in North Carolina for awhile with my sister Beth. Can not
belive that we are all turning 60 and it was not that long ago that we were at Jessie P Miller with the principal,
Miss Wakeland. Hope to see all of you soon.

                 Karen Quinn Moates
                 Address:7924 24th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34209-5233
                 Home:941 792-3106 Office:941 741-3716
                 My Career:Manager, Dropout Prevention ProgramHORIZONS MIDDLE School1415 9TH
                 Street West Bradenton, Florida 34205 (Updated 9/8/2009)

                 Marjorie Raines
                 Address:Basking Ridge, NJ 07939
                 My Career:Chief Investment Officer for Foreign and Alternative
                 InvestmentsThe Chubb Corporation15 Mountain View RoadWarren, NJ

                Diane Reed Schmidt
                Address:1527 Arrowhead Trail Enterprise, FL 32725
                I have 1 child.
                Personal:Divorced with one precious daughter, Courtney.
                My Education:Studied Theatre at FSU; BA degree in Acting/Directing at UCF. Worked on
                MA at Rollins College in Winter Park.
                My Career:Nurse in US Army during Lebanon/Grenada; PreSentence Investigations-
Probation/Parole-State of Florida; Postmaster for USPS
How I spend my free time:Commander for American Legion Post; Grand Cheminot of 40-8 (Honor
Organization for Veterans); Collect paintings, soap stone, and fun stuff.
Other comments:Speaker on metaphysicis and spiritualism (Updated 5/17/2010)

                  Rosemary Ridgdill Carlson
                  Address:2412 85th St NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                  Home:941 792-0879 Office:941 345-1400
                  Spouse:Married to Ron for 32 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Ron and I met at work. It was dis-like at first sight. He looked like
                  a frat-rat and I was a committed non-establishment protester. We married 4
                  years later. Ron sold his glass and mirror business 10 years ago and has been
                  very active in property investments. But like others in the property business
these days, he's semi-retired. Our son Paul (21) is attending Stetson University in Deland. Paul is over 6’2 and
loves basketball but plays all intermural sports in college representing his fraternity. He's a talented
singer/guitar player and enjoys writing and recording his music. He's studying Finance and Statistics and is
interning with UBS in Sarasota this summer. Will be looking for a job next year if anyone has need for a
perfect young man. Early in our marriage we were blessed to raise Ron’s daughter Suzanne (now 39) who is
now an elementary school teacher, as is her husband. They have 3 children, Patrick, age 19, Lindsey, age 5,
and baby Ella, 18 months. Fortunately they live in Manatee County!
My Education:I attended MCC and then graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a degree in
English. Have attended University of Denver for specific certifications in Communications.
My Career:After managing a country club on Lake Travis outside of Austin, Tx for several years, I was
homesick and returned to Bradenton taking the first job that came along at the small cable TV operation. It was
a paycheck! Within a few years I was named Vice President and General Manager and 36 years later, I’m still
there. I’ve survived 5 or 6 mergers and acquisitions and each change was very positive so that now I work for
one of the premier cable/high speed Internet access/digital phone companies in the world Bright House
Networks. I love what I do because it’s always a challenge to keep up the phenomenal changes that have
occurred in the communications industry. Retirement? Not yet........
How I spend my free time:Spare time? My favorite activity is reading and I'm a founding member of a book
group that meets monthly. I'm an active participant in many facets of community work and serve on boards
with St. Stephen's Episcopal School, the South Florida Museum, Manatee County Chamber of Commerce, the
Manatee Library Foundation, and Whitney National Bank. Time spent with our grandchildren is very precious
and special and we are so fortunate that they live in Manatee County. We particularly love family time spent at
our cottage in the Smokey Mountains. As retirement comes into view, Ron and I are committed to resuming
our golfing - but so far we haven't accomplished that goal.
Other comments:If 60 is the new 40, then 62 is the new 42. (Updated 6/13/2010)

                  Yvonne Rivers Bedell
                  Address:6822 68th Avenue East Bradenton, FL 34203
                  Home:941 756 3684 Office:941 807 0581
                  Spouse:Married to The Late Lt. Harry J. Bedell for 35 years with 1 child.
                  Personal:Harry and I met April of '65 at the Drumstick Drivein! Our first
                  actual date was the Ingenue Dance! We dated off and on for almost 5 years
                  before marriage. His fire department career was 30 years (he took early
retirement and fished a lot!). In the 60's/70's there was no such thing as a woman firefighter (or I would have
been one) so I worked as a volunteer and fought many house fires and Wickes Lumber Co. fire here in
Bradenton. Had a BLAST DOING IT TOO! The Lord blessed us with a beautiful daughter, Shalene, on our 9th
wedding anniversary. From then on family life took priority in our marriage and living the "fire department
life". Once the 3 of us made a hospital visit to a 5 yr. old girl whom Harry had saved from a fully involved
house fire. She was fine and Shalene connected to her immediately. Although I love to laugh, thank goodness
Shalene has his sense of humor because I take myself way too seriously. Shalene is a graduate of Montreat
College, NC, with a BA and now has her Master's Degree from the University of Georgia. Shalene lives in
Commerce, GA, along with her "GA Red Bone Hound Dog" Rowdy, and she is Childrens' Advocate for
Project Safe, Inc. in Athens, GA. She councils teenagers, children and their families.
My Education:My degree is from Massey Business College and have taken loads of courses, seminars and
"schools" throughout my life including a certification course to be a Court Appointed Guardian in the State of
My Career:I own my own business, Bill Pay Solution and More!, which helps people with financial and
secretarial tasks specializing in helping the elderly. Past experiences include Certified Guardian for the State of
Florida (current also), administrative assistant for Minister of Music at a local church, office and retailing
How I spend my free time:My home is on the Braden River so, of course fishing is very enjoyable as are boat
rides! I enjoy gardening, various creative arts, sing with Jubliee Singers, sign (ASL)to music, read and spend
time with family and friends. Traveling is fun too!
Other comments:I never left Bradenton except to travel some (Love NYC!). I spend much of my time doing
volunteer work. Am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church USA as well as a Stephen Minister. Life is good. God
is so gracious to us from beginning to end. (Updated 6/11/2010)
                  Mona Roberson
                  Address:1211 East Hanna Avenue Tampa, FL 33604
                  Home:813 238-3863 Office:813 234-1863
                  My Education:I attended the University of Florida where I received a
                  Bachelor of Design in Interior Design. I studied for my Masters in Art
                  Education at University of South Florida. Of course as a designer I am
                  learning new things everyday of my life plus continueing education courses.
                  My Career:I have worked as a designer since graduating in 1970. Along the
way I was an Architect in Residence in the Pinellas County School for one year. (A National Endowment for
the Arts position) I owned a stainglass studio in Hyde Park with several other people for many years. I have
owned an Interior Architecture firm for 20 years. My partner left the firm in the early 90's and I decided to take
a break from the design side of the industry and became a Manufactures Representative. I owned my own rep
firm until 2002. I represented over 20 firm in that time frame. That allowed me to do alot of traveling in my
territory of North Florida and to visit my manufactures in various parts of the world. Best trip was a visit to the
Vitra factory in Basal, Switzerland and Italy. (They paid.) In 2002 I got tried of being gone from home so much
and closed my rep company. I now do interiors and I teach interiors at the International Academy of Design
and Technology in Tampa.
How I spend my free time:My hobbies are crafts, stainglass, reading, my house and my garden. I love
Modern Design. I spend my spare time (What spare time?)with my friends, my mom who just bought the house
next door (I spent the last year renovating it.)and with my cats (Nikko and Star) just hanging out.
Other comments:I sit on the Architectural Review Commission for City of Tampa. We review and approve or
not all of the construction that happens in the Historic Districts in the city. You can not build in a Historic
District without our approval. It is a volunteer position and involves about 20 hours a month.

