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					                               Division of Student Affairs
                                2010-11 Annual Report

Department: Career Development Center
Person Completing Report: Leslye Erickson

Executive Summary

Despite a rocky second year of operation since the re-opening of the Career
Development Center, our third year of operation marked the return of the office to our
Houchens Location, tremendous growth in the development of our webpage and web
based services, continued development of our school specific career development
programs, a continued increase in the number of students, alumni and faculty/staff
served and only a small decline in our employer participation even in the face of a major
recession. In addition, we experienced a number of staff changes as two staff left to
accept director level opportunities and one staff was promoted from employer relations
coordinator to Career Coach Sr.

1. Programs and Services

      In keeping with the new look and feel for the University Webpage, the CDC re-
       designed it's webpage with the same look and feel as the new University page
       and new updated content and web-based services for students, alumni, faculty
       and employers.

      The CDC Staff have provided 222 presentations for students classes, groups,
       clubs, etc…

      The CDC Staff have provided individual career coaching for 1299 student/alumni.

      The CDC Staff have assisted 2639 students create new accounts and learn how to
       use Symplicity.

      The CDC Staff have assisted employers in posting 2338 new jobs in Symplicity for
       our student/alumni use in their respective job searches.

      The CDC Staff have assisted 981 employers create new accounts in Symplicity.

      The CDC Staff have administered and interpreted 624 MBTI and/or Strong
       Interest Assessments to UofL students/alumni.

      Hosted and/or assisted with the planning of 10 career fairs this review period:
       The Engineering Career Fair (Fall and Spring), The University Wide Career Fair
       (Fall and Spring), The The Graduate School Fair, The Part-time Jobs Fair, the
       School of Social Work Career Fair, the Education Career Fair and the Big East
       Career Consortium Virtual Fair and the Big East Career Consortium On-Site Fair
       at Madison Square Gardens.

2. Major Accomplishments

   Re-designed office webpage with fresh new look and logo, re-wrote webpage
   content and greatly expanded the use of web based services available through the
   page to include Cards CareerLink, Interfolio, Career Spots, Interview Stream, Career
   TV, On-line Resume Review, Cards Mentor Network. In the 2009/2010 reporting
   year we experienced 13,616 hits to our webpage. During the 2010/2011 report year
   we experienced 61,010 hits to our webpage. As we radically improved our page
   during the course of the report year, we attribute the increase in use to the
   improvement of our pages, the resources found within and our increased ability to
   drive/attract our students to our webpage for “self serve” career development

3. Staffing Summary

      Lindsay Jacobs, Student Staff, Graduated and took a new job, May 2011

      Greg Bocchino, Career Coach Sr, accepted position as Director of Student
       Services for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky, Jan

      Matt Real, was promoted from the position of Employer Relations Coordinator
       to Career Coach Sr for the College of Arts and Sciences, Jan 2011

4. Activities and Initiatives that Support Academic Units

      In Arts and Sciences our focus has been to assist students with career decision
       making, offering 100's of MBTI and Strong Interest Inventories to date to
       individual student referrals from academic advisors and faculty, to cardinal
       covenant students, to porter scholars, to GEN 101 freshman, to Comm 250
       enrolled students, to SMEP summer participants, to prospective students and
       alumni just to name a few; the delivery of a career development workshop series
       in the Arts and Science physical space was provided to allow us to cover the
       basics with these students from how to choose a major to how to write a
       resume; in addition, our Career Spotlights series, was continued and expanded
       to help students learn more about how to put their major to work.

      In Dentistry, we continue to help dentistry staff learn to use Symplicity as the
       database for their job posting system and to provide workshops on the basics of
       career development for both dental and dental hygeine students.
   In Education, we assisted with the Education Career Fair, hosting a number of
    school districts participating in on-campus recruiting, regular office hours have
    been maintained during and the delivery of a career development workshop
    series in the School of Education space was provided.

   In Engineering, our focus has been to continue to partner with the planning and
    hosting of the Engineering career fair, delivery of mock interviews for all
    students preparing to coop, providing regular office hours at Speed School, the
    delivery of a career development workshop series in the School of Engineering
    focused on full-time employment issues, was provided in support of their already
    developed cooperative education program.

