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									    The Missing Link

   Outreach Services
      & Cocaine
Carla Ellis
Crew 2000
           What’s our Mandate
   Jellytime

   Information, Advice & Crisis Intervention

   Clubs, Free parties & Festivals

   5,000 people used the outreach in 2005/06
             Changing Trends

   Cocaine has never been cheaper
   £30 - £55 a gram in Druglink survey
   Cocaine never been so easily available

   Used in pubs
   Drink more
   Don’t get to the club
            Knock On Effects

   More aggression

   Ecstasy drought summer 05

   Changing face of clubs & causing
    resurgence in free party scene
              Cocaine Surge

   Edinburgh Stimulant Users’ Service
   2003 – Ecstasy main presenting issue
   2006 – 70% referrals cocaine or crack

   3,000% rise in numbers testing positive
    for cocaine over last 10 years (Medscreen
    in the Independent)

   Outreach services need to respond
   Pubs & publicans
   Licensing board

   New markets: colleges, taxi drivers,
    builders merchants, major employers, the
    Chamber of Commerce and Trade Unions
         Challenge the Stigma

   Education around drug use & prevalence

   Reframe getting help – increase
    productivity, retain employees

   Education, education, education
    Integrated Model of Service
  Information and Advice        harm reduction           treatment services          specialist services

Youthful experimenter               Regular Users                          Problematic drug users

        Information and Shop services                                       One to one counselling
                     Telephone helpline                       Referral to specialist services
        Outreach to youth groups                Complementary therapies
                     Outreach to bars, clubs and free parties
                     Outreach to colleges, commerce & industry

                                                                           ESUS Services
        Crew 2000 Services

Short Term interventions                                                       Longer term Interventions
            Assume Nothing

   Last month assessed 5 people/week

   Using between 7 and 14 grams a weekend

   None had heard of cocaethylene
             Future Prospects

   Cocaine is here to stay

   Services for all not just focus on the
    biggest headline grabbers

   Develop a practical, national response
   Outreach enables low threshold access
    into services

   Cocaine use is rising

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