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									ECE 3424 - Intermediate Electronic Circuits                                             Caution: This is a dynamic sche
Spring 2012                                                                             Check frequently
Tilted toward applications in communications circuits

Wk Class       Topic                                                                 Ch    pp Hwk

  1   9-Jan                                                                           1 5-40    shw1
               Syllabus, charter, roadmap, language and art of electronics
               Tutorial on the integrated usage of utilities (pSPICE, Word, Excel)
               Ideal opamp = an operational platform                                  2 63-88
               Basic opamp configurations and their characteristics
               Analysis techniques                                                              Catherine Mohr, -DaVinci s
               Special opamp configurations                                                     ahw1
               Differential amplifiers
               Instrumentation amplifier                                                        Professor Notes: Opamps

  2 16-Jan     Holiday
               Semiconductors and non-linear devices                                          ahw2a
                                                                                      3 139-234
               pn junctions and diodes
               Diode circuit models                                                             ahw2b
               Diode-resistance circuits
               Diode state tables
               Zener diodes and circuits

  3 23-Jan     Diode-capacitance circuits
               AC-DC converters                                                                 ahw2c
                                                                                                EFCI smart power outlet sy
               Diode-capacitance circuits
               Charge pumps and voltage multipliers
  4 30-Jan     pin junctions, LEDs                                                              The Orb
               Basic concepts: The transistor

  5   6-Feb    Quiz 1: Semiconductors and diode circuits                                        Quiz 1 Study Points
      7-Feb                                                                                     Q1 cover sheet

               npn and pnp (BJT) transistors                                                    ahw3
               Current control, current flow, defaults
  6 13-Feb     BJT Transistor biasing for active-mode                                           ahw4
               operating point concept
               Amplifier (transfer-circuit) concepts                                            ahw5
               Hybrid-pi small-signal model of the BJT
  7 20-Feb     General-purpose (CE) topology
               Voltage-follower (EF) topology
                  Circuits with current sources                       ahw6a
                  Analysis by inspection
8 27-Feb          BJT current sources
                  BJT topologies with simple current mirrors          (ahw6b)
9        5-Mar    Quiz 2: BJT device and BJT circuits                 Quiz 2 Study Points

                  Intro to field-effect transistors
                  MOSFET device
10 12-Mar         Spring break
11 19-Mar         MOS SPICE parameters                                ahw7
                  MOS circuit simulation
                  Junction FET
                  CMOS logic technology                               ahw8
                  Professor notes: Logic circuits                     shw4
                  Additional professor notes: Ch 15
12 26-Mar         Bias frame analysis
                  Small-signal model of FETs
                  General-purpose (CS) topology                       ahw9
     `            Voltage-follower (SF) topology
13        2-Apr   Quiz 3: FET devices and circuits
                  Single-time-constant (STC) approximations
                  Transfer functions: poles and zeros
                  Bode plots. STC 3dB corners and roll-off
                  Rough approximations and pspice comparisons
          6-Apr   Holiday

14        9-Apr   Low-frequency poles, CS and CE topologies
                  Effect of circuit capacitances
                  CE and CS topologies
15 16-Apr         Parasitic capacitances in the BJT and FET           shw5
                  Diffusion capacitance, Junction capacitance
                  Gate capacitances
16 23-Apr         Miller effect and high-frequency poles              ahw10
                  Approximations and corners
                  Gain-bandwidth product
                  Higher bandwidth techniques
                  cascode configuration
         26-Apr   Quiz 4: Frequency-domain analysis

         30-Apr M Exam: 8:00 AM                                 TT
         4-May F Exam: 12 noon                                  MWF
on: This is a dynamic schedule.

           Version 1.1

           Supplementary             Laboratories

           (partial solutions to shw1)

 Catherine Mohr, -DaVinci surgical system
                            BDI Big dog
                            Sarco exoskeleton
 Professor Notes: Opamps HAL exoskeleton

                             Lab0    Getting started with measurement labs

                            Lab1x Ideal opamps, transfer characteristics
                                  of standard opamp configurations
 EFCI smart power outlet system

                             Lab2x Forward conductance characteristics
                                   of junction diodes

 Quiz 1 Study Points
 Q1 cover sheet              Lab3x Reverse bias characteristics
                                   of junction diodes

           Professor notes, Transistors and single-transistor topologies
                             Lab4x AC-DC converters and voltage multipliers

                             Lab5x I-V Characteristics of the BJT
                           Lab6x Single transistor BJT amplifiers

Quiz 2 Study Points        Lab7x BJT Phase splitter
          Q2 cover sheet

                           winton patent

         MOSIS Integrated circuit foundry
         MOSIS SPICE params
                         Lab8x JFET Device characteristics

                           Lab9x Transfer charactersitics of the CMOS inverter
                           kilby patents

         Quiz 3 Study Points
         Q3 cover sheets
                          Lab10xUseful circuits using BJTs and FETs

         Robotic fly wing Lab11xParasitic capacitances of the BJT and FET

         Black hornet      Lab12xOscillator circuits
         bionic arm              Variable load Zener regulated output

         A160T Hummingbird

         Brammo                   D-cycle engine
         Quiz 4 Study Points      Atkinson cycle engine
         Q4 cover sheet

                                  Cool Projects

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