In the recent Anak TV Seal Awards 2008 conducted by the Southeast Asian
Foundation for Children and Television (SEAFCTV) in relation with Plan
International - Philippines advocacy, Learn Without Fear, held last December 3,
2008 at the SGI Building, Quezon City, one of the top winners for Anak TVs
Batang Broadcaster ng Pilipinas Derby was from the Municipality of San
Francisco, Cebu. She is ANABELLA BARCENAS, a 4th year student of the
Camotes National High School residing at Camao, Southern Poblacion, San
Francisco, Cebu. Her award winning mini-documentary, Buslot (Butas-Hole),
shows the true-to-life story and pains of a high school student who had been
abused by her own father and put to shame by the community without regard for
her reputation and privacy.

During the 4th Region 7 Model OFW Family of the Year Award (MOFYA) held
last November 4, 2008, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm at SM City Cebu,one of the finalists of
the Land-based Category was MRS. LETECIA T. MANONGTONG, a resident of
Southern Poblacion, San Francisco, Cebu. She worked as an Overseas Filipino
Worker in Hongkong for years. Though she did not won the award, but being one
of Region 7's finalists is more than enough for her, her family and the San
Frnaciscohanons to be proud of.

Meet 20 year old MISS JERVY PATANI DAÑO, a resident of Canlusong, San
Isidro, San Francisco, Cebu. She was one the 18 successful castaways of GMA
7's Survivor Philippines. Since her childhood, she always dreamed of becoming a
big star. While working as a baby-sitter, she strive to learn Tagalog by watching
TV shows and practiced speaking the language whenever she was engaged in
conversation. Although she did not succeed of becoming the sole survivor, by
just being one of the 18 castaways out of thousands who auditioned to become
one, that was already a great achievement for her and it pave the way for her to
become a big star someday.

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