                 Tom Roberts
                 Address:2701 NW 23rd Blvd AA 175 Gainesville, FL 32605
                 Home:352 234-9700 Office:205 317-9757
                 Spouse:Married to Ruth for 15 years with 5 children and 4 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Married to Trudy Remington for 25 yrs, divorced. Trudy has since died. Married to
                 Ruth for 15yrs. Ruth is my best friend, and the love of my life, Yeah. I know I'm hopeless. We
                 have 5 chidren-yours-mine-ours. Three from my first marriage, one from Ruth's first marriage,
                 and one together. My oldest two(girls) are married to great men(one MD one PHD) and live in
Jackson, Ms and Savannah. My oldest son is a plumber in Jackson, Ms. Ruth's daughter(Laura) is at UF. Our
son(Jack) is 13.
My Education:MJC for 1 year. Belhaven College Jackson, Ms BA Christian Ed. MDiv from Reformed
Theological Seminary Jackson, Ms.
My Career:USMC 2 yrs(VietNam) Self employed sales rep...
How I spend my free time:We travel to see kids often. We travel as part of our work, We travel for the fun of
it. We are very active in our church. We entertain friends and strangers(even our friends are strange) as often as
we can. (Updated 6/10/2010)

                  Gail Roberts Keel
                  Address:4401 Orange River Loop Rd. Fort Myers, FL 33905
                  Home:239 694-6123
                  Spouse:Married to Bill Keel for 35 years with 2 children and 2
                  Personal:Our son lives in Fort Myers, enjoys flying his plane, sailboarding,
                  boating, traveling to far away places with his girlfriend. Our daughter
                  continues my love of horses and riding and was involved with homeschooling
up to this year. My son in law is a chief studying medicine in the Navy and they have 2 wonderful boys. My
grandchildren are both musically inclined playing violin and piano as well as involved in all sports this year at
school.They currently live in Conneticut.
My Career:I work in recreational therapy for Ruth Cooper Center for Behavioral health . I work with mentally
ill often dual diagnosed individuals . I enjoy working with them in various ways, teaching mental health
groups, piano sing alongs and a lot of music therapy sessions, community reintegration group outings, arts and
crafts , gardening, and we do volunteering for giving back to the community.It's never a dull day.I worked in
the crisis stabilization unit for 10 years doing recreational therapy and have been in this position for the last 5.It
is very rewarding work.
How I spend my free time:Bill is retired and has a lot to do to keep up with our 10 acres on the orange
river.We have lived here since we were married .We enjoy boating and fishing. Our children grew up sharing
my hobby of horses,competitive trail riding and camping . My interests now are in folk music and I enjoy
seeing my friends from all over the state at the folk festivals.I play piano,English and anglo concertinas,fiddle,
bass,autoharp,etc. I play swing,old time, celtic, and contra dance music in 5 different bands.
Other comments:Living in Fort Myers, enjoying life in the country and making lots of music with my friends.
(Updated 9/30/2009)

                 Lee Robinson
                 Address:635 16th Avenue NE St. Petersburg, FL 33704
                 Home:727 822-1449 Office:727 572-9100
                 Spouse:Married to Carol for 28 years with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Carol and I were both divorced when we met. It truly was love at
                 first sight. She loves football, baseball, golf, and travel which makes our time
                 together very enjoyable. Carol recently retired after a 32 year career as a legal
                 assistant with the same attorney. Our oldest daughter completed her masters
degree in speech pathology. She is married to a physician and is a stay at home mother. Our son and youngest
daughter work for my company, Climate Design. Tom is the General Manager and Erin works in sales. We
have five grandchildren. We feel very lucky to have our children and grandchildren living in the same town
with us.
My Education:Graduated from Florida State University in 1969 with a degree in Psychology. Phi Delta Theta
My Career:Served in the Army Reserve for six years after college. After graduating from FSU I was offered a
job with General Electric in the marketing department of the Central Air Conditioning Division. I spent three
years doing a variety of jobs with GE. In 1973 Ernie Kendler and I left General Electric and started our own
company. That company continues today employing 60 people with locations in Pinellas and Manatee
counties. In 2006 we sold the company to the employees through an ESOP. I continue to work part time.
How I spend my free time:Golf is my favorite. Carol and I have a home in the mountains and are spending
more and more time there. The golf course is great and the summer climate is much nicer than St. Petersburg in
August! We've been fortunate to travel quite a bit over the years.
Other comments:I'm sorry I missed the last reunion but will try and make the next one. (Updated 8/2/2011)

                 David Roell
                 Address:3014 22nd Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205
                 Home:941 748-8354
                 Spouse:Married to Sharon for 39 years with 2 children and 1 & 1 grea
                 Personal:We met at the airport. She was a Hertz girl and I worked for
                 Eastern Airlines. My daughter has a home in Bradenton and my son is a
                 Merchant Marine. Sandi has worked for a doctor in Bradenton for 20 years
after graduating from Carson-Newman College in Tennessee. My son has traveled all over the world for 15
years and loves it. Recently he has been sailing out of Japan in to the China Sea area.
My Education:MCC for two years drafting/aviation. I have a commercial/instrument/multi-engine rating.
My Career:U.S. Air Force 1967-1971 Worked for Eastern Airlines at Sarasota/Bradenton 24 years. Then in
1991 joined my Stepfathers business in Largo, R2J Chemical Services, Inc. We do chemical water treatment
for commercial heating and cooling.
How I spend my free time:Fishing when I can. Trying to keep my yard green and flowers blooming. We are
charter members of Faith Bible Church on Morgan-Johnson Road. I have served on the Board for many years
in many different capacities.
Other comments:I purchased a home in North Carolina two years ago. The first year was a lot of work but
now I can enjoy my time there. I love to sit on the front porch in the mornings with a cup of coffee and look
out at the mountains. I hope to be spending more time there in the next year or so. (Updated 6/13/2010)

              Don Rowe
              Address:1603 21st Street West Palmetto, FL 34221
              Home:941 721-9328 Office:941-708-9722
              Spouse:Married to Vicky for 9 years with 6 children and 4 grandchildren.
              Personal:We met through mut. friends/kids and gkids scattered-all in the US
              My Education:USAF/General Contractor/Real Estate Developer
              My Career:same
How I spend my free time:Work!/golf/TV/arguing w/wife.....not always in that order/sleep
Other comments:Love them all and look fwd to seeing them all.... (Updated 6/12/2010)

                   Carolyn Rowley Kutt
                   Address:6027 22nd Avenue Circle, E. Palmetto, FL 34221
                   Home:941 722-5511 Office:941-749-7170
                   Spouse:Married to Bruce for 18 years with 5 children and 6 grandchildren.
                   Personal:My husband and I met at a political conference at River Ranch,
                   Florida in 1982. Bruce has three children from his first marriage: Andrew,
                   Karen and Adam and I have two: Holly and Jeffrey. Our daughter Holly is 37
and single. She received her masters in social work from FSU. She is currently the director of welfare to work
program for single moms in Venice. Our son Jeff is 34, lives in Atlanta, and just graduated from Life
Chiropractic School. He is married to Rachael and they have three beautiful children. Our son Andrew is 33,
single and lives in Bradenton. He is an electronic technician. He is keeping busy remodeling his home. Our
daughter Karen is 31, married, and a stay at home Mom. She and and her husband, Mike have two beautiful
children. They live in Bradenton. Our youngest son, Adam is 24. He is the single Dad of our darling grandson,
Hunter. Adam works as a cabinet maker.
My Education:I received a bachelors degree from USF in criminology. I also have a real estate broker's
My Career:For the past 33 years, I have worked in the court system as a probate clerk, judicial assistant to
Judge Claflin Garst, Jr. and Judge Walter Talley. My current position is judicial assistant to Judge Janette
Dunnigan. I plan to retire in four years. I also have my own small real estate brokerage, Castle Realty, Inc.,
which keeps me busy on a parttime basis.
How I spend my free time:I love to read, garden, paint (not houses), and enjoy outdoor activities. I play a
little golf -not well. My husband and I are currently building a log home in Franklin, North Carolina. We both
love the mountains and look forward to spending our summers there when we retire.
Other comments:It is hard to believe that forty years has passed. In some ways, it seems like we left school
yesterday. I feel truly blessed in my life and hope that each of you have found happiness and contentment in
yours. We are looking foward to spending six months of the year in Franklin, North Carolina when we retire in

