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									         Mathematical Development                             Communities                                   Gym

• To recognise, order & write numbers up to       • To begin to know about and have a      • To move with confidence,
20.                                               developing respect for their own and     imagination and in safety.
                                                  other cultures and beliefs.
•To use language such as ‘greater’, ‘smaller’,                                             •To show awareness of space, of
‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’ to compare quantities.     •To learn the Rainbow story.             themselves and of others.

•In practical activities and discussion, begin                                                            Games
to use the vocabulary involved in adding and
                                                    Exploring and investigating
subtracting.                                                                              •To move in a variety of ways showing
                                                 • To ask questions about why things
                                                                                          control and coordination.
•To use developing mathematical ideas &          happen and how things work.
methods to solve practical problems.                                                      •To use small and large equipment with
                                                 •To find out about & identify some       basic control.
•To find one more or one less than any           features of living things.
number from one to ten.                                                                                     ICT

•To use mathematical language to describe
                                                   Hairy Maclary’s                        •To learn how to input and edit data in
solid and flat objects.                          rumpus at the vets.                      a simple graphing program.
                                                                                          • To use a mouse effectively and make
           Designing & making                           Wren Class                        appropriate choices.

   • To learn how to use simple tools                    Summer 1                        Communication, language and literacy
   & techniques effectively.
                                                                Music                  • To enjoy listening to and using spoken
                   Place                                                               and written language, and use it in their
• To observe, find out about and identify          • To build up a repertoire of       play and learning.
features in the place they live and the            songs and dances.
                                                                                       •To attempt writing for different
natural world.                                     •To recognise repeated sounds       purposes, using features of different
                                                   & sound patterns.                   forms such as lists, stories & instructions.
Personal Social and Emotional Development
                                                               Art                     •To use language to imagine and recreate
•To explore growing and changing in living                                             roles and experiences.
things.                                          • To explore creating new
                                                 effects and textures using a          •To use their phonic knowledge to write
•To know that all human beings grow and                                                simple words and make phonetically
                                                 variety of materials and media.
change at different rates.                                                             plausible attempts at more complex
•To understand what is fair and unfair.          •To explore colour mixing.            words.

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