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Research Paper Rubric (Excel download)


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									              Research Report : Viewpoints on the American Revolution

 Teacher Name: Mr. Holland

 Student Name:    ________________________________________

    CATEGORY        4                       3                        2
Research            Sources include more    Sources include three    Sources include two
                    than three primary      primary sources and      or less primary
                    sources and multiple    multiple secondary       sources and a few
                    secondary sources,      sources, and include     secondary sources,
                    and include print and   print and electronic     and include mostly
                    electronic resources.   resources.               electronic resources.
Content             Information clearly     Information clearly      Information clearly
                    relates to the main     relates to the main      relates to the main
                    topic. It includes      topic. It provides 1-2   topic. No details
                    several supporting      supporting details       and/or examples are
                    details and/or          and/or examples.         given.
Length              Paper is more than      Paper is 2-3 pages       Paper is less than 2
                    three pages long.       long.                    pages long.

Grammar and         No grammatical,         Almost no             A few grammatical
Spelling            spelling or             grammatical, spelling spelling, or
                    punctuation errors.     or punctuation errors punctuation errors.

Date Created: Nov 12, 2007 06:09 pm (CST)
an Revolution

        Sources do not
        include primary
        sources and few
        secondary sources,
        and include all
        electronic sources.
        Information has little
        or nothing to do with
        the main topic.

        Paper is less than 1
        page long.

        Many grammatical,
        spelling, or
        punctuation errors.

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