                 Pamela Rucker Morgan
                 Address:5141 97th Street East Bradenton, FL 34211
                 Home:941 794-3701 Office:941-556-4034
                 Spouse:Divorced after 6 year with 2 children.
                 Personal:Married Paul Morgan in 1967. We had been childhood friends
                 since both of us were three years old. We had two beautiful children, Eric
                 born in 1970 and Stephanie born in 1972. Unfortunately, we should have
remained friends, but divorced in 1973. Eric who will be 40 in October resides in Orlando and is a CADD
designer with Cuhaci and Petersen, an architectural firm. He is married to his lovely wide Ada, and have no
children, but do have three dogs, four cats, one cockateel, a parrot and two 250-gal saltwater fishtanks.
Stephanie who is 38, also lives in Orlando and manages a men's hair salon and is engaged to a wonderful man.
My Education:After I graduated I attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, but wasn't making the
grades, so returned to Bradenton and attended Manatee Jr. College. And as fate would have it, I got married at
19, had two children and divorced, so never went back to school.
My Career:The highlight of my career was owning my own executive suite and secretarial service in Orlando
for 16 years. I thoroughly loved being my own boss and had a very successful business until technology and
times rendered it a dinosaur. I returned to Bradenton in January 2004 and retired from the Greater Sarasota
Chamber of Commerce in April 2010 and am loving retirement.
How I spend my free time:I do volunteer work - mostly with animals or children. I was an active volunteer
while in Orlando with Canine Companions for Independence which provides assistance dogs for the mentally
challenged and the physically handicapped. That was a very rewarding experience. And although I talk about
it, I haven't yet contacted Southeastern Guide Dogs, to get involved with them. I do volunteer on Wednesday
nights at the Juvenile Detention Center and minister to the girls. The rewards of that are immeasurable. I just
have had the pleasure of adding an Imperial Shih Tzu to my family and his name is Nick (he was born on
Christmas Day) and is currently 1-1/2 years old. I also co-own a female shih tzu and hopefully soon will have
some beautiful puppies. (Updated 8/31/2011)

                 Tania Sarmento Raik
                 Address:205 Circle Ave. Forest Park, IL 60130
                 Home:708 488-9270
                 I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met my ex-husband in Atlanta, Georgia where I was training Peace Corps
                 Volunteers. My oldeste daughter Daniela lives in Madagascar, Africa with her husband and
                 their two sons. They both work for American companies: Daniela works for Conservation
                 International in the area of Natural Resources Management and her husband works for PSI in
Public Health. They are going to relocate to Washington, DC by the end of 2009. My youngest daughter Eliana
and her husband live in Chicago - no children yet. Eliana teaches High School English and Spanish, and her
husband works for a community based organization providing human services to immigrants. He is finishing
his Master's in Spanish and will be teaching High School next year.
My Education:After graduating from Manatee High, I got my BA in English from Southern Illinois University
and my Master's in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University.
My Career:I have worked for Peace Corps in Latin America and, after coming to Chicago, I have worked in
Training Design and Development for several companies. Currently, I am working for McDonald's Training
Center in Oakbrook, IL as an Instructional Designer. I also teach College English at Oakton Community
How I spend my free time:I travel to visit relatives in Brazil, my grandchildren in Africa, and my American
family in Bradenton as often as I can. I like to get together with friends, cook, read, go out dancing, and enjoy
the outdoor when the weather in Chicago is not freezing cold.
Other comments:Since Manatee High, I lived in several countries in Latin America before settling in Chicago
where my daughters were born and raised. I have kept in contact with my host family from Bradenton ever
since my High School graduation. We have spent vacation time and special occasions together since our
children were young. What was supposed to be just the opportunity to attend my senior year at Manatee High
grew as a lifetime relationship that I cherish till today.
                Ted Sauter
                Address:417 Candlewood Ln. Naples, FL 34110
                Home:941 594-3098
                My Career:Pastor North Naples United Methodist Church

                Judith Schiek Robinson
                Address:3550 Millersport Hwy Getzville, NY 14068
                Home:716 568-1453 Office:716 645-2412x1166
                Personal:Grew up in Tampa Bay, surrounded by salt water. Weaned on rice
                and gravy, collard greens, iced tea. The spiders were as big as saucers; our
                high school football team the "Hurricanes;" our county's namesake the gentle
My Education:Ph.D., M.L.S., B.A., Florida State University.
My Career:Professor and Department Chair Library & Information Studies
How I spend my free time:541 Baldy Hall University at Buffalo State University of New York Buffalo, NY

                  Dennis Schooley
                  Address:2038 84th St Cir NW Bradenton, FL 34209-9452
                  Home:941 792-5672
                  Spouse:Married to Vicki for 40 years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met my wife Vicki on a blind date while attending Florida State
                  University in 1967. In 1969, after graduation, we got married. We have two
                  daughters: Jennifer who is an attorney in Richmond Va. and Susan who
                  works for Wells Fargo Bank in Ft. Lauderdale. The whole family attended
Florida State University and are proud Seminoles.
My Education:I attended MJC for two years and transferred to Florida State, graduating in 1969 with a BS
degree in business management.
My Career:I have been a State Certified Building Contractor in Manatee County since 1973, but have gotten
out of the "rat race" and formed a home inspection service trying to only work 5 days a week.
How I spend my free time:I enjoy woodworking, furniture making, and travel.
Other comments:We have 4 grand children. (Updated 4/11/2010)

                 Angi Schug Mathes-Waters
                 Address:2324 Baesel View Dr. Orlando, FL 32835
                 Home:407 522-1860 Office:407-240-3863
                 Spouse:Married to Jim Waters for 11 years with 3 children and 2
                 Personal:After graduation, I went to college, got married and had a daughter.
                 Connie lives in Detroit and is VP of Operations for Continental Management.
                 She is married to her job. My first husband (Darrell Mathes) was killed in an
accident in 1980. I met Jim while working at Tropicana Products Inc. Jim and Lynda Keever are cousins. He
was my boss..... and you know where this story is going! Jim and I were married in 1993. Jim has two children.
Kelly and her husband, Jeff and two beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn and Madison live in Tampa and his son
Jimmy and wife Peggy live in Sarasota. Jim and I moved to Boca Raton in 1989. And in 1991 we moved to
Cheyenne, WY. We lived there until 1997. We now live in Orlando and Jim is VP of IS at Universal Orlando.
The best theme park in the world, I might add!
My Education:Massey Business College, Jacksonville
My Career:I worked at Tropicana Products, Inc. for 20 years. When we moved to Boca Raton, I worked for
SafeCard Service, Inc. as an operations manager. The company announced that it was moving to Cheyenne,
WY less that a year after I started. At the same time, the company Jim was working for was relocating to
California. Fortunately, SafeCard offered Jim a job as VP of IS so we moved to Cheyenne. We stayed there for
five years and had an absolutely wonderful time. We made some wonderful friends and as a result, we have a
lot of company now. Currently, I work as an operations manager for Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund, Inc.
How I spend my free time:Jim and I are very involved in the community. Jim is on the board of Quest and
Orange County Public Schools. I volunteer at Arnold Palmer Hospital in the NICU. We enjoy golf, FSU
football, theater, traveling, and entertaining. We travel frequently to New York, Denver, Detroit and Chicago.
Jim travels to Japan as Universal has a park there. And occasionlly we travel to London. We really enjoy our
friends from Cheyenne visiting and we are very happy to be back close to Jim's children. I spent a lot of
weekends in Detroit visiting Connie.
Other comments:Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

                John Shadron
                Address:811 Meadow Branch Converse, TX 78109
                Home:210 659-1284
                Spouse:Married to Beth for 13 years with 1 child.
                My Career:Current Job: City councilman and Mayor Pro Tem (Updated

                Thomas Shanafelt
                Address:1129 Montezuma Dr Bradenton, FL 34209-3337
                Home:941 792-6331 Office:retired
                Spouse:Married to Linda for 35 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                Personal:Linda and I met at Pete Reynard's Restaurant in Holmes Beach. Our son, Tom, lives
                in Bradenton and works as a detective for the Sarasota Police Department. Our younger son,
                Louis, lives and works in Orlando as a teacher.
                My Education:After Manatee High, I enlisted in the Air Force, where I spent most of my
time in North Dakota as a medic, but finished my service in Washington DC as part of the Air Force Honor
My Career:When I returned from the Air Force, I spent twenty eight years as a law enforcement officer in
Manatee County. I retired from Manatee County Sheriff's Office in 1996.
How I spend my free time:I still love cars and motorcycles, and spend quality time with my family and
friends as much as possible. (Updated 2/16/2010)

