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									College of Arts and Sciences
Council of Chairs
September 26, 2007
2:30 p.m., AS 122
                                            Meeting Minutes

Present: J. Carson, J. Collins, A. DeBlasi, K. Doolen, R. Dressler, P. Ferlo, E. Gaffney, S. Galime, K.
Gersowitz (recorder), R. Hamm, T. Harrison, M. Hill, V. Idone, S. Isser, J. Kimball, J. Mandle, M.
Messitt, J. Monfasani, J. Mower, C. Olsen, M. Sattinger, G. Stevens, M. Sutherland, E. Turner, R. Ward
(for Hernandez and Moore) J. Welch, K. Williams, M. Winn, E. Wulfert, A. Zak

Introductory Remarks: Dean E. Wulfert called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

Minutes of the meeting of 5/9/2007: A motion to approve the minutes was moved by A. Zak, seconded
by J. Carson. The meeting minutes for the May 9, 2007 Council of Chairs were unanimously approved.

Newsletter – please send any items to D. Parker no later than 10/5.

Graduate Fair 2007 - will be held on 10/8, from 3-7:00 p.m. in the Campus Center. Please help promote
this event.

Sabbatical Leave Requests - due in Dean’s Office 10/10. It was noted that two requests submitted for the
same time should not be considered if this will interfere with the teaching mission of a Department.

Workshop for Academic Advisors - will be held on 10/10, from 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in HU 109. Letter
from Suzanne Phillips, Director of Advisement Services, was distributed.

Fall Open Houses for Prospective Students – will be held 10/13 and 10/27. Letter from Robert Andrea,
Director of Undergraduate Admissions, was distributed.

The Annual CAS College Dinner – will be held on 10/18, at 5:30 p.m. at the Italian-American
Community Center. The theme of the evening will be “Out of this World” and the featured speaker will
be Professor John Delano of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

CAS Travel Fund Applications for 2007-08 are due in Dean’s Office 10/22.

COEUS Training – All chairs must register for the COEUS routing training so that they can sign-off on
campus impact statements.

China Semester – Chairs were encouraged to take advantage of the many events taking place as part of the
China semester. September 5th marked the kick-off of the semester’s events and featured a visit by
Ambassador Liu Biwei.

Journalism Kickoff event – On Monday, September 17th the Journalism program celebrated the one year
anniversary of the new major in journalism with a visit from CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft.
Mr. Kroft participated in a question and answer session with students before being awarded the Medallion
of the University by Officer in Charge Susan Herbst.

Writing Intensive Task Force – Chairs were asked to read the Writing Task Force Final Report which will
be discussed at the next Council of Chairs meeting on October 17. The link to the report is
( This topic will also be
taken up by the CAS Faculty Council Academic Programming Committee.

New Business:
T. Harrison raised the issue of the winter session now being offered at the University. G. Stevens
reported that it was recently discovered that PeopleSoft has the capacity for a winter session (01) and the
University will begin offering a winter session through online courses. The point person for information
is Michelle Lasak in General Studies. More information should be available shortly.

Old Business:
The Council took up the matter of departmental tenure and promotion guidelines. Last semester Dean
Wick-Pelletier requested that departments develop guidelines for tenure and promotion that would be
specific to each discipline. The guidelines were intended to assist new faculty in understanding the
requirements of a successful tenure and promotion file, as well as inform others who sat on personnel
committees not familiar with a discipline. Faculty mentors might also use the guidelines when advising
junior faculty. At this time, only seven departments have submitted the guidelines.

Dean Wulfert opened up the topic for discussion asking the Chairs for input on the value of these
documents and how we should proceed.

On the PRO side, the following issues were mentioned:

   Guidelines would be helpful to candidates who may have seen a shift in departmental criteria since
   arriving at UAlbany or where there has been a change in departmental leadership.

   Chairs who had worked on developing guidelines agreed that the process proved to be a good
   internal exercise and allowed discrepancies between faculty views to be addressed at this time,
   rather than when a case was up for discussion.

   Departments where most tenure and promotions cases do not look like the standard case (e.g.,
   Theatre, Art, Interdisciplinary programs) agreed that these guidelines would be beneficial in
   explaining the criteria in the discipline to others reviewing and making decisions on tenure and
   promotion cases. Guidelines would be helpful to members of the CAS committee as well as CPCA.

   New assistant professors are most concerned about understanding what is expected of them to
   maximize their chances for tenure and promotion. Providing them with general guidelines that
   delineate a department’s expectations serves to allay some of these concerns.

On the CON side, the following arguments were made:

   Some Chairs felt the University guidelines were appropriate and thorough and questioned whether
   or not departmental guidelines are necessary.

   Concern was expressed that if the guidelines were to become simply a checklist we would lose the
   “sum total” of a candidate’s contributions. It would not be possible for these documents to take into
   account all contingencies or the nuances of a specific case.

   Departments currently explain discipline specific criteria as part of a tenure and promotion file;
   hence no additional explanations for personnel committees are needed.
   It was noted that term renewals are a critical part of the tenure and promotion process, and areas of
   deficiency should be identified at those points.
   The legal status of the document was addressed as a possible concern.

Dean Wulfert then polled the Council to determine who would or would not consider departmental
guidelines useful. Twelve Chairs thought the documents would serve a useful purpose, eight felt they
were not useful.

Dean Wulfert then asked the departments who viewed the documents as useful to develop a short (1-2
page) qualitative document. She requested that the documents be shared with the Dean’s office. She
suggested that, with the departments’ permission, these documents could also be shared among CAS
Chairs but not be made available to the CAS Tenure and Promotion Committee or CPCA. She further
requested that those departments that did not consider a written document useful discuss the issue with
their faculty, perhaps at a departmental meeting, and that they report back on these discussions.

Business arising:
Dean Wulfert emphasized her willingness to meet with Chairs to discuss any issues or concerns. In the
spirit of cooperation, she asked that the Chairs come to her first with any problems that need to be
resolved rather then seeking to address such issues immediately at the University level.

Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 4:00.

Minutes of 5/9/07 Council of Chairs meeting
Discover Graduate School at UAlbany Flyer
Memo on Workshop for New Academic Advisors from Suzanne Phillips, Director, Advisement Services
Fall Open House letter from R. Andrea, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

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