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Sheet1 - Brooklyn College - CUNY


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									                                                         Institutional Assessment Survey 2004-Present

Please provide a strategic planning and assessment profile for your office/unit by responding to all of the questions below.
This is an inventory of existing activity between 2004 and the present. If you do not have documents to supply for any given
category, simply respond "No" and explain what activity is planned or in progress in this area.



1. Does your administrative area have an overall strategic plan that ties to the College’s Strategic Plan?

     Yes (please attach a copy)

     No. Please explain briefly in the comment section below:


2. Does your administrative area have an assessment plan?

     Yes (please attach a copy)

     No. Please explain briefly in the comment section below:

3. Do you have any additional reports or materials to support planning and assessment in your unit?
   If yes, please list and provide a brief explanation. Please attach or send hard copy via campus mail to: Patrice Evans, located in room 1404 Boylan Hall.

4. What college or divisionally designed assessment activities have you implemented since 2004-05 in your area?
   Please list all major activities in the table below (add rows as necessary) and attach copies of all results.

       Date of Assessment Activity                            Type of Assessment Activity, e.g.,                             Frequency of Assessment Activity
           (term and academic year)                 Survey, focus group, activity log, meetings, consultant report,     e.g., Ongoing, monthly, quarterly, semester, annual,
                                                                           other (specify)                                                      etc.
5. Do any external assessment activities (e.g., CUNY Performance Management Process (PMPs), CUNY Student Experience Survey (SES), etc.) inform your area
   in terms of setting goals or defining success? Please list all that apply in the table below (add rows as necessary):

      External Assessment Activity                         Type of External Assessment Activity                          Date of External Assessment Activity

6. What changes have been implemented in your area as a result of the assessment activities listed in questions 4 and 5 above?
   If you have introduced changes, have you moved on to the next phase (i.e., the feedback loop) of evaluating the change that resulted?
   If you have implemented a follow up assessment, have you made any additional changes as a result?

           Assessment Activity                                        Change Introduced                                    Follow Up Assessments & Results
                                                                                                                           (e.g., follow up survey, focus group, etc.)
7. Additional Comments:

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