                Laura Sharples Dennis
                Address:932 25th St W Bradenton, FL 34205
                Home:941 746-6484
                Personal:Single and hating it
                How I spend my free time:Dine with friends, Go to movies, Have drinks with friends, Listen
                to music, Read, Sleep, Spend time with family, Surf the Internet, Vegetate, Watch TV, Work
                on my hobbies (Updated 9/8/2009)
                 Sam Shaw
                 Address:5847 F.Gailey Rd Clermont, GA 30527
                 Home:770 983-7749 Office:770 654-5676
                 Spouse:Married to Debra for 31 years with 3 children.
                 My Education:U of F
                 My Career:Own heavy construction equipment sales company
                 How I spend my free time:Boating, motorcycles

                   Paula Sheley Bassitt-Dudley
                   Address:One Banton Place Palm Coast, FL 32137
                   Home:386 445-6150 Office:386 864-1188 cell
                   Spouse:Married to George Dudley for 11 years with 2 children and 5
                   Personal:I met George in 1999, at Barnies Coffee on St. Armands circle
                   while out riding my Harley. This is my third marriage, first one was 26
years,to my childrens Father, Larry Bassitt Class of MHS 1961. Second one was 10 years, to Frank Kreitsek
and my current marriage to George Dudley is going strong. You do what you gotta do. I have two children,
Gina Lee Bassitt-Brown & Larry Lee Bassitt Jr. Gina, age 43 lives in Bradenton, she is married to Chuck
Browns son, Gene, the family owns & operates Brown & Sons Funeral Homes . They have Ryan Andreu age
19 and Rachel Lee age 17. My son Lee, lives in Jacksonville and is a general manager for R&R, Rent & Roll
on Atlantic Ave, Jacksonville. Lee, age 38 has a son Jacob age 16 , who lives in San Diego with his Mother.
And a daughter McKenzie, age 11 who lives in Jacksonville.
My Education:Cosmetologist and Nail Tech Retired
My Career:Property Investor in Florida and Tennessee. Own Overnight Rental Cabins in Gatlinburg,
Tennessee George & I do Property Management, Handyman & Painting ContractorI work now part-time at the
New Golden Corral in Palm Coast
How I spend my free time:George and I are Harley Riders, we spend all our free time riding. We have a 40'
Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel RV and travel with his Road King Custom and my Fatboy Custom to a lot of the bike
events. Spend time in the summer riding in the Carolina/Tennessee mountains. We also love the Beach and
Traveling. We just moved back to Palm Coast, Florida in December 2007 from the Georgia Mountains
Other comments:My Mother, Virginia Sheley ( age 75 ) took her life, by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway
two days before Thanksgiving in the year 2000. I am a survivor..Even through having been through two
divorces and my Mothers tragic death I somehow have still managed to be very positive and Happy, I live life
to the fullest, and Praise God to the highest for helping me raise two beautiful, responsible children. Life has
been good to me.........I treasure my friendships old or new and love my family. Looking forward to our 45th
reunion & seeingeveryone. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                 Sandra Shymanski Thomas
                 Address:1943 SE 21st Street Cape Coral, FL 33990
                 Home:239 574-1596 Office:239-574-0224
                 Spouse:Married to Jerry for 42 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                 Personal:Jerry and I met while I was in Nursing School in Miami and he was
                 home on leave from the Navy. Jerry is a retired Lt Col. from the Florida
                 Marine Patrol. I am RN Supervisor of the Endoscopy Department,Cape Coral
Hospital. Our son Matt lives in Lakeland with his wife and daughter. Daughter Judy lives in Cape Coral. Our
grandson Jordan is 12, lives in Cape Coral.
My Education:I am a Registered Nurse, completing training at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Fl. I
have chosen to specialize in Endoscopy Nursing,with national certification in that field. I just comlpeted a six
year term as volunteer for the National Certifying Board of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates.
My Career:I was an intensive care nurse for years before working in the GI field. Last 15 years Endoscopy
Supervisor, Cape Coral Hospital, Cape Coral, FL.
How I spend my free time:Grandson soccer or basketball games are great! As are family BBQ's. In the past
we have enjoyed boating, fishing. We do have a Harley motorcycle and enjoy going on rides. Also into the new
"old" style Mustang cars. Enjoy traveling.
Other comments:Make sure you all get your screening colonoscopy. We are all over 50! Colon cancer is in
the 90% preventable with screeing exams! (Updated 6/22/2010)

                Joe Siever
                Address:5208 18th Avenue W Bradenton, FL 34209-5012
                Home:941 794-5719
                Spouse:Married to Jan for 38 years with 2 children.
                Personal:I met Jan in Charleston, S.C. at a nightclub while I was stationed in
                the Air Force there. We have two children, Jana (31) and Jared (28). Jana is a
                Speech Pathologist living in Ft. Myers and Jared is an educated bartender at
                the Mangrove Grill in Palmetto.
My Education:I graduated from Manatee Junior College here in Bradenton. After the service, I graduated
from The Citadel in Charleston with a B.A. degree in Psychology.
My Career:I served in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years and survived the Vietnam experience. After a couple of
business ventures, I ended up working for the Postal Service. I already have my 30 years but want to continue a
few more years.
How I spend my free time:I have been a runner for 20 years. I have run 20 marathons including Boston.
(Updated 6/15/2010)

                 Jim Slegers
                 Address:1600 First Ave. W.- Unit 404 Bradenton, FL 34205
                 Home:941 744-9500
                 Spouse:Married to Patricia for 35 years with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Met my wife at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Our 3 children (and grand
                 children) live in Oklahoma City.
                 My Education:Certified Air Traffic Controller
                 My Career:I`m a retired air traffic controller from the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA). I worked in Miami (busy facility), as I aged my nerves became "fried" and I took an early retirement at
50. Pay was good, so is the pension. I returned to Bradenton (my birthplace) where I live in a riverfront condo
close to the downtown public library.
How I spend my free time:Christian ministries, reading, taking walks, watching baseball and football games.
Other comments:I'm a Christian...dedicated to Jesus Christ (by His grace)...always thankful to Him for eternal
life. (Updated 3/31/2010)

                Sue Smethurst Duvall
                Spouse:Married to Raymond Joel for 42 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:Met at Manatee Junior College. Moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1986, moved to
                Westminster, CO in 1998. Both children live in Phoenix. Bryce is a mechanical engineer with
                Honeywell and Adam is a fraud investigator. Joel works for Oracle and I am semi-retired. Joel
                and I have a Gold Wing and travel all over when work permits!
                My Education:AS from Manatee Junior College, AA from Palm Beach Junior College and
BS in accounting from Western International University.
My Career:Enjoying my retirement!!
How I spend my free time:Needlework, riding our motorcycle, relaxing with friends. (Updated 6/11/2010)
                   Diane Smith Pooley
                   Address:726 32nd Street West Bradenton, FL 34205
                   Home:941 749-5531 Office:(941) 7480747
                   Spouse:Married to Michael for 30 years with 3 children.
                   Personal:I met my husband Michael while working at Manatee Memorial
                   Hospital. We dated for two years before we married. Sadly my husband past
                   away 5 years ago . We were married for 30 years. We have three beautiful
                   children. I am so fortunate that all my children are still in Bradenton.
Daughter Jennifer. age 29, has an art studio with her boyfriend and does Interior Decorating. Son, Brian, age
24, is Assistant Produce Manager at Beachway Publix, Daughter Laura , age 24, (yes twins), works at
Blockbuster Video and has plans to become a Veterinary Technician.
My Education:After high school I graduated from Manatee Junior College with an Associate In Science
Degree in Nursing. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1967.
My Career:I worked at Manatee Memorial Hospital for five years and Sarasota Memorial for two years. I left
Sarasota Memorial when I had my first baby. Then I worked for two Doctors for six years. After my twins
were born I was fortunate to be able to stay home with them for seven years. I am currently employed at the
Manatee County Health Department. I have been there for sixteen years. My first assignment was working at
the Juvenile Detention Center. I was there for eight years. That was my favorite job. At one time I worked part
time at the jail and was assigned to the Immigration Unit,(that was like working for the United Nations). Part of
my present job includes running the medicine room and I also inspect Body Piercing Facilities (a very eye
opening job)(I have no piercings)
How I spend my free time:At present most of my time is spent with my two adopted Grandchildren, Olivia
age 10 and Jack age 5. They are neighbor's children that I watch at night while their mother works. I like
spending time with my children. That is my favorite past time. I like to sew and do crafts. With my daughter,
who likes to thrift store shop, we make the rounds from Bradenton to Tampa.
Other comments:I really don't know why I am on the missing list-----I have never left Bradenton for any
length of time. I am at the same address I was at the last reunion. In fact it is the same address for the last 36
years---two houses away from Manatee High school.

