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					                                 SmartFind Express FAQ
1. At 7:00 a.m. or before I manually phone a substitute, what do I need to do in SmartFind Express

   You need to review first thing in the morning of each work day that the Staff replacements are
   happening by using the Job Inquiry/Reports menu option. This will provide information about the
   jobs status and supply replacements. If SFE is still trying to locate a substitute for you, and is still
   making calls, it will indicate “Open/Open”. If it is unable to find anyone it will indicate
   “Open/Unfilled”. In this case you will need to make other arrangements.

2. How do I stop SFE from calling out?

   If you wish to stop a call-out and do replacements manually, you will need to press the ‘STOP
   CALLOUT’ button on the Job Inquiry/Reports screen.

3. What do I need to do in SFE if I want to “pre-book” a substitute?

   You must indicate to the permanent employee that they are to check off “no substitute required”
   when they book the absence and then you need to assign the substitute to the job – if this is not
   done, SFE will call out for a substitute.

4. What is the difference between Assigned Substitute and Specified Substitute?

        If you choose Assigned Substitute, the assumption is that you have talked to the supply and
         arrangements have been made for the job. SME will not call.
        Specified Substitute will only work at the time that the absence is created and can only be
         chosen by the Secretary/Principal (in other words the school administration would have to
         create the employee absence); the system will try and call the Specified supply up until 2
         days before the job starts. If the specified supply has not accepted the job 2 days before the
         jobs starts, the job will go out to the Supply List to find a substitute.

5. I have a position that is often hard to fill i.e.: Self-contained classroom teacher - elementary. I
   prefer to have a priority list or call out myself. How do I set this up?

   a. You will set the person up with a classification of ‘Specialist – Teacher Elementary’
   b. You can then choose to setup an Employee priority list for him/her
   c. If the priority list is set up it will try and call those individuals and if it cannot get anyone the job
      will be unfilled
   d. If there is no employee priority list, the job will be left unfilled

6. Do employees who are absent for long periods of time need to book off their absence in SFE?

   For the first 10 days, employees should enter their absence in SFE or contact HR and arrangements
   can be made to have the HR Administrator-Attendance enter them. In all cases, after 10 days, (or in
   advance if it’s known), the HR Department will ensure that the long term absence is posted.
                                SmartFind Express FAQ

7. How do I create a priority list for my school?

    From the Main Menu under ‘Administrator’ you will click on ‘Priority Lists’
    On the Priority Lists screen you will click on the ‘New’ button.
    You will now perform the following process.
         o Beside ‘Substitute’ you will choose the Name Lookup
                  You will search for the substitute you want by name
                  You will click on the substitutes name
                  This will bring the substitute back to the New Priority List screen
         o Beside ‘List’ you will press the down arrow and select ‘Preferred’
         o Leave the Classification BLANK
         o Beside Location, you will enter your location code _ _ _
         o Press the ‘SAVE’ button
    If you wish to add another Substitute to your Location/School priority list, you will go back to
     item 2 above and repeat the process

8. What order will SFE use when calling out substitutes?

   The call-out for a substitute will move as follows thru the list:
                i. Specified Substitute (If you’ve indicated one)
               ii. Employee Priority list (If you’ve created one)
              iii. School Location Priority list (If you’ve created one)
              iv. Supply List

9. Can the same substitute be called in for a teacher that works 0.5 in two different schools?

   By default, SFE assumes that the employee is scheduled for 8 hours at each school until you specify
   their schedule when you create their classification. As well, SFE does not necessarily call out the
   same substitute for each school so it is suggested that the permanent teacher click “No Substitute
   Required” for both absences in each location when they book off the absence and you should assign
   the appropriate substitute.

10. When does SFE start calling out?

   The system will call-out for a substitute Monday to Friday, between 6 a.m. until the job starts that
   day. Callouts will resume between 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. for future jobs (up to 5 days in advance). On the
   weekends, call-out times occur on Sundays only, between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

11. What do I do if an employee is going to be absent for more than one day and I don’t need a
    substitute for each absent day?

   Have the employee book the absence for each day separately so that you can assign the substitute
   on one entry and allow the system to call out for the other entry.

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