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					Caring                      lives

                   Spring 2005
                   IN THIS ISSUE

                   A Grand Opening for the Women’s Center
                   Building the Hospital of Tomorrow — Right Here
                   Premier Health Partners: What Our Affiliation Means
                   Welcome to New Board Members
                   In Gratitude to 2004 Donors

            A Year of Caring

  Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation

      2004 Annual Report
                            A Farewell Message from the Chairman
                            In 2004, Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation experienced a highly successful year.
                            We enjoyed record attendance at our planned giving seminar. The annual fund
                            campaign, which provided financial resources for the newly created Women’s Center,
                            exceeded its goal for the eighth consecutive year.

                            However, Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation’s major focus was directed toward
                            planning for a capital campaign in support of the new hospital facility. Jerold Panas,
                            Linzy & Partners, one of the nation’s most highly regarded firms in the field of
                            campaign services and financial resource development, conducted a feasibility study
DON L. PELFREY              to assist us in setting a realistic goal and developing a plan for a successful campaign.
                            Why a capital campaign? Many times the difference between a good healthcare
Mid-Miami Healthcare
Foundation Board of         facility and an excellent one is the few but important items not affordable in the
Directors                   construction financing package. That difference is what the new campaign will
                            address—helping to provide those key “extras” for you and those you love.

                            This is my last newsletter as chairman of the Foundation board. I want to express
                            my gratitude for the opportunity and privilege of serving as chair for the past two
                            years. It’s been a highly rewarding experience. Many thanks are due to Linda Baxter,
                            Foundation executive director, and her staff for their support.

                            I have served on several boards, but Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation’s is one
                            of the finest and most professional boards I’ve ever had the privilege of working
                            with. Although my term as chairman is complete, I will continue to serve as a
                            board member because this is a great organization and a very exciting time in
                            the history of the hospital.

                            Warmest regards,

                            Don L. Pelfrey


                         OUR MISSION
                                                                                          LINDA C. BAXTER
                                                                                          Executive Director,
                 ALL RESIDENTS IN OUR BUTLER AND                                          Mid-Miami Healthcare
                   WARREN COUNTY SERVICE AREA.                                            Foundation
                                                                                          For more information about
                                                                                          ways to give to Mid-Miami
                                                                                          Healthcare Foundation,
                                                                                          please contact Linda C. Baxter,
                                                                                          executive director,
                                                                                          (513) 420-5144 or
                                                                                          (800) 338-4057 ext 5144.
   Campaign Raises $177,000 for
        State-of-the-Art Women’s Center
For a woman whose hectic day includes having a
mammogram or other diagnostic exam, the little
things can make a difference. Like private parking
and convenient registration. A physician who looks
her in the eye and takes time to answer her
questions. The reassurance of a breast care
coordinator whose role is to comfort, encourage and
streamline care. Soothing music, a gentle fountain
and a spa-like atmosphere to calm her anxieties.
Of course, the big things matter too—like the
availability of the most accurate technology and a
highly qualified and credentialed staff.
Guests were given an opportunity to observe these           Left to right, Don L. Pelfrey, Foundation Board chairman,
amenities at the February 2 grand opening of The            and Doug McNeill, president and CEO, Middletown Regional
Wilbur & Mary Jean Cohen Women’s Center,                    Health System, present a gift of appreciation to Wilbur and
                                                            Mary Jean Cohen at the Women’s Center opening.
located in Middletown Regional Hospital’s (MRH)

                                                                            Foundation and hospital
                                 Don L. Pelfrey, Foundation Board chairman, representatives joined McNeill in
                                 presents a plaque to Nancy Karchner, MRH
                                                                            thanking donors and volunteers
                                 Auxiliary president, thanking the group for
                                                                            who made the center a reality,
                                 their purchase of a defibrillator monitoring
                                 system for The Wilbur & Mary Jean Cohen    including campaign co-chairs
                                 Women’s Center. Doug McNeill, president    Judith J. Burichin, M.D., and
                                 and CEO, Middletown Regional Health        Barbara W. Strait; business
                                 System, is in the background.
                                                                            committee co-chairs Nancy
                                                                            Gross and Jim Kleingers; and
                                                           employee campaign co-chairs Sue Gibson,
former endoscopy facility. The event honored all
                                                           Debbie Gibson, R.N., and Donna Kauffman, R.N.
who participated in Mid-Miami Healthcare
Foundation’s 2004 Campaign for a Women’s                   More than 800 individuals and businesses assisted
Center, which raised more than $177,000 for                the Foundation in surpassing its $100,000
women’s services. Donors who supported other               campaign goal, explained Don L. Pelfrey, chairman
hospital programs also were recognized.                    of the Foundation board. Funds were used to:
“We’re extremely proud of the center and feel                • Purchase advanced stereotactic breast biopsy
it’s a better way of addressing the health issues              and ultrasound technology for the center
of women and families,” said Douglas W. McNeill,             • Establish the Linda Cohen Abrams Health &
president and CEO of Middletown Regional                       Risk Assessment Center—an area within the
Health System (MRHS). “We’ve developed a great                 facility where visitors can take an online health
program, offering a wide array of services—from                assessment and receive personalized wellness
education to diagnosis and treatment—in a                      counseling and intervention
spectacular, ‘one-stop shopping’ setting. We’re also         • Create an inviting environment that gives
pleased that the center is under the superb medical            women added incentive to focus on their health.
direction of Dr. Hugh Hawkins, who is a nationally
recognized expert in breast imaging.”
                                                                          Continues on page 4.

                                                                                                      Regional Health
                                                                                                              System    3
Campaign Raises $177,000, C o n t i n u e d
                              “Mid-Miami Healthcare
                             Foundation is grateful
                             to everyone who caught
                             the vision of this new
                             center and got on
                                                            Leaders for the 2004 Annual Campaign, For the Women We
                             board,” said Pelfrey.
                                                            Love, celebrate raising $177,000 for The Wilbur & Mary Jean
Longtime Middletown          “Seeing is believing           Cohen Women’s Center. Left to right are Sue Gibson, employee
Regional Hospital supporters
                             that this is a great step      committee co-chair; James B. Kleingers, business committee
Wilbur and Mary Jean
Cohen, for whom the new      forward for the health         co-chair; Barbara W. Strait, campaign co-chair; Debbie
                             of the women we love.”         Gibson, R.N., and Donna Kauffman, R.N., employee committee
Women’s Center is named,
                                                            co-chairs; and Judith Burichin, M.D., campaign co-chair
also celebrated their 59th
                           “It was a privilege to be
wedding anniversary the
day of the grand opening.  part of the campaign,”           After touring the center, Barbara W. Strait
                           reflected Dr. Burichin,          commented, “I doubt that anyone other than
an obstetrician/gynecologist on the MRH medical             someone who’s been through it can understand
staff. “The business community responded so well,           the anxiety of being called back for a second
and we’re grateful that they did. Their support not         mammogram or biopsy. The Women’s Center has
only improves the health of women, but everyone             so many extra touches to make the experience
in the family benefits when a woman receives the            more pleasant, including an extremely personable
care she needs.”                                            staff. Women are grateful for it.”