                 Joanne Smith Cochran
                 I have 2 children.
                 How I spend my free time:Travel

                 Larry Smith
                 Address:8619 11th Avenue NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Spouse:Married to Susan for 25 years.
                 Personal:Susan and I met in a bar, stayed drunk for a week, sobered and then
                 dated for five years. We got married on a boat in the middle of Lake Lanier(
                 no escape route!) My progeny, Bradley, takes after his mother(intelligence
                 wise) and is a very gifted engineering student (senior) at Georgia Tech in
My Education:Presbyterian College B.S. University of Florida School of Law Georgia State University -
MBA ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
My Career:I started my real business career (outside of Smith's Department Store) as part owner of Equipment
Investigators which was involved in reclaiming and marketing construction equipment. After selling that
business, I spent the next eight years as a commoditiy broker/trader in Atlanta and Hong Kong. I then returned
to graduate school and got an MBA. I was then hired by Arthur D. Little, Inc. to provide marketing for their
valuation and state & local tax group. Our company was acquired by Deloitte & Touche. After a tumultuous
couple of years, I left to start my own company specializing in the reduction of state and local tax for industrial
clients. Once again, I sold the company. Took a little time off, broke my achilles tendon, did some consulting
and then joined with an attorney friend at Compton & Associates. We provide state and local tax reduction
services through five offices. I'm vice president in charge of marketing.In 2007, I left Compton and joined an
MHS Classmate, Bill Mullis, at his company. In doing that, I moved to Bradenton. I currently live in Bradenton
with my wife, Susan, and Golden Retriever, Gracie.
How I spend my free time:As when I was a lad at MHS, I still weight train (6 days per week - SICK!). I am
also involved (when I have time) in mountain biking (broken body parts to prove it). Other times I spend with
Gracie, the golden retriever, reading and not acting my age by driving sports cars. We also Kayak, fish, ride
bikes and travel.
Other comments:I still consider my time at MHS as the most fun I ever had and the friends that I made there
the dearest. I look forward to seeing all of you. (Updated 6/11/2010)

                CF Snyder
                Address:8 Meskill Ct Sterling, VA 20165
                Home:703 450-4972 Office:301 227-2800
                Spouse:Married to Mary Jane for 41 years with 2 children and 3
                Personal:Mary Jane came into my parents' furniture store with her
                grandmother when we were kids. Our two daughters and grandchildren
                (teens) all live within a few miles of us in northern Virginia.
My Education:I graduated from the Naval Academy and the taxpayers sent me to Michigan State for a
Masters Degree in Control Systems. I am a licensed Professional Engineer and Naval Architect.
My Career:I served as an Engineering Duty Officer in the Navy - mostly in ship construction programs -
nuclear powered cruisers and aircraft carriers. Since retiring from uniform in 1989, I have been a civilian
employee of the Dept of the Navy. My biggest challenges have been my assignments as Design Manager for
the CVN-77 (George H. W. Bush) and for the CVN-21 (21st century future aircraft carrier). CVN-77 is under
construction now and will begin operations in 2008. I am now the Technical Director at the Naval Surface
Warfare Center in Carderock, Maryland - just 20 miles west of Wash, DC. Carderock is the primary research
and development center for ships and ship systems for the Navy, employing 350 scientists and engineers.
How I spend my free time:I golf some. I enjoy reading history - Franklin Kittle was amazed to hear this at our
40th! I spend much of my time with my grandchildren - two girls and one boy - they think I'm weird.
Other comments:It looks as if we are going to have a good turn-out for this reunion - I am eager to see all of
you. (Updated 10/5/2010)

                  Kathleen Snyder Miner
                  Address:PO Box 15532 Sarasota, FL 34277
                  Home:941 504-3970
                  I have 2 children and 8 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Married & divorced Jim Grobleski(class of 62)We have two sons, James & Robert.
                  My son Jim and his wife, Julie, live in Canada with their 6 children (the oldest is 10). Jim has
                  his own business installing fiber optics and cable. Robert and his wife, Felecia, live near Ft.
                  Lauderdale. They have two sons. Robert is Chief Engineer and First Mate on a private yacht.
He was in the Coast Guard and has his Captain's license. Both have been great kids and are now terrific fathers
and husbands. I was single 13 years between my divorce from Jim and my marriage to Michael Miner. The
marriage ended after 15 years.
My Education:Took accounting classes at MCC. Recieved most of my "education" by working as Controller
and Internal Auditor in Manhattan for companies owned by Rupert Murdock. The six year experience worked
wonders for my career.
My Career:I have two bussinesses. I have a bookkeeping business specializing in the construction industry.
Clients are located mainly in Sarasota, but I also have clients from North Port to Anna Maria. The other
business is called "Miner Changes". This is my design re-mix business I have been doing for the last 3 years.
How I spend my free time:I was tragically born without the sports gene. So hobbies are reading, biking,
walking, working in my "Garden of Eden" yard, foreign films and cooking and entertaining. Also like to go on
junkin' trips to cities around Florida and Georgia. 8 Grandchildren kept me busy...'til 6 of them moved from
Nokomis to Canada! (Updated 5/17/2010)

                 Greg Sparks
                 Address:PO Box 37 Gallup, NM 87305
                 Spouse:Married to Susan Turner for 22 years with 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:Susan, a former MHS classmate, and I have known each other for a multitude of
                 years but not on a social basis. In 1985 she returned to Bradenton from North Carolina and we
                 began dating, Three years later we were married. She had 4 children, Mrs. Sara Connell who
                 actually taught at MHS. John Bongers, lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 children, works on
the North Slopes, near Deadhorse, Alaska. David Bongers lives with his wife and daughter in Gallup,NM,
where he is in management. Youngest step-son, Steven Bongers, also lives in Gallup, NM with his wife. Steve
attended UNM and is employed in the silver industry, for a banking/ATM service and owns a
graphic/computer business-METATROX.
My Education:After a few years in Indiana I returned to Bradenton. Employed by Bio Temp Scientific for 17
years, in 1992 moved to Gallup, NM with Susan where she began working for the Indian Health Service.
My Career:Traveled from NM to Alaska for 6 years with the wifes career, then back to NM. She is now
retired and I have been employed by Wal*Mart for 15 years. We moved to Arcadia, Fl. 2 weeks after
Hurricane Charlie hit, but after 18 mos. returned to Gallup, NM.
How I spend my free time:When the "Honey Do" list isn't to over loaded, I am hunting, shooting, reloading or
gunsmithing for myself, family and friends. Member of Gallup Shooters Club, NRA, ACLJ and attend New
Life Apostolic Church in Gallup.
Other comments:I enjoyed fishing in Florida and Alaska, but not much fishing in NM. My life began when I
married my wife!! (Updated 3/31/2010)

                Sally Spencer Bearmer
                Address:12557 30th St Cir E Parrish, FL 34219-1625
                Office:941 953-5383 (Updated 4/2/2010)

