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					UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 02/14/12                        10 REG. SESS.        10 RS BR 2330

       A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in loving memory and honor of William

Randolph "Bill" and Dona M. Gore.

       WHEREAS, William Randolph "Bill" Gore was born in Lone Oak, Kentucky, on

January 27, 1932, to the late Randolph Sanderson and Grace Richardson Gore; and

       WHEREAS, Dona M. Wood Gore was born in Joppa, Illinois, on October 7, 1928,

to the late Fred Wood and Sadie Parrish Halstenberg; and

       WHEREAS, Bill and Dona and her sister, Ruth W. Wyatt, tragically lost their lives

in an RV accident on Interstate 10 in Florida on April 1, 2010; and
       WHEREAS, Bill and Dona were co-owners of Gore's IGA in their beloved

community of Paducah, Kentucky, where they served as the consummate example for all

independent hometown grocers. Bill, who came from a family of grocers in the Paducah

area, was a longtime board member and past president of the Kentucky Grocers

Association (KGA), was selected as the Kentucky Grocer of the Year in 1991, and was

politically active in lobbying grocery issues in Washington, D.C. and Frankfort. He was

also a United State Navy veteran, 46-year member and past president of the Lone Oak

Lions Club, 27-year member and Paul Harris Fellow of the Paducah Rotary Club, board

member of the American Red Cross, and member of the Seniors Board and the Asparagus

Club; and

       WHEREAS, Dona was a loving, caring person who faithfully stood by her

husband's side in helping to operate Gore's IGA. She was heavily involved in the KGA,

serving as a board member of the Women's Grocers Association, working to underwrite

scholarships for KGA members' children and grandchildren, and being an ardent

supporter of all of KGA's programs. Active in her community, she was also a member of

the Highland Homes Homemakers and the Jonquilawn Garden Club; and

       WHEREAS, after selling Gore's IGA in 2002, Bill and Dona traveled the country in
their RV, often spending the winter months in Florida and taking part in mission trips

with their church, the Lone Oak Church of Christ; and

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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 02/14/12                        10 REG. SESS.            10 RS BR 2330

       WHEREAS, while Bill and Dona enjoyed traveling, they loved most spending time

with their family and friends. They leave behind their loving son and daughter-in-law,

Randy and Marlena Gore, and their two adoring granddaughters, Ellie Gore and Haley

Gore. They are also survived by Bill's sister, Marella Gore Robinson. In addition to Ruth

and their parents, they were preceded in death by Dona's sister, Harriett Johnson, and

Dona's stepfather, Fred Halstenberg; and

       WHEREAS, Bill and Dona and Ruth traversed these earthly bounds into their

Lord's presence on April 1, 2010. They were wonderful, generous people who lived their
lives to the fullest and no doubt left an indelible mark on their community and this

Commonwealth. Their spirit of love and giving will continue to resonate in the hearts and

minds of all those who had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with them;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

       Section 1.   The Senate does hereby express its most profound sense of sorrow

and proffers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of William Randolph

"Bill" and Dona M. Gore, and Ruth W. Wyatt, and hopes they will find strength amidst

sadness and grief.

       Section 2. When the Senate adjourns this day, it does so in loving memory and

honor of William Randolph "Bill" and Dona M. Gore.

       Section 3.    The Clerk of the Senate is directed to transmit a copy of this

Resolution to the office of Senator Jimmy Higdon for delivery to the family.

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