OHA Grant Promotes                                           Cohen Family Honors Daughter,
Healthy Workforce                                            Helps Women Stay Healthy
Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation is grateful to                                     For years, the Cohen name
the Foundation for Healthy Communities of the                                      graced the Wilbur M. Cohen
Ohio Hospital Association for their generous                                       Family Endoscopy and Laser
$20,000 grant in support of Middletown Regional                                    Center at MRH. But times
Health System’s “Wellness Works” program.                                          change, and so does health-
Created to improve the health status of MRHS                                       care. So when the hospital
personnel by providing free health assessments                                     needed to relocate
to employees and spouses, Wellness Works also                                      endoscopy services to make
                                                         Two Women’s Center
encourages attendance at seminars on smoking                                       way for a new women’s
                                                         employees check out the
cessation, nutrition, back care and many other           computer program that     center, Wilbur and Mary
health issues. As an incentive for participating,        helps women assess their  Jean Cohen were pleased to
employees receive a reduction in health                  health risks, part of the continue their patronage in
                                                         Linda Cohen Abrams Health support of area women.
insurance premiums.                                      & Risk Assessment Center.
According to Lynne Ayres, president of the                                          In honor of their beloved
Foundation for Healthy Communities, the                      daughter Linda, who passed away last July, the
grant evaluation team was impressed with the                 Cohens made a gift of $25,000 to create the
comprehensive goals and scope of Wellness                    Linda Cohen Abrams Health & Risk Assessment
Works in helping hospital employees become                   Center within the Women’s Center and equip it
community role models for wellness.                          with Personal Wellness Profile™ software and
“Middletown Regional Hospital’s program shines               laptops. Now every visitor can benefit from a
in that it actually incorporates the wellness                thorough health assessment and appropriate
objective into the culture of the organization,”             intervention for health threats such as high
she commented. “As one grant reviewer said,                  blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease,
‘This hospital really walks the talk.’”                      stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and
                                                             gynecological cancer.
                                                             “We were happy to have the Health & Risk
                                                             Assessment Center dedicated to Linda because she
                                                             loved the hospital, having worked there as both a
                                                             volunteer and an employee,” said Wilbur Cohen.

4      Mid-Miami
                                                             “We’re delighted to honor her memory by helping
                                                             others stay well.”
         the for Hospital
Building CareNewPatients and Families
By Carol Turner, Chief Operating Officer,
Middletown Regional Hospital
Imagine, for a moment, the hospital of your             a new model of patient/family-focused service.
dreams. If you’re like most people, it would            Studies show that when loved ones are engaged in
have all private rooms, with ample space for            the treatment process, patients improve faster. Yet
relaxation and overnight accommodation for              hospitals of the past were primarily designed for
family members.                                         the efficiency of staff, rather than the comfort and
There’d be fewer long, confusing hallways.              convenience of patients and families.
Instead of feeling lost in a maze, you could count on   At the new MRH, all patient rooms will be private,
“at-the-door” service and parking for frequently        with pull-out beds, Internet connections and other
accessed care such as outpatient testing, women’s       amenities for families. Nurses will carry personal
services, cardiology or ambulatory surgery.             pagers to eliminate the disturbance of overhead
Your dream hospital would have the latest, most         paging. Hallways and elevators will be configured
sophisticated technology, yet it would feel as warm     for the public’s convenience and privacy, with
and friendly as a college campus. Natural light,        separate traffic patterns for staff, supplies and
carefully chosen artwork and pleasing views of trees,   critically ill patients.
ponds and walking trails would make the environ-        For ease of access, key services and specializations
ment less clinical and more relaxing for patients.      will be grouped together within the hospital,
                                                        each with its own covered, drive-up portico. For
Designing Healthcare’s Future                           example, our new Cancer Center, which will
                                                        break ground in July 2005, will enable us to
It’s not often that a hospital administrator like me    consolidate all of our cancer services in one place,
has the chance to start fresh and create the ideal      including the most technologically advanced
facility for healing. Then again, having access to      radiation and oncology available. An expanded
a brand new hospital is a once-in-a-lifetime            area for cardiology is being designed with space for
opportunity for you and your neighbors, too. To         a full complement of noninvasive interventional
ensure that the new Middletown Regional Hospital        procedures, cardiac rehabilitation and an
(MRH) goes beyond your needs and expectations,          open-heart critical care unit.
we’ve been evaluating every process and dimension
of care at MRH—asking questions like, What              Now is an exciting time for Middletown Regional
processes should we keep, and which ones are            Hospital, and I hope you’ll continue to watch this
dissatisfying to patients? Are our methods and          space for updates as our new hospital/campus
systems supportive of patients and families? Do         progresses.
they contribute to an atmosphere of calm and            Join us as we build the dream together!
healing? Do they make care easy to access?
Now midway through the Design Development
Phase, we’re shaping these criteria into a facility
that will combine the best of the present MRH with

Books, Brunch & Boas Raises Funds for Women’s Center
On February 12, the Middletown Chapter of the
American Association of University Women raised
$7,000 for The Wilbur & Mary Jean Cohen Women’s
Center at Middletown Regional Hospital with Books,
Brunch & Boas at the Manchester Inn. The event
featured Sue Buchanan, far right, speaker, author
and breast cancer survivor, who offered hope for
overcoming life’s overwhelming moments. Event
co-chair Rose Grau, left, and Carol Valen, center,
enjoyed the morning. The Butler County chapter
of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans contributed
a matching gift to the fundraiser.
                                                                                            Regional Health
                                                                                                    System    5
Teaming Up for Better Care
MRHS Joins Premier Health Partners
Viewpoint by Douglas W. McNeill, FACHE,
President and CEO, Middletown Regional Health System

Michael Jordan, arguably the most talented player      Is the agreement with
in basketball history, shared this wisdom: Talent      Premier a merger?
wins games, but teamwork wins championships.           No. All of Middletown
To help us build what we anticipate will be one        Regional Health System’s assets remain separate
of Ohio’s championship hospitals, Middletown           from Premier’s, as do our hospital and health
Regional Health System (MRHS) is proud to              system boards. Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation
have teamed up with Premier Health Partners,           continues to be a separate 501(c)(3) organization
joining Miami Valley and Good Samaritan                governed by its own board, and not part of
hospitals in Dayton as the third hospital              Premier, meaning that past and future
affiliated with Premier.                               contributions to the Foundation will always
Because change can trigger questions, we’ve            remain right here in our local area.
dedicated this column to answering your FAQs
about our relationship with Premier.                   How will the alliance with Premier impact my
                                                       family and me?
Why did MRHS join Premier Health Partners?             Since most changes will occur “behind the scenes”
The pace of change in medicine today is                in areas like planning, purchasing and the sharing
breathtaking. Technologies like the Internet,          of clinical experience, patients will experience no
which makes the exchange of information                difference in the quality, personalized care they
instantaneous around the globe, have spawned a         receive at Middletown Regional Hospital (MRH).
revolution in virtually every industry, including      What you will see is the emergence of a new
medicine. For a healthcare institution to survive      facility with more high-tech advances,
in this new environment, access to capital for         sophisticated services, new physicians and
future investment is essential.                        specialists, and a greater array of healthcare
                                                       choices than you’ve imagined so close to home.
By teaming up with Premier, MRHS gained
greater investment capital for new technologies        If joining Premier means more investment
and facilities than we could ever amass on our         capital for MRH, does the hospital still need my
own. We’ll also benefit from significant cost          financial support?
savings by sharing common informational and
clinical systems. Joint purchasing of most             Yes, we do! As a nonprofit hospital, MRH will
supplies and materials will afford us larger           always depend on community support for
discounts than an individual hospital receives.        enhancements to care that go beyond bricks
Ultimately these savings will result in more           and mortar, including quality care for many
advanced services, facilities and technologies         who otherwise couldn’t afford it, as well as new
for the communities we serve.                          programs, doctors and high technology. We’re
                                                       grateful you’re part of the championship team
Why did Premier want to partner with MRHS?             that’s bringing 21st-century care to this region.
Premier Health Partners respects MRHS as a
well-run, high-quality institution and is
impressed with the vision we’ve created for our
new hospital and campus. Recognizing that
MRHS is positioned in a key growth area in
southwest Ohio, and in proximity to the fastest
growing part of their service area, Premier
determined that it’s better to work with MRHS
than to compete against us in this market.

6    Mid-Miami
                 Meet Our New Board Members

                        Joining the Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors are, left
                        to right, Dr. Bruce Barnes, Barbara W. Strait and Dr. Anthony J. Checroun.

 The Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation directors were pleased to welcome new board
 members Dr. Bruce Barnes, Anthony Checroun, M.D., and Barbara W. Strait at their
  February 14 meeting. Elected to serve as 2005-2006 officers were Candice DeClark
   Peace, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co., chairman; Don L. Pelfrey, retired Armco
  executive, vice chairman; Barbara L. Steel, M.D., pathologist, MRH Department of
  Pathology, secretary; and Nancy L. Gross, CPA, Gross & Company, Inc., treasurer.