                Joe Spivey
                Address:2907 48TH ST W Bradenton, FL 34209-6131
                Home:941 792-1768
                Spouse:Married to Barbara Budd for 3 years with 8 children and 9
                Personal:I met my spouse, Barbara Budd 1969 MHS grad, on a blind date.
                My Education:Troy State University
                My Career:USMC 4 years, Florida Power and Light Restoration Specialist
35 years
How I spend my free time:Hunting and Fishing
Other comments:2I plead the fifth. (Updated 12/7/2011)
                  Jean Stanhope DiBitetto
                  Address:2 Tay Rd Hooksett, NH 03106
                  Home:603 268-0423 Office:603-669-9696
                  Spouse:Married to Michael for 26 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:Michael and I met at Horsefeathers Restaurant on Main Street in Sarasota at 12 am
                  New Year's 1982 while he was on vacation. Michael grew up in Andover, MA, and has a very
                  noticeable Boston accent. (Secret > I thought he was an actor! My Dad thought he was
                  Mafia!) We married in the fall of 1984 and I moved to New England, specifically Rye, NH, on
the Atlantic Ocean. Chris is my eldest, is a 2008 graduate of George Washington University in DC, is currently
enrolled at The Georgetown University Graduate School. He and his college sweetheart, Ashley, were married
last August (2010) in St. Michaels, Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay. They live in Arlington, VA. Natale, my
younger, is a 2009 graduate of Keene State College in NH and is the Office Administrator for the Seacoast
Career School in Manchester, NH. She enjoys being a social butterfly and globe trotting. She's also my
boomerang child. :-)
My Education:After graduation, I attended Manatee College. At age 20, I moved to Sarasota where I called
home until coming to New England. During my working career(s), I have been licensed as a Master
Cosmetologist, certified as an Estetician and Make Up Artist, and held an insurance license and operated
Stanhope & Associates in Sarasota prior to moving to New England.
My Career:After 16 years as an at-home Mom, I re-entered the administrative management profession in
2000, joining Edward Jones (Investments) in the Hooksett, NH, Branch Office. In 2006 and again in 2010, I
accepted a limited partnership and am enjoying being an owner in my firm.
How I spend my free time:I love to watch movies, especially comedy, am an avid reader of books,
periodicals, and the Wall Street Journal, of course! I love to flower garden, which in New England means a few
weeks of the year. I also love to work out on weights. Working full time leaves little time for much else.
Other comments:I fondly remember so many of you and some amazing times we shared, and all the laughs. I
think of you often. And now we are all wondering where did the years go! (Updated 6/30/2011)

              Jeff Starrak
              Address:5570 Amoroso Dr Ft.Myers, FL 33919
              Home:239 454-8645
              Spouse:Married to Jeanne for 23 years with 1 child.
              Personal:We met in Phx, Ariz in 1978 through mutual friends. Our son goes
              to Fla Gulf Coast Univ in Ft. Myers. He works in the restaurant bus.
              My Education:Manatee community college, heavy equipment school in
              Homestead. General Contractor's license in Colo. and Fla.
My Career:4 Years in the Army. Mainly construction.
How I spend my free time:Car racing, motorcylces.

                  Sandi Stickles Brookner
                  Address:71 Elliott Drive Williamstown, MA 01267
                  Home:413 458-8564 Office:413 597-3260
                  Spouse:Married to Howard for 43+ years with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Met him on a trip to visit family the summer after we graduated - over 43 years and
                  he's still my best friend. Two daughters, Joelle, a Brandeis University and Smith College
                  graduate, is a teacher married to a teacher with two boys, 15 and 7. Younger daughter Jaclyn
                  graduated from UMass Amherst and Russell Sage University - an RN married to an attorney
with two daughters 13 and 8. They all live here in Williamstown. It's heaven.
My Education:Couple of years of college ...lots of extra classes.
My Career:I was a VISTA volunteer when children were young - actually was just given a nice
award/proclamation from state of Vermont for "pioneering in child care in the state of Vermont". I've done
things from being a VISTA volunteer to Managing the bookstore for Williams College to 12 years working for
the J. Paul Getty Trust's "Art and Architecture Thesaursus" and 9 years being in charge of the Language Lab in
the Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Williams College. Left that 3 years ago in favor
of hiring and working with Williams students who run Williams' reunion and two or three other big events here
at the school leaving us the winter to spend in Bradenton.Two years ago we took the leap and bought a condo
in Bradenton where we spent the winter for the first time this year. We were there for Christmas - this year we
fly home for a few weeks in December to spend the holidays with our family. Recently have decided it's time
to just step away from working as much...we'll see how that goes.
How I spend my free time:We golf - I'm horrid but I love it -here when we can and since this past winter,
there too. I used to spend a lot of time dreaming about being back on the island and the beaches and now that
we get to spend a good portion of the year there I still do...what a hoot! This next winter the plan is to do some
exploring all over the state and play a lot more golf!
Other comments:I love the've done a great job. Have a great time at Reunion...I'll be thinking
about you all. (Updated 6/11/2010)

               George Stuart (Passed Away)
               Other comments:George T. Stuart, 58, of Bradenton, died Dec. 6, 2004. Born on August 14,
               1946, in Chicago, Illinois, he moved to Bradenton in 1963 from Severna Park, Maryland. He
               served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. He is survived by his wife of 34 years,
               Marion; two sons, George Edward Stuart of Bradenton and Robert Andrew Stuart of Sarasota;
               his mother, Eva Stuart of Bradenton; a sister, Sheri Gayle Denk of Westford, Massachusetts;
               two brothers, Michael R. of Bradenton and James D. of Katy, Texas; and five grandchildren.
               All services will be private for the family. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes 26th St. Chapel in
charge. Memorial donations may be made to American Cancer Society, 600 U.S. 301 Blvd. West, Suite 136,
Bradenton, FL 34205.

                 Donald Swarts
                 Home:941 745-2841 Office:941-504-2091
                 Spouse:Married to Judith Drude for 38 years with 2 children and 6
                 Personal:Met my wife at Manatee high school, married October 11, 1966.
                 Two daughters named Hollie and Dawn,both married and living in Manatee
                 county. My daughter Hollie and her husband own thier own business "North
                 River Stucco & Plastering". My daughter Dawn works in the restraunt
My Career:Went into the air conditioning trade, and then started my own business here in ManateeCounty in
1966 known as "Don Swarts Heating&Cooling".
How I spend my free time:We buy and fix up homes. And go to our vacation home in Northern Georgia.
(Updated 2/12/2010)

                  Penny Tasch Merritt
                  Address:403 Lakeland Crescent Yorktown, VA 23693
                  Home:757 865-6733 Office:Retired!
                  Spouse:Married to Chris for 40 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Chris and I met in Mrs. Parrish's English class. I remember him
                  sitting one row over and two seats up from me! We started dating the end of
                  our Senior year. And, that date has lasted a long time....Presently, after 14
                  homes throughout a 24 year career in the Air Force, we live in Virginia; and,
never want to move again! Our daughter, Tina, is married to a newly retired Naval Officer. He is now
employed as an electrical engineer for a NASA contractor. They have 3 terrific children (Amanda, 12 yrs. old
and loves horseback riding; Joey, 9 yrs. old and is a Brown Belt in Taek Won Do; and Peter 8 yrs. old and an
excellent gymnast! ). They have lived from Virginia to California. Thankfully, their last duty station was here,
and this is where they have retired. It's awesome to watch a new generation of your family grow up. Our son,
Lance, is employed by Ferguson Enterprises. He is in the management/sales division. His job is based in Port
St. Lucie, Florid! a. He loves Florida, and will be there as long as Ferguson will let him. Chris and I visit
Bradenton and Anna Maria every summer, and then we travel to the other coast to see Lance.
My Education:After graduating from Manatee High, I graduated from MJC, then U of FL with a degree in
Elem. Ed. Eventually I received my Master's degree from Old Dominion University. My best and most
worthwhile degree, however, was being a mom.
My Career:As an Air Force wife, I was able to teach in many states & countires! The states/countries were
Miss.,Okla.(where our daughter was born,) Athens, Greece, Missouri...Kansas City (where our son was born)
and St. Louis, Florida (Orlando and Ft. Walton Beach), Mannheim, Germany, and for the past 14 years,
Seaford, VA. While at Seaford, I coached Odyssey of the Mind teams for 9 years. Four of my teams were able
to compete at World Competition. Presently, I am the principal of a private Baptist School. I love every minute
of it. It still excites me to be part of children's education. Some day I know I will grow out of it...or maybe, just
grow up! Update: I retired totally in 2007. I decided it was time for me to dedicate time to myself. My first and
foremost initiative was to get in shape! Therefore, I joined a gym and spend 3 - 4 times a week trying to look
like I did 40 years ago (ha ha)!
How I spend my free time:Hobbies...bicycling, boating, swimming, fishing in the Chesapeake as well as the
Virginia Mountain waters. Our favorite place to go is a beautiful lodge in Millboro Springs, VA on the
Cowpasture River. Don't laugh. That is what it is called. It's peaceful and fun. What more could a person ask
Other comments:I can hardly wait for our reunion. Looking at the pictures that are on the web site bring back
great thoughts and memories. Some of us have known one another for many years. What fun it will be to
reminisce and get "caught up" on our lives as parents and grandparents. (Updated 5/4/2010)

