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					PCC Task Group on RDA and the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for Textual Monographs


The focus of the Task Group on RDA and the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) is on Issue B-5 “What changes
need to be made to the BSR to be compatible with RDA?” identified as high priority in the RDA-
Decisions-Needed Task Group Final spreadsheet. While the BSRs for all formats will remain in effect for
AACR2 bibliographic records, what data elements will be required for PCC records in the RDA
environment? Can we use LC RDA Core Elements as a basis?

This particular task group is primarily concerned with the Textual Monographs BSR, including physical
textual monographs and microforms, but not electronic monographs. The task of addressing other BSRs
will require input from other format communities.


   1. Examine the document LC RDA Core Elements for November 2011—(combination of RDA “Core”
      and RDA “Core if” elements plus additional elements), available at The liaison from LC will keep the
      group abreast of any changes being considered by LC in this document.
   2. Decide if there are any areas within the above document where PCC catalogers should or would
      be allowed to differ from the treatment given by the Library of Congress catalogers.
   3. The group should also consider any MARC developments being pursued that might facilitate
      recording data elements in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format.
   4. Call upon experts from other format communities for input on the inclusion of core data
      elements specific to those communities.
   5. The group will consider whether any changes or additions need to be made to the BSR for
      Textual Monographs FAQ (available off of:
      MAPS.html ).
   6. Submit a report with your findings and any recommendations for further action to the Standing
      Committee on Standards.

PCC RDA-related task groups are required to provide two appendices to indicate whether or not RDA-
related actions are required by the Secretariat:

Appendix A: RDA implementation dependencies appendix:

          RDA-related task groups are asked to prepare an appendix to the final report with a
          timeline/calendar that:
               Outlines the steps that need to be taken for completing RDA-related tasks
               Identifies who will be responsible for those tasks
               States the time frame and order in which tasks should be accomplished prior to
               Lists any other dependencies that might need to be considered.
This appendix is required of all PCC RDA task groups, and all timelines/calendars will be compiled by the
Secretariat to develop a comprehensive RDA implementation calendar. If no RDA-related actions are
identified please add a statement to the appendix indicating that no action is needed.

Appendix B: Revision of RDA: Frequently Asked Questions:
        Task group members are asked to be aware of the RDA FAQ
( as they do their work and to list suggested
revisions in this appendix. The Secretariat will update the RDA FAQ based on this appendix. If no RDA-
related actions are identified please add a statement to the appendix indicating that no action is

Time Frame:

        Final report submitted to the Standing Committee on Standards by: March 9, 2012

        Review by SCS concluded and report forwarded to Policy Committee by: March 23, 2012

        Review by PoCo and Steering Committees by: April 6, 2012
        Report is announced to PCCLIST and posted for community comment by: April 12, 2012

        Discussion at OpCo in early May

Chain of Reporting:The group reports to the Standing Committee on Standards.

Task Group Members:

Chris Cronin (Chair)
Christee Pascale
Bob Maxwell
Rebecca Culbertson
Liaison: Dave Reser (LC)

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