After nearly 40 years of involvement with                     Ohio in Toledo. Following residency training, he
Middletown Regional Hospital, Dr. Bruce Barnes                participated in a one-year postgraduate fellowship
and his wife, Neila, currently serve as co-chairs of          focusing on shoulders at the Hospital for Joint
the Foundation’s Heritage Society. Born in                    Diseases Orthopaedic Institute in New York.
Columbus, Dr. Barnes received his undergraduate               Middletown residents since 1998, Dr. Checroun
and graduate dental training from The Ohio State              and his wife, Andrea, enjoy bicycling, swimming
University. Following two years in the U.S. Army,             and traveling.
he completed his internship and residency in oral             Born and raised near Rochester, New York,
surgery at Cincinnati General Hospital. In 1965               Barbara W. Strait came to Cincinnati as a high
the Barnes family moved to Middletown, where                  school senior. She completed her undergraduate
Dr. Barnes practiced oral surgery and was a                   work in business and microbiology at Miami
member of the MRH medical staff for 23 years.                 University and earned a master’s degree in hospital
He and Neila—a frequent volunteer in the com-                 administration from Xavier University. Married to
munity and past chairperson of the Charity Ball—              Kevin Strait, M.D., a physician in family practice
have three children and six grandchildren.                    and member of the MRH medical staff, Barbara
Board certified by the American Board of                      worked in hospital administration for 12 years—
Orthopaedic Surgery, Anthony J. Checroun, M.D.,               three of those at Middletown Regional Hospital. In
is in private practice at Orthopaedic & Sports                1999 she served as co-chair of the Charity Ball, and
Medicine Consultants in Middletown and is a                   more recently co-chaired Mid-Miami Healthcare
member of the Middletown Regional Hospital                    Foundation’s Campaign for a Women’s Center.
medical staff. Born in Chicago, Dr. Checroun is a             Barbara and Kevin have two daughters, ages 20
graduate of the Indiana University School of                  and 13. Their older daughter is a pre-med major
Medicine and completed his internship and                     who is continuing the family tradition at MRH as a
orthopaedic residency at the Medical College of               regular volunteer in the well-child clinic.

                                                                                                     Regional Health
                                                                                                             System    7
                                                                    A Year of Caring
                                                                                                         2004 Annual Report

Middletown Regional Hospital: Making a Difference in 2004                                                               For the Women We Love: 2004 Annual
Our Patients
                                                                                                                        Campaign Leadership
                                                                                                                        Judith Burichin, M.D., Co-Chair
Admissions..................................................................................................10,877      Barbara W. Strait, Co-Chair
ER Visits......................................................................................................48,769
Patient Registrations................................................................................246,463
                                                                                                                        Business Committee
Outpatient Visits.......................................................................................133,714         Nancy L. Gross, CPA, Co-Chair
                                                                                                                        James B. Kleingers, Co-Chair
Surgical Procedures .....................................................................................5,989          Bill Akers
MRI Procedures ............................................................................................5,824        Chuck Barton
Diagnostic Imaging ....................................................................................71,135           Joe Bidwell
Diabetes Visits ..............................................................................................4,644     Robert L. Breitenbach
Congestive Heart Failure Visits ...................................................................1,508                Martina Dillon
                                                                                                                        John Dupps
Dialysis Visits................................................................................................4,644
                                                                                                                        Jim Fedders
Maternal Child Health Center Visits ...........................................................6,141                    Marjorie Forrester
Rehab Services Visits..................................................................................60,000           Bucky Fullan
Our People                                                                                                              Jenny James
                                                                                                                        Joe Kramer
Employees.....................................................................................................1,785     Mike Long
Medical Staff ....................................................................................................312   Dave Pearce
Volunteers........................................................................................................258   Betsy Rossi
                                                                                                                        Greg Russell
                                                                                                                        John Sawyer

Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation Leadership, 2004                                                                        Employee Committee
                                                                                                                        Sue Gibson,           Kim Kramer
Board of Directors                                                                                                         Co-Chair           Denise Lambert
Don L. Pelfrey, Chairman                                                 Annual Fund Committee                          Debbie Gibson,        Jan Larocco
Candice DeClark Peace,                                                   Saundra L. Pearce, R.N., Chair                    Co-Chair           Ginny Mandzak
   Vice Chair & Chair, Planned                                           Reverend John Civille                          Donna Kauffman,       Kim Marcum
   Giving Commitee                                                       Nancy L. Gross, CPA                               Co-Chair           Lisa Martinez
Michael D. Long, Secretary                                               Michael D. Long                                Bev Abner             Lynn Mercer
Saundra L. Pearce, R.N.                                                  Gregory Siewny, M.D.                           Heather Adaway        Tina Martin
   Annual Fund Committee Chair                                           Barbara Steel, M.D.                            Cathy Adkins          Dee Dee Mosko
Gene A. Snow                                                             Nominating Committee                           Loretta Agee          Michele Morgan
   Nominating Committee Chair                                                                                           Jennifer Allman       Sheri O’Flynn
                                                                         Gene A. Snow, Chair
James B. Kleingers                                                                                                      Vince Barger          Sheila Palmer
                                                                         Nancy Karchner
   Development Committee Chair                                                                                          Barbara Bradley       Saundra Pearce
                                                                         Mike Long
Dr. Bruce & Neila Barnes                                                                                                Melinda Cales         Amy Powell
                                                                         Don L. Pelfrey
   Heritage Society Co-Chairs                                                                                           Lisa Collins          Jill Quillen
                                                                         Development Committee                          Michelle Comer        Shawn Retherford
Linda C. Baxter, Executive Director
                                                                         James B. Kleingers, Chair                      Phyllis Costello      Georgia Riley
Robert M. Bedinghaus                                                     James L. Fedders                               Brenda Cox            Molly Roll
Joseph Bidwell                                                           James Papakirk                                 Molly Crihfield       Jenny Schumpp
Anthony J. Checroun, M.D.                                                Don L. Pelfrey                                 Linda Day             Tina Smith
Reverend John Civille                                                    Walter H. Roehll, M.D.                         Angela Fierman        Patti Stepp
                                                                         John Sawyer                                    Carolyn Fogarty       Melody Sweeney
James L. Fedders
                                                                                                                        Anna Gentry           Lynn Taylor
G. Robert Gage                                                           Planned Giving Committee
                                                                                                                        Barbara Hamilton      Debbie Tomilson
Nancy L. Gross, CPA                                                      Candice DeClark Peace, Chair                   Becky Helfinstine     Mike Uhl
James Papakirk                                                           Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Neila Barnes                  Penny Herr            Jessica Woodard
John L. Ritan, M.D.                                                      Charles Beck                                   Lee Howard            Julie Woodrey
Gregory W. Siewny, M.D.                                                  Robert Bedinghaus                              Sandy Jackson         Sheree Young
Barbara L. Steel, M.D.                                                   Peter McColgan                                 Mike Jett             Kevin Williams
                                                                         John Ritan, M.D.                               Peggy Jones
Barbara W. Strait
                                                                         The Heritage Society
Douglas W. McNeill, FACHE
  President and CEO,                                                     Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Neila Barnes,
  Middletown Regional Health System                                         Co-Chairs

Nancy Karchner, President
  Middletown Regional Hospital Auxiliary

8          Mid-Miami
   Touching Lives, Improving Health
                        We Gratefully Acknowledge the Following Donors for
                            Your Support and Contributions in 2004

                                Gifts Received In 2004                                             Investments In Our Community In 2004
                                      Total $667,904                                                           Total $260,834
            MRHS Employees                                       Individuals                    Lifeline                             $5,600
                    $35,830                                      $128,798                        $8,626
                                                                                       McKnight Terrace                              Misc.
           Middletown Area                                                                                                           $4,237
Federation of Women’s Clubs                                                                       $11,381
                    $40,100                                                              Social Services
              MRH Auxiliary                                       Trusts                         $19,748
                     $51,500                                                                                                         Orr Nursing Education
                                                                  $113,301                          HEAL                             $83,576
                   Business                                                                        $4,744
                                                                 Premier Health          Miriam G. Knoll
                                                                 Partners            Heart Failure Center
                                                                 $250,000                          $6,456
                   Endowed income stood at $ 8.9 million at the end of
                  2004 — an increase of $ 3.1 million in the last six years.                                                         Trauma Services
     Endowment income stood at $8.9 million at the end of
     2004 — an increase of $3.1 million in the last six years.
     No gifts to Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation are used
     for hospital operating expenses. Instead, every dollar is
     put to use where it will have the greatest impact
     “touching lives and improving health.”