                  Louise Taylor Herrington
                  Address:8412 Palm Lakes Ct Sarasota, FL 34243
                  Home:941 355-4030 Office:(941)355-6638
                  Spouse:Married to Bob Herrington for 7 years with 2 children.
                  Personal:I answered his personal ad in the Herald. We met at Bennigans for
                  a drink and have been together for 9 years. The love of my life- third times
                  the charm.Together we have 5 children. Michael, JP (mine)Katie, Tom and
Chrystal (his) He has 5 grandchildren BJ, Amber and Ashley (twins)Taylor and Seth. My son Michael is
banquet master for the U of San Francisco and JP has a hot sauce business and is a webmaster.
My Education:MCC. Now working on getting my Real Estate licenses.
My Career:Worked as accountant for many years then 20 years ago started my own computer consulting
business in Ca moved back to Bradenton in 1991. Am now National Systems engineer for Maxwell Systems
Software in charge of 10 salespeople nation wide. I get to sell all over the US and never leave Florida- thank
you internet. Won Trohpy for Most Valuable Player-2004. We sell Construction and property management
How I spend my free time:Collect houses(5) remodel old houses and then sell them (or keep them). Antiquing
I collect old glass and silver and have a booth in Carriage house Antiques on Manatee Ave. We also swim,
BBBQ and I read a lot. President of National Assoc of Women in Construction -local chapter. Past board
member of Hope Family Services (shelter for victims of domestic violence)
Other comments:I am a system engineer for Maxwell Systems. A construction software provider. I work on
the internet presenting the product to prospects nationwide. I am working on my third marriage. Together we
have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. We live in Palm Aire and buy and sell homes in Bradenton. I met my
husband, Bob Herrington the old fashion way thru the personals in the newspaper.

                 Bonnie Terrill Clark
                 Address:, FL
                 I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.
                 Personal:In a committed relationship
                 My Education:Graduated from MCC and then went straight to work at Ellis First National
My Career:Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller -Director of Human Resources
How I spend my free time:Arts (museums, theater, etc.), Dine with friends, Go to movies, Have drinks with
friends, Read, Spend time with family, Travel (Updated 6/13/2010)

                Jud Titsworth
                Address:P.O. Box 10972 Bradenton, FL 34282
                Home:941-405-7667 Office:n/a
                My Career:4yrs. in Air Forse. Owen Rustic Ranch Furniture. Retired!!!
                How I spend my free time:I rise Paint horses and play poker. (Updated 12/27/2010)

                Curtis Tutterrow
                Address:1410 Poplar St. NW Lenoir, NC 28645
                Home:828 754-4159
                Spouse:Married to Elaine for 37 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:Met Elaine at Stetson University. Elaine is an elementary school
                principal. Children: Cathy Tutterrow Flanders lives near Denver CO. She is a
                stay-at-home mom. Her husband Doug is Senior Policy Advisor for Jefferson
                County. Son Michael is an engineer working for Vought Aircraft in Dallas,
My Education:After college, I attended Stetson Univ., DeLand, FL, majoring in religion. Then attended
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, receiving M.Div. and D.Min. degrees.
My Career:I was pastor in St. Augustine, FL., St. Petersburg, FL., and Lenoir, NC. For a few years I was out
of the pastorate, and recently joined the United Church of Christ and am a pastor in Hickory, NC.

                  Jayne Tyson Frazee
                  Address:3603 37th Street West Bradenton, FL 34205
                  Spouse:Married to Bill Frazee for 38 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:I met my spouse in college. We have a daughter, Shannon, and a son, Christopher.
                  My husband has owned and operated Frazee's Jewelers since 1974. Our daughter gave us two
                  beautiful girls, Samantha and Kaitlyn. Shannon lives with her family in Greeneville, TN. and
                  Christopher lives in Bradenton. Shannon is a chef and does cateriing part time. Her husband
                  teaches Paleontology for the University of TN. Christopher has his own business in Bradenton
called Frazee's Custom Exhaust and Muffler Shop.
My Education:I finished two years at MCC.
My Career:After MCC, I became an Executive Administrative Assistant for Ellis First National Bank, First
National Bank of Bradenton and American Bank of Bradenton. I also have various certificates from banking
classes and seminars.
How I spend my free time:My oldest granddaughter is attending Ringling College of the Arts, which was her
dream most of her life, and I spend as much time with her as I can. I also go to lunch, movies and the theater
with friends. I love to read and collect old movies. (Updated 6/12/2010)

                Roseann Umana
                Address:2524 Pimlico Ct Powell, OH 43065
                Home:614 436-2629
                My Career:Sexual Trauma Counselor - Roseann Umana, PhDColumbus Veteran's Center30
                Spruce StreetColumbus, OH 43215 (Updated 9/8/2009)
                Jerri Vowells Lambert
                Address:102 15th St E Bradenton, FL 34208
                Home:941 746-9768 Office:941-730-8737
                Spouse:Married to Joe for 39 years.
                Personal:I met my husband through mutual friends.
                My Education:Beauty industry marketing.
                My Career:Regional Manager with Beauty Alliance LLC.
                How I spend my free time:Enjoying family and friends.

                 Doug Wallace
                 Address:15433 Mulholland Road Parrish, FL 34219
                 Home:941 755-8337 Office:863 499-2290
                 Spouse:Married to Marcia for 36 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                 Personal:I met my wife, Marcia, at Manatee High School. We have two
                 children, Rachel Wallace Reid and Paul Wallace. Both of our children live in
                 Manatee County. Rachel is a Montessori teacher at the Center for Education.
Paul sells computer software to doctors for Nextech.
My Education:I graduated from Princeton University in 1969. I graduated from Yale Law School in 1972. I
was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1972
My Career:After being admitted to The Florida Bar, I practiced law for thirty years in Bradenton. I am
currently serving as a judge on the Second District Court of Appeal in Lakeland. I was appointed to the Court
by the Governor in 2003.
How I spend my free time:I spend time with family and friends. I read widely. Marcia and I especially enjoy
spending time with our grandson, Evan. (Updated 9/8/2009)

              Richard Wallace
              Address:1471 Oak Tree rd. Sequin, TX 78155
              Home:830 303-3425
              Spouse:Married to Wanda for 11 years with 1 child.
              Personal:I met Wanda in Orlando FL while i was renting her cousins house.
              my stepson Carl is an attorney in cleveland ohio.Whanda and I have 3
              grandchildren.I have driven an 18 wheeler for walmart for 8 years
              My Education:AA SPJC BA USF
How I spend my free time:I HAVE A SMALL FARM.

                Russell Wallace
                Address:5207 5th Ave Drive NW Bradenton, FL 34209
                Home:941 747-5482 Office:941 685-3693
                Spouse:Married to Gail for 21 years with 2 children and 1 grandchild.
                Personal:I meet my wife thru a fellow officier in the Florida National Guard.
                We each have a daughter thru a previous marriage. Both live in Florida and
                are very busy with their careers.My wife Gail and I are now retiried.
My Education:Associate of Arts Degree, St. Petersburg Junior College, Bachelor of Arts, USF, Tampa.
My Career:Four years active duty in Coast Guard, with remaining 22 years Florida National Guard. 35 years
with GTE/Verizon.
How I spend my free time:I am a bagpipe player in the Sarasota Jacobites Pipes & Drums. Member of Palma
Sola Presbyterian Church
Other comments:I am one of the many twins at Manatee High School (Updated 6/13/2010)
              Robert Warner
              Address:3193 Glynn Mill Dr. Snellville, GA 30039
              Spouse:Married to Diane Lacharite for 2 mo years with 2 children.
              Personal:i met diane on a visit with my sister sally., in 2000.she captured
              me, so here i am.robin and ian both live in texas and so far, no grandkids.
              My Education:i tried not to get too much book learnin'.
              My Career:have worked in the NAPA system since the sixties.
How I spend my free time:we golf, i shoot shotguns a bit and i still do wood carvings,i.e.tiki dolls.
Other comments:it's nice to have the best longtime friends in the universe! (Updated 9/8/2009)

