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					  CSE ACTION PLAN 2004                                SE0434

                                                                           Actual to
  Action                                      Who     By when     Budget £ date      Balance   Progress to date                                                    Performance Indicator

  Develop and maintain constructive
  relationships with all local groups and                                                      First meeting of the Communications Group is to be held on the        Encourage formation of
1 encourage local activity where there is none BC     Ongoing           5,000                  19th October.                                                           one extra local group
                                                                                               New content added to the site such as Profiles, Students Area,
                                                                                               Retired Members Area, Downloadable Material, and Council
                                                                                               Meeting Documents. News items added within 48 hours of
                                                                                               request. Domain Name registered. Relaunch planned for
  Develop the use of webb based                                                                September 2004. Web site hit rates in May, June and July have
  communications with members and local                                                        increased 55%, 108%, and 101% respectively over the                  Increase by 10% hit-rate
2 groups.Keep website up to date.             CA/DH   Ongoing                                  corresponding periods in 2003.                                                    on website
                                                                                               There are 10 Sponsors with 13 tables - equivalent to 95 guests
                                                                                               plus 78 other guests and 44 newly elected members and
  Organise and deliver a successful annual                                                     parterns making a total of 217 to date (23.09.04). Payments still     Increase attendance by
3 regional dinner                             JS      October           2,000                  to come around £4,010.                                                                   10%
  Organise and secure the delivery of the                                                                                                                          Increase attendance over
4 Regional Weekend School                     JD      September         1,000                  52 members attended the Summer School                                           previous year
                                                                                                                                                                            20% increase in
  Organise a high quality event to support the                                                                                                                     attendance over previous
5 CSE AGM                                      JD     April       Nil                                                                                                                   year
                                                                                              Interactive responses to CSE website. Panel debate at Summer
                                                                                              Conference.Support for CPD Open Days. Liaisewith NSF and
  Establish the needs of members and                                                          ACIPFAL via conference and NSF representative on CSE
6 students in the CSE region                  PT      Ongoing                                 Council. Networking on all appropriate occasions.
                                                                                              32 members attended the National Archive centre at Kew in
  Develop and sustain a retired members                                                       May and 30 members visited the Houses of Parliament on the
7 group                                       BC      Ongoing           1,000    100      900 22nd September.                                                                          7,15
                                                                                              New to role - Summer 2004. Still learning about/familiarising
                                                                                              myself with the role. Have prepared initial report for
                                                                                              presentation at Council - seeking agreement on the way
                                                                                              forward. Have discussed role with predecessor and will seek
  Recruit volunteers to help achive                                                           meetings with other key individuals. Uncertain whether
8 development plan objectives                 MA      Ongoing                                 monitoring against 90% target has taken place during the year.          90%of vacancies filled
                                                                      The Summer fairs in the South East were Southampton on 17th
                                                                      June and London on 23rd and 24th June. We had difficulties
                                                                      finding volunteers in advance, providing one regular for the
                                                                      London fair. However, we managed to generate good interest
                                                                      from a campaign at CETC but by this point CIPFA had sufficient
                                                                      coverage internally and asked us to stand-down these last
                                                                      minute volunteers. This was unfortunate but did give us the
                                                                      opportunity to boost our volunteer bank, some of which have
                                                                      agreed to help in the forthcoming Autumn fairs. Dates
   Support CIPFA in the marketing of CIPFA                            scheduled are: Queen Mary's London on 19th October,
   qualification in the region by providing                           University of Essex on the 3rd November and University of
   volunteers at careers fairs and other                              Brighton on the 11th November. We have at least 2 volunteers
 9 promotional events                          NB     Ongoing   350   scheduled to attend each of these events.                                                10

                                                                      No formal evaluation undertaken yet. We have explored options
   Evaluate Undergraduate prize at Anglia and                         to extend but nothing planned yet. Prize for 2003/04 has been
   if considered successful extend to another                         awarded to Rebecca West and the ceremony is planned for 28th
10 university in the region                   NB      Annual    250   October 2004.                                                             Prize awarded
   Co-ordinate briefings at CETC and APU in                           Liaised with Martina Lee who is organising through NSF. They
   February and August/September when                                 didn't happen earlier in the year, but were being planned for
11 students commence CIPFA Studies            NB      Annual    100   September                                                      80% of briefings attended
                                                                      Existing bursary student passed P3 in June this year. We
                                                                      propose to hold some form of celebration and publicise this in
12 Maintain existing bursaries commitment      NB     Annual    500   the Newsletter
                                                                      We have developed a framework for a mentoring scheme and
                                                                      CIPFA has expressed interest. We have also identified some
                                                                      volunteers who would be interested in mentoring, we now need
   Explore the possibility of student mentoring,                      to develop this and formalise this process of identifying mentors
13 focussing on open learners                    NB   Jun-04          and mentees                                                              Demand assessed

                                                                      Bus took 31 students the CIPFA conference in Brighton.The
                                                                      student feedback was very positive, noting that the day was both
   Encourage students to attend CIPFA and                             "useful" and "fun" and overall it was judged a real success for      At least one student at
14 ACIPFAL conferences                         NB     Annual    500   CIPFA South East in the area of student support and activities.            each conference
                                                                      At least 10 CPD open days planned between June - Nov 2004
                                                                      which CSE has organised with support from CIPFA CPD. We
                                                                      have written to 600 CSE members, and estimate that approx 75
                                                                      (may be more) delegates would have attended these open days.
                                                                      Feedback from those who have attended has been positive,
   Promote involvementin CPD in line with                             indicating that CIPFA members in many sectors welcome early
15 national CIPFA policies                     IL     Annual    500   guidance in terms of their CPD participation.                    Increase participation rate
   Develop courses to meet the development
16 needs of members and students               JD    Ongoing                                                                                 Two events per year
                                                                         There are a total of 44 NQMs with their Partners attending the      70% of those invited
17 Invite newly-qualified to annual dinner      JS   Annual      1,000   Dinner to date (23.09.04)                                                         attend
   Establish links with local Treasures' groups
   from local government, health and other                               Awaiting appointment of Communications Group Chairman               Attend at least three
18 public sector groups                         PT   Ongoing             when approptriate links will be assessed and pursued                            meetings
   Tailor themes of AGM and weekend school
   to maximise the benefit to public service         April and                                                                             Increase in attendance
19 delivery                                     JD   September                                                                                                rate

   Produce dubgets in advance of start of year
20 and accounts within two months of year end TB     Annual                                                                                          Meet targets
   Report progress against budget at each                                                                                                   Report submitted with
21 Council meeting                             TB    Ongoing                                                                                             Agenda
   Ensure the region is represented at all                               Representation on Working Group to review format of Regional
   appropriate working parties and national                              Annual Reports and Development Plans. Representation on
   committees and that reports back to the                               Regional Planning Groups and Representation on Board for the Appropriate attendance at
22 Council are made as appropriate             PT    Ongoing     4,000   Regions.                                                                          events
                                                                         5 members attended the Institute Conference in June and 7
   Recommend members to attend                                           members attended the Conference for the Regions in            Appropriate attendeance
23 conferences                                 MJM   Ongoing     4,000   September.                                                                 at all events


   BC - Bill Capps
   CA - Craig Adams
   JS - Judith Sutcliffe
   JW - John Webb
   TB - Tom Breen
   PT - Paul Treadaway
   JD - John Dunford
   MA - Mark Allen
   NB - Ncki Banham
   DH - David Horn
   MJM - Mike McManus

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