     Major Sponsors: $5,000 and Greater
     Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur M. Cohen                                                   Ohio State Eagles Charity Fund, Inc.
     Foundation for Healthy Communities, sponsored by                             Owens & Minor
        Ohio Hospital Association                                                 Premier Health Partners
     Guidant Foundation                                                           The Barnitz Fund, Bank One Trust Company, N.A., Trustee
     Gary & Sarah Kaup                                                            The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
     Middletown Area Federation of Women’s Clubs                                  The Piccioni Family Foundation
     Middletown Regional Health System Employees                                  The William O. Barnitz Fund,
     Middletown Regional Hospital Auxiliary                                          Bank One Trust Company, N.A., Trustee

     Sponsors: $2,000 to $4,999                                Patrons: $1,000 to $1,999                    Contributors: $250 to $999
     Akers Packaging Service, Inc.                             Mr. & Mrs. James F. Akers                    William T. Abraham, M.D.
     Bank One Trust Company, N.A.                              Mr. & Mrs. Ken Cohen                         Dr. & Mrs. Peter Ammentorp
     Bricker & Eckler, LLP                                     Catherine S. Cottle                          Dr. & Mrs. William J. Andrew
     Dr. Judith Burichin &                                     Dickerson Distributing Company               Anonymous
        Mr. Jerrold Twohig                                     Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert Gage                    Brent Avera & Leah Knapke Avera, M.D.
     Chappell Construction                                     Mrs. Sue Gibson                              Sharon Baker
     Fifth Third Foundation                                    Don & Gina Gilmore                           Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Barnes
     Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Hawkins                                   Hauw T. & Amy J. Han                         Dr. & Mrs. John Barrord
     Kleingers & Associates                                    Michael & Donna Kauffman                     Linda & Richard Baxter
     Mr. & Mrs. David Knust                                    Lebanon Citizens National Bank               Bayer HealthCare - Diagnostics Division
     Loyal R. & Anita Juengling                                Louis McCallay Fund                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles Beck
        Memorial Fund                                          Barbara & Virgil Maines                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bedinghaus
     Magnode Corporation                                       Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. McNeill                Bishop Fenwick High School Key Club
     Middletown Community Foundation                           MidFirst Credit Union, Inc.                  Mr. & Mrs. John Blount
     Miriam G. Knoll Charitable Foundation                     Sawyer Realtors                              Breitenbach-McCoy-Leffler
     Pierson Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac                     Signal Point Hematology Oncology, Inc.          Funeral Home
     Dr. Barbara Steel & Mr. Jeffrey R. Moore                     Albert S. Malcolm, M.D.                   Mr. & Mrs. James Bruner
     The Dupps Company                                            Cheryl A. Skinner, M.D.                   Dr. Daniel Butler
     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Uhler                                    Nagdagopal S. Vrindavanam, M.D.           Casper & Casper Partnership
                                                               Mr. Joseph M. Spallina                       Central Neurological Services
                                                               Mr. Perry Thatcher                           Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Checroun
                                                               Ms. Carol J. Turner
                                                               Mr. C. William Verity
                                                                                                                                Regional Health
                                                                                                                                        System    9
Contributors: $250 to $999 – continued
Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Company       Mr. & Mrs. James E. Miller
Mrs. Phyllis B. Costello                 Dr. & Mrs. Percy D. Mitchell, Jr.       Friends: Up to $250
Courtney Duff & Associates, Inc.         D. David & Joanne Morgan                Ms. Beverly Abner
Randy & Margot Daugherty                 Charlene Morrow                         Brenda Abney
DeBord Builders, Inc.                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Myers               Janet K. Abney
Dick & Charlotte Nisbet Fund             Anne K. Nestor, M.D. &                  Ralph & Darlene Abney
Ms. Barbara Dobrozsi                        Alan Cady, Ph.D.                     Mr. Ronald B. Acton
Mrs. Katherine R. Donahue                Gregory Neumann                         Autumn Adams
Mr. & Mrs. John Dupps                    Dr. & Mrs. Dick M. Nisbet               Ms. Betty Adams
Jonathan E. Dyer                         Jim & Marilyn Noll                      Chris Adamson
John & Barbara Estevez                   Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Noonan               Heather Adaway
Betty Jo Faulkner                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nunlist            Amanda Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. James Fedders                 Sandy & Joe Oswald                      Catherine Adkins
Janice M. Fetzer                         Mr. & Mrs. James Papakirk               Ms. Loretta Agee
Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Finkelman            John & Wendy Parks                      AK Steel Co-Workers
First Financial Bank, N.A.               Mr. & Mrs. James Peace                  Sandra Alcorn
Dr. & Mrs. David Floering                Saundra Pearce                          Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Alder
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fogarty                 Mr. & Mrs. Don Pelfrey                  Darrell Allen
Ms. M. Kathleen Fox                      Dr. & Mrs. John Perkins                 Ms. Nicole Allen &
Mrs. Karen L. Frank                      Dr. & Mrs. Mark Phillips                   Mr. Mark Vander Sanden
Gene & Mary Jane Frazer                  Wilma & Guy Popplewell                  Alliance Printing & Publishing, Inc.
Ghent Manufacturing, Inc.                Ms. Bobbi Sue Robinson                  Jason & Jennifer Allman
Debbie Gibson & Matt Dias                Kira Schofield, M.D.                    Ms. Betty S. Allmyer
Gross & Company, Inc.                    Jennie Schumpp                          Jackie L. Alspaugh, III
Halcomb Benefits Agency                  Dr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Siewny            Alumni Association of Middletown
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Hammond                 Mr. Richard W. Slagle                      Hospital School of Nursing
Harry A. Finkelman, Inc.                 Smurfit - Stone Container Corporation   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Andrew
Ms. Lori L. Hickman                      William & Carol Snelling                Mary Angst
Laura M. Highley                         Mr. & Mrs. Gene Snow                    Anonymous
Homemakers Circle 9                      Lisa Spring                             Lorna E. Anslinger, R.N.
IGNC Communication Services              Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Stone                Mr. & Mrs. William Anthony
Insurance Associates                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stoops               Ms. Iris Apple
Michael Jett, R.N., B.S.N.               Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Strait                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Armstrong
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Kiefhaber             Dave & Joanne Sturgeon                  Parul S. Asher
Mr. & Mrs. James Kleingers               Summit Urology                          Myra J. Atkinson
Tammy L. Laine                           The Architectural Group                 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Back
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Langworthy         Dr. M. Scott True                       Mr. Kent Bailey
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Linder            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Uhl                  Mrs. Catrina Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Long               Ms. Pamela R. Venturi                   Ricky Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Magone                  Anh Dang & Phuong Vuong                 Barbara A. Ballard
Bob & Janet Majors                       W. E. MacDonald Agency, Inc.            Mrs. Cynthia L. Ballard
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Malcolm, Jr.          Dr. & Mrs. Subodh K. Wadhwa             Christopher Banks
Mrs. Lisa A. Martinez                    Dr. Thomas R. Ware                      Deborah Banks
John & Susan McKinney                    Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Whitlatch            Donna C. Banks
Sally A. Meyer, R.N.                     Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Williams             Mrs. Donna L. Banks
Middletown Ford                          Women of the Moose - Middletown         Melody A. Banks
Middletown Journal                          Chapter 183                          Mr. Paul E. Banks
Middletown Loyal Order of Moose, #501    Tim & Kathleen Wourms                   Ms. Paula Barber
                                                                                 Vincent Barger
                                                                                 Ms. Margaret Barker
                                                                                 Ms. Rosanta Barker
                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. John W. Barnes
                                                                                 Mrs. Thelma Barnes
                                                                                 Jerry A. Barrow
                                                                                 Ms. Linda Barton
                                                                                 Jennifer Batliner
                                                                                 Mr. Douglas Bean
                                                                                 Carey Beatty
                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beatty
                                                                                 Todd Beck
                                                                                 Steven & Krista Beiser
                                                                                 Mr. John Bell, II
                                                                                 Rachid Belouchi
                                                                                 Betsy & Floyd Bender
                                                                                 Benjamin, Yocum & Heather, LLC
                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Bennington
                                                                                 Kathy Bere
                                                                                 Beta Sigma Phi Sorority -
                                                                                    Laureate Beta Kappa
                                                                                 Mr. Ron A. Birch