                  Shirley Wetherington Phillips
                  Address:2887 Seminole Village Drive Middleburg, FL 32068
                  Home:904 291-0574
                  Spouse:Married to David for 38 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
                  Personal:Dave is also from Bradenton. We were high school sweethearts
                  even though he attended Southeast. I met him while shopping at Cortez
                  Plaza. I went into Mary Jane Shoes looking for a pair of sandles for summer.
                  We married June 28, 1966. Dave had orders for VP 1 at NAS North Island in
San Deigo, CA. so we left immediately for the west coast. We have 2 sons, David Jr. and Robert. David
(37)lives about 10 miles from us. Robert (34) and his family live in Pa. Robert's sons are Alexander 10
yrs.(born on my 48th birthday) and Hunter 8yrs.
My Education:Attended MCC, worked in the office at Beall's Westgate. I have a General Class Amateur
Radio license (30 yrs.) That's how Dave & I kept in touch while he was on deployments. It was great for the
boys to be able to actually talk to Dad while he was at sea. I am an honorary crew member of the USS Guam
(LPH 9) and have a letter of appreciation from the Commanding Officer of the USS Forrestal for handeling
their ship's Phone Patches during their 1978 Mederranean cruises. I was a Realtor in Maine and Virginia. I
have been an Administrative Assistant for a Solar Panel Manufacturer, and at Columbia College Extended
Studies Program at NAS Jacksonville Navy Campus. I hold a Series 7 General Securities (Stock Broker)
license and work for a Financial Advisor for 6 years.
My Career:Two years ago I decided I had had enough of the high pressure & long hours. I quit the J.O.B.
(joyless ocuppational bondage) and joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as an Independent Beauty Consultant. I can't
believe I didn't do this 20 years ago!!!
How I spend my free time:Gardening and counted cross stitch are favorites. But I joined the River City Foxy
Ladies Red Hat Chapter last year with a friend. We all (usually 40) get together every month for lunch and
shopping, a fashion show, movie or something else FUN!!!

              Sandra Wiggins Davis
              Address:1964 Conner Mill Road Ellaville, GA 31806
              Home:229 937-5232
              Spouse:Married to Richard Davis (deceased) with 4 children and 4 grandchildren.
              Personal:Rick work for engineering firm in Atlanta, Jim & Cindy O.T for school system
              Callie is 4 Colin is 18mo. live N. of Atlanta Jim manager of a restoration co. Carol teacher &
              Frank N.Y. Time newspaper Franklin 9 Jared 5 live in Lakeland Fl, Monica works for
              supermarket & photographer live in Ellaville.
My Career:Freelance photography Travel
How I spend my free time:Habitat for Humanity, grandchildren Travel
                 Wayne Wiles
                 Address:7825 Astra Cir Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
                 Home:614 755-2117
                 Spouse:Married to Karen for 36 years with 3 children and 2 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met Karen while in the US Air Force. We have two married daughters and a
                 daughter at the University of Cincinnati. Our married daughters live in Columbus, Ohio.
                 My Education:BS in Economics and Business Administration from Georgetown College in
                 Kentucky, Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville,
Kentucky, and Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.
My Career:I served in the US Air Force and pastored 6 churches in Kentucky and Ohio. Currently I am a bi-
vocational pastor and work as a safety director in manufacturing.
How I spend my free time:My spare time is spent with my family and grandchildren. I maintain my aquarium
hobby. I enjoy college football especially the Ohio State Buckeyes. During the summer we enjoy visiting
Siesta Key and working in our yard.
Other comments:We worked as short-term missionaries in Thailand in 2006. (Updated 11/2/2011)

                 Katherine Williams
                 Address:2102 Bryant Street Madison, NC 27025
                 Home:336 427-4287 Office:336-427-4287
                 Personal:Never married, no children, but many pets. My relationship with a long term
                 boyfriend ended a few years ago, although we're still friends.
                 My Education:BA in Fine Arts, Eckerd College, 1969; MFA in Textile Arts, California
                 College of Arts and Crafts, 1975; Certificate in Historic Preservation, University of North
                 Carolina at Greensboro, 2009.
My Career:As of 2009, I'm still an artist, still doing murals but I have a rep now and am doing large drawings
of farm animals. I also do custom artwork and fabrics for designers. I write about architectural history as a
How I spend my free time:I live in an 1825 Federal farmhouse which I will be restoring until I die (it's very
slow). Am a Quaker in the local Friends' Meeting. Serve as secretary for the Rockingham County Historical
Assn., and on the Madison Historic Property Commission. Work on paintings.
Other comments:I am REALLY INTERESTED in my classmates. When I was in high school my dad had just
died and the whole three years I was pretty much out of things. Now I wonder what happened back then and
who else was there? It's a gap I regret.

                 Leonda Wolford Stadler (Passed Away)
                 Address:300 57TH ST W Bradenton, FL 34209
                 Home:941 794 5014 Office:941 953-9199
                 Spouse:Married to ROGER for 23 years.
                 Other comments:Leonda Wolford Stadler, 62, Bradenton, died February 20, 2010. Leonda
                 was born on June 2, 1947 in Peebles, Ohio to the late Leon & Hilda (Phillips) Wolford. She
                 has been a resident of Bradenton for over 50 years coming from Ohio. She was predeceased
                 by her husband of 28 years Roger in 2009, and is survived by her god-children; Candy
Galloway of Bradenton, Jana Gibson of TN, sister, Debbie (Wallace Thompson) Brown of Sarasota, brother
Philip (Lynn) Wolford of Bradenton, and their son Chase of Bradenton and Chicago, IL., two sisters-in-law;
Nancy (Allen) Schofield of Bradenton, and their daughter Robin, Mary Ann (Mike) Stradling of New Wave,
IN. Services will be announced at a later date. Memorials may be made to Manatee County Humane Society in
her memory. Condolences for the family may be made online at
Arrangements by Shannon Funeral Home Westview Chapel, Bradenton. (Updated 9/8/2009)
                 Karen Wright McClellan
                 Address:5913 99th St. East Bradenton, FL 34202
                 Home:941 753-0193 Office:941-751-1970
                 Spouse:Married to Ron for 39 years with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
                 Personal:I met Ron in January 1963. The dance was one of those Star
                 Spectacular Dances at the Bradenton Auditorium. We were married while
                 Ron was in the Air Force. He was stationed in Winston-Salem, N.C.
                 Following his service stay we moved to Sarasota. We have two sons. They
were born here in Sarasota & attended Cardinal Mooney H.S. Mike has a BS degree from Jacksonville
University & Ryan has a BS degree from Augusta State College. Mike is married to Danielle. They have two
sons. Ronnie is 6 yrs. old & Thomas is 3 yrs. old. Mike is the Director of Golf at The Meadows Country Club.
Ryan is married to Monica. They have three sons. Trevor is 6 yrs. old, Davis is 4 yrs. & Owen is 2 yrs. old.
Ryan is the Assistant Branch Manager for Club Car. We are truly blessed to have them live so close to us.
My Education:I was married in October after graduation. I attended MCC for one year when our oldest son
was in high school.
My Career:Ron & I own and operate an electrical contracting business in Sarasota. Terrell Electric, Inc. is the
name of our business. We work together each day. We make a great team.
How I spend my free time:Every weekend we can, we play golf. I am a member of EWGA, a woman's golf
league. We both spend time with our five grandsons. We like to go to dinner with our friends. Staying home is
a plus when time allows.
Other comments:Looking back on the past forty years....... a quick look..... I am still young. Having a 40th
Class Reunion will be fun. (Updated 6/14/2010)

                Danny Zuber
                Address:11456 Kenley Cir Orlando, FL 32824
                Home:321 202-6545
                Spouse:Married to Elaine for 6 years with 2 children.
                Personal:Met Elaine at Cam Webb's party on New Years Eve.
                My Education:MCC, Certified General Contractor
                My Career:Marines, General Contractor, Estimator and Purchasing manager. Currently
                unemployed. (Updated 9/17/2009)
                                    No Biography Provided

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