   In Music, regular office hours have been maintained and changed a bit to
    included staff being available over their lunch hour in an information booth type
    format in the space where the students hang out, delivery of a career
    development workshop series in the School of Music space was provided and
    included several presentations during their regularly scheduled convocation on
    Thursdays. In addition, we have continued to host additional Careers Spotlights
    in Music presentations, bringing additional music alumni back to campus to
    share their career path with our soon to be grads. We also created for the first
    time our first Career Development Center blog and piloted the concept in the
    School of Music.

   In Nursing, we continue to provide our required career development
    presentations and mock interviews for all students. We also continue to work
    with advisors to implement our an early waring program for those students who
    are on academic warning, probation or who are not selected to continue in the
    upper level courses.

   In Public Health, we have provided a comprehensive workshop series on resume
    writing, cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and job search strategies, as well
    as mock interviews, faculty presentations on our services. In addition, we have
    provided late afternoon/early evening office hours as an attempt to better serve
    their student scheduling needs.

   In Social Work, our focus has been to assist with job postings, getting info out to
    prospective students about grad school options and the collection of graduate
    follow up data. In addition, we assisted with the second annual Social Work
    Career Fair in conjunction with the Social Work Student Council group. No school
    specific office hours have been established to date. We have also launched in
    cooperation with the school our Cards Mentors program as a pilot for the
    development of this program university wide.

   Now, in our second year of providing Alumni Services, we offered one on one
    counseling, a Career Development Series of Workshops, updated our webpage
    with resources specifically for alumni and invited our alumni to participate in all
       our career fairs. In addition, we have presented at all Alumni Council Meeting
       and their annual Alumni Leadership Meeting.

      This reporting year marks our first offering, in partnership with the Graduate
       School, a series career development workshops designed especially for graduate
       level students. In addition, we have greatly enhanced the information on the
       graduate school process on our webpage.

5. Activities and Services that Support Diversity

      In keeping with the University mission to be inclusive and respresentative of all
       groups, the Career Development Center Staff demonstrate their comittment to
       diversity through the wide range of groups we present to and comittees we

      Porter Scholars Student Administration, Interpretation and Presentation on the
       MBTI, Strong and Career Decision Making

      Cultural CenterStudent Administration, Interpretation and Presentation on the
       MBTI, Strong and Career Decision Making

      LGBT Fan

      Veterans Friendly Office

      James Brown and Valerie Browning serves as active members of CODRE

      Cardinal Covenant Student Administration, Interpretation and Presentation on
       the MBTI, Strong and Career Decision Making

6. Activities and Services that Support Community Service and/or Civic Engagement

   As a newly developed office, this has not been a priority due to the need to focus on
   building our own infrastructure.

7. Staff Professional Development Activities and Programs

   As a means to increase University awareness of the Career Development Center and
   to become actively engaged in the University community, all staff are strongly
   encouraged where appropriate to give time through service in University
   Committees and to our profession through participation in a variety of professional

   Staff in the CDC actively served on the following University committees:
        Cardinal Covenant Advisory Committee
        Great Louisville Inc – HIRE Sub-Committee
          Interview Committee Member for Mr. & Ms. Cardinal
          Financial Festival Planning Committee
          Cardinal newspaper Advisory Board
          Department of Public Safety Advisory-Education subcommittee chair
          Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality
          Big East Career Fair Planning Committee
          Staff Senate
          Student Affairs Professional Development
          ACPA Mid-Managers Institute planning meeting
          Career Development Center Representative, Student Affairs Newsletter
          Black Alumni Council
          Per Credit Hour Tuition Marketing Working Group
          President's Outstanding performance Award Committee for Faculty/Staff
          Graduate Follow-Up Committee
          Student Persistance Committee
          Flight Plan Committee
          I2A Advisory Committee

8. Assessment

During this review period the Career Center named Becky Clark Associated Director. As a
part of her new duties she will assume responsibility for collection of a number of
different metrics and evaluation measures including:
     Continuation of the collection of monthly counts on # of student appointments,
        # of new student registrations, # of new employer registrations, # of new jobs
        posted, # of career assessments administered, # of presentations, # of webpage
        hits, # of career fairs, # of student attendees at career fair and # of employer at-
        tendees at career fair.
     In addition, Becky will begin the collection of both career coach appointment and
        presentation evaluative data in an effort to provide service delivery feedback to
        the career coaches on a regular basis.

9. Top Goals for the Department

      Change focus of career services delivery in response to campus needs and job

      Expand Alumni Career Services Program

      Focus on Student Career Awareness and Intervention

      Focus on Staff and Faculty Career Awareness

      CDC Staff Development

      Program Evaluation

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