10     Mid-Miami
                                                                                 Ms. Margaret A. Bissell
                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Bjork
                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Blanton
Mrs. Rita A. Blevins              Mr. Mark Connaughton              Mr. & Mrs. James R. Flynn
Ms. Rebecca Blistan               Mrs. Helen Converse               Ms. Karen Fout
Colby Bloom                       Andrew Cook                       Mr. & Mrs. John Fraley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bobbitt      Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cook              Ms. Libby Fraley
Ms. Amanda R. Boetger             Janice Cooke                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Fraley
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Boland           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cooney         Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Frazer
Ms. Michele Bolden                Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Coors          Ms. Judith A. Frederick
Martha Boothe                     Cornerstone Church of God         Mr. & Mrs. Herman Fugate
Mrs. Patrice A. Bowman            James Cottle                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fulmer
Ms. Carol L. Boyd                 Debra Cover                       Ms. Katherine L. Gage
Barbara J. Bradley                Brenda J. Cox                     Douglas L. Gaker, MD
Kelley M. Brandel                 Judy Cox                          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Galeese
Mr. Howard Brandenburg            Mr. Daniel E. Coyle               Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Gaston
Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Brandenburg   Mrs. Lee Anne Craft               Ms. Jean Gaw
Ms. Rebecca J. Branham            Shelli Cramer                     Mrs. Sandra G. Gebhart
Amy Brausch                       Mrs. Gladys Crawford              Anna M. Gentry
Ms. Darlene Breedlove             Ms. Connie S. Crawford-Faries     Ms. Laura Ann Gentry
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Breiel          Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Craycraft     Mrs. Fearn Gerber
Lisa Brenner                      Ms. Loretta Creekbaum             Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Gerber
Jeana K. Brewer                   Ms. Kristi Curtis                 Angela M. Gerlach
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Brockman    Melissa A. Curtis                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Geswein
Dr. & Mrs. James Brockman         Mr. Robert T. Curtis              Ms. Vivian Gibbs
Ms. Jo Ann Brooks                 Mrs. Ellen E. Dalhamer            Mr. & Mrs. John Gilbert
Arlene Brown                      Mrs. Roberta B. Daly              Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gillen
Mrs. Barbara Brown                Melissa Daniel                    Ms. Jane Gold
Cheryl Brown                      Mrs. Joan M. Davies               Cindy Golden
Heather E. Brown                  Chance Davis                      Mr. & Mrs. James Graham
Ms. Lilly Brown                   Mr. Charles A. Davis              Mr. & Mrs. Forest Grant, III
Timothy S. Brown                  Ms. Debbie Davis                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Grau
Mr. & Mrs. David Bruggeman        Mr. & Mrs. George Davis           Misty R. Gray
Malissa Bryant                    Ms. Beverly A. Day                Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Greenham
Ms. Rhoda Bryant                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Day            Tim Griffin
Midge & Win Bryant                Ms. Evelyn E. Day                 Ms. Sheila M. Grubb
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Bub                Ms. Babette J. Dean               Mr. & Mrs. Sam Gruwell
Mr. & Mrs. James Buchanan         Dearborn Federated Credit Union   Ms. Linda Guido
Mr. Paul Buker                    Ms. Gayle DeBord                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gunn
Mary Helen Burggraf               Ms. Marjorie Dell                 Mrs. Betty Gutshall
Holly Burich                      Ms. Denise Dennison               Mr. & Mrs. Jerome A. Haass
Dr. & Mrs. John Burley            Mr. & Mrs. Donald Deserisy        Mrs. Mary Habig
Mr. Gary Burris                   Mrs. Rebecca Deserisy-Davis       Maranda J. Hackney
Mrs. Sheila A. Burt               Mr. & Mrs. John Diefenbach        Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hall
Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Burtelow, Jr.    Mr. Gregory J. Dineen             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haller, Sr.
Karla K. Butler                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiStaola        Mrs. Marsha Halsey
Patti J. Butt                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ditmyer         Ms. Barbara D. Hamilton
Ms. Melinda Cales                 Angela Diver                      Jennifer Hamilton
Laura Campbell                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Dobrozsi     Joan Hamilton
CareView Home Health              Ms. Doreen Dodson                 Ms. Joyce Hamm
Mr. Edward Carlisle               Mr. & Mrs. Steve Domahidy         Ms. Joyce Hancock
Mr. & Mrs. Walker C. Carll        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dorenbusch      Mr. & Mrs. John J. Haney
Ms. Cheryl Cassidy                Dr. Liza C. Allen, Inc.           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hardester, II
Mrs. Betty Jo Chaney              Ms. Sue Duff                      Andrew P. Harger
Kimberly & Todd Chaney            Mrs. Sharon K. Dully              Jo Ellen & Christopher Harris
Cathie E. Channell                Ms. Donna Duncan                  Ms. Brenda C. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chapman          Joann Duncan                      Mr. & Mrs. David Harrison
Jerry E. Chapman                  Mrs. Mary Dupps                   Ms. Kathleen Hart
Mr. Dewitt Chapple, Jr.           Donna M. Edell                    Mr. & Mrs. Larry Harty
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Charles         Mr. & Mrs. George A. Edwards      Lettie Harvey
The Children’s Center             Ms. Julie Edwards                 Mrs. Joyce V. Hasemeier
Charlotte Church                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Elam            Mr. & Mrs. Dynzel Hatfield
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Churchill    Mr. & Mrs. James M. Elder         Ms. Ruth Haubner
Rev. John Civille                 Mr. James A. Elhard               Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Haven
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Clark         Mr. & Mrs. David Enochs           Mr. Larry Hay & Mrs. Leslie
Mr. & Mrs. John Cleary            Ms. Helen M. Epperson                Herrick-Hay
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Clemens     Anne M. Esselman                  Mr. Jack Hayes
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Cloud           Ms. Connie Joan Etter             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hayes, III
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Cole        Jennifer D. Evans                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hazelbaker
Ms. Carol Ann Collins             Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Evans        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Head
Mrs. Lisa M. Collins              Ms. Bobbie J. Evingham            Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Heaphy, Jr.
M. Denise Colson                  Ms. Angela Fierman                Mandee Heard
Ms. Georgia S. Comminos           Ms. Susan Fitzgibbon              Ms. Linda Heineman
Dewanda Commodore                 Joyce Fitzwater
Catherine Conley                  Mr. & Mrs. Martin W. Flesher
                                  Carla Fletcher
Mrs. Irene Conley
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Conley
Enid J. Conley-May
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Fletcher
                                  Sandy Fletcher
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Henry L. Floyd
                                                                                        Regional Health
                                                                                                System    11
Friends: Up to $250 – continued
Becky Helfinstine                 Karen R. Knisley                    Mrs. Pat McGraw
Mrs. Amy H. Hembree               Joyce Koehl                         Ms. Mary L. McKibben
Linda Hendricks                   Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Koehler, Jr.   Denise A. McNamee
Mrs. Gloria L. Hendrickson        Mrs. Betty Koeppel                  Ms. Mary Kay Mecum
Ms. Debora A. Henry               Kevin Kohl                          Lynn Mercer
Julie C. Hensley                  Ms. Ruth Kohstall                   Mr. Raymond Meyer
Mandie N. Hensley                 Sandra Komes                        Mid-Valley Neurosurgery, Inc.
Susan & Donald Henson             Kimberly Kramer                     Middletown Hospital Credit Union, Inc.
Mrs. Penny Herr                   Mrs. Jacqueline M. Kremers          Middletown Massage Associates
Mrs. Martha Hess                  Mr. & Mrs. George G. Kriegshauser   Mrs. Frances R. Miller
Ms. Vickie L. Hess                Mr. & Mrs. Chuh Y. Kuo              Mrs. Inez Miller
Vickie Highley                    Mrs. Leslie Kurtz                   Karen L. Miller
Sherry Hill                       Mr. & Mrs. John V. LaBarge, Jr.     Margaret Miller
Traci L. Himelick                 Ms. Linnea Y. Labbe                 Mrs. Nancy Miller
Mr. Cecil H. Hobbs                Mr. & Mrs. William Labbe            Mr. & Mrs. Theodore B. Miller
Jerry & Andrea Hodge              Mr. & Mrs. John Lageson             Gemma Million
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hoehn         Denise L. Lambert                   Robert Minor
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hoehn              Mrs. Norma J. Lambert               Wendy A. Minor
Ms. Phyllis Hoffer                Kathleen Lamkin                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mitsoff
Ms. Janet Hogan                   Mike & Priscilla Lane               Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Monce
Sharon J. Hogue                   Barbara Kay Langdon                 Vicki Monce
Natasha Hollon                    Ms. Marietta A. Langlois            Mr. & Mrs. K. Craig Monroe
Lee Howard                        Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Lankfer        Mr. & Mrs. William K. Monroe
Mr. & Mrs. Seth W. Howard         Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Lathrop        Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Verl G. Howard         Patricia A. Lawler                  Rebecca Moon
Ms. Charity Huff                  Mr. & Mrs. James D. Lawson          Beverly Moore
Sarah Huggins                     Rhonda Lawwill                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Moore
Mr. Gordon E. Hughes              Barry Lee                           Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Moore
Daniel L. Hummel                  Tia M. Leedy                        Brian T. Moragne
Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Huntzinger       Ms. Connie Lepera                   Mrs. Marilyn C. Moran
Dr. & Mrs. Omer Hurlburt, III     Kelli A. Leukhandt                  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Morehart
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold U. Hurst        Gayla R. Lewis                      Alice Jean Morgan
Mr. Michael Hussey                Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Lewis         Joanne R. Morgan
Robin Hutson                      Rachel S. Linkous                   Michele Morgan
Andrea Hypes                      Mr. & Mrs. James Little             Mrs. Phyllis Morgan
Mrs. Kathryn M. Ingle             Ms. Joan Loch                       Mrs. Barbara Morris
Mrs. Mary Ittel                   Ms. Shirley A. Lockhart             Mr. Kevin Morrow
Ms. Betty L. Jackson              Mrs. Cynthia Logan                  Dianne D. Mosko
Pauline Derek Jackson             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lolli            Karen Motley
Mrs. Sandra Jackson               Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lolli               MRH Administration Employees
Elizabeth Jagel                   Mrs. Amanda A. Lorig                MRH CCU Employees
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Jauer        Shari Lovelace                      MRH Laboratory Employees
Ms. Melissa Jesse                 Ms. LaJune Lowe                     MRH Sports Medicine &
Ms. Karen S. Jestice              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lynch                  Spine Center Employees
Mr. Paul F. Joern &               Ms. Jayne Magaw                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Mueller
   Ms. Stephanie M. Lane          Linda K. Mahaffey                   Beth A. Mullins
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Joern       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Makela             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Munafo
Mrs. Karen D. Johnson             Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Makela          Kathy Muterspaw
Keith Johnson                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maloney          Robyn Myers
Richard C. Johnson                Susan L. Maloney                    Yvonne Myers
Steven D. Johnson                 Mr. Mike Mandzak, III               Ms. Deborah A. Naragon
Mrs. Barbara J. Jones             Virginia Mandzak                    Carol J. Nartker
Karla Jones                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Marconi           Abdallah H. Nasr
Ms. Margaret S. Jones             Mrs. Kimberly A. Marcum             Ms. Lucy M. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Kaczmarek     Mr. & Mrs. John C. Markey           Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Nevins, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kaminski        Mr. & Mrs. P. Nevin Markle          Ginny Newell
Ms. Joyce Kammer                  Ms. Cori M. Marshall                Amy Newland
Ms. Eileen Kehres                 Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Marstall         Dr. & Mrs. Alvin Niemer
Jacqueline Keith                  Mr. & Mrs. John C. Martin           Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Nisbet
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kelley         Lillie Martin                       Mrs. Barbara Noes
Mrs. Jane Kern                    Ms. Margaret Martin                 Mrs. Norma Nossokoff
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Kerns          Tina Martin                         Mrs. Mary C. Nuck
Rebecca Kessler                   Ms. Margaret L. Matson              Leola Y. O’Bryan
Mrs. Lois King                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matusak          Sheri O’Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Milburn King           Mr. & Mrs. Donald May               Ms. Ellen O’Gorman
Dona J. Kirkpatrick               Erin McCall                         Dana A. Oakley-Davis
Ms. Nancy M. Kitts                Ms. Paulette McCandless             Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Obringer
Mrs. Mary Lee Knepshield          Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCann            Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Oches
Mr. & Mrs. Collin K. Knisely      Mr. Peter McColgan                  Gladys Oney
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCormick         Order of Eastern Star -
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCoy               Prosser Chapter #367

12     Mid-Miami
                                  Ms. Genevieve E. McCreary
                                  Mr. & Mrs. John McDaniel
                                  Mrs. Mary Alice McDowell
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Donald Orts
                                                                      Rose Mary Overholtz
                                                                      Ms. Norma J. Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Packert           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Sanders           Lindsay Thorn
Mrs. Josephine Pallo                    Elaine Sanderson                        Jerry & Shirley Tillman
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Palmer             Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sandston          Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Tincher
Ms. Wilma Parker                        Sanger & Eby                            Erin M. Tkatschenko
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Parrella                Mrs. Anna P. Sarris                     Debora Tomilson
Donna L. Parson                         Treva Saunders                          Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Torstveit
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart N. Parsons            Mr. & Mrs. John D. Sawyer               Mrs. Betty Totten
Mrs. Shobha Patel                       Mr. & Mrs. William H. Schaefer          Paula Trammell
Dr. Elizabeth Patterson                 Mr. & Mrs. David Schul                  Mr. & Mrs. William A. Triick
Raymond T. Patton                       Mrs. Cindy J. Schulte                   S. Pauline Tucker
Paychex                                 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Schumacher           Julie L. Turner
Dana Payne                              Jan E. Schuster                         Nancy Turner
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pearce              Mr. Jason L. Schwartz                   Terrance T. Turner
Donna J. Pence                          Mr. & Mrs. Kevin See                    Ms. Shari A. Tutt
Kristin Penrod                          Mr. & Mrs. John A. Seitter              Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Valentine
Mr. & Mrs. S. Mark Perin                Mr. & Mrs. Charles Selby                Mrs. Jean Van Scoyoc
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Perkins           Victoria Sennet                         Mr. Daniel P. Vanderpool
Ms. Jo-Annette Perry                    Rev. & Mrs. Barry Shafer                Dr. & Mrs. John H. Varney
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Peters             Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shafer                  Mr. Jerome Vogel, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert Petrocy            Ms. Bonnie Shaver                       Betsy Waddell
Phi Beta Psi Sorority                   Mr. Vincent E. Shaw                     Mr. & Mrs. John P. Wade
Donna Pitts                             Mrs. Margaret Shears                    Ingrid Waggoner
Lari Poffenbarger                       Ms. Christine Shepard                   Ms. Dawn R. Wagner
Dr. & Mrs. James Pollicita              Mrs. Dorothy Sherron                    Bobby G. Walker
Ms. Mary Ann Pope                       Mr. Everett Sherron                     Michael L. Walker
Gregory K. Pratt, Esq.                  Mr. & Mrs. Rutherford M. Shetter, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. William Walters
Mr. William T. Pratt                    Diana Shope                             Rev. Jackie Ward
Pratt Singer Papakirk Co. LPA           Ms. Susan Shroder                       Mr. & Mrs. William D. Warner
Margo Pressler                          Darlene Shuey                           Ms. Sherry Warnock
Ms. Peggy Probst                        Mr. Gary Shupe                          Carla Waters
Rhonda Proffitt                         Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Simpson                Mrs. Lisa K. Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Pruett               Ms. Patricia A. Sims                    Mrs. Hilda C. Wearly
Mrs. Melissa R. Ptaszkiewicz            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Singer                Ms. Dorothy Webb
Ms. Cheryl A. Pugh                      Emily F. Skidmore                       Ms. Teresa M. Webb
Ms. Jill Quillen                        Dr. & Mrs. Louis H. Skimming            Gwendolyn Weeks
Mr. & Mrs. William Rathman              Ms. Barbara A. Slough                   Cindy Whiteman
Mrs. Deborah A. Ratliff                 Darby Smith                             Linda Whitt
Ms. Marlene W. Redwine                  Mr. & Mrs. Howard Smith                 Mr. Carl Wiese
Ms. Teresa Reeves                       Mrs. Isabel C. Smith                    Patti Wilkins
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Regensburg           Ms. Susan O. Smith                      Kimberly Wilkinson
Mrs. Carolyn Reif                       Tammy Smith                             Mr. & Mrs. James Williams
P. Shawn Retherford                     Mr. & Mrs. William C. Smith             Ms. Gloria Williams
Mr. & Mrs. George Revelos               Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Snook              Mr. Kevin Williams
Carolyn Reynolds                        Sandra Snowden                          Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Williams
Ms. Lisa Rice                           Connie Sorrell                          Kathleen Wilson
Rev. & Mrs. Alvin L. Richardson         Marilyn Sorrell                         Mrs. Helen S. Winget
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Richardson              Mrs. Pauline Sorrell                    Pamela S. Winkler
Mr. Kenneth Richardson                  Robin Sorrell                           Ms. Patricia A. Winter
Mrs. Robert N. Richardson               Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Sorrell              Dawn Wolfe
Tracy Richardson                        Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Sowards           Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Woodard
Rick Cornele Plumbing                   Patricia Spencer                        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Wooddell
Ms. Bridget S. Ricker                   Ms. Mary Sprinkles                      Ms. Patricia Woodgeard
Edna Riddell                            Linda Squire                            Ms. Julie Woodrey
Mrs. Carolyn F. Ridge                   St. Louis University                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Woodward
Steve & Beth Riley                      Mr. James Stabler                       Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Woodward
Dr. & Mrs. John Ritan                   Mrs. Evea Stacy                         Mr. Gilbert L. Woody
Rittgers & Rittgers                     Lylia Stacy                             Duane Wooton
Kristen N. Roark                        Patti Stepp                             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wortley
Ms. Beth A. Robinson                    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis N. Stitsinger         Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Wurtzler
Mr. William S. Robinson                 Dr. Tom F. Straus                       Ms. Elizabeth Yelton
Mrs. Fawn Rodgers                       Ms. Patricia Strickley                  Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. York
Mr. & Mrs. Josef Rohlik                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Strubert           Shelly York
Molly Roll                              Mrs. Melody L. Sweeney                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Young
Duana Rose                              Mr. & Mrs. Orval L. Sweney              Sheree G. Young
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Rossi, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Swick                Mr. & Mrs. Earl Zesch
Ms. Lawanna S. Rudd                     Ms. Glenna G. Swigart                   Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Zollett
Ms. Judith Rudokas                      Shaina Swinger                          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Zulock
Ms. Michele Rudolf                      Mrs. Virginia Swisher                   Mr. & Mrs. William J. Zumbahlen
Ms. Jill Rumping                        Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Talbot
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ruscher                 Dr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Talkers
Sara Rusk                               Ms. Lynn Taylor
Jerome Ruwe                             Ms. Pamela J. Taylor
Bill & Marlene Ruwe
Ms. Gretchen Salsich & Mr. Jon Fisher
Mr. Peter W. Salsich, Jr.
                                        The Knitting Connection
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Thomas
                                        Ms. Jennifer Thompson
                                                                                                   Regional Health
                                                                                                           System    13
                                         In memory of Mary F. Casey          Ms. Bobbi Sue Robinson
Honorary & Memorial Gifts                Patricia Spencer                    Nancy Turner
In memory of Linda Fay Cohen             In memory of Beulah Ward Cates      In memory of Margie Gresham-
   Abrams                                Priscilla Lane                         Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Flynn                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore
                                         In memory of Frances Caudle
Ms. Judith A. Frederick
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Sanders     In memory of Robert Grimes
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Kiefhaber
                                         In memory of Mary Civille           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Head
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Koehler, Jr.
                                         Mr. Richard W. Slagle               Mrs. Jacqueline M. Kremers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Nisbet
                                                                             Mr. Richard W. Slagle
Dr. and Mrs. James Pollicita             In honor of Florence Combs
Mr. and Mrs. William Rathman             Sheree G. Young                     In memory of John Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sandston                                             MRH Administration Employees
                                         In memory of Robert B. Croake
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sawyer              Mr. Richard W. Slagle               In memory of Christopher Arthur
Mr. Gary Shupe                                                                  Harris
Mr. Richard W. Slagle                    In honor of Linda Croucher          Chris and Jodi Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wortley              Ms. Janet Hogan
                                                                             In memory of Margaret Ruth
In honor of Carlie Adaway and            In honor of Karen Davis                Harger
   Kenneth Murphy                        Jennifer D. Evans                   Mr. Andrew P. Harger
Julie C. Hensley                         In honor of Leora M. Dennis         In memory of Elnora Harkness
Ms. Margaret S. Jones                    Ms. Jill Quillen                    Arlene Brown
In memory of Orville W. Adams            In memory of Josephine Dragonetti   In memory of Ruth E. Heaton
AK Steel Co-Workers                      Heather E. Brown                    Ms. Donna Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fletcher          In memory of Carolyn Elaine Evans   In honor of Kim Hodgin
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Miller          Elaine Sanderson                    Mrs. Joyce V. Hasemeier
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Noonan
                                         In memory of Edna Long Fall
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sawyer
                                         Alumni Association of Middletown
Signal Point Hematology Oncology, Inc.
                                            Hospital School of Nursing
Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Sorrell
                                         In memory of Charles Fraley
In memory of Kay Anderson
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Abney
Alumni Association of Middletown
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Brandenburg
   Hospital School of Nursing
                                         Ms. Libby Fraley
In memory of Ann Alyse                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Fraley
Cindy & Don Ellis                        Susan and Donald Henson
In memory of Mary Ann                    Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. Howard
Bedinghaus                               Ms. LaJune Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bedinghaus           Mr. and Mrs. K. Craig Monroe
In memory of Mary Bishop                 Mr. and Mrs. William K. Monroe
Mrs. Phyllis Morgan                      Mrs. Carolyn F. Ridge
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Sowards
In memory of Michael Bolden
                                         Ms. Dorothy Webb
Ruth Bailey
                                         In memory of Ruth Freeman           In memory of Heidi S. Hoehn
In memory of Velma Brelsford
                                         Alumni Association of Middletown    Ms. Jean Anderson
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority -
                                            Hospital School of Nursing       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Andrew
 Laureate Beta Kappa
                                         In memory of Rebecca, Matthew,      Anonymous
In honor of Emagene Brockman
                                            and Jeffery Fugate               Ms. Paula Barber
Ms. Deborah A. Naragon
                                         Sue Craft                           Mr. John Bell, II
In memory of Susan Buchanan                                                  Bishop Fenwick High School Key Club
                                         In honor of Robert Gage
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Bennington                                              Ms. Carol L. Boyd
                                         Ms. Katherine L. Gage
Mr. and Mrs. James Buchanan                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bub
Cornerstone Church of God                In honor of Nina Gaier
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burggraf
Dearborn Federated Credit Union          Mrs. Cindy J. Schulte
                                                                             Mrs. Sheila A. Burt
Mrs. Barbara Brown                       In memory of Gavin                  Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Burtelow, Jr.
Mrs. Betty Jo Chaney                     Celeste & Jim Phares                Mr. Dewitt Chapple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Clark              In memory of Ricky L. Gentry, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. John Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ditmyer              Mrs. Patrice A. Bowman              Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Cloud
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Edwards           Mr. and Mrs. Verl G. Howard         Shelli Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Haney               Ms. Linnea Y. Labbe                 Mrs. Gladys Crawford
Mr. Larry Hay and Mrs. Leslie            Mr. and Mrs. John Lageson           Mrs. Joan M. Davies
   Herrick-Hay                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lankfer      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Deserisy
Mr. and Mrs. Collin K. Knisely           Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lawson        Mrs. Rebecca Deserisy-Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Lathrop           Mr. and Mrs. James Little           Mr. and Mrs. John Diefenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Morehart               Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Makela           Ms. Doreen Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Regensburg          Mr. and Mrs. John C. Markey         Mr. and Mrs. Steve Domahidy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Selby               Mr. and Mrs. Donald May             Mrs. Mary Dupps
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Stitsinger        MRH CCU Employees                   Ms. Susan Fitzgibbon
Ms. Dorothy Webb                         Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Noonan         Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Flesher
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Williams         Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Snook        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Gaston
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William D. Warner      Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Gerber
                                         In honor of Sue Gibson              Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Greenham

14     Mid-Miami
                                         Miss Deborah Gibson &
                                            Mr. Matthew L. Dias
                                         Mrs. Donna Kauffman
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gunn
                                                                             Halcomb Benefits Agency
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardester, II
Ms. Kathleen Hart                                  In memory of Don Kelley                           In honor of Tina Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Haven                        Mr. Daniel P. Vanderpool                          Vincent Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes, III                     In memory of Barry Levey                          In memory of Eleanor M. Speraw
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Heaphy, Jr.                   Mr. Richard W. Slagle                             Ms. Rita Hollinger
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hoehn
                                                   In memory of Dorothy Lockmeyer                    In memory of Ruby Svarda
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hoehn
                                                      and Louvell King                               MRH Laboratory Employees
Mr. Michael Hussey
                                                   Dale Lockmeyer                                    In memory of Jim Townsley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jauer
Mr. Paul F. Joern and                              In memory of Donnie Martin                        Mr. Richard W. Slagle
   Ms. Stephanie M. Lane                           Lillie Martin                                     In memory of Pauline M.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Joern                      In honor of Julie Mason                           Trammell and Tracy Martin
Ms. Margaret S. Jones                              Jennifer Hamilton                                 Paula Trammell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kaminski                       In memory of Matthew                              In memory of Aubrey Tutt
Ms. Eileen Kehres                                  Dawn & James Vinson                               Mrs. Ellen E. Dalhamer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Kerns
Mr. and Mrs. Milburn King                          In memory of Mary McFarland                       In memory of Mrs. Glenna Tutt
Ms. Nancy M. Kitts                                 Alumni Association of Middletown                  Alumni Association of Middletown
                                                      Hospital School of Nursing                        Hospital School of Nursing
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Kriegshauser
Mr. and Mrs. John V. LaBarge, Jr.                  In memory of Bill McGraw                          In memory of A. J. Uhler
Ms. Marietta A. Langlois                           Mrs. Pat McGraw                                   Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Lewis                      In honor of Mildred N. Miller                     In memory of Betty Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lynch                            Ms. Denise Dennison                               Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Sorrell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCann                         In memory of Wm. (Bo) Miller                      In memory of Nancy J. Weise
MRH Sports Medicine & Spine Center                 Mrs. Margaret Miller                              Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Niemer
                                                   In honor of D. Murphy                             Mrs. Fawn Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Mueller
                                                   Kelley M. Brandel                                 Mrs. Pauline Sorrell
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Nevins, Jr.
Ms. Ellen O’Gorman                                 In memory of Robert Noes                          In memory of Judith M. Wilger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Packert                    Mrs. Barbara Noes                                 Mr. Jerrold Twohig and
Saundra Pearce                                                                                          Dr. Judith Burichin
                                                   In memory of Peter Novotny
Gregory K. Pratt, Esq.                             Marge & Tom Braun                                 In memory of Imogene Wilson
Ms. Peggy Probst                                   Linda & Gerald Novotny                            Ms. Connie Joan Etter
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pruett
Ms. Bridget S. Ricker
                                                   In memory of Mary Oglesby                         Gifts in Kind
                                                   Ms. Georgia S. Comminos                           Anonymous
Mr. William S. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Josef Rohlik                          In honor of Velma Ollish                          Ruth Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rossi, Jr.                    Ms. Amanda R. Boetger                             Marge & Tom Braun
Saint Louis University - School of Law             In memory of Beverly Perkins                      Buddy’s Carpet
Saint Louis University                             Ms. Debora A. Henry                               Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co.
   Doisy School of Allied Health                                                                     Sue Craft
                                                   In memory of Marion Pratt
Ms. Gretchen Salsich and                                                                             Creative Memories
                                                   Mr. William T. Pratt
   Mr. Jon Fisher                                                                                    Curves
Mr. Peter W. Salsich, Jr.                          In memory of Tommy Prince                         Cindy & Don Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sawyer                        Mrs. Kathryn M. Ingle                             Fazoli’s Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin See                             In Memory of Glenna Profitt                       Flowers by Nancy
Mr. Vincent E. Shaw                                Ms. Loretta Agee                                  Great Clips for Hair
Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford M. Shetter, Jr.            In memory of John Ptaszkiewicz                    Hilltop Ob/Gyn
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Siewny                     Mrs. Melissa R. Ptaszkiewicz                      Kohl’s Distribution Center
Signal Point Hematology Oncology, Inc.                                                               Adam Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Smith                       In memory of James & Angela                       Lion Apparel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Strubert                                                                      Longaberger Basket
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. George Revelos
Mr. Jerome Vogel, Sr.                                                                                Lutz Florist
Ms. Sherry Warnock                                 In memory of Patricia Schnoor                     Max & Erma’s
Ms. Patricia A. Winter                             Anonymous                                         Middletown Summer Youth Theatre
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woodward                      The Knitting Connection                           Linda & Gerald Novotny
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Wurtzler                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Churchill                  Olive Garden
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zesch                            Mrs. Mary Lee Knepshield                          Celeste & Jim Phares
                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Oches                         Red Lobster
In memory of Virginia Hoskins
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Stuart N. Parsons                    Sanger & Eby
Alumni Association of Middletown
   Hospital School of Nursing                      Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ruscher                         Skyline Chili
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young                        Trenton Family Medicine
In memory of Dorthy Gene Keith
Karen L. Miller                                    In memory of Betty Smith                          Dawn & James Vinson
                                                   Mrs. Isabel C. Smith                              Janelle Woodrome


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Here is the suggested legal                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
language to use in your will for
making a bequest to Mid-Miami                            Don L. Pelfrey                          Robert M. Bedinghaus
Healthcare Foundation.                                     Chairman                                  Joseph Bidwell
                                                        Michael D. Long                         Anthony J. Checroun, MD
Bequest for General Purposes                                Secretary                               Rev. John Civille
“I give the sum of $_______ or                       Candice DeClark Peace                          James L. Fedders
____% of the remainder of my                    Planned Giving Committee Chair                       G. Robert Gage
estate to Mid-Miami Healthcare                                                                       Nancy L. Gross
                                                     Saundra L. Pearce, RN
Foundation of Middletown, Ohio,                  Annual Fund Committee Chair                         James Papakirk
or its lawful successor.”                                                                          John L. Ritan, MD
                                                         Gene A. Snow                            Gregory W. Siewny, MD
                                                  Nominating Committee Chair
Direct Bequest for a Specific                                                                     Barbara L. Steel, MD
Purpose                                               James B. Kleingers                            Barbara W. Strait
                                                 Development Committee Chair
“I give the sum of $______ or
____% of the remainder of my                       Dr. Bruce & Neila Barnes                         Douglas W. McNeill
                                                    Heritage Society Co-chairs                      President and CEO,
estate to Mid-Miami Healthcare
Foundation of Middletown, Ohio,                         Linda C. Baxter                             Middletown Regional
or its lawful successor, to be used                    Executive Director                              Health System
by that organization for the                                                                        Nancy M. Karchner
following purposes: (identify                                                                            President,
specific purpose*).”                                                                                Middletown Regional
 *Please confirm with Mid-Miami                                                                      Hospital Auxiliary
  Healthcare Foundation when making
  this designation to ensure your
  charitable intent may be